“Primordial” Oxygen on Comet 67P Came From Cracks in the Earth’s Crust!

“Primordial Oxygen” found on comets? They can’t understand why oxygen is found on comets, nor why water found on the Moon was of the same chemical composition as water on Earth! (see article below) FYI: “Primordial” means ‘existing from the beginning of time’: ‘very ancient’. So they postulate that this water ostensibly dates from the beginning of the Solar System or even of the Universe! How is that possible? Read on..



Some other scientists were baffled by the fact that “water on the Moon came from Earth.” That is, if we can truly believe that those astronauts were somehow able to get through the dangerous Van Allen Belt without dying or at least getting cancer, or that those astronauts’ rocks were indeed Lunar! Why the skepticism? Well, because of another damaging incident!

Dutch MoonRock

The “Moon Rock” the Apollo 11 astronauts personally gave as a present to the Dutch government, was actually found to be fake by true Dutch scientists! Aye! How embarrassing! Well, it could be of course that the dear astronauts didn’t really recognise their own gathered rocks nor realise that the rock those naughty NASA scientists had given them to give away, was merely an Earth rock!

Official Science and respectable scientific institutions (NASA!) appears to deal in fakes and fakers! How can we still trust anything these scientists dish up to us? But, lets assume the other lunar rocks with water samples were genuine, it appears to have really stumped scientists –as the Daily Mail truthfully this time reports– that Lunar water has the same chemical signature as Earth water!

Then we have this Guardian report about brand-new scientific evidence that there is three times more water underground than above!


They all fail to come to the correct conclusion: That these three facts are serious scientific proofs for a global Flood in ancient times, 4½ thousand years ago! Instead they come up with “new theories on how the planet formed.” How did Earth’s water get to the Moon and on comets?

sumerian-kings-list-cuneiformThey don’t really need to come up with new theories, as there is already a very solid theory with ample historical backing and evidence of historical documentation from Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese and other civilisations and nations, that Earth was once completely flooded! See the Sumerian kingslist on the right as one example.

Because of their postulated uniformitarian paradigm they are closed to the catastrophic cause of this 2.400 BC Global Flood they ignore, deny, and thus mythify. Yet that decisive factual historical event changes the entire scientific picture, and empirically so!


Because they for religious reasons prefer to ignore the in 700 ethnic legends recorded global Deluge, they of course cannot fathom the true origins of Earth’s oxygen on comets or Earth’s water on the Moon that in fact originated from under the Earth’s crust!

Super Critical Water Fountains Theory!



The historical 2400 BC catastrophic global Flood was caused by trillions of tons of Super Critical Water (SCW) that suddenly exploded through the then still pristine, perfectly whole crust from inside the crust.

When this super-heated highly pressurised water-plasma found a hairline of weakness, it burst through cracks in the crust along gobal faultlines with the power of trillions of nuclear bombs which caused that subterranean water below to jet upward like giant fountains spitting many rocky boulders high up into the atmosphere, and even.. into space!


Hence the reason that comets and asteroids exist, with residues of earthy water and earthy oxygen (not primordial!), the which also keep returning to Earth and our solar system. Nothing “primordial” about it. The $ 64.000 question is; Which scientific model holds the most water! (Pun intended!)

Look at this deep crack under the ocean! That’s how the cracks looked just after the water had exploded through the crust, before they began to widen out so much that they actually drove the continental crustal plates apart by hydro-planing on the triple amounts of water still below today, according to the Guardian.


That extremely hot water did not only flood the entire Earth, but that water plasma did not only explode into the sky, but also into space! Big chunks of shattered crust were propelled into space and ended up becoming comets and asteroids that are still returning to Earth in ever greater numbers. And that’s why they have “primordial” oxygen and water on them! 🙂

Ever wondered why the Moon appears to be worse hit by debris on the front than on its backside? Isn’t the frontside –that always faces Earth!– supposed to be more protected from asteroids by Earth than the open backside?

