Who Was Old Seafarer Ham Khem Cronus & Son Mizraim Menes Osiris Zeus!

by Lu Paradise

ChamDid you know that Ham or (guttural) Cham was a real person of history? The Syrians of today since the dawn of time still proudly call their nation the ‘Land of Cham!
Maybe it’s hard to believe but it is a fact that Cham & sons & others, traveled by ship to many places in Asia, Africa, Europe, all over the world, which places he –as the fashion was in those days– proudly named after himself. Vietnam was also called the ‘Land of Cham’, right next to CAMbodia, also named after the Kambujadesa from India, after the very same ancient seafaring enigmatic personality! Who was he?


The ancients in the Middle East called Africa the ‘Continent of Ham’, but the very old Irish ‘Annals of Clonmacnoise‘ said that Cham’s direct Formorian offspring was a great nuisance to Ireland, N.W. Europe, and to the entire World!
They called them ‘pirates’ who were making those areas unsafe, spoiling other nations, as the dreaded Vikings used to do until they became Christians.


“Cham traveled to Britain before the British came?!”

Yes! And some even opine that CHAMbridge or Cambridge and Chamden Town were named after the old rascal, and probably lots of other places in the British isles, as well as Chambray commune in the ‘Nord department’ of northern France on the Escaut river!

He wasn’t only called Cham or Ham either. He had actually turned himself into somewhat of a god to his own offspring there in original Egypt where he set up shop in the beginning with his son Misraim, and the first Egyptians reverently called him Khem or Geb! That’s why others called that country Aigebtos or Aegyptus! Egypt! Later they turned proud Ham into Hamon Ra the Sun-god, their main god with the biggest temple at Karnak!


Who are Mizraim, Menes, Osiris, & Zeus?


It was in fact Cham’s oldest son Mizraim, who eventually took over the reins there in ‘Misr’ as Egypt is still called today by the Egyptians themselves, as also the old Hebrews called Egypt ‘Misraim’, according to quasi-pharaoh Moses’ history book Genesis!


But of course the “normal” Cultural-Marxist bias in “academia” denies that Genesis, or any other ancient record that smacks of “mythology” or religion, is history, denouncing it as “Euhemerism”, their snub word for politically incorrect historical science, even though Euhemerism is the best analytical tool in ancient historical theory! At least Euhemerus made sense! Darwin doesn’t!

OsirisFor that same reason you probably never even heard of Mizraim, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t know him! Because you probably do! You’ve heard of ‘Osiris’ haven’t you? Well, he happens to be the same guy! And you’ve heard of the god ‘Zeus’ haven’t you? Well that‘s yet another Greek name for the very same personality! And perhaps you’ve even heard of Menes, the legendary first Pharaoh. That was him too! According to Islamic accounts Misraim lived to the ripe old age of 700. Moses stated in Genesis that his uncle Titan (Shem) lived 600 years, and all their other uncles, aunts, cousins, and nieces lived a very long time too!

That’s the very reason — never brought out by quackademia– that their own ancient Greek and Egyptian offspring called them immortals or “gods” in their mythology, because that offspring often died sooner than their own patriarchs! The very pertinent question, hardly ever asked, is: How come they enjoyed such fantastic longevity! This article will answer that mystery.


Father of Mizraim, who was that again?

If you know a little Greek history & mythology, or “myths” as historian “academics” prefer to call it, you probably also heard of his father Kronos, Cronos, or Chronos, as we jokingly call him “Father Time?” You know, that guy we remember at the end of every year, with his hour glass, scythe, and long beard, symbolizing the old year? Well guess who that originally was. That same father of Mizraim, Ham.

HAM deified with ‘wings’ as Kronos the time keeper:

Or Cham! You know Jews and Arabs have a little trouble pronouncing the ‘H’ without a guttural sound like the Dutch, right? Therefore: CHam! Yes, he was also called Chronos or Kronos in Greek mythology, and Saturn.

