‘Neanderthaler, Stone Age Hunter Gatherer” Mental Syndrome of our Neo Paleo Cavemen! VDO UPDATED!

by Lu Paradise • November 19, 2011

neanderthalerbernays-200x300Just look at that deceptive Guardian picture, complete with mammoth tusk sticking out of the fire! The collective brainwashing by whatever, Illuminati? – they go by so many names—was a grand success! I must hand it to them. And don’t forget the role in this social “engineering of consent” by Edward Bernays! By the time these minions got their grimy hands on the media and consequently on public education, they were really on a roll.

Finally.. some people  (ever so slowly) are waking up to the facts, at least within the steadily growing fringe faction, that the “Big Bang” sucks, that the presumed “simple cell” is infinitely more complicated than a “water-bag” but rather a genetic nano-laboratory cum chemical factory that we, smart contemporary scientists, can’t even fully understand yet, let alone design nor ever replicate!

Even luminaries like the late famous atheist philosopher Anthony Flew, whose motto was “I’ll go wherever the evidence leads me”, was finally driven by overwhelming scientific evidence to at least become a deist believing in the existence of –Darwin forbid— an Intelligent Designer God and Creator!

But the rot has gone so very deep! Even lots of intelligent, knowledgeable, aware, alternative-media-reading people among the fringe faction, who can see through many scams, are still out in left field and fully in the dark about their own origins. It’s pitiful!

cavemandiet-300x67For example, we just read on Mike Adam’s ‘Natural News’ health blog, how he sincerely believes and promotes that we all ought to return to our  “ancestors’ hunter-gatherer caveman” diet.

How hard it is for people to shake that 150 year old Darwinian propaganda and pernicious historical paradigm that we should have descended from “pre-historic” knuckle-dragging, crouching “hunter-gatherers & cavemen“. They are not even intellectually offended by it!

cavedwelling_huntergatherers-300x200Every TV-educated Tom, Dick & Harry believes History Channel’s squatting “hunter gatherer cavemen!” “Squatting! Because they descended from monkeys, stupid!

But did you ever realise that No-ah, Ham, Shem and Yapheth — or as the Miao-Zu in S-China for thousands of years knew them as ‘Nu-Ah, Lo-Han, Lo-Shen & Yaphu’, while the Chinese knew them as ‘Nü Wa & Shen Nong? And the Indians knew him as “Ma-Nu or Satyavratha, with 3 sons Charma, Sharma & Yapheti” — were in fact anything but “hunter-gatherer cavemen!”

After Noe landed his Ark on Mt. Judi in the original Armenian “Mountains of Ararat” in what is now Eastern Turkey, he soon lifted his on-board vegetable beds from the Ark transplanting them into the fresh mud-fields skirting their new post-flood settlement of ‘Naxuan’, as there was yet little else to “hunt & gather” in the ‘Big Outdoors’ other than mud pies!


NoahsfamilyvineAs soon as he got his vegetables thriving, Noah proudly took his ancient, long-preserved, potted family vine, which he inherited long ago from his great-grandfather Enoch, down from the Ark and planted it with glee on the nearby hill slope.

That old rascal (600 years!) had soon multiplied his vines to gather enough grapes to brew himself some good ol’ Cabernet Sauvignon. He got so drunk he wound up sprawled-out sleeping in his tent, naked as a jay!
“Ah”, someone will say, “You see? They were tent dwellers!”

No! That doesn’t mean they were “tent dwellers!” These guys had houses! My goodness, one year before they just got done constructing an entire self-designed, three-story, wooden, mobile home and ocean-worthy ship to live in! You don’t think they were able to build themselves some nice comfortable homes? Of course they could!


KufuPyramidMethodConstruction-300x185The pyramid and interior construction causeway as proposed by French architect Houdin

They obviously were anything but dumb “cavemen“, but rather very advanced engineers instead! I mean, look at Ham’s Egyptian son Mizraim (=Osiris & Zeus) and his offspring Khufu, who built an entire geometrically perfect pyramid, based on complicated astronomical calculations, that we are still unable to replicate!


But you know… guys just like to get way from home and the wife, so Noah probably snuck off alone to his vineyard’s tent to sample some of his first bottles of brew. God bless him! Ha! Who can blame him. Well, actually some self-righteous Christians do! Noah’s wine drinking somehow destroys their false, self-construed spiritual picture of “a perfect patriarch”, forgetting that Jesus Himself changed water into wine at a wild wedding party after they had drunk the wine-skins dry!


