Why & How Did Earth’s Pangaea’s Crust Crack! An Ancient Mystery Solved?

by Lu Paradise • December 28, 2012 •

The early Earth, we can safely assume, did not start out cracked like this egg from its pristine beginnings.


Scientists now agree that the early Earth featured just one original continent named ‘Pangaea’, reminiscent of Chinese history’s ‘Panku.’ Historians and geologists have no clue what actually hit the Earth’s crust, or how the upper layer of 8 km thick oceanic crust and 35-60 km continental crust got cracked, nor why its fragments or plates then began to drift apart from each other, other than labeling it ‘plate tectonics & subduction’. That’s about as good an explanation as blaming “why there are murders” on “violence.” It does not explain what cracked ‘Pangaea’ in the first place, which would also indicate the real cause of why the continents drifted apart!

This article aims to try to solve this foundational mystery: “Why and how did Pangaea’s crust crack!”

A 115 Year Earthquake Map

The map below –courtesy an earthquake recording institute– shows the frequency and magnitude of earthquakes around the world since 1898 until today in the form of light points! It shows that by far 99 % of the last 115 year quakes occurred along the original cracks in the crust, called fault lines and oceanic ridges, and most activity along the so-called “Ring of Fire!”

It is not named “Ring of Fire” for nothing. Earth is “on fire” inside, but in the beginning when it still had only one single continent, ‘Pangaea’, there were no cracks in its crust yet! So where did the cracks come from? What caused them? That’s the puzzle we’d like to try figure out with all available historical facts based on proper theories and interpretation via modern scientific and technical know how.


Was Pangaea’s “Piñata” Struck From the Outside?

pinatabashGeologists don’t really delve much into what outside object and/or interior force struck our original “Piñata” (A Mexican paper-mâché ball full of candies bashed blindly with a stick on birthdays.) But evidence (later in this article) strongly indicates that Pangaea’s original single crust was once catastrophically struck either by some external space object or a very explosive internal force, or both? We shall try to follow that evidence wherever it may lead, as good empirical scientists á la Karl Popper.

ScienceFactsOne thing we can already conclude: Whatever cracked Earth’s 35-8 KM thick global granite crust, causing the Earth’s mantle to eject and ooze magma up until today, must have been one hell-of-an object and/or force!

We will not burden you with the few existing mainstream theories, as they tend to make as much sense lehnersmall-300x166as “hand-held dolorite pounders” which, in orthodox historical science, top Egyptologists Prof. Dr. Lehner and Hawas say, were used to shape granite obelisks! Hmm.

As there exists no real sensible theory yet, we can all freely be Sherlock Holmes now and observe, check, and interpret the clear evidence of the “crime”, the breakage of the crust into cracks or fault-lines, and try to figure out this amazingly challenging phenomenon and defining mystery!

An Outside Force or Object?

amphorabashed-300x123When you hit a cistern or amphora with a bullet or small rock it may cause a hole. When you hit it with a baseball bat there is little resistance, yet the pot or vase still tends to break mostly on the side of impact! If you bash it with enough force you shatter the entire vase into pieces. Of course our planet is not an amphora, yet none of these three results are observed: a hole or crater, one large impact area on one side, nor total smithereens. None of these kind of impacts would result in this weird network of crack-lines circling the globe like we observe!

Unbiased intellectuals who can think independently using ‘horse sense’ (the sense horses have not to bet on humans!), and using their five basic scientific empirical senses plus the falsification principle, will be the first to acknowledge this unmistakable “cracking” phenomenon and would also conclude that these ‘fault lines’ are not the result of some huge asteroid or small planet hitting one side. If so Earth would at least show a hole on one side filled in with lava as the Moon’s mares, or in case of some planet striking it, it would have turned into a cloud of potsherds like the hypothetical Oort cloud!

craterThough our immovable object certainly got hit by some kind of object or irresistible force, it did not appear heavy enough to cause one obvious deep crater of area of impact.
Judging by the evidence in the above earthquake ‘light-map’, we don’t really find one single very distinct place of prime impact, and Earth’s known craters are way too small to have caused the huge global rip in the crust, nor are any connected to it!

Some have proposed that the Pacific Ocean was once a place of impact or the original place where the Moon was ripped from, yet no major volcanic spot is found there in the light map to warrant such a fringe theory, except for one small light dot in the middle of the Pacific from which none of the cracks emerge whatsoever.

If some big enough space body really hit Earth and gouged the Moon out from the Pacific, there would be ample evidence of such huge volcanic activity plus a giant impact crater there that we don’t see at all, and sensible scientists will quickly scrap such fanciful theories as products from the loony fringe.

Whatever did cause these original global crack lines must have been not too devastating, yet catastrophic enough to set in motion a secondary process which caused the entire crust to run and crack, because the crack runs all around the globe connecting back onto itself!

Judging by the number of light points, most activity might have been around Indonesia, if that indeed was the point of impact of some outer space object, which might explain its multitude of islands and many super volcanoes like Krakatoa! But no matter if there was a primary trigger or not, the next mystery is: What was the secondary process that caused the cracks to run clear around the globe?


A Secondary Internal Force & Process?



IF Earth was indeed struck by a very big asteroid, the resulting crater and initial primary impact cracks must have been reinforced & enhanced by another secondary force and/or process to turn them into one interconnected network of 65.000 KM global crack-lines, otherwise we’d only find a single crater with short cracks! Yet we find no evidence of an impact-crater nor a base root of this network of these very long cracks. Thus, the (“secondary?”) cracking process was most likely caused by another primary internal force!

If there is not a big enough crater to warrant such long global cracks, obviously the global crack lines were not caused by an outside object at all. In that case a so-called “external” force must be replaced by an internal primary force acting on its own, or triggered by some different event or cause.There is strong evidence that Earth was once pushed off-balance by some unknown force which caused the Earth’s axis to tilt. We’d be tedious to surmise that this happened at some other time, because then Earth would have had two huge catastrophes!