Why did Chronos lend his name to chronometers and carry an hour glass? Because he was the time keeper of post Flood antiquity. Cham, like his grandson Atlas who mapped the stars, was a smart astronomer who measured the moving of the stars and heavenly spheres, and figured out the new timing of the Earth after the Flood as it had changed from 360 days to 365-1/4 days per year. Also they had to calculate the new initial 26.5 degree tilt of the Earth and the precession rate.

Cham and his contemporaries were certainly not dim cavemen! See this latest Science post from the (so-called) Independence, how the Sumerians used calculus to track Jupiter’s path! Could you figure that out? I couldn’t!


Kronus Cham & His Scythe

Do you know why Kronos carries a scythe? Well it’s a funny story which Cham probably personally embellished, to bamboozle his own offspring. Why? Because Cham fell out of favour with his original nuclear family….

You didn’t know that Cham had an original nuclear family? Well, you’d be surprised to know that few of his very own offspring also didn’t know too much about his ancestors and their family secrets, and why father- or Grand-father Cham really got estranged from them, and one of his sons was even cursed.

Of course Cham had to rationalise that. So what did he do? He created his own version of the family scandal, and told his children that he was the actual “winner” over them, and had actually, with that scythe, castrated his father? Oh you don’t know Cham’s father? Sorry! It’s hard to get used to the fact that most modern people have hardly any foundation in genuine ancient history, and you can hardly blame them, because universities and schools don’t teach it anymore!



Father Nu, Nur, Noe, Oannes, MaNU, Ouranoh, Noakh, Noach, Noah, Nu-Ah, Nǚwa

Who are Nu, Nur, Noe, Oannes, MaNU, Ouranoh, Noakh, Noach, Noah, Nu-Ah, or as we call him in Chinese: Nǚwa! You heard those names before? Right! That “mythical” guy who built that boat and with his nuclear family of eight survived a huge deluge, a bloody Floody! Well actually it was not some small, tiny, little localized floody either, as quackademia would have you to believe, but the historical worldwide catastrophe of the global Deluge! But we won’t get into that now. We were talking about family rumours.

You see, Noah was not castrated. That story wicked Cham just made up to impress his grandchildren in Egypt and all over the world, to cover up his perfidy and restore his self-respect and/or the respect of his offspring! Why? Because what really had happened, was, that he had been perversely sneaking around to spy on his father, as Google and the NSA do today, either alone or together with his son Chna, Canaan or Kanaan.


Either that, or Canaan was the one who first alerted his father to the fact that Grandpa Noah was not only lying drunk in a tent in his vineyard, but that he was also stark naked! And in those days – before Jewish TV – that was not normal and was called their “shame!” We don’t know much about shame anymore, but Cham knew, and so did his son Canaan.

Still, they were ‘peeping toms’ who went to his tent, looked inside, and made fun of their grandfather and father. Not just that, but Cham went ahead and called his brothers Shem –also called Titan by the Greeks – and Japheth, his other brother, also called Jupiter by the Romans, Yapeti by the Dravidian and Harrapan Indians, (who called Noah ‘Manu’ by the way, Shem Sharma, and Cham Charma!) while the Miao-zu people South of China called him ‘Yaphu’, his brothers lo-Han and lo-Shen! So Yaphethi and Titan (Shem) came and were shocked to see how Ham, Cham or Chronos (chronometer?) was ridiculing their good father!–And our good forefather as well!

Shem & Yaphet were more righteous fellows and refused to join Peeping Cham’s game and refused to disrespect their godly Father Noah – also called Oura-noh by the Greeks! So they went and got some sheet which they put over their shoulders going backward into the tent, so as not to look on their fathers’ shame, and they covered him up! In the next graphic you see Shem & Yaphet closed their eyes.


By that time Chronos-Cham probably took off, too convicted by the respect his siblings showed Noah, which he seemed to have forgotten, so he made himself scarce. But when Noah awoke from his Sauvignon slumber, and learned what his younger son had done, he called a family meeting and declared the punishment.

