REAL Ancient History Explained!

whitecowWhy antediluvian flora fauna, and men were taller and longer living
What happened to the protection shell
Why the first flood survivors were taller and smarted than their offspring
Why they lived so long that they were called “gods” & “immortals”
Why Nimrod went to seek Noah to find the secret of immortality
Why the God haters worshipped the sun and the patriarchs as sun gods
Why the Post Flood humans were smart, tall and DNA handsome
Why Sahara, Silk Road, Mesopotamia, Indus valley were wet and fertile!
Why the God-haters worshipped the sun & patriarchs as sun gods.

The sun was actually a “brand-new” sight in the post-diluvian sky, never seen as clear before by Man in the ante-diluvian world before the Flood for some reason. Was it covered over with a cosmic shell of space ice that also made the oxygen pressure higher as indicated by the fly in the amber? And did it protect Pre-Flood Man from destructive cosmic rays that make people old?

Amber1  AmberFly

Was there also more oxygen available that made the brontosaur able to breathe through those small little nostrils of his before the Flood? Either more pressure or more oxygen but probably both, or they would never have been able to live at all! What was it that caused such high pressure and such high oxygen ratio? Was it the same phenomena that had veiled the sun perhaps?

There is talk in Genesis about a shell of water above the stratosphere, at least above the biosphere. We don’t know if that is the correct interpretation, but there must have been something obscuring that huge red sun reducing it to a fainter light source, also obscuring most of the stars and planets at night except some of the brighter ones like the polar star, venus, mars, and the moon!

atlasI bet you that that is why Cham, Canaan, Atlas et al, were so interested in this new firmament and decided to explore the new earth and the new heavens as soon as they could built some new ships to sail the 7 seas that slowly were forming as the continents eventually drifted apart and the ocean levels began to drop because of the hotter oceans’ caused rains and the Ice Age caps!

But even before that, when Noah had landed his ark on Mt Ararat and beheld the beautiful starry skies with the new rainbow, there was another phenomenon that he had never seen as clear before. That giant red ball every morning in the Eastern sky rising to its bright white-yellow zenith at noon, after which it descended again to its red giant size sinking across the sky into dusk and darkness. And every day this phenomenon repeated itself.

But you’ve got to remember that the post Flood skies were soon heavily covered with many many clouds, due to the hotter ocean of those early days. The extremely hot Super Critical Water (SCW) that had exploded from within the crust, had not only caused the Flood but also heated the ocean by at least 10 degrees Celsius. That led to more evaporation and much more cloud cover and snow in the Northern hemisphere which began to form the ice caps on land. And so the sun may have been seen at sunrise or sunset as that red ball peaking from below that gray cloud cover.

Those clouds caused heavy rains and thus erosion of the pyramids and the sphinx. Ever wondered why the pyramids top is more intact than the middle and bottom? The rain impacted the bottom worse than the top. The official explanation is that the inhabitants of Cairo climbed the pyramid to hack pieaces off the original white colored limestone cover… to build Cairo! But that is ludicrous! It was the rains, as Robert Shoch proved!


Noah and his sons and their families knew that the earth was round, they obviously sailed around it and being able astronomers they also mapped the Earth soon after they branched out to Lebanon and Egypt where they built new ships to map the skies which they had never been able to see so clearly before the Flood, and they mapped the newly destroyed earth, but this gorgeous warmth and light giving sun would even have made Noah worship it, if he hadn’t known better.


But the descendents of Ham obviously indeed didn’t want to know better, as their patriarch Cham kept them in the dark about the knowledge of their real God, while making himself some great one to be worshipped as the SUN-god, the son of the Great Sun, that would set between the horns of the holy cow Hathor. As someone wrote about Ra…or Re. And so he became known as [H]Am-on Ra and got the biggest Egyptian temple in Karnak to his honour.