It is actually an established historical fact, which all educated sommeliers (wine experts) know and are taught in every hotel-school, that wine-making had its very origins thousands of years ago precisely back there in Armenia, for which there is solid archeological proof! So forget about ‘Lucy’ and the “African Eve” myth! There aren’t any 4,500 year old wineries found anywhere in Kenya!

Were Post-Flood Humans Hunters?

Eventually, after the earth had dried up enough and enough vegetation had grown back again, our honourable forefathers drove all animal couples from the Ark to freely roam the New Earth, but they did not dare to start hunting these precious beginnings of sole primogenitors of all surviving species. No way! After all, they were under divine orders to preserve and re-ignite the creative chain, once started way-back in great-great-grandfather Adam’s day.

ManuManu & the 7 saints survived a global flood with the help of the fishy avatar of the god Vishnu, or as we Chinese changed him into “Fuxi-Nuwa!”

No, in that pristine Post-Flood Era there was yet very little to hunt for Manu, and sons Charma, Sharma and Yapethi, as the ancient Dravidian Indian descendants of Satyavratha’s son Charma’s son Cush, (Kush or Kish, patriarch of Sumerians & Ethiopians & Indians!) called Noah, Ham, Shem & Japheth! (Amazing “coincidence” those identical names, no?)

May…be, after a year or two, Noah finally gave limited permission to shoot some occasional rabbits or hares, and after two decades a few deer perhaps, but it wasn’t until the likes of his great-great-grandson Nimrod, (son of Kush the son of Ham) came around, before there were ever any famous hunters. Nimrod, and that rascal occult wife of his, Semiramis, only came on the scene within 200 years!

nimrodSumerian picture of Nimrod

Nimrod, also called Gilgamesh in the same named epic, actually visited Utnapisthim (Babylonian name for Noah meaning “the righteous pious one“), who still lived another 350 years after the Flood, and purportedly traveled around Europe and had another 50 children called the Titans!

I’m sure it took Mrs. Noah quite some time before she could serve regular steaks or pork chops on their table, because these highly civilised Noahites would certainly never deign to squat in the dirt for dinner huddled and hunched around some “roast mammoth campfire” like the bunch of “cavemen” the ‘Guardian’ dished up for its cult-members above. I’m positive that these savvy Flood survivors being accomplished carpenters, much preferred tables and chairs with proper cutlery just like most of us civilised people.

Neither was there any need for them to “hunt” their own cattle. They were peacefully grazing right there on their own, very fertile, Flood-mud meadows on the gentle slopes of Mt. Cudi (Kurdish!), 17 miles South of Mt. Ararat #1, or lay chewing the cud in new stables freshly-built from Ark wood, during those long, cold, early winters.

The Unique & Only Ice Age Mechanism


It actually took quite a few centuries of Ice-Age before those Northern ice-packs, which eventually extended deep into Europe, North America & Asia, had melted down to their present-day size, after the oceans had cooled down sufficiently to their present day temperature, which eventually diminished the heavy cloud cover and precipitation that eroded the freshly built Sphinx so heavily, before the rains stopped via some REAL Climate Change that turned the cattle-grazing Sahara Middle East and Indus Valley India (Harappa), into deserts!


A hotter ocean, by the way, is the sole hydrological mechanism which could have ever resulted in any ice age whatsoever! There exists no other! More solar heat evaporates more until the clouds form which cool down the atmosphere and there is no snow and ice built up on land!

The huge ice-fields on land that buried the mammoths and others, were the accumulated result of the raining down of floodwater from the exploded subterranean “fountains of the earth” (plus the extra-atmospheric water or “space ice” that fell in the Northern regions), that had exploded upward and out from the super-critical water-jets from below the crust, the only explanation for the cracks in Earth’s crust.

This water falling down from the “windows of heaven”, instantly buried all the Northern, then still tropical animals and mammoths alive under layers of ice!


Which is the only plausible explanation why perfectly preserved mammoths were found standing up in ice, still with tropical flowers in their mouths and stomachs, but, like the Berezovka mammoth in the picture, with crushed legs and flattened penis from the instant weight!

The Post-Deluge Melting Ice-cap Floods

floodThe massive melt-waters from these huge American, European and Siberian ice-packs around 1500 BC, were caused by the gradual cooling down to present levels of the oceans that had initially been heated up during the Flood by the intensely hot subterranean super-critical-water fountains opening up.