Look at the Mares! (the black colored craters on the side facing Earth) They are huge and the result of having been bombarded and pierced by giant rocky projectiles that came from the Earth’s crust at the beginning of the Global Flood around 2400 BC. Then the resulting craters filled up with magma, as flat as seas: Mares!


waterjetsfountainAnd that’s also why comets have Earth’s oxygen on board, and why it isn’t “primordial” oxygen and it neither came from Space!

That is just another ludicrous outdated conclusion from some Darwinian “scientists” who somehow missed all the many latest news flashes about very intelligent smart professors worldwide who make lots of sense sending Darwinism to the crypts of false science! Like “the incorrigible” David Berlinksy, Anthony Flew, Stephen Meyer, Walt Brown, Behe, and many many more PhD’s & professors who refuse to buy the nonsense any longer.

But this German sci-fi scientist Andre Bieler from Michigan and Swiss Kathrin Altwegg von Basel think that there is such a thing as “pre-mordial” oxygen in space! Not on your life! Then they come to the falacious conclusion that this oxygen may even be as old as the Universe itself, wondering how it ever survived for 4½ billion years! Well dears, it didn’t! It only survived 4½ thousand years since the historical global Flood! So simple.

Then RT (Mainstream News outlet ‘Russia Today’!) regurgitates the nonsense?! Yes! Because RT — with motto: “Question more!”– also does not really question Darwinism any more than all the other mainstream driveling dinosaur media, but is lustily shilling for the Big Lie of Darwinism as well.

Geological Timescale Long Disproven

First of all, the geological timescale, the pin where upon the entire Darwinian construct hangs, has already long been discredited by experimental empirical research at the hydraulics department of Colorado State University which proved that the one mile thick layers of sediments below our feet, were not layed vertically top-down, but several layers at a time horizontally sideways! And in less than 0,1 % of the time!

See the magnificent research of Prof. Dr. Guy Berthault. The time required for stratification is therefore reduced to less than 0,1 % of the supposed 4½ billion years geological time scale. Goodbye to those “billions” of years, and farewell to the geological foundation of the entire joke of Darwinism, now fully redundant!


THAT reduced the needed time to lay down these layers to less than a tenth of one percent of the postulated billions of years! And thus the geological column has not only been disproven as having needed billions of years to form, but also that it ostensibly portrays long eras of Darwinian time, thus taking them ALL down!

DarwinConspiracyBut of course, we understand, why these MS Media keep constantly regurgitating the old faux news of Darwinism. It is not just that most of its journalists are in a rut and totally propagandised by it, but there is more to it than that.

It is the Elite’s agenda for a dumbed down world to believe the media fodder they are serving them up with. Not only that, but the mainstream audience of the gullible masses in the world have been totally convinced that the billions of years are a proven fact, which they are not! But they never had the information made available to them, except on little blogs like ours.

Well, dear people, you are welcome to it, but it might be hard to believe! Sorry, I can’t do more than sum up the true answers to the mysteries of life, of the Earth, and of its true history! It is suppressed!

The Elephant in the Livingroom is a Mammoth!

But be sure that the great “elephant in the livingroom” is actually a huge mammoth in the historical and geological hall of higher learning, and its name is “the historical and geologically proven Global Deluge of around 2400 BC, as documented and related in over 700 tribal narratives, legends, and histories from every nation on the face of the planet.”

That ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is our real history and humanity’s true legacy; A brave forefather named Noah who is the actual true progenitor of us all, which then turns us all into brothers and sisters of one original family, instead of being divided, long alienated, far removed, unrelated, different species.

That should not be a let-down, but an inspiration to love all our races and types of our big extended flesh family! Greetings dear brother! Greetings dear sister! I love you!


But of course, the common people could and did not want to believe that the Emperor was naked and not wearing ANY clothes whatsoever, for fear to be considered stupid. Therefore IF you are interested in true history, you’re going to have to do your own research! Good luck! Or read our blog as a short cut.

Love & peace



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