EarthCrustLet’s first qualify the “cracking” process. Earth is of course in no way comparable to a hollow piñata or wine amphora, as it was and still is basically a magma-filled rock ball presumably with a solid metal core, solid on the outside as a thick mantle crowned above the ‘mysterious’ Moho by the additional oceanic and continental crusts that stuck out from one global ocean on one side of the planet in the form of a single continent “Pangaea!”

That original Pangaean continental crust outcrop, by the way, would’ve had to be compensated for by some counterweight on the Pacific side, or else the Earth would have wobbled like an off-balance top.

To me it is actually an amazing phenomenon that Earth would even produce one single continent on one side of it, if it indeed came from a “cooling of Big Bang resultant gas cloud into rock somehow enhanced by a water- & atmospheric shell”, contrary to other planets which don’t have eiher! IMHO it would have been impossible for a crust to rise out of all that primary water by itself. So what caused it?—Yet another massive event? No evidence.

So what could this “secondary”, or rather “primary” force have been, potent enough to globally rip through and cut up the Earth’s crust, strong enough to continue spreading that crack all around the globe? It even resulted in a significant rise of the mantle underneath inside the cracks, that somehow opened up wide enough to allow “mid oceanic ridges” to rise up into them! Where did that enormous force ripping the crust come from! If not from space, from which internal force below then?


Pressure Below the Crust?

In order to set off such a powerful global ripping process of the entire planet’s crust, there must have been some huge powerful force to reinforce that run-away cracking, and it must have been an interior force or energy, because even powerful ocean waves are of course never strong enough to shift entire continents out of place.



When searching for evidence of some interior sub-crustal energy, one naturally thinks of magma of course. Could magma have been the force behind the run-away rending of the primary crack in the crust? There is no record that magma ever acted that way.

Although Krakatoa’s magma explosion was super strong, it did not cause any cracks running all over Indonesia, let alone all around the planet. Neither did the Mediterranean explosion of Santorini that blew apart the entire island causing tsunamis that wiped out many coastal settlements plus the Minoan civilization on Crete, not even leave any local cracks! There is no evidence that magma could have been behind this continued cracking mechanism. Magma is fluid, but not quick enough!

So there must have been some other global pressure under the crust that could have ever caused this effect. What else lies below the crust that could ever have built up enough power and energy high and quick enough to run amok all the way under the still unbroken crust of Pangaea and its ocean, and split it in several super fragments? Gas? Explosive air? Oxygen? CO2? Hydrogen?


Gas alone, even if under great pressure and captured below the crust, when finding a valve could indeed rip apart a great deal, but much too quick! Gas tends to totally blow apart its confinements. An exploding gas tank sends shards flying everywhere into the air, and gas shows no constraint to neatly run along a 65.000 KM line of weakness. That is not what science observes! This explosive force ran along fault lines, lines of weakness in the initially strong united unbroken cap or rock crust.

What else could it have been, if not gas? We go all around Robin Hood’s barn to find out what actually took place, where the evidence leads us, not what some pre-conceived paradigm promotes. As far as I can tell, correct me if I’m wrong, I have not seen anyone explain instant cracks as a phenomenon.

hydroplateoverview-blacksmokerSo, honest intellectual Sherlocks and Watsons, what else lies under the crust of the Earth, or crusts? During the 1950-ies, we discovered at the fault-lines under the oceans, at the mid-oceanic rifts, another substance spewing out of the Earth! There are massive hollow towers looking like smokestacks at the rifts, spouting forth black and sometimes white water, now called “black and white smokers!”


I thought there was only magma! Is there water under the crust? Sure! There appear to be lots of water under the crust, and it comes out fast and furiously through the cracks broken sometime in our distant past. Could water have been behind the ripping apart of the pristine crust of yore?

Water is faster than lava while slower than gas, and water would and does run along lines of weakness, faulty lines. When water breaks through a weakness in a hose, it doesn’t blow the entire hose to bits, but will powerfully spray up into the air like a fountain, hurling with it any loose fragments that get in the way. Water is even used now to cut through hard metals, rocks and plastics. What kind of water? Highly pressurized water!

If water is running out of those mid oceanic rifts today, how about in the past? If there is still so much water below the crust today as these black smokers testify, is that water then merely a residue of water that used to be there before in greater quantities? It sure could be, considering the cracks! But the geologists quickly explain that these ‘smokers’ actually “get their water from the ocean seeping down into the crust and then hitting the magma that turns it into pressurised water.” Right! Sure it does! Did they identify which water it was with artificial coloring or something? Why such a theory! Don’t they like water coming from below the crust for some reason?

But what other power or substance could have ever caused such long gigantic cracks in the Earth’s skull, if not lava, gas, or water? Ice? Superman? Giant termites? Big Foot? Or New Age Aliens? Below is what mainstream History.com serves the masses up with:  Fancy fodder for the propagandised masses.HysteriaDotcom

Super-Critical Water?

Could water have been the culprit? Pent-up, wedged below the pristine single crust cap of the primary Earth?

Could there possibly be any other substance or pressure force that could split crustal rock, because most don’t particularly want to go the water way. A natural radioactive nuclear explosion perhaps? A formation of asteroids falling precisely in an unbroken line breaking through the crust in one go? But how about the back of the planet then! Unless of course other nearby asteroids swerved around Earth’s gravity, plunging in formation into the other side! No?

How could that kind of fault-line ever have joined up with its beginning at the other side, as precise as the perfect rendezvous tunnel-builders arrange, drilling from both sides of a mountain? Coincidence? Yes that would work! Coincidence over a very long period of time has explained lots of inexplicable phenomena! We use that explanation all the time! Millions of years!!

But alas, this cracking process could not have taken much time at all. It could only have been produced globally by an instant catastrophic event, definitely no longer than the extinction event of the dinosaurs! If it was caused by an increasing diameter of a “growing Earth”–as some would have it– then why only one unbroken fault line? It would have been a repetitious cracking phenomenon everywhere, without a need to join up with each other!

Seriously, I can’t think of any other process or substance able to accomplish this, and of course still be present under the crust today, other than water! But IF water, then it had to be pressurized water of course, otherwise it wouldn’t blow up and cause such huge cracks. How much is the present pressure of black smokers? (Wickedpedia? Uhm…)

“Hydrothermal vents exist because the earth is both geologically active and has large amounts of water on its surface and within its crust.”

