And You Thought Giants Only Lived in Fairy Tales? Ha!

USA Giants - Skeletons

Giants by Glenn Kimball     Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Perhaps that is why so many of the things that are disguised as reality in our eyes, are really fiction; and so much of what we deny, is in fact true. If we only knew all the facts of the world in which we live, we would all be amazed. There is a intense compulsion in the mind to make life simple and keep it that way, even it that means that we don’t deal with issues like “life after death”, which is the only thing that gives us real hope in the long run. If there isn’t anything more than our lives, what difference will anything make in the not so distant future? Solving the question of where we come from, why we are hear and where we are going after death should be our primary questions and not something we run from. However, because these issues are so often open ended questions, it is easier to dismiss them entirely from consideration. We even attack those who have found direction in their lives because the brain can not tolerate the possibility that it hasn’t considered everything. We often have a hard enough time making sense of the here and now. Continue reading And You Thought Giants Only Lived in Fairy Tales? Ha!