The eventual cooling of the oceans to present day levels around 1500 BC, lessened the evaporation, diminished that heavy Ice Age cloud cover, and finally allowed the sun to melt all that kilometers thick ice!



This, by the way, gradually caused the “Euxine Lake”, now called “Black Sea”, to break out of its first lower and smaller coast line and to finally overflow and widen the Rhode River, now the Bosporus, into the Mediterranean enlarging the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles, named after pre-Trojan King Dardanus, son of Mizraim (Zeus-Osiris), in the process.

This is quite contrary to what mainstream historians state. They believe it happened the other way around and thousands of years earlier. That’s because they disregarded the Samo-Thracian account of a great tsunami breaking through the Bosporus, flooding half their island (barely visible in the left lower corner of the picture) causing them to escape into the mountains.

descent_of_dardanus   noah_to_dardanus

And when did this break through and widening of the Dardanelles happen? Of course in the days of King Dardanus who lived around (c.-1519 – c.-1414), father of early Trojan King Ericthonius, around the same time as the drowning of the islands and coastlands of the Atlantic Thallasocracy of Atlantis (named after King Atlas), Doggerland, land of Mu, Indian port cities, and Sunda land! And definitely not 10-20.000 or even 50.000 years ago, as some Darwinians like would have you believe,


Jim Nienhuys states:


MaskAgamemnonMainstream historians don’t like to believe in such a recent unique Ice Age and thus prefer the Mediterranean overflowing the Black Sea instead! It shows how their hobbled paradigm dictates their historical view, instead of empirically looking at all historical sources, which they prefer to de-ligitimise by calling them “myths!” Thank God that Heinrich Schliemann refused to be thrown off Darwinism, and as a good correct Euhemerist took the so-called “myths” serious and thus discovered the city of Troy and even Agamemnon’s golden mask!


All this surplus water raised global sea levels by 125 M. (300 Ft.), so much that it permanently submerged all recently built post-Flood coastal towns and also megalith structures all across the globe like Krishna’s city Dwaraka in the Indian ocean, Yonaguni near Taiwan, sub-Mediterranean structures, all built by some of Noah’s immediate Hamite and Canaanite sea-faring descendants, who sailed the new oceans all the way to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, England, Australia, and many other places,  where they built similar megalithic structures, which proves cross oceanic travel from the very beginning of early civilisation!

mizo_stairs2yYonaguni  stairs

Take for example the sub-Caribbean “Bimini Highway” off the coast of Cuba, and the mysterious Yonaguni underwater pyramid structure here off the coast of Northern Taiwan that closely resembles South American and other pyramids now found all over the WORLD!! There are 35 pyramids in China alone!

The very advanced engineering skills of pre-Flood humans and their post-Flood pyramid- and megalith-constructing survivors, proves that we are in no way descended from dumb “hunter-gatherers nor paleo-lithic cavemen“!

giantstoneblock-150x103For all our modern high-tech engineering skills, our smart modern evolutionary scientists are still unable to construct, replicate or even just move the building blocks of the pyramid of Khafre at Giza, Egypt. They lack the kind of cranes for example, that can lift this 1000 ton stone in the Lebanese Beeka Valley!

All that goes to show that there was no need whatsoever for Noah, Ham, Shem, nor Yapheth, to go out “hunting & gathering.” Whatever they needed was right there, because they had brought it with them aboard the Ark from their own highly civilised, antediluvian society that knew how to build boats, pyramids, and forge high-tech metallurgy!

“Cavemen? Hunter Gatherers?” What a joke! How utterly ridiculous can so many “educated” people get, to so demean themselves by believing the deceptive mainstream triumvirate of Media, Academia, and Bankia’s Rhodes “Scholars”?  Have these people no honour? No human self-respect? It’s a total mystery to me. Politically correct mainstream historians act like dunces and ignoramuses! But so do the millions of MS-Media-fed simpletons who are so gullible to swallow all that “Discovery Channel” crapola.

These crafty ocean navigators, who managed to survive the biggest storms and tsunamis this world has ever seen, were no “cavemen!” Sure, in those early post-Flood days, there were no forests growing yet for their wooden homes, although I’m sure there was lots of good driftwood available from the giant pre-Flood forests. But after a year sailing they still knew how to dismantle some wood from their own self-constructed Ark and do some first-class carpentry work to build a few fancy cottages for the four girls and the kids in the first post Flood town Naxuan.