“Within its crust?” How about under its crust, WP? Oh there it is: “magmatic water” and “primordial water!” Ah, of course, from the “primordial soup!” WP always stays in character, without fault!

Get this breaking news, just in from the Guardian Cult. They do sometimes hit the bulls eye!


“Ultimate sources of this magmatic water includes water and hydrous minerals in rocks melted during subduction as well as primordial water brought up from the deep mantle.” – Wickedpedia

mantleSo they do theorise that there is “primordial water brought up from the deep mantle!” So it was either coming from the deep deep mantle (did they go down there?) or from within the crust! Notice, not between the mantle and the crust at the mysterious ‘Moho’! But I honestly don’t see a problem, because if it did crack the Earth’s crust, could it perhaps have collected below the crust even if it did come from the ‘deep mantle’? Is that OK? Wickedpedia? .. Ah there is more!

“Water has limited solubility in silicate melts ranging from essentially zero at surface pressure to up to as much as 10% at 1100 °C and 5 kbar of pressure for a granitic melt..

I wonder what 5000 bar of pressure and 1100 °C temperature does to water, and how much that 10 % can hollow out sub-crustal Moho or Mantle by melting silicates around the Moho! Because before it exploded it must have been collecting, no? Oh I found this…

“Water in silicate melts at the high temperature and pressure conditions within (:) ) the crust exists as a supercritical fluid rather than in a gaseous state (the critical point for water is at 374 °C and 218 bar).


AH! SUPER-Critical Water! How fitting! SUPER-critical it says. Wow! And they say it becomes that way – SCW – at 374 °C and 218 bar! Next they proceed to state that granite melts at 5000 bars of pressure and 1100° Celsius! 5000 divided by 374 equals 13.36 times more critical than basic supercritical water, and it melts granite! If so, it must have melted even wider and bigger chambers under that pristine granite crust, where all that magmatic SCW water would have collected, building ever more pressure, perhaps even much more than 5000 bar, waiting for that inevitable ‘blow-out day!’ Wow!

“Submarine volcanoes are common features on the ocean floor. Some are active and, in shallow water, disclose their presence by blasting steam and rocky debris high above the surface of the sea. Many others lie at such great depths that the tremendous pressure from the weight of the water above them prevents the explosive release of steam and gases. This causes the water to be heated to over 375 degrees C, turning the water in the hottest parts of the vents into a super-critical fluid since the pressure at this depth of over 3 km is over 300 atmospheres, well above the 218 atmospheres required.


So even depth itself is the cause of (and a cap over) Super Critical Water within the oceans. Well then, how about that super-heavy rock shelf (denser and heavier than ocean water!) like that ancient unbroken 35-60 KM continental crust? That ought to be more than enough pressure to keep it down there in an increasing supercritical state!

Did you read how it goes up to  1100 °C and 5 kbar of pressure for a granitic melt? That’s super hot and 5000 BAR is super pressure!

So it is very possible–if not likely–that magmaticprimordial” SC water under much greater pressure than normal SCW, due to 35-60 KM rock bearing down on it, could have somehow found an outlet, via which its over 5000 bar pressure proceeded to rip that entire Pangaean Continent apart with a long crack, just as a tight cloth rice bag will rip open when you stick a knife into it! Who knows, but that 5000 BAR pressure is what they have measured only now, after the ‘fait accompli’ of a cracked crust. “Who let the dogs out!”

I don’t see a better candidate than super-critical H2O, including other gases like CO2 which is also richly present down there! So not magma, not gas! It could only have been the then-still-present layer of Super-Critical Water, above the Moho below the global crust. It suddenly found an outlet, a weakness, either via the impact of some asteroid hit, or from the gravitational pull of a fly-by-night close planet perhaps, or merely by a growing weakness built-up in the crust itself from SCW pressure which caused it to escape, blow and rip open a crack all over the globe!

What Happened to So Much Water Exploding!

earth_rupture_global_viewIf that’s true — and it seems there is no alternative to falsify it– then it begs the question: What the hell happened with that huge volume of pressurised Super-Critical Water when it ripped through the crust and exploded all over Pangaea? It must have rained quite a bit on Panku and flooded those Pangaeans! They must at least have gotten their socks wet, or was there more to it?

I guess that would depend on the amount of SCW that escaped from that 65,000 kilometers long crack all around the globe! For that must have taken quite a bit of water, even to initially cause the crack! And the crack must have eroded quite a bit, enough space to eventually allow the mantle to actually begin to bulge up inside of it! Because seeing the oceanic mid-rifts, that is what obviously happened! Correct me if I am wrong. I do not want to jump to conclusions.

2.27500 × 1013 M3 IS a LOT of WATER!!!

Let’s look at the minimum space that would be required to expose the mantle and overcome the resistance of the crust that capped it. I have no mechanical engineering degree, but I would say wider than multiple tens of meters at least, right? OK. Let’s be conservative here, not to step on anyone’s toes, and multiply just 10 meters by a 35 KM deep crust and the total length of the global cracks! The mid oceanic rift is 65,000 km long. So that would make 65,000,000 meters x 35,000 meters x 10 meters = 2.27500 × 1013 cubic meters!

Do you realise what 1013 = 10 to the 13th power means? That means 10 x TEN TRILLION TIMES! That would total to 2.27500 x 100 trillion cubic meters!  And that is only the amount of rock annihilated to open up a rather small ten meter wide, 35 km deep, 65,000 km long cleft! That much crustal granite got initially blasted into space by an at least identical volume of water, but of course much much more than that afterwards, all that water spouting through that resultant 65,000 km long cleft!

Even such a conservative estimate of a ten meter wide crack, translates into a huge amount of rock and water shooting out of the Earth, obviously into the air and landing on all those poor Pangaean people! They got more than their socks wet, I wot. That warm or hot rain must have dropped down pretty hard on them on their mono continent.