Curse of Ham? No, of Canaan!

Cham’s son Canaan was cursed, as Noe didn’t want to curse Cham directly, but perhaps wanted him to suffer in his son as Noah had suffered in his son Cham! Canaan was thus doomed to become ‘a servant of servants’ of the entire family, and that more or less happened pretty quick actually with the destruction of their Sodom and Gomorrah, and after Abraham had started his family, his offspring Moses and Yoshua and their people actually subdued, enslaved, or killed most of the Canaanites.

Sevilla-TartessosSome of the Canaanites however actually survived and became the very “successful” Phoenicians! Remember that sometimes Phoenicians and Jews did business together in shipping metals they mined in ‘Tarshish’ or Tartessos, close to Sevilla Southern Spain, and Cadiz, probably named after Atlas‘ twin brother Gadeiros.

Solomon already worked with Canaanite King Hiram to build his temple, roughly around 1000 B.C., but they probably crossed the Atlantic Ocean named after King Atlas who founded the thalassocracy (sea empire) Atlan or Atlantis. (krateîn, to rule of the sea, thálassa, thálatta in Attic).

‘POSEIDON’ OR PO SIDON – Father Sidon?

‘Phoenicians’ is the Greek name for the Canaanites who originated in Lebanon. Remember, before you get any media-induced ideas about a “racist religion“, remember that Jesus had ‘Simon the Canaanite’ as his disciple and cured the Syro-Phoenician Greek Canaanites’ daughter from demon possession!

Canaan’s son Sidon (or PoSeidon) started the city of Sidon, while Tyrus started the city of Tyre, Tyrus, or Tsour, from which the name of ‘Suriya’, ‘Tsouria’ or Syria came.–The ‘Land of Cham’. The original Syrians obviously honoured their great-great-great-grandfather Cham very much. I guess because then they still believed the “castration” hype on their side of the family and had long rejected the Titanic and Yaphethi family version that Cham was actually just a “Peeping Cham.” Many Syrians were some of the first Christians actually!


Chamon Ra, Hamon Ra, “the Sun God”

The Egyptians finally turned Old Father Time Cronos or Cham into a god, and even gave him a divine title: HAMon Ra, the Sun-god Amen Ra!”


sunworshipThey also built him one of the biggest temples in the world at Karnak wherein they had a long sun-corridor down which at the solar solstice of the year the sun would shine right onto its back wall, where the Pharaoh would then bask in its light as the sun-god!

Nowadays the sun does not hit that back-wall anymore, as the tilt of the Earth has changed since then from their 26.5° degrees to our 23.5° since 1880 AD. (For that interesting subject click here!)

This was proven by the thorough empirical methodical research of former Australian government astronomer George Dodwell, which and who are also ignored and covered up by astronomers all over the world, because it proves that some great non-politically correct cataclysm took place in 2.345 B.C when that tilt of 26.5° was first established by some shocking Earthly catastrophe: According to Dodwell it may have been the Great Global Deluge!? But they don’t like us to know or believe that that really happened, because it interferes so badly with their fancy fairytale from Charlie Darwin that you “descended from small primate monkeys or tree-shrews!”

We at Ancient Patriarchs have changed our opinion on the right date of the Flood from 2345 BC to 3000 BC due to some great research HERE, so perhaps the 2345 BC tilt of the Earth’s axis catastrophe may have been caused by the the accumulation of the weight of the ice packs in the North or/and the division of the Earth’s continents, due to Continental Drift, triggered by the rise of the mid oceanic ridge under the crust, causing Europe/Africa and the Americas to slide apart according to the Hydroplate Theory of Dr. Walt Brown.


Cham traveled many places on his boat,–probably a new sailing version of the old family Ark–, all the way to a bay in India which he called Cambay, and beyond! I wonder where the old Persian king of Anshan ‘Cambyses (Kambujiye) the Elder’ got his name? He used to sail ships of the descendants of Canaan, the Phoenicians, to try to conquer Egypt!

