Darwinian Propaganda of National Geographic Erases Global Flood by Black Sea Inundation


You can’t really depend on National Geographics for proper science. Their “news” is perennially handicapped by Darwinitis. Take this article for example minimising the in 700 legends and narratives documented Global Flood by trying to replace it with one of many Post Ice Age local floods; The Black Sea inundation.

Anapa8It proposes that the Black Sea overflow “spawned” the tale of Noah’s Flood and other inundation folklore”, whereas the Black Sea inundation happened around 1500 BC during the Bronze Age, as seen from the submerged polygonic megaliths under the Black sea off the coast of Anapa City’s and Sochy.


National Geographic (will)fully ignores all other submerged ruins, towns, and constructions found all over the world. Dwaraka India, Kumari Kandam in S. India, Sunda Land in S.E.Asia, Land of Mu in the Pacific, Doggers Land in N. Europe, submerged ruins between Tunesia and Sicily, etc. They ignore the records of the Aegean Sea local floods like the submerging of the island of Samo Thrace, the flood of Deucalion & Phyrra, and worldwide the Bimini road, the flooding of Yonaguni and Penghu Islands here off the coast of Taiwan, the flooding of Sunda Land, etc.

One can clearly see the similarity of the Bronze Age megalith construction underwater at Yonaguni and the one on land in Peru!


All legends of such local floods were neither “spawned” by the Black Sea flood, but they were distinctly different local floods although they happened roughly around the same time, and caused by one and the same phenomenon, the worldwide melting of the ice caps on land!

1500 BC Global Sea Level Rise!


Around 1500 B.C. global ocean levels rose by 130 M. (300 ft.) due to real Climate Change triggered by the cooling down of ocean temperatures to present day levels, which stopped and prevented the previous heavy evaporation which resulted in the frequent and strong Ice Age rains in and around the Equator, and snows in the Northern hemisphere!

Thus, areas that are now deserts like the Sahara, Indus Valley, Meso America, Mesopotamia, Turkmenistan, etc., used to be green from 2300 until 1500 BC, as testified to by the research into cattle grazing in the Sahara from Paziensa University, and Israel Finkelstein’s pollen & 1200 BC drought research.

earth_rupture_global_viewThe far more recent REAL Ice Age was actually a direct result of the Global Flood caused by the explosion of the super-hot, sub-crustal, super-critical water as the in Genesis recorded “Fountains of the Deep!” Around 2400 BC that pressurised water suddenly found a hairline of weakness in the pristine global crust and proceeded to rip through Pangea’s crust causing cracks or fault lines all over the Earth!


IceAgePackWallThat hot water heated up the oceans by at least 10 degrees Celsius. The greater evappration caused heavy cloud cover and lots of rain and snow in the Northern hemisphere resulting in huge ice caps on land from Alaska, via Canada, Europe, to Siberia! All that water taken from the ocean caused sea levels to drop 130 Meter and coastal lands to expand, until the oceans cooled down and the reverse process caused coastal flooding everywhere!

National Geographics Ignores Mountain Top Mollusks

N.G. talks about sea shells on the bottom of the Black Sea, ignoring those ubiquitous mollusks on top of all the main mountain ranges. And some gigantic ones at that, like these giant clams on top of the Andes mountains. They date from the Pre Flood era as they are closed clams, whereas clams normally open up when they die, pointing to their catastrophic sudden death!


The mountains did not yet exist during the Flood. They were raised up a century or so after the Flood, when the cracked continental crusts were divided by continental drift. And not oover millions of years! (See the fantastic research and hydro-planing theory of Dr. Walt Brown.)

After the exposed Earth’s mantle began to rise up in the wide cracks, the crustal plates began to slide off and drift apart at an estimated speed of 40-50 KpH. When and where the plates ran into obstacles or out of speed, the far borders buckled into mountain ranges and ocean trenches. That’s why the Andes and Rockies are predictably found at the extreme ends of their drift paths, on the Pacific coasts.


lostSeaoftheAndesHere at the top of the picture on the left, you see the formerly  salty sea Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia now at an altitude of 12.000 Ft or 4000 M. It used to be coastline, part of the Pacific Ocean, where and when Tiahuanacu’s Bronze Age harbour was still under construction. When the S.American plate began hydroplaning away from the African crust moving West-ward and ran into obstacles, it buckled upward as the Andes Mountain range, destroying the almost finished megalith construction there, probably killing most of its Hamite (Egyptian), Canaanite or Cushite (Sumerian) builders, like the Atlanteans (Atlas) or Pelasgians (Peleg). See Fuente Magna bowl found there.


The harbour was partly destroyed, the Sumerian workers mostly dead, and a vast body of ocean water got lifted thousands of meters upward becoming part of the highlands in the Andes and is now an inland brackish water lake called “Titicaca!”

This worldwide upheaval took place around one hundred years after the Great Global Flood, in the days of Peleg the patriarch of the Pelasgians who traveled in ships all over the globe. Peleg’s name means “division.”

DarwinConspiracyIt is obvious that NG does its utmost to sell to us the prescribed Darwinian partyline by denying the in 700 stories and legends recorded & partly documented Global Flood. NG minimises and denigrates it into the small local Black Sea inundation. They also deny recorded Pre-Flood History of the “Ten Kings”, as well as the famous “Eight” Flood survivors, richly documented by Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, and many other tribes. They then replace Pre Flood History by the spurious concept of “Pre-history” which never even existed.

DressedtoSuppressBut that is the job of the top dogs of Quackademia, as well as their lying Mainstream Media outposts; to keep that silly,  parapledgic paradigm of Darwinism alive in the minds of billions of people who either can’t or refuse to do their own research into what really happened in antiquity!And thus they will never wake up to their full divine potential of free will, but rather be enslaved by Wall Street’s collectivist control freaks.

Are you? Or are you part of the True History Rebellion as unleashed here by the Paradise Post & Ancient Patriarchs! Join us today and spread the news of True Ancient History revived, so we can plug humanity back into its true ancient roots and origins!


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