The Godlike Atttributes Of Darwinian Evolution

by Lu Paradise • June 12, 2014

darwin_punkrock“Evolution endures as the organizing principle of all biological science.”

“Charles Darwin’s extraordinarily difficult task was to find a source of intelligence—a substitute god—to explain how all of life could display countless features that clearly look like they were chosen for specific purposes by intelligence—but not God’s intelligence. “Natural selection” was his extraordinarily clever explanation.” — Darwin’s Sacred Imposter: Recognizing Missed Warning Signs by Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D.

“A quite general issue has still received no canonical treatment: what kind of a thing is natural selection anyway? A law, a principle, a force, a cause, an agent, or all or some of these things? The view that natural selection is a law has been countered by the view that it is a principle, while that conclusion has been countered in turn by an insistence that it is neither.
 — Hodge, M. J. S. 1992. Natural Selection: Historical Perspectives. Keywords in Evolutionary Biology. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 218.

What kind of a thing is natural selection anyway?

“An organizing principle!”
“A source of intelligence, but not God!”
“A law, a principle, a force, a cause, an agent, or all or some of these things?”

Evolution is an ‘occult’ mechanism, means it is a HIDDEN mechanism. It is an unknown mechanism—if we can call it a mechanism because it was never observed—that over very long periods of time, creates immense –almost infinite– complexity of mainly biological organisms or mechanisms.

So Darwinian Evolution is a quasi infinite mechanism that creates biological machinery that creates little causative mechanisms, mostly at the Nano level. Very small RNA replicators and cutters within human, animal, and plant cells form the foundation of the greater organism that are built from it. The bodies of Man and animal are built from micro “lego” blocks that are actually micro-factories. These micro factories —cells—contain the blueprint DNA for the factories themselves, as well as the blueprints for the greater organisms it forms by combining many of their multiples, and that on several increasing organizational levels! From micro to macro, as follows:

  1. Ribosomes, RNA-cutters and -duplicators, Golgi apparatus, etc. form Proteins
  2. Proteins form cells, all kinds of Cells
  3. Cells form a plethora of chemicals, blood, tissues, veins, muscles, skins, and greater organisms or organs!
  4. Organs form the basis of the mean organization of the body
  5. The Body is the ultimate self contained organism dependent on its environment

cellinteriorCELL INTERIOR: Endosome bag pulled by tether walking on two motoric feet along micro-tubule to human cell skin

But the organization is not finished! The biological bodies of Man, Animals, plants, etc. are obviously organized in countless (infinite?) symbiotic relationships, like wasps that lay eggs in other animals as parasites, which cannot exist without the other animals. Or meat eating plants that are ‘CREATED’ to catch other organisms, without which these organisms could not exist!

And then we must needs go on to the biological, meteorological, geological and even cosmic systems or organizations necessary for the existence of men, animals, and plants. Like Sunlight, Moon seasons, Star or Cosmic rays that cause clouds and thus rain, the day and night system that causes darkness that facilitates sleep, without which man would die, and light which causes Vitamin D, without which Man would die!

Darwinists propose of course that the direction it was built, went from the whole to the details. First the Big Bang, the Cosmos, gas to planets, rain on the rocks, primordial soups, presto cells from soup, or rather DNA from the soup, as cells are built on and by DNA. There is already the first impossible Darwinian construct. The usual question is normally, “How Cells were created from primordial soup by lightning charges?” Whereas the REAL question should be “How DNA was created from soup? By lightning?”

But we choose not to stumble over these humongous pebbles of inconsistency within the Darwinian “philosophy” and hermeneutics, but are calling out the main farce of it, the denied yet silently postulated God-like properties of the Darwinian “Organising principle!”

Darwinists postulate from Big to Small, from Big Bang to DNA, because it couldn’t go the other way in their postulation. Because DNA does not create a Big Bang! But a Big Bang “could” create DNA, according to their fanciful theories.