EgyptianBoats200BC Egyptian_ship_red_sea

All that to say, that Cham was a very famous personality who was very well known by the still small world population in Antiquity, right after the Global Flood, which event has been so terribly obfuscated, covered-up and -over, and “debunked” by modern Historical “academics”, who just refuse to believe the ancient chronicles, narratives to be real history, calling them “myths” or legends at best! Why?!


Because if they DO accept them, they will also have to accept that the History Book Genesis in the Bible is in fact the most accurate record of all Middle Eastern history, far superior to Berosus (Chaldean priest of Bel and historian in Babylon), Herodotus, Manetho, and all their other colleagues.

Genesis was written by Moses, the erstwhile adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter, who was about to become Pharaoh himself! He was a very erudite scholar well versed in all Egyptian mystery religions and history as well! But when he finally paired up with his roots in the Hebrew nation of his brother Aaron, and got the records of Abraham of Sumerian descend, he was duly impressed, and put all these sources together and wrote a milestone oeuvre, called Genesis.

‘Gen’ means the generations of, generated means born, so it is dealing with the birth of humanity and the earliest nations of the Middle East, the origin of all the world’s people. Because that is where the Ark of our great-grandfather patriarch Noach landed in the mountains of Ararat in Armenia, where also the oldest wine cultures, wine caves, and wine presses are found, as any sommelier or hotel-training will tell you and confess: Armenia is the most ancient origin of wine culture!armenia-wine-269x300

Who Was Zeus! A Womaniser?

Well, to get back to Cham of AiGebtus Zeus(Aegypt! Geb is also the core of ‘Copt’ of the Coptic Christians who are actually the surviving real — and persecuted — original Egyptians!) Cham’s family of course really revered him probably under pressure or instructions of his son Misraim (Zeus – Osyris) who probably enforced that respect into worship, so he could benefit from it too! From son-of-a-gun to son-of-a-sun-god! If you remember, even the Babylonians revered Osyris as Zeus, and had a great golden statue of him during the prophet Daniel’s day!

IsisSo Osiris, son of Cham (or Geb) who was married with his sister Isis, got killed by his younger brother Set. Isis, the first daughter of Geb, (god of the Earth, and Nut his wife), tried to revive him by collecting all the pieces he was cut into, except that she couldn’t get hold of his genitals. (genesis?) and so he wasn’t complete in his “resurrection.”

Actually he pretty much stayed dead, but not dead enough for the Greeks who were so impressed by this folklore from Egypt, –which seemed to be the coolest place on Earth in those days– that they turned dear Osiris into their TOP god, except that they called him Zeus!

Now if you are familiar with Greek mythology, meaning embellished Greek & Middle Eastern History, the Greeks deified their kings and heroes, as the very enlightened Greek historian Euhemerus (Euemeros or Evemerus) deftly explained already so long ago, but Wicked Pedia considers his “Euhemerism” a mere theory in historical science, and a failing one at that! Greek mythology really likes Osiris-Zeus, but Man, did that guy sleep around! He had children with so many girls, all over the effing place!

But Euhemerus was in fact a much smarter historian than the Darwinian Wicked-pedians, who realized just as Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (of Sicily) did, that these myths were not merely fabrications of Hesiod (650 BC.), Homer (1100±850 BC.) et al, but stories based on real history that got embellished in the re-telling.

How The Black Sea Overflowed

Dardanus Coin

Euhemerus turned out to be right! For many generations later in the 19th century of all times, the great German historian and archaeologist Dr. Schliemann read Homer’s Illiad & Odyssey and decided to follow its leadings and instructions and he discovered the destroyed city of Troy, over there in the Turkish Dardanelles, named after the pre-Troyan King Dardanus who lived in the days when those Dardanelles and the Bosporus came into existence, when the Black Sea overflowed because of the melting of the Northern European and Siberian ice cap on land.


