Fuxi Nüwa & Chinese Mythology Clarified by Miao Legend Confirms Noah’s Flood History!

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Patriarchs Fu Xi and Nu Wa

Fu Xi and Nü Wa pictured with dragon tails intertwined. (Picture by Ma Lin 160 AD)
Every school-child in China, Taiwan, and other Chinese places, learns already early on about their original Chinese patriarchs and their histories. But the most ancient Chinese history has become quite embellished over 4 1/2 thousand years and changed into mythology. As a result, the 21st Century Chinese are quite confused about their earliest primo-genitors, and if it weren’t for a very interesting discovery that this article reveals, their earliest patriarchs would have stayed obscure until the end of time.


The “Sān Huáng Wǔ Dì”

The earliest records speak of “Sān Huáng Wǔ Dì”, meaning the “Three August Ones, Sovereigns or Kings” and the “Five Emperors.” These 3+5= 8 god-kings or demi-gods purportedly used their magical powers to improve the lives of their people. Because of their lofty virtue, they lived to a great age and ruled over a period of great peace.

The three Sovereigns are generally denoted as Fu XiNü Wa, and Shen Nong Shi, but in other literary sources Nü Wa is often replaced by Huang Di, one of the five Emperors. Actually, depending on the source, there are six to seven known variations of who classifies as the “Three Sovereigns & the Five Emperors”. Many of these sources were written long after the actual events, during much later dynasties. Hence the distortion.8-Hue-EightImmortals


These Three + Five = Eight Chinese primo-patriarchs, concur with a global occurrence of eight Flood survivors in ancient legends.

  • India: Manu and his 7 ‘Rishis’ = 8. (picture above)
  • S-India:  Satyavratha (Noah) + 3 sons Sharma, Charma, Yapheti +their 4 wives = 8.
  • Egypt: The ‘Ogdoad‘ [octo=8], Nun {Noah} Heh, Kuk, & (h)Amun + 3 wives = 8.
  • Sumeria: Uan or Oannes and 7 ‘Apkallu’ (wise men) = 8. OR the 4 post-diluvian Apkalluh with 4 wives would also make 8.
  • Hebrews: Noah, Shem, Ham, Yapheth + their 4 wives= 8.
  • Others: Also 8, as we’ll show about the Miao Zu people.


The ‘Ogdoad’ also puts to rest the mistaken idea that the Egyptians did not have a Flood story! See how Nun upholds the boat with 7 survivors.

The graphic below, is our unique Paradise Post’s Ancient Patriarchs diagram of the earliest Chinese patriarchs (worshipped as ‘gods’) and how they are all related to each other, who were the early human ancestors of the Chinese. There is nothing ‘mythological’ about them — as gatekeeper Wicked Pedia loves to stress about ALL ancient patriarchs worldwide — except for the embellishments applied by fanciful later generations. (right click & ‘view’ to see more detail.)


HUANG DI (Emperor Huang)

HuangDi-YellowEmperor1-201x300Huang Di or “Yellow Emperor” (Huang is his family name!) is considered more legendary than mythical, as he is considered a real historical character and the first emperor before the earliest Chinese Xia Dynasty, whereas Fu Xi, Nü Wa, and Shen Nong Shi are considered “mythical”, as very little is known about these three elusive personages.

The Yellow Emperor, also named Xuan Yuan Shi, was chief of the legendary Five Emperors. Huang Di is regarded as the primogenitor of the Chinese nation together with his brother Emperor Yan Di, and so later generations of Chinese claim themselves to be “Yan Huang Zi Sun” (offspring of the Emperor Huang and Emperor Yan).

Present Chinese academic circles universally claim that the Yellow Emperor was born in You Xiong (present Xin Zheng of He Nan Province), and was buried in Qiao Shan of Shaan Xi (in present Huang Ling County). Huang Di and Yan Di were both patriarchs of the first two Chinese tribes. Later on these two tribes merged and became one again.

Early historian ‘Shi Ma Qian‘ (司馬遷 145 or 135 BC – 86 BC) stated that Huang Di actually was descended from Shen Nong Shi (Shen Nong for short), although about 8 to 17 generations down his bloodline. Yet in spite of the time distance between them, Huang Di was considered a friend and fellow scholar of Shen Nong, who is said to have lived a very long time. Obviously!

SHEN NONG (=Divine/God Farmer!)