Sure, their houses had rock foundations, but believe you me, these guys were anything but “Stone-Age” Guardian cult morons, or “Paleolithic Cave Dwellers.” (Whoever thought up that stuff got a medal in Hell!) Nor were their early sea-faring children, the Titans, who knew how to draw very accurate naval maps by trigonometry (triangulation!) more detailed than ours, depicting Antarctica without ice, on which the Piri Reis map was based


Ever wondered why we call a collection of maps an ATLAS? Don’t go to wicked-pedia to find out because they’ll lie to you (in very fancy terms) that “it’s all mythology!”


atlasATLAS, king of ATLANTIS, carrying the mapped star globe on his shoulders complete with measuring triangle visible.

It’s called an ‘atlas’ because the first post-Flood world-maps were mapped by Atlas, son of Po-Sidon (Sidon, son of Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah) whom Plato mentioned as the first king of Atlantis, or Atlan, situated in-and-around the Atlantic ocean as far as the Antillas islands! See any similarities anywhere?

Don’t imagine it started during the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ that some classic students began to call it an atlas, it was called that ever-since the very (2nd) beginning! Those post-Flood world travelers used those maps in fancy ships, (super-) naturally pioneered by great-Grandfather Noah & sons’ super-sized Ark!

Atlas and his fellow Titans traveled all over the world before and during the Ice Age, passing through the Gates of Hercules (Gibraltar) below the Atlas mountains, as the Atlantic Empire stretched deep into the Mediterranean, and almost conquered Greece, when it sank below the waves! According to Plato that is. But of course, WP will tell you that the greatest philosopher in history was deceived by MYTHS! Yeah, SURE!


This is all one can find on Atlas‘ father Sidon searching in wicked-pedia, which leads only to the “City Sidon’, named after him, after a “disambiguation” that doesn’t even mention him, nor even under the notable people of his own city! “Great historians” those wicked pedians! You can find him only under “BIBLICAL Sidon“, never under “HISTORICAL Sidon“, of course!  (I think even Miley Cyrus can do better. Ha!)


And this is all one finds on Canaan, only as a term in etymology, after the “disambiguation.”


As for CANAAN’s REAL history, this is what you get served….red and blue notes are ours. Sad to say the poor mal-informed masses swallow it all, hook, line and sinker!


Do you get the picture? What they are wanting you to believe, and NOT to believe? It’s popularly called “brainwashing”, although the scholars call it “The Engineering of Consent! (See Edward Bernays!) and it really IS: PROPAGANDA! You know like in the Soviet Union?

Am I saying conspiracy? I will let lawyer Charles Lyell, the promoter of Charles Darwin’s false theory, explain that to you, himself! (Geologist? NEVER trust a lawyer! Ha!)


It’s “CAVEMEN All the Way Down!”

Following the line of thought thus far, one quickly realises (so we hope!) that in all of Man’s History there never ever existedNeolithic or Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers or Cavemen!” I mean those widely touted, taught and promoted, ugly, dumb-looking, low-reclining forehead sporting types, with an IQ of maybe 27?

They don’t seem to agree very much on their purported looks either! Homo is not so “sapiens” (wise) after all, and they turned out to be the only homo that ever existed! Like some would call woman: “Femen Ciavarensus?” Why differentiate at all? Perverse!



Cavemen never even existed! Except in the perverted imagination of the calcified minds of the politically-correct, false-authority-fearing useful dupes & research-grant-craving university professors, all trying as hard as they can to toe the line of Darwinian deception, for fear to lose their fancy jobs and/or fiction book sales! Why! All for filthy lucre sake!

Sure! People gathered (I gather herbs sometimes) and people hunted and some even still live in caves today! (Sometimes in very comfortable cave dwellings!) But slowly many people are finally beginning to realise that this entire contrived narrative is phonier than a three dollar bill.

This whole spiel was merely set up and promoted to promote this embarrassing scheme of “Darwinism” in order to eclipse the actual genesis of Man recorded, more or less correctly, in over 500 global Flood legends told by every ethnic group around the frigging globe! Of course primarily to destroy credence in the Bible, first as history book and mainly of course as proof of the God of Love who cramps the evil Gangnam style of the powerful Elite of this world.

Dumb “Cavemen” were supposed to be the “T-Fords of human Evolutionary development” from the “invention of the wheel” so to speak–Our “early primates!” It’s pure materialistic propaganda, designed to make us doubt our divine Creator!

They also succeeded in making us believe in this spurious concept of “progress“, that we are improving” and “evolving“, getting ready for “The Singularity! Hoo Ha ha!” Or…”Are you ready to meet your Alien creators?” — The latest twist in their nasty narrative!