Mankind was said to have sprung from Re’s tears and the gods Hu, authority, and Sia, mind, from blood drawn from his penis. They are the drops of blood which came forth from the phallus of Ra when he went forth to perform his own mutilitation. These drops of blood sprang into being under the forms of the gods Hu and who are in the bodyguard of Ra, and who accompany the god Tem daily and every day. [1]

According to the cosmology of Heliopolis, Re had created himself, either out of a primordial lotus blossom, or on the first land to emerge from the primeval waters. He then created Shu (air) and Tefnut (moisture), who in turn gave birth to the sky, the goddess Nut, and the earth god Geb. In the Nekht Papyrus his relationships to other gods is a bit different:

O Ra, who art Heru-Khuti, the divine man-child, the heir of eternity, self-begotten and self-born, king of the earth, prince of the Tuat (the Other World), governor of Aukert, thou didst come from the Water-god, thou didst spring from the Sky-god Nu, who doth cherish thee and order thy members. … Thy mother Nut is esteemed by thy father Nu [2]

So Ra -the sungod-Amon Ra was Ham “self begotten and self born”, although from his parents Nu and Nut! Nu was actually Noah and Nut his wife! But they were not kept much in the picture of the pantheon at all! No! RA was the great one, far more exalted than his parents! In that is seen the self-righteousness of Cham in all its colours, a religion that consequently has contaminated the entire middle east, South-, and East-Asia, in the form of Ancestor-, Holy Cow-, and Idol worship rather than their very own Creator, God!

So in the long run most of the early first descendents of the original Ark-o-nauts became serious sun worshippers as the only available and to them viable alternative to the Creator God which Noah, Shem and Japheth originally worshipped. But that God became less and less popular due to the bitterness of the others who contended that this Creator God was an “evil god” in having wiped out the entire world population.

nimrodEver though He was powerful alright, they felt that they had better keep him at a good distance and hardly mention His name nor worship Him, because “He is one mean God!”
This you can already find in the Sumerian religion of Enki, etc. that Cush and his youngest son Nimrud popularized, apart from themselves as gods. When you see their pictures they are men or bulls with wings, as if they could fly!

That certainly was the opinion of most humanists and do-it-yourself religionists who were designing their own codes and laws for living righteously, a certain civil code that exalted a self-made spirituality of man, in the same way the New Agers of today do as well, worshipping spirits of gods and the immortals, e.g. the patriarchs and their immediate offspring that still carried the genes for longevity in them more than their offspring, and therefore wouldn’t die for a long time, even manifold longer than the lives of their grandchildren.

Noah is reported to have been 600 years old during the flood year and lived another 350 until the ripe old age of 950 years. He was known to have made many travels in to Europe trying to educate his children and grandchildren and their great-grand children, but the later the hour became the more impossible that became and the lesser his influence became, until it turned into a full-scale religious war between the Titans and the Olympians, named the Titanomachy, where the Olympians won and took over control over the earthly tribes.

tITANOMACHY Titanomachy-

But in the absence of the Creator God, the Olympians fashioned their own god out of that new gorgeous red sun, which worship went as far as Japan! Think about the Japanese Flag!

Ham traveled all over the Southern world and the lower oceans from Northern European England and Ireland which had turned into one landmass with Doggerland which is now the North Sea, as the hotter ocean turned into more clouds and cloud cover and more rain which collected on the continents in the North and turned into 3-5 miles thick icecaps, whereas the rains brought fertility to the Equatorial and subtropical regions and even the other regions of the temperate zone, as high as Turkmenistan and China.IceaAge-3

It was all lush and the rivers streamed full and fast and watered most regions not affected by the ice caps. Therefore the Sahara was a fertile grazing pasture for the holy cows and cattle herded by the sons of Cush, Put, and Lud, while that same strong rain weathered and eroded the Sphinx and the early pyramids top down washing off many of the limestone covers instead of the report that they were chiseled off and carried down the steep sides of the pyramid for building homes in Cairo? Nonsense! No way that anybody could have salvaged that white limestone from that high middle elevation and above of the Great Pyramid! That limestone was plain eroded by the forceful rains which also eroded and shrunk the Sphinx and its head.

The ancients knew from before the flood that the Earth revolved around the sun in 360 days, but they soon noticed that it had changed to 365 ¼ day suddenly and that the earth had begun to wobble around its own axis very slightly and on a very long term of once in some 26 thousand years, called the precession.

But they didn’t change the calendar, preferring to add a few days here and there, until about 2000 years later in around 600 AD they decided it wasn’t going to change after all and then they made it permanent in the calendar in Ptolemaic Egypt as documented on the the Rosetta Stone stele!

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