Shenong-NuwaShen Nong seems to have fit more in the time frame of Fu Xi & Nü Wa, as he is considered one of the Three August Kings. Yet he also, is considered as the earliest patriarch of the Chinese tribes, and more than that! Shen Nong seemed to have been a very erudite character, who had many notable achievements to his name. He was considered “father” of agriculture, inventor of the plow and of the world-famous Chinese medicines, which he tested on himself. As the legend goes, Shen Nong’s skin was transparent, and so he could observe the effects of the herbs he tested, through his skin!

He is said to have tasted hundreds of herbs to test their medical value. The most well-known work attributed to Shen Nong is the The Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic.

Chinese Tea, which acts as an antidote against the poisonous effects of some seventy herbs, is also said to be one of his discoveries. In 2737 B.C., Shennong first tasted tea from tea leaves on burning tea twigs, which were carried up from the fire by the hot air, and landed in his cauldron of boiling water. And thus Shen Nong is venerated as the Father of Chinese medicine. He is also believed to have introduced the technique of acupuncture.


FU XI & Nü-WA – 伏羲 女媧

fuxi-nuwaThe characters 伏羲 Fu Xi lit. mean “lie prostrate” & “sacrifice”. In 女媧 Nü Wa, literally means ‘female’, whereas ‘Wa’ has no meaning. Contrary to Shen Nong and Huang Di, Fu Xi and Nü Wa are a rather obscure and distant couple in the misty fog of Chinese antiquity, and only very little is known about them!

In yet another version of the more than 700 global flood stories, the Chinese legend tells how the world was swept by a Great Flood, and only Fu Xi and his sister NüWa survived. They then retired to Kunlun Mountain where they prayed for a sign from the Emperor of Heaven — God — or as he is called in Chinese Shang Di.

The Divine Being approved their union and the siblings set about to procreate the human race all over again. It was mythically told of them that in order to speed up the natural procreation of humans, Fu Xi and Nüwa found an additional way by using clay to create human figures, and with divine power entrusted to them, they made these figures come alive. The Han period book Fengsu tongyi 風俗通義 says that in the beginning, just when Heaven and Earth had separated, Nü Wa formed humans out of mud, giving birth to the human race.

The new father of humanity Fu Xi then came to rule over his descendants, although reports of his long reign vary between sources. He is supposed to have lived mid 29th century BC, or 2.900 BC, which is very close to the timing of the Biblical flood of about 2.500 BC. Nü Wa after surviving the great flood, “fixed the broken sky/heaven (Tian) with either five or seven colored stones.” “女媧補天 = Nü Wa Bu Tian!”


Now the three earliest Chinese historians mentioned Nü Wa. The fourth, the noted Chinese historian Si Ma Qian (in the Shiji, Chapter Benji or prologue) clearly identifies Nüwa as a man with the last name of Feng.
[Update: since the publishing of this article, the historical new-speak gatekeeper service Wicked Pedia has a new addition to their
Nü Wa section, a statement without source or proof, that the honorable translator of Sima Qian…

“Herbert James Allen erroneously translated Tang dynasty historian Sima Zhen’s interpolated prologue to the Han dynasty Sima Qian’s Shiji. In one of his more serious flaws, Nüwa was described as male even though the Nü (女) in the name means female and the wa (媧) also contains the female radical. ]”

Why does obfuscating W.P. dislike Allen’ s translation?  Read on and get the full picture why!

Some scholars consider Nüwa a tribal leader (or emperor); others consider the name Nüwa a title. Only after the fourth (Si Ma Qian) Nü Wah was suddenly cast into a woman’s role, and became known as Fu Xi’s wife! Over time these histories grew into even more bizarre myths, as the two of them are still proudly reported by Chinese people today, as being half dragons! Their early depictions as a couple shows both of them with intertwined reptilian tails. (see picture at the top) The legend goes as follows:

Nüwa As Repairer of the “Wall of Heaven!” *

The earliest literary role seems to be the upkeep and maintenance of the Wall of Heaven*, whose collapse would obliterate everything. [Note the association with Flood traditions.] There was a quarrel between two of the more powerful gods, and they decided to settle it with a fight. When the water god Gong Gong saw that he was losing, he smashed his head against Mount Buzhou (不周山), a pillar holding up the sky. The pillar collapsed and caused the sky to tilt towards the northwest and the earth to shift to the southeast. This caused great floods and suffering to the people. Nüwa cut off the legs of a giant tortoise and used them to supplant the fallen pillar, alleviating the situation and sealing the broken sky using stones of seven different colours, but she was unable to fully correct the tilted sky. This explains the phenomenon that sun, moon, and stars move towards the northwest, and that rivers in China flow southeast into the Pacific Ocean. (this account is similar to the Huainanzi account; it was added as The Upkeep and Maintenance of Heaven)

Other versions of the story describe Nüwa going up to heaven and filling the gap with her body (half human half serpent) and thus stopping the flood. According to this legend some of the minorities in South-Western China hail Nüwa as their goddess and some festivals such as the ‘Water-Splashing Festival’ are in part a tribute to her sacrifices.