Of course the cracks appearing below the ocean were probably somewhat slowed down by the ocean itself and wouldn’t have shot up so high. But the water through the cracks in the continent must have shot up extremely high and also taken lots of debris up with it into the air! Realise that that 10 Meters was our conservative estimate, but that the crack eventually widened enough to cause the basalt Mantle to rise up into it after the downward pressure of the crust had vanished into thin air! So that would have accounted for much much more water plus much more debris spouting up!


“Paradigm Lost!”

“Oh my, I just realise that all that rock debris must have fallen back on those poor people as well, not just the water! Oh my! That must have caused mayhem! I wonder if there is any historical record of such an event, because it obviously happened when you observe those global cracks!

Gee whiz. I wonder if anyone survived at all.  I mean water? OK! Like in a water-park or surfing, if a ton of water falls on you, you can swim through it perhaps and find some ground to stand on. Oh my, but thinking about it more deeply, if the debris didn’t kill them, the water must have!

It must have caused super tsunamis on land, far worse than in Northern Japan that would not leave much place to stand up very long! You would be wiped off your feet by such a flood into the ocean or rivers. Oh poor people! That must have been disastrous! Even if they had time to write down a record of it, it would have flooded away and be buried under the mass of rock debris coming out of those cracks.

Oh darn, that’s another thing all that crustal debris shooting upward must have been really heavy and sharp! I wonder how much pressure it takes for rock to escape Earth’s gravity!

To enable a rocket to climb into low Earth orbit, it is necessary to achieve a speed, in excess of 28,000 km per hour. A speed of over 40,250 km per hour, called escape velocity, enables a rocket to leave Earth and travel out into deep space.  –Wikidpedia.


Judging by the lengths of the cracks, 65,000 km, lots of rock was hurled into space. I wonder if they reached speeds of over 40,000 km per hour! In that case it would indeed have been thrust into space and become asteroids! Perhaps it even hit the moon!


Oh my, is that why the moon has such big mares (seas) on the earth’s side? I always wondered how the moon got so many mares and craters on the Earth side. I understand the backside would have many more because it is turned to space! It would have gotten loads of asteroids and meteorites that bombarded that side. But we are supposedly in the way for those asteroids and meteorites on the Earth-side of the moon!

Now I understand how the moon was perhaps bombarded by rock debris from those cracks! And if the moon was still young in those days it had perhaps magma inside. And if one of those rocks hit the moon it would crack the surface and the magma would flow out, the moon having less gravity, and fill an entire pool of it. Did you realise that there is very little evidence in recorded history of even one huge visible comet or asteroid strike on the Moon? Maybe I never heard of one. Strange!

Come to think of it, perhaps the asteroids and meteorites that hit the backside of the moon just fell down after being caught by the moon’s gravity and fell down on the backside, while the rest of those huge projectiles shot into space and became comets and meteors and asteroids. OH and that is why they are coming back here because they got into some kind of orbit that brings them back here. Oh I don’t think I like these conclusions very much. It sounds like these weird fundie Creationists.

Is that why they say there was a global flood? Oh No! Shut that line of thought quick. I can’t stand it. Omagawd! What if it really happened as they say! But how could there have been any record of it! That’s ridiculous! Nobody would have survived a disaster like that, especially having only one continent. That continent was soaked and tsunamis to the bone! No one could have survived and talked about it. But then they always have these myths, and legends. They say there are more than 500 of them. Could anyone have survived and told the story?

Oh this is getting weird. They did have some survivors according to these stories and this guy.. what was his name again? O no, you mean that Noah was a real person and actually did survive on that boat with all those animals? Man my paradigm is capsizing. So that is why these scientists don’t broach this subject. If I had known where this would lead I would have ignored it as well. But now it does make sense like never before! It makes my head spin! Aaargh…”

Seriously Observing Again simple-smile

This next graphic sequence below:


If those cracks were augmented by the pressure of the magma under the mantle, it’s obvious why they started to rise up and become the mid-oceanic rifts! They lost the resistance of the crust and started to expand into the cracks and to lift up the fragments of continental crust.

And if there was indeed water under the crust they could have begun hydro-planing away from the bulging of the rifts. I am sure that when most of the water had been jettisoned into the air, that a lot of it had become non-critical water that fell back in the cavities that the super-critical water came from, and so that was the gliding medium for the fragments to begin moving away.

When Did the Crack & Tilt Happen?

GF-DodwellA sudden displacement of the earth’s axis would cause the destruction of the entire surface of the planet. This sudden change in position would leave the earth wobbling like a disturbed top – and the earth is indeed WOBBLING on its axis today. South Australian government astronomer George F. Dodwell made an interesting discovery in relation to the earth’s wobble.

Dodwell served in the South Australian Observatory for 53½ years and was South Australian Government Astronomer for 43 years.  His work, which gained worldwide recognition, is commemorated by a plaque on the site of the old observatory on West Terrace, Adelaide. (<http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1964QJRAS…5…55.&gt;)


Dodwell investigated what astronomers call “the secular variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic”.  He did an investigation of summer solstice studies at ancient sites, such as Stonehenge, Amon Ra, Eodoxus, and so on. Put simply, he studied measurements of the sun’s shadow-length by ancient astronomers from five continents.  Available records of the position of the sun at observed solstices showed that an exponential curve of recovery had taken place in relation to the earth’s axis.

In late 1960, Dodwell wrote to Professor Arthur J. Brandenberger , professor of photogrammetry at Ohio State University, outlining his theory in the following manner;

“I have been making during the last 26 years an extensive investigation of what we know in astronomy as the secular variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic. From a study of the available ancient observations of the position of the sun at the solstices during the last three thousand years, I find a curve which, after allowing for all known changes, shows a typical exponential curve of recovery of the Earth’s axis after a sudden change from a former nearly vertical position to an inclination of 26½ degrees, from which it was returned to an equilibrium at the present inclination of 23½ degrees during the interval of the succeeding 3,194 years to A.D. 1850. The date of the change in the Earth’s axis, 2345 B.C., is none other than that of the flood recorded in the Bible, and the resulting conclusion is that the Biblical account of the flood as a universal one, together with its story of Noah’s Ark, is historically true’.