BlackSea-DindandonThat the Black Sea overflowed instead of the Aegean, is our own alternative ‘Paradise Post’ theory, as most historians assume it happened the other way around, the Black Sea filling up from the Aegean Sea after a break-through! But four great Ice Age rivers emptying out melt-water into the Black Sea, the Danube, Dniester, Dnjepr, and the Don, plus the legend of Samo-Thrace the island before the Dardanelles, that told that a tsunami hit their island coming from the Black Sea, tell a different story!

atlasThe much smaller Black Sea before those days (called Euxine Lake once) was connected with a much smaller Aegean Sea by the Rhode river, because sea-levels during that Bronze Ice Age were much lower, some 100-130 meters lower. It made the islands of the Aegean sea much bigger, as well as the coastlines of Greece and Asia more extended in days long before Plato talked about the sinking of Atlantis!

Atlantis was named after Atlas, — remember that guy with the “globe” on his shoulder? (Actually a star-map sphere!) The founder of ‘Atalantis’, the great star-mapper and earth-geometrician who traveled the Atlantic ocean founding his Talassocracy or Sea-Empire with his many daughters and sons. (Talasso most likely comes from Atalasso, or Atlas!)

Atlas was the first king of Atlantis and was the son of Poseidon according to the story of Atlantis from Plato. However, in traditional Greek mythology, Atlas was the son of the Titan Iapetus, often identified with the biblical Japheth, and the nymph Clymene. This apparent contradiction can be explained by the fact that the name Atlas is applied to more than one figure in Greek legends. Atlas also named the Atlas mountains of Morocco and Algeria, and the Antilles, and Aztlan or Atlan, the Mayan name for Atlantis, etc. Maya was one of the Oceanid daughters of Atlas!


But when the Black Sea finally was so full that it broke through the Rhode river it caused such a tsunami that the people of the now much smaller island Samo Thrace still tell the story –called myth by Darwinian hysterians – how their forefathers in their day had to quickly run up into the mountains to save their skins, and much of the island went down under the waves of the Aegean Sea, as happened to most of the Greek islands! They still call it the Flood of Ogyges or of ‘Deucalion and Pyrrha‘, mixing those local floods up with the REAL Deluge some thousand plus years before, around 2.500 3000 BC saying that Deucalion and Pyrra also made a box to survive, yet without animals! Either fantasy or perhaps they really did survive in some box-like floating object. Who knows.

Anyway, talking about those Greeks, by that time they were not yet Christians, neither had they heard much about Moses and his Genesis book, but that doesn’t mean that they had no record of the pre-Flood world people, and creation, of their own! Because they did! They knew Adam and Eve, and instead of appreciating Abel, their religion really worshiped Cain the serpent lover and they made a new post-Flood version of Eve “who loved the Serpent” also, because the Serpent gave Man “wisdom and light” and they re-branded Eve as Athena! Athena and Osiris-Zeus were the top-gods of the Greeks, and they hated the Flood because it had killed the Cainite world and the Cainite religion of the Serpent and the Light and Wisdom of Leucippus or Lucifer!

They also hated the ‘Titans’ –descendants of Shem – and fought against them as the ‘Olympians’. The Titans the ones who sided with the God of creation who had sent that Flood that had killed their favourite forefather Cain, they compared to half-horse half-man, the Kentaurs or Centaurs. On all their pottery you can see their disdain for these Kentaurs, as they are all pictured stamping Cain into the Earth, by the Flood!

So, the early nations and tribes knew their own history quite well, at least much better than us, except that they had turned it into a different philosophical and religious narrative than the Titans and Yaphetis and the then still unknown to them Biblical narrative which was more on the Kentaur or God’s side & view of things.

It is a sad record of modern academia that they have seeded a false religion with a false genesis, that goes strongly against all the old histories of all nations. Nowhere is it written that we descended from animals, or Simian forefathers, apes with a low IQ. They knew that their forefathers were smarter and bigger and probably also more machiavellan as their stories do testify.