The Aliens are coming!” And they are our very clever patriarchs! And you should be very impressed and subdued, because they use electromagnetic anti-gravitation devices in their flying dinner plates!–Which technology the Banking Elite swiped from Nicolai Tesla while they stole the first ‘flying saucers’ (UFO-s) from the German “Thule Gesellschaft” at the end of World War II, kept hushed up for 70 years withholding this advanced high-tech from us, the rest of humanity!

Naxuanfoundation-300x226Archeological Dig Uncovers Foundation Stones of Naxuan Houses. No! These eight Flood surviving savants from that first wickedly smart and violent civilisation (after all that’s why they were wiped out!) were not just from ancient accomplished high-tech naval-engineers and house-constructing architects, but also from agricultural and cattle-raising & eventually violent cattle-slaughtering stock!

These on the right are some foundational remains of the Noahide homes in  “Naxuan” (“Noah’s Town” in Greek), their very first town which over time turned into a virtual necropolis judging by the abundance of graves and cemeteries covering it. Noah’s relatives and descendants obviously liked to be buried right close to their old family Ark and near to their great-Grandfather Patriarch Noah’s homestead of Ark-ville!

Nakhchivan-300x255The graves and cemeteries grew so abundant there, that they finally moved Naxuan to NEW Naxuan or present-day Nakhchivan in a nearby valley of present day Azerbaijan, formerly Armenia. Here is their city coat of arms. Notice the ark on the mountain?

Ancient writers such as the Chaldean historian Berossus described the Ark of Noah being existent in his time with people regularly making pilgrimages to the site and scraping  from its’ sides pieces of bitumen to make amulets for good luck. Clearly those pilgrims were visiting something easily accessible to the common man.

Later, Nicholas of Damascus (King Herod’s historian) and Roman Jewish historian Flavius Josephus recounted these stories. Moses of Chronensis described the first post-flood habitations, like Naxuan.


The mere fact that the Ark was so accessible in ancient days, shows the misconception of some like Rex Geissler and Hong Kong explorers that Noah’s Ark would presumably be buried inside the permanent glacier on top of Mt.Ararat #1, which was a post Flood volcano.

JaphethShemHam-300x260IMHO it would have been impossible for men and animals to land on this very steep mountain, or to live, sleep, work and feed animals in such a slanted position for almost 10 months until they disembarked! How can giraffes & elephants stand on a slant of at least 20 degrees or more, and in such close quarters?

And how could thousands of rare animals ever get down safely from such a high and dangerous mountain as Ararat #1, without some of the precious species perishing in the descent! Even for humans inhospitable Ararat is very dangerous to climb.

Besides, we’ve got the Ark! Even today the remains of its largely detritus form is still very visible and accessible—though largely unmentioned by the Mainstream Media—on Mt Cudi (as also the Koran states that the Ark  landed on Mt. Judi) 17 miles south of Mt. Ararat, as you can see right here.


Oh the humanity! These poor, media-deceived, post-Christian Westerners especially, have such a hard time seeing history and philosophy in its proper perspective, that it screwed up not only their religion and nations, but their happiness and even their sanity as well. It’s a genetic scientific fact, folks!

We are not an “evolutionary improvement on the stock of cave-dwelling hunter-gatherers”, but the pathetic end of the human gene pool! Even Plato would be embarrassed by us. And he is!


Miley-Cyrus-160x227I hate to break it to people, but genetically we are actually the pitifully devolved and lowest end product of the human gene pool, like ‘twerking’ Miley Cyrus. That very fact disproves the entire fake science! This genetic “devolution” is now finally taking its toll on our psyche and souls as well.

Caveman-100x100I do hope and pray that many will be able to return to our beloved patriarchs’ wisdom and spirituality, instead of to “our cavemen diet”, so they may at least survive these insane wicked days of our super-violent present day World, which is likewise foretold and destined to be destroyed.

Hear what Jesus had to say on the subject, who himself had no doubt whatsoever that the Flood, the Ark and Noah were and still are real history, while the opposite communal lie agreed upon by the conquering victors of this modern century’s media-war, is nothing else but bunk of the highest order!

Be brave today by braving the false media notions of dumbed down men. Better to live and die for truth than to live and die for a lie!–And such a dumb one at that! Be liberated today! Get real!

“But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.” — Matt 24:37:

He’s coming soon! Be not deceived!

Download here our latest powerpoint “Noah’s Ark dis-covered-up?

Or how about one with irrefutable facts on the Pre-Flood World


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