History.com’s Ancient Alien Disinfo Campaign Prepares You For The “Alien Invasion”

This THREE HOUR video is a MUST MUST WATCH for anyone who is confused about Ancient history, and is leary of the ancient astronaut theory promoted by Zacharia Sitchin, Childress, Brian Foerster, Dunn, and many other historical presstitutes.

DontKnowAliensTheir deceptive campaign is causing many to believe in Aliens from a materialistic Darwinian historical point of view, and that is grist on the globalists’ mill. So History.com — which should be more aptly called Hysteria.com — is a proven misinformation channel that should be avoided at all costs. Unless of course you are just merely interested in Science FICTION. If that is your bag, just watch it, but be advised that there is hardly a shred of truth to it other than the artifacts they try to base their fairytales on.


Most of these researchers should also be avoided as the plague! That is — IF you want to be a real historian! Have a great time seeing REAL history unfolded against the dim, dark, foggy background of the lies and snake oil of New Agers who destroy REAL ANCIENT HISTORY, as our website here is called!




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