Zeus Osiris was worshipped as a cool seducer of many women, who sired many heroes of antiquity like Hercules or Heracles, etc. And so they loved Cham Chronos the time keeper and “castrator” of Noah’s genitals, as they would love him today! And they loved how Heracles defeated Noah or Nereus or Ouranos, as portrayed on all their old pottery, as the media masses would today!

The ‘Osyrians’ were great mega-stone builders as well! Yes, those Flood survivors were certainly far smarter than mere Marxist “monkey descendants!” Which are you?!


So who are you gonna believe?

Rhodes-Rothschild Are the Ancients’ myths and legends based on REAL history? Or will you believe the fantastic fables and science fiction of Atheist Agnostic and Humanist 19th century Banker scions who started the Rhodes scholars’ version pushed by Cecil Rhodes ‘Round Table’ secret society, who seminated that Darwinian nonsense all over the frigging world into every university and public school! Even where you were trained! Or brainwashed? Definitely not educated? Those days are long gone!


We would be silly to believe all that diatribe of the Wicked-Pedia claptrap! Even the Ancients, Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians alike, knew far better than the “academic” fodder of these intellectually challenged and hopelessly brainwashed adepts of “progressive academia” of the 19TH & 20TH CENTURY FOXES!!! Why not get smart, and lead a true real life, based on our real history!

Why not get wise today and study the works of the very clever Prince of Egypt, the learned and erudite Moses of Goshen, even though it is not distributed nor given place in academia nor in any Caves bookstores or the best-seller list of the Jew York Times, even though year in year out the Bible is actually the most published Book in the whole world!

Actually you probably could find an old copy right there in your own house, deeply hidden in some crack of the attic or cupboard drawer, a copy of that good old Bible. But you could even find true history in the ancient European chronicles of Nennius, Virgil, Ireland’s four wise man, the History of Kings of Britain of Geoffrey of Monmouth, as they all largely agree and go all the way back to Japheth and Noah!


Look it up for yourself! Genesis 10 and the Table of Nations! You CANNOT get MORE ACCURATE! Especially compared to the idiotic writings of Lyell, Darwin, Huxley, and all their other cronies in universities today! You’ll love it! It has that amazing ring of truth to it, when you read all those shenanigans of the old heroes and knaves of ancient history! Have a good one!

Love & Peace




38 thoughts on “Who Was Old Seafarer Ham Khem Cronus & Son Mizraim Menes Osiris Zeus!”

  1. wait Genesis 10:5 talks about Javan son of Japhat’s descendants became the seafaring people… Please explain further on that….


    1. Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for your comment. In the KJV Genesis 10:5 says: “By these [-talking just about sons of Javan? Or also all other aforementioned sons of Noah?-] were the isles [islands? or also colonies?] of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.”

      One Interpretation would be, that the islands of the ‘first world’ – in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black Sea, OR including those outside Gibraltar all over the Atlantic which became the thallasocracy (sea empire) Atlantis from Libya and the Adreatic (form: Tyrrenian sea) all the way across the Atlantic, as well as South in India, and s.E.Asia, and beyond, would be the ‘isles of the Gentiles’.

      Ham and Cush are known to have left their names in many places, esp. in the South. But Javan’s sons Tarshish settled in Southern Spain and mined in Post-Flood Ice Age Britain’s & Ireland’s mining districts. For example in Antrim Ireland a giant fossilised body was found, perhaps a Formorian son of Ham.

      Whereas Kittim settled Cyprus (formerly named Kittim!) and probably surrounding islands together with Dodanim. Malta was a Canaanite and giant outpost, perhaps from Bashan (Syria) and Southern Canaan before many giants were exterminated by Israelites.

      So it seems that it refers to ALL the offspring of Noah. I’d be interested to see the meaning of ‘isles’ in the original Hebrew.
      Peace & Love


  2. Thank you for the information. I’ve held small portions of the same views pertaining to the vastness of this topic. I’m Khamerak/Khmer, and Canaan means extremely curly haired in my language. Which is a hair texture we generally don’t have. Kam in our language also means karma in the sense of what the children does back to the parents.