This, by the way, is the (H)Amon Ra Temple in Egypt with the manifestation of the sun at the summer solstice, which would shine down the corridor onto the “glorious body” of the pharaoh, reverently commemorating Amon Ra” the sun-god, yearly proving to the then-politically-correct compromisers of his day, that (H)amon was “the beginning and end of all things“, and there was no remembrance of his father Noah, nor acknowledgment of his more sensible brothers Shem & Japheth! Just like most Darwinist ‘paradigmed’ scientists now bow down before Mammon, in those days they did the same, bowing deep before the “holy” Hammon!

And you were thinking that all this Deluge Denial-ism happened only this last century? Oh no! Thousands of years! “The Nile” ran the same course then! And of course for the very same reason! What reason?? Oh come on… did you receive the correction your father gave you?!

Voila! You went in “the-Nile” too! In “the-Nile” you went buddy, just as baby Moses went in the Nile! Ha! And the arrogant elite of today are the most “in the Nile” ever! “There ain’t no ‘Big Pappa’! And he ain’t got ‘NO big stick’! And though ‘Big Pappa’ doesn’t exist… we hate him and his big stick, that didn’t exist either!” That’s woman’s logic.

And all those who were too young and didn’t know any better than what the HAM-stream Media (or Ham-strung Academia! Ha!) dictated.. believed unthinkingly, just as gullible young people today believe CO2-driven Global Warming. Whereas the ones who did remember their Primo-Patriarch Noach and the other family members, were wise enough to avoid death or exile by shutting up!

That’s how our dear conceited Ham and his son Mizraim in Egypt, and (cursed) Canaan in Lebanon, son Cush in Ethiopia, and son Phut in Libya, plus all their ‘royal’ grandchildren or ‘Titans’ sailed, colonised, and ruled the world then, aided by Ham’s pre-Deluge high-tech ship-building expertise, astronomical science, trigonometric mapping, and pyramid constructing abilities, which still far exceeded ours today!

AlignedZodiacDodwell’s conclusion means that the Earth’s axis had once been almost upright, but it had suddenly changed to a 26½ degrees tilt, from which it had been wobbling back to its present mean tilt of 23½ degrees. Dodwell’s research was confirmed by Dr. Rhodes W. Fairbridge of Columbia University, in Science Magazine, May 15, 1970.

Dodwell concluded that something ‘struck’ the earth at that time. He realised that this would have resulted in massive, worldwide flooding and catastrophic geological effects.  The date of this event, from his curve of observations, is 2345 BC – about 4,355 years ago. There is a clear pattern of recovery since 2345 BC that has not been disrupted. (<http://www.setterfield.org/Dodwell_Manuscript_1.html&gt;)

This points to a disaster of devastating worldwide proportions around 2345 BC, from which all the processes of nature have since been recovering, including the cracked crust of the Earth!

A space body striking the Earth would cause a very abrupt  change in axis orientation, not the smooth changes Dodwell measured. Only a massive fast asteroid striking the Earth at a favorable angle would tilt the axis this much, however the resulting pressure pulse throughout the entire atmosphere would have quickly killed all breathing animals!–A different kind of massive extinction event for which there is no evidence!

And so the question remains was the tilt of the earth caused by asteroid strike or for another reason? We can’t answer that question 100 % definite of course for the simple reason we weren’t alive then, but there could be another very feasible theory about the reason why the Earth tilted. Are you sitting down? OK, get some coffee first!

WHAT Sent the Earth Packing & Tilting?

This graphic explains how the obliquity of the Earth could change because of centrifugal force caused by a sudden weight in the Northern atmosphere! The question is: did something develop in the Northern hemisphere after the fountains of the Earth had broken open? Of course it did!


Much of the super-critical water that sprayed high into the atmosphere and even into space did not escape the gravity of the Earth and as a result fell back to Earth. In the Equatorial zone as rain, but around the Polar region as ice!

We know from the ancient maps (think Piri Reis) that Antarctica was still situated in the Indian Ocean after the Flood, and thus the Southern ice fell into the water and could not accumulate! But the ice in the Northern hemisphere certainly did collect on the land of the early American, European and Asian continents that were just beginning to split up, like a verse in Genesis says about Shem’s grandson Peleg: “in his days the earth was divided!”

That Northern ice did not melt, so it could not move and thus it started to pack higher and higher and press the Northern continents down, as well as add new weight to the Earth there. That heavy weight could have tilted the Earth in a matter of months after the Flood had begun to drain. Why!


The above OK map (shows Australia too far away already) is enhanced with a part of the Oronteus Finneus map from 1531 projected onto it, which is based on ancient source maps showing Antarctica still inside the Indian ocean, while it was not frozen over yet.

This was around the time when the continental plates had begun to move, while the ice cap was getting thicker and ocean levels began to go down 120 M. lower than today eventually, and those smart astronomy-savvy “sons of Ham” began to sail all over the globe, mapping, exploring, and colonising it, even all the way to Chambodia (Hambodia!) and Australia, sailing from Canaan and the Persian Gulf!

But if you search Wikidpedia for Pre-Columbian contacts between the “Old and the New” worlds, they call such theories “pseudo archaeology” and “fringe science!” Ad Hominem attacks, in other words. Because there is staggering and mounting evidence of the same. But that is Wicked Pedia for you: Darwinist gatekeeper! (plus all other gate-keeping/biasing/slanting truth functions it performs on anything/anyone NOT politically correct.)


Post Flood Earth’s Climate Changed Quickly!


mammothtuskpenetrationsAs ice fell and accumulated during the Flood in the North, instantly burying the famous Berezovka mammoth (literally crushing its legs, flattening its penis, its tusks bombarded with tiny projectiles on one side from flying flint!) there was something else going on in Earth’s climate. All that super-critical “magmatic” water that exploded and resulting volcanic eruptions around the cracks and destabilisation of the Earth’s mantle, sure as shooting  heated up the oceans!

Simple hydrology dictates that the hotter the ocean the more clouds it generates. Cloud cover over the Earth increased tremendously, and so did the rains & snow! Orthodox Egyptologists cannot accept that the Sphynx, its U-shaped quarry & Funeral crypt were heavily eroded by “recent” rain, just because their historical theories are so crippled by Neo-Darwinism! (But alternative historians like Hancock are hobbled by long ages as well!)