And here is where their decreed brute, un-intelligent, un-organised force presents us with god-like attributes, namely how a cosmic explosion could cause a hyper intelligent code that works from small to big! DNA-RNA. Cutters & replicators, Golgi apparatus, centrioles, to PROTEINS! PROTEINS form CELLS! Cells form rudimentary organisms. Organisms form basic organs, organs “form” bodies, that are dependent on weather, light, dark, climate, Earth rotations, Sun, Milk Way, Cosmos!

And this entire intelligent organisation is ostensibly supposed to have been caused or formed by chance, by accident, unguided by intelligence, over of course billions of years! And if that is true, then this organizing principle, whether we call it “Natural Selection” or “Darwinism”, this multiple billion year development does not take on, but presents us with God-like qualities, in that it produces greater complexity and ingenuity then we as Man COULD EVER PRODUCE!

The complexity and ingenuity and smartness of “Nature” is so impressive, that every year scientists stop inventing, but rather research the occult (hidden) processes of “Nature” to discover its almost infinite hidden secrets that help their corporate bosses to make billions of dollars selling new medicines, super-glues, bird-wing-like flight systems for drones, micro injection based on fire beetles, etc. etc.

If Darwinian Naturalists don’t come to their senses to declare this infinitely complex “Organising Principle” of Evolution their god, they are indeed stubborn idiots who do not want to submit to the facts. They shall be declared blind, deaf, and dumb discoverers of an unknown “causative organizing principle” that by its products MUST be declared divine! Whether they like it or not! And I am not talking about Creation here, but about Evolution’s “Natural Selection” Principle!

Of course, we, honest scientists, have long submitted to the more reasonable fact and have taken the empirical scientific stand, like Anthony Flew said, “I go where the evidence leads me”, that the entire Universe must have been CREATED by an Intelligent Designer, Whoever He/She/It may be!

But as Christians, we indeed go a step further than empirical scientists, in concluding that this Divine Creator of the Universe was also the writer of the Bible and the prophetic messenger of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ¸ thousands of years before he arrived. But that may be optional still to you!

The mere facts on the ground may lead you to believe that the entire infinite, hyper complex interdependent biological and cosmic system was indeed created by … the Flying Spaghetti Monster! In that case, Good Luck!



I found this alternative explanation of A Dutch industrial designer pushing Darwinism

A godlike designer! No designerlike God

On a mistaken, creationist understanding of manmade artifacts
in William Paley’s argument from design,
in the Intelligent Design proponents,
and in their opponents among evolutionary biologists


ABSTRACT : The author argues that the empirical claims of the contemporary American Creation Science or Intelligent Design (ID) theory, which postulates a Creator of nature, are, just as the earlier theological argument from design, based on a mistaken, “creationist” view of human artifacts. Such view attributes functionality and complexity in an artifact to a singular human designer. The attribution aims at supporting an analogy between products of human designers, and the design-like adaptations found in nature, allegedly pointing to a supernatural Designer. The creationist view of artifacts, however, has been in conflict with conclusions of design history and history of technology alike: neither of them sees the functionality and complexity in artifacts as products of design but rather as results of re-design. Ironically, the evolutionary biologists, who fiercely oppose the creationist view of nature in ID proponents and defend the Darwinian understanding of the design-like adaptations as results of natural selection, tend to condone the creationist perspective on human artifacts characteristic for their opponents, and even seems to embrace it – thus forfeiting a crucial argument against the ID theory. The author contends that the quarrel about validity of the creationist view of nature, vs. validity of Darwinism ultimately hinges on cogency of the creationist interpretation of human artifacts, and submits that with that interpretation refuted, the aspirations of ID theory to an empirical, scientific status go up in smoke.


The entire article does not EVER mention DNA, only the footnote sources. Obviously Creation was bottom up, from Micro to Macro, from DNA to the body. And there is no explanation for the existence of the source code of Nature’s biological bodies, and DNA can never be interpreted as a product of re-design, as we have no evidence of simpler code in for example the non-existent “geological fossil record” that may have been at the core of the ultimate DNA source code! And thus his argument holds no water!


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