    In those places near Egypt, it is said to be hot, and like their ancient language, we call ‘dark’ kamow. And those who built huge mega structures in my history were the Khawm which undeniably resembles Kham. My elders keep saying “Thou must honor thy parents.”

    I also get a sense of ancient culture from my own people. Which is patient, pricey and character-ed. Babylon sounds like Baab in our word for sin. Thank you, may you live a hundred years or more. _/\_

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    1. Dear Mr Phriang
      Thank you for your kindness, and the inspiring information.
      Also in Thai ‘baab’ is sin as well, and ‘Khamen’ the name for Cambodia, which also sounds very much like Khem and Kham. The Cambodians are said to stem from the Kambujadesa who used to live in India, and probably moved from the Indus Valley after the Bronze Age due to Climate Change and drying up. These kind of historical observations and interpretations are derided as Euhemerism and Grand Diffusionism by mainstream Darwinian historians. They are so confused.
      And may you live.. forever! And you can by receiving Jesus in your heart. You will have eternal life!
      God bless you,

      PS: I’d be very interested in any Flood legends from the Cambodian people and any names of their ancient patriarchs. Please relate those to me, if you happen to know. God bless you.


      1. I’ve heard Thai and Khmers came down from mountain after a giant flood disappeared. That we were brothers from a common origin. Nothing too much in detail concerning a global deluge.


      2. I’ve heard that a Chinese word for boat has a connection with the 8 people who survived the flood in the way that it is drawn. I’ve felt that human re arranged is manuh in Khmer.

        I don’t know too much about our legends but I am interested how language is similar throughout the global board. To compare English and Khmer: Mouth/Mot Lethh/lick Leak/Lej maintain/mainthane character/chakriya jewel/morokot scholar/skal.

        Then it verifies that I do share a connection from the outside by the Kampu people and til this day we share customs/names like Saravan, creed, and elders saying that Khmers as a people come from “Iraak Irong.” Some think this saying applies to all civilizations.

        But before wise prince Kampu came over to Kampuchea, we were matriarchal. We still continue women ownership over the farmlands til today. Our idea is that men rule but women own. And when Kampu united with Mera, the male and female principals were balanced.

        Our name for Kampu is Preah Tong. Our name for the princess who defended her nation from Preah Tong was Neang Neak/ or Soma which relates to the moon. (People also consider the moon feminine) Then I thought about islands like Tonga and Samoa who are said to be rivals. Tong sounds like Tonga and Samoa sound like Soma to me. This may be a mere idea play of mines trying to discover something but the pacific islanders and my people say Sarong very similarly for an outfit we both wear.


      3. Dear Mr. Phriang,
        The Chinese characters for boat and other ancient things, you can find in this article:
        Also Thais worshiped the Naga snake or monster rather and have images of him at the temples.
        Thais also use “Sarong”
        The Thais came from the North, overland from Sumeria via Yunnan, 700 years ago! Where did the Khmers originate before they occupied Thailand? Also from the North, or did they come across the sea?
        IF related to them, the Kambojadesa lived at first North of the Himalayas near the Murgash river and built a fantastic city there of Gonur. They moved also during the Bronze Age collapse due to Climate Change as the Murgash river dried up and the entire area became desertified. Some certainly went south to India, but perhaps some crossed the Silk road and came overland to the now Thai area? You can read about Gonur here:

        Very interesting to see your beliefs.
        Cham was not the only “evil” guy. In fact, we are ALL evil and sinful, in that we strayed from our Creator. Ham was just the earliest “evil” one of the three sons of Noah, and then added Paganism and Ancestor worship above Creator worship, to his list. But all the gentile nations and often the Jews as well became Pagans as well, worshiping idols.