So now we did not only have fallen ice up North, but also frequent heavy rains as well, that of course came down as snow in the Northern hemisphere, which began to add to the ice pack already deposited by the by now depleted fountains of the Earth!


And so the Northern ice pack grew higher and thicker, and lo and behold, an instant, unique single Ice Age had arrived! Not 12- or 20.000 years ago, for unknown or rather NO reason, but merely 4500 years ago and that suddenly! And it only lasted as long as the oceans were overheated. That’s why much water in the oceans was transferred via the atmosphere onto the ice pack, eventually lowering the oceans by 125 meters/300 Ft. worldwide.

We can theorise if and when that ice became heavy enough to start tilting the planet. How quickly did it happen? And whether it was an instantaneous or months/year-long process that made it suddenly keel over? Your guess is as good as mine! But one thing for sure… it tilted!

So Earth did not have to be hit by any asteroid after all! That tilt may have been caused by the accumulation of the ice! In that case the actual water fountains exploding may have happened quite a while before the 2345 B.C. tilting that Dodwell proved.


EDITOR’s NOTE 2019-2020: We are now convinced by recent research into the Septuagint’s 3.000 BC dating of the Great Flood, so the tilting must have been caused by either the weight of the northern ice caps that started accumulating after the Flood, perhaps within 200 years around 2.800 BC which would then culminate in around 2.345 BC when the Earth’s axis tilted.

Another theory is that the continents began to move around that time when the mid oceanic rift between Africa-Europe and the American continents got so high that they began to hydro plane away from each other causing the now widely accepted Continental Drift. In that case it could have also caused a tilt of the axis. And so the last theory below, would not apply any more, although we leave it for consideration.


ThrusterRocket-260x254Another possible theory which makes more sense, would be that the water-fountains that cracked the Earth’s crust, were more powerful and stronger at one side of the Earth! Perhaps right there where the crust blew first, before the crack ran all around the planet!
In that case the powerful water explosion worked like a ‘vernier’ thruster rocket which tilted the Earth in space!

IF that last theory “holds the most water”, then the cracking and Flood must have taken place ON or shortly before 2345 B.C., and that would mean that 2345 B.C, is the most exact date of the Flood!

Of course this proof of a Global Deluge would immediately send all Darwinist paradigm sufferers packing with their labels & faux theories like “Lucy, paleolithic, neolithic, prehistory, cavemen, hunter-gatherers, and ice-wandering cave-dwelling Neanderthal morons with flat foreheads and an IQ of 27 hunting mammoth-steaks where mammoths can’t even survive!” It would all be, and it is, a total fraud!


Just like elephants, mammoths need about 150 kg of plant food daily, and they can shunt me their Evolutionary theory that says that they dug it up with their long upturned curved trunks from below the ice! Ha! What a Science Fiction!
I prefer they bulldungshove it up theirs, for it is Ballyhoo & Bull-dung for brainwashed adepts of the 20th Century Fox-like Bankers and their slavish money-grubbing Rhodes “scholars!” Please give us a break!

I will tell you something about contemporary historians of the last 150 years in our next article. This graphic is a mere foretaste of the 21st Century follies and cover-up of what real history ought to look like! May they come to their senses, before it is too late! But I fear they won’t, for political correctness’ and filthy lucre’s sake! I won’t hold my breath.


Credits: I am much indebted to Prof. Dr. Walt Brown and his hydro-plating Flood theory, as well as Mr. James Nienhuis B.Sc. for his radical views on the Ice Age and many other insights. If any of the graphics are yours & not public domain please let us know. Thank you & God bless you.


PS:  I’m sure that the die-hards will weasel their way out of this theory this way and any ol’ way, like they always theorise contrarily. We can never turn their paralysed paradigm around anyway during this dispensation of grace, seeing they control bankia, academia and media!

You think ours is a wild theory?! See what they come up with, without any proof whatsoever! See graphic below from a respected “scientific” website and magazine–tabloid rather–with their side show like message: “SEE NOW OUR Greatest Mass Extinction Event from 250 MILLION years ago!!!

The Rhodes scholars et al, are firmly in charge of worldwide academia! YEA!!!  🙂  Farewell true science!! Welcome Consensus Scientism where fringe theories become paradigm!

Crucify the heretics of our religious knowledge!


Do watch this video:

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15 comments for “Why & How Did Earth’s Pangaea’s Crust Crack! An Ancient Mystery Solved?”

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  3. John Hext-Fremlin
    June 22, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Yes I do agree that this would have happened immediately after the flood in 2347 BC. Thus I put it to you that Job witnessed the start of the ice age which mentions “storehouses” of snow and ice and that there in lies the evidence.By the way can you tell me who the Amesbury Archer was? All I know about him is that he was in Britain which is conventionally dated to 2300 BC which converts to the Ussher chronology according to Darrell White of about 1960 BC.

    All I can say definitely is that I have done an evaluation of the “Megalithic Portal forum cecular dates which convert nicely to Ussher chronology. It should be noted in this connection that the conventional date of 4000-3900 BC converts to 2295 to 2265 BC. Here is my evaluation:-

    Abbreviated Table………………………………..Ussher……………………….Conventional rc.
    Great Flood…………………………………………2348 BC
    Pre-dynastic……………………………………2347 to 2188 BC
    Iron and Steel
    industries and
    Neolithic farmers&
    survey teams
    reach Britain…………………………………2295 to 2265 BC…………….4000 to 3900 BC
    Ootzy the Ice Man
    industry in Alps……………………………..2235/2234 BC…………………3300 BC
    (Babel started)
    Despersion and Post Food
    Ice age (possible ice plannet strike……..2191 BC
    Neolithic colonization
    of Skara Brae by
    Cichol Gricenchos and
    Egypt founded…………………………………2189/2188 BC…………………3215 BC
    Sammothes Neolithic
    in Britain……………………………………………2135 to 2082 BC
    Other Neolithic
    People groups
    Albion in Britain……………………………………2082 to 2038 BC
    Albion defeated in France
    by Nimrod’s General
    Herculese…………………………………………2038 BC………………………..3000 BC
    Sammothes coloneys
    carry on and possible
    first construction of
    Stone Henge………………………………………2038 BC………………………..3000 BC
    Partholan in Ireland……………………………..2035 BC……………………….3000 BC
    Amesbury archer from
    Paris basin colonies after
    defeat of Albion
    (Late Neolithic/Early Bromze………………….1960 BC……………………..2300 BC
    Ice Age ends at time of
    Exodus………………………………………………..1491 BC
    Bronze technology and
    industries re-introduced
    into Britain by Hu Gadarn………………………1421/1365 BC

    Hope this helps. John …………www.johnhextfremlin.com

  4. Power Point Paradise
    June 22, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you John. Very interesting. I can NOT tell you who the Amesbury Archer was. Sorry. Keep researching. Love & Peace, Lu.

  5. June 22, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Many thanks for your feedback and I’m glad you found it interesting.
    Maybe you might like to email me at johnhextfremlin@googlemail.com Thanks once again for your time. John

  6. October 23, 2015 at 4:16 am

    New Research on the Amesbury Archer:- Hi LU I have done some more research on the Amesbury Archer. Darrell White and myself have both speculated that the archer given his knee injuries and Burial with all of those valuable artifacts two copper daggers; gold ; Flint arrowheads &c could have been a Phoenician prince who fell in Battle of the Titan in 2038 BC and seems to have been a survivor.

    Thus from the British Kinglist I know that Sarron ruled from 1987 BC and 27 years into his rule we have the Amesbury archer overlapping in 1960 BC in what I have labeled “Late Neolithic/Early Bronze” but not the eronious label of the archaeologists the so-called Early Bronze age of the archaeologists. Bronze working was re-introduced about 1421/1365 BC by Hu Gadarn so at the period under discussion would have bronze working restricted to the natives while the Phoenicians kept on using it all though in some cases sparingly

    Thus what I think happened is this that the Phoenicians in the North and their remenent made it through the ice age melt-down 1491 BC and their decendents were confronted by Brutus in 1152 BC when he landed at Totness. Thus I need to get this concept confirmed by Darrell until I publish the kinglist on my website.

    Please Lu let me have your email address so I can send you the full chart and linear correspondence that has very kindly been sent me by Mike Fischer (Shock Dynamics Theory). John

  7. Power Point Paradise
    October 23, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Dear John
    Thanks for your comment. Always welcome. As far as email discussions, I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t really have time for that, seeing I am in fulltime mission work besides my blog and other activities. Also I don’t really want to use Darwinian concepts and labels like CroMagnon, Neanderthalers, Paleolithic, neolithic, cavemen, hunter gatherers, and all other Darwinian labels and periodisations. It is my humble opinion that using these labels is pandering to the Darwinian paradigm, perhaps to gain respect from them? Or to garner recognition from mainstream researchers. To me that is compromise. There is no prehistory, only pre-Flood history. Different metal “ages” could better be called metal cultures! Some believe there was no iron in the post flood world, yet Iron was found in the Great pyramid! iron cultures, Bronze cultures sometimess existed simaultaneously in different parts of the world. I guess due to access to the ores. But these periodisations are used to prove that Man developed via non existant mutations into smarter, more technological beings, whereas the record shows the opposite. Pre- and early Post-Flood Man were very developed, possibly even using electricity, as the stone work around the Giza plateau shows they had drills of greater torque and speed than we posses peresently. How they did it? No one knows. But we have been devoluting into pitiful enslaved dumber smaller specimen compared to the early Flood survivors and their immediate (often giant) children! They were very smart and savvy, measuring the Heavens and the new post Flood Earth, as things had changed. No more 360 days, but 365 1/4 days. No more upright obliquity but 26.5 slowly wobbling back to 23.5 degrees by 1880, according to G. Dodwell. The geologic timescale and column were disproven by Guy Berthault who proved that the sedimentation too place in less than 1 % of the Darwinian postulated time! See our article on the most ignored research paper. So more discussion on such points than in my articles, I am afraid I cannot offer via email for lack of time. But I have scoured your website and will taste your research of timing ancient history more! But that is all I can do. I appreciate your research and comments. Much love in Jesus.
    PS: I would be interested in the time chart. Don’t you have a download link on your site you could share or URL? And have you seen our chart of Chinese Table of nations? It is interesting!

  8. November 13, 2015 at 6:41 am

    Hi Lu yes I’ll have a look at your “Chinese” Tabel of Nations and by the way once again many thanks for your feedback. Now as for the use of labels to denote different cultures or industries and terms like “Palaeolithic/Neolithic/Bronze and Iron &c I need to make absolutely clear that I ownly use them as contemporary industries especially when doing some research into conventional radio carbon/14 dating on settlements found by conventional archaeologists like Skara Brae and to the sites that archaeologists call “Neolithic” without having to pander to Dawinian terms which I reject. Problem is we are stuckwith these labels and I ownly use them to denote industries and are thus confined to industries ownly and not ages as in the evolutionary sense . I know for a fact that Dan Janzen doesn’t like these terms.

    in fact I have been discussing with Dan Janzen a very interesting idea that what Dan calls the “Neanderthals” and I agree with him is the concept that they were Proto-Canaanites who used Red Ochre Paint in Burial cerimonies and had what is called the “Cult of the Cave Bear”. Now there is a tradition that in England the dark skinned people groups were in fact the Picts (Formorei) and that they built Skara Brae in 2189 BC (Conventional dating 3215 BC) according to the chronology supplied to me by Darrell White and that Red Ochre Paint has also been found at Skara Brae and were also “Serpent worshippers” So It is my belief that the “Neanderthals/and or Picts were one and the same people and I further believe that they probably obtained iron tools through trade assuming they had lost technology after the dispersion at Babel or might even have produced the iron tools themselves.

    Thus Keith Hunt who is an “Anglo-Israelist” reckons that the Picts were the first natives of England and that they crossed the English Channel Land bridge during the Post Flood Rapid Ice Age although I would favour the North Sea Landbridge as so-called Neanderthal remains have been found in Norfolk Doggerland and in the North Sea itself along with extinct animal remains like the Mammoth Sabre-toothed tiger &c. Thus as for dating the picts assuming Keith Hunt to be correct. I believe they could have been the world’s earliest survey teams which date on the Ussher chronology from 2295 BC reaching Britain perhaps before 2247 BC (Peleg devision) in about 2265 BC.