        So CHAM is an actual legendary historical character in your nation?
        What do the legends ssay about him?
        And what does it say about Cain? And what about the Naga?
        Nice to hear from you
        Love & Peace


  3. After reading the article entirely I appreciate it overall. But my views differ (does being Christian matter or not, science is science) whereas I actually like Cain (seeming vegetarian) in the bible. I like the serpent/Naga of whom I am a descent. It seems Greeks loved Egypt who was related to CHam, whom were also the industrious Phoenicians and Canaanites. CHam was no ‘evil’ guy to me. God could think whatever He wants; there is no good or bad, just closer to the truth or further from the truth. Advisable or not advisable. Kamsa too could very well be a wicked ruler of the earth part and parcel to the Bhoja dynasty. Yet this doesn’t make me prejudice to myself, a Khawm. I hate no people, what to speak of the God? My ancestors could have done some dishonorable things but I accept the truth and live without guilt.

    -Peace and mercy.


  4. KEY to E Ind. & Genesis Genealogy:
    Continuation of NU – Noah: (The Incarnation of VishNU)
    1. Noah NU-Nun vishNU-Narayana 1st Incarnation (survivor)
    (5 others)
    7. Joktan ? Rama 7th incarnation
    (Joktan, 7th son down from Noah)
    [Ref. Noah’s Ark and the Genesis10 Patriarchs]


    1. I have so far only these two articles of yours published John:


      and this one:


      I have still so many other things to do, that I can hardly find time to check your site thoroughly, or breathe. Ha! Sorry.
      Happy New Year


  5. Hm..i’m not sure if i should tell you or not..i’m just flash read.excited when you agreed about mao in china..driven out..i hope you not islamic phobia.i guess it time for revelation.that what my distant cousin mayan calendar for..so new age is begin..i have not read in entirety from top to bottom..but i see champa,kemboja..thing that i already familiar..so i will tell you the last puzzle.. -The old man of the sea turn to many shape..and the rest of lineage..
    -King perahu(boat)..or proa/prow(Pharaoh).
    -Naga(serpent)..not dragon..no feet..probably different meanings for west..
    -We dont worship the sun.moon,star..but beyond heaven give us wisdom..some of us follow the path of the sun(Horus)..chased by shadow..some go through mountain pass..some by the wind..and somehow i feel the other in the north..but i dont know..
    -We fight at the middle burg,against fire,brim and stone…The first time by the great king of old..Cyrus..then we scattered by the buruj..it not long before they break the chain and let loose..for it is a fate as old king have said.
    -Long have we looking up to heaven for aid and guidance..for each place we rest,we found it to be cursed..by those who are mad by the precious..
    -You mention 8.. old people say it good omen..it a safe place..below horizon..now modern day called it by latitudes.
    -We never forget of the old land..when we heard our King is defeated and our old ally being oppressed.we come back to fight Ramses..and a good old land of eye of sahara..and many other..
    -It like karma.rebirth.like a snake changing skin..snake dont attack unless provoked..most of the time it will go away..so we go down south to the end of the world..
    -People called it by many names..Chersonese..
    -Somehow i feel this is where we start..and here we are at the end.
    -upper and lower kingdom..sky and land..like the crown of first Egypt king..
    -keris,our clan heirloom..kaf ra sim(arab word)..my ansestor have change language few times along the way..3 word..it mean thrones.not on earth.this is our land..man land…it mean for above heaven..
    -it not to be hidden anymore..our star cant be seen under north sky..anyway..i’ll read your article later..bye


    1. Hafiz, Very interesting information filling in the empties. Thank you.
      Love, Lu
      PS: I’m not Islam phobic (fearful), as I told my Paki friend the other day, that y’all just take a big risk trusting the writings of a man 600 years after Jesus’ lifetime instead of the eye witness reports of Jesus contemporary friends. That is all I will say on that. And I love Syria and Thank God for Assad saving you from the ISIS Caliphate.


    1. Hi Cassandrasez, The answer to your question was provided under the link after 1880. But in short the research of an Australian astronomer found that the earth had stopped wobbling and stabilised at 23.5° around 1880 AD. Check the article please.


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