    Thus contemporary and simultaneous flint Bronze and Iron cultures have been found on the Leana River not far from where the arc landed in 2347 BC Ussher flood date 1656 after creation or 2349/2348 BC. Thus if the Proto dark skinned English reached Albion by 2265 BC then I believe they used Iron tools as well as those of stone or flint to erect some of the single standing stones as they were the first explorers. I reckon that Sidon headed up the navigation in the West including Spain Britain Denmark &c and I have absolutely no problem with the fact that they used Cornwall as a base for mining for bronze and iron opperations early but at the same time keeping the natives in ignorance of how to smelt metals so as you see Lu I amcertainly no evolutionist. Of particular interest in this connection you might like to visit my website at http://www.johnhextfremlin.com and study my chart with linear correspondence of radio carbon/14 conventional dates matching Ussher chronology and certainly not exceeding 6000 conventional years. Thus this author rejects any flood related radio carbon/14 dating as the linear correspondence from Mike Fischer makes clear. For this link Please click on Re-evaluation of Ancient Man in Britain. Hope this is of some help to you Lu; Meanwhile I wish you very good hunting as I always do with Mike Fischer and “The Truth is out there” and very best wishes John

  9. November 15, 2015 at 11:12 pm

    Dear Lu yes that’s absolutely fine. What icon would I have to click on for the time line post? So yes I will do what you have requested me to do. I would also like to talk about Herbert W Armstrong’s theory of a supposed “Lucifarian” flood and keep the discussion confined to this page; and once again many thanks for your interesting and helpful comments John.

  10. Lu Paradise
    November 15, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    To post comments on your Timeline Post Click on this URL:

    I’ll see any new comments there then.
    I must say though I know little about dates, and you are welcome to post, but my answers — if any — will mostly be, “Öh really I didn’t know that.” Ha!

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  13. December 28, 2015 at 4:22 am

    The Hydroplate Theory and the Flood:- Dear Lu the Hydroplate plate theory does not in my view seem to allow for a post flood rapid ice age which is Mike Oard’s trigger mechanism for the Ice age seven hundred years in total as I have already shown.

    Dr Walt Brown does not mention the “water vapour canopy” probably made up of ice crystals (The Windows of Heaven) so on the face of it Dr Walt Brown reject the post flood ice age model as does Herbert W Armstrong and HLH (Dr Herman L Hoe). The Ice age ended in 1491 BC Ussher’s date (By the way Lu I got the date of 1491 BC from Creation Historian Darrell White in answer to your question).

    Thus the mammoths dinosaurs &c would become extinct by 1500 BC (or if you like 1491) and perhaps some would have become extinct in the Babel Ice age catastrophe at the time of the dispersion in 2191 BC; so why does Dr Brown propose that the mammoths and dinosaurs became extinct in the flood when all the fossil evidence is post flood and post flood ice age and this includes the Siberian Mammoth; so why has it been dated just before the flood where there is lack of fossils when every thing was destroyed with the earth. This would make Dr Brown’s argument invalied although I don’t doubt for a minute that some of them but not all of them died in the flood as some of the dinosaurs and mammoths boarded the arc. Herbert W Armstrong has even said that there were supposedly two world wide floods; one in which the dinosaurs supposedly became extinct before the creation of Adam Genesis 1verse 1 and 1 verse two (The fall of Satan and the so-called gap theory) and the one in which the mammoths became extinct in the great flood of Noah. Thus in conclusion the gap theory is invalied and absolute nonsense as there was ownly one global flood (2348 BC and 1656 annomundi) creation date therefore 4004 BC and the dinosaurs and mammoths were contemporary with man. With my conclusion Lu I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and have a great new year. John

  14. Lu Paradise
    December 29, 2015 at 1:30 am

    The hydro plate theory – of all theories that I know — appears to me the most scientific and thorough representation of how the Flood was caused and how the obvious continental drift took place, and how the mountain chains of the Rockies and Andes, and Himalayas were formed after the Flood. The traveling crusts must have had some speeds to buckle like that. And in my opinion – and I differ here from Walt Brown as I don’t agree with all aspects of his theories! — the crusts traveling away took place quite a while AFTER the Flood year. Why! Because the megalith builders in Peru around what is now Titicaca took quite some time to make the megalithic harbour structures that were built on the coast originally, but got lifted up 4000 ft into the air upward when the Andes was formed obviously. I cannot see that as a merely local event. So it took some ship building time, and then megalith building time when they got there, but they never got to finish it, as the crust started to travel and ended up hundreds of kilometers away from where they first were, just across the narrow crustal divide between Africa and South America! In other words not that far away from Africa initially!
    As far as the dinosaurs, I believe — but can’t prove– most of them died in the flood, but at higher altitudes than other animals, because they were bigger and faster. Like the dino grave yards here in China are at an elevated level and they are all found together. See our post about footprints of fleeing dinosaurs in China.
    Dinos — or DRAGONS rather! — were on board of the Ark in small baby sizes. we don’t know how many kinds. But they were allowed to roam and breed and became a nuisance and were finally all killed off by the modern times. I don’t know how many were killed in the Bronze Age sea level rise around 1500 BC. No one knows really. That is all conjecture. So I don’t go there.
    I don’t believe in TWO Floods. There was only ONE Global Flood, although there were many water residues like Hopi Lake in Colorado and in China during the days of Gun and his son Da Yu who had to deal with these left over water lakes and pools that easily flooded as soon as the soft clay rims gave way and threatened the populations with devastating after floods.

  15. December 29, 2015 at 4:20 am

    Many thanks for that Lu ; Most interesting. I think Walt Brown’s theory is indeed an interesting concept; but I think he should also have mentioned the “Windows of Heaven” or “Water Vapour Canopy”in addition to the “Fountains of the great Deep”. What are your thoughts on a water vapour canopy Lu? John

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