* In the famous Sumerian “Epic of Gilgamesh”, the hero Gilgamesh is in search of Utnapishtim, [Sumerian name of Noah] the one mortal to achieve immortality, to discover his secret. It says that Gilgamesh comes to Mt. ”Mashu, the great mountain, which guards the rising and setting sun. Its twin peaks are as high as the wall of heaven and its roots reach down to the underworld. At its gate the Scorpions stand guard, half man and half dragon; their glory is terrifying; their stare strikes death into men, their shining halo sweeps the mountains that guard the rising sun”.
Noah’s ark did in fact land close to a “
Wall of Heaven” as today you can still see the huge limestone cliff face some 300 meters from the first landing place of the Ark.


As the ancient Chinese also originated from Sumeria, they were most likely familiar with the early Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh adopting its symbolisms.

Seeing the similarity between dragontail Nüwa and fishtail Vishnu (next picture) also holding instruments in their hands, there is evidence that perhaps also the early Xia in proximity to the sea, as the Jomon had naval contacts not just with America where the Chinese left 3000 yr. Old stone sea anchors, and the Jomon with Ecuador, seeing the Jomon similarity with Valdivan pottery (Betty Meggers Smithsonian!), but also with seafaring ancient Indians or Dravidians and their versions of the ubiquitous 700 ethnic Flood legends, where Noah was called MaNu (plus his 7 Rishis make 8), or in South India Satyavratha and his three sons Charma, Sharma and Phra Yapeti! (As Biblical Noah, Ham, Shem, Japheth) plus 4 wives also make 8!)


Seeing that Ham named the “Land of Cham” in Vietnam and Chambodia and other places in between like India Cambay, after himself, perhaps Ham was one of the very “Oannes sailors of the sea wizards” who personally came as far as the Yellow Sea in his astronomical surveys to map the stars and measure the new post-Flood Earth! Because whether it is politically correct with historical (qu)academia or not, it is a fact that the ancients DID travel the entire earth and its oceans, seeing the ubiquitous spread of pyramids (25 in China!) and Bronze Age megaliths in almost every part of the world!



Like Nüwa the Indian god Vishnu who guided Manu also sports a fishtail. Manu was instructed by the god Vishnu who came from the ocean as a fish with a fish tail, (Fish Nu!) to save himself from an impending global deluge! We find a similar symbolism in the early Sumerian demi-god Oannes, who emerged from the sea half fish/half man and taught humans civilisation and culture! Man obviously likes to embellish history!

In this graphic you see how the Oannes instrument they hold in their hands was spread all over the world, even to Peru and Mexico, falsifying Mainstream history academia who persists in the Darwinist fabrication that there was “NO pre-Columbian Contact with the Americas!” Look at the lower left Mexican stele and see what Sumerian item he is holding in his hand: A typical Oannes bucket.
(Can you say “academic censorship?” I knew you could.)


A Global Flood & Local China Floods


We’d like to rectify the common (willful for debunking purposes!) mainstream media misinterpretations of Post-Flood local floods for example in the Black Sea, and in China!

According to the ancient Chinese historical account of a “flood that reached the heavens” in the “Book of History” during the reign of Emperor Yao, and his successor Emperor Shun, there were many floods ”that filled the valleys to the mountaintops and took ten years to irrigate.

These appr. 2200 BC localised floods were after the appr. 2400 BC Global Flood, and were actually the very results of post-Flood residual lakes regularly breaking through their borders because of the copious early Ice Age rains, just as happened to Hopi Lake in North America. The breaching of Hopi Lake caused the carving out of the Grand Canyon from the Colorado landscape!

Emperor Shun’s civil servant named Da (great!) Yu was neither Fu Xi, Nüwa nor Noah, but a Chinese hero who was ordered to do something about the flooded lowlands in China AFTER the Great Global Flood by irrigation works. In the Shu-Qing (ibid., Section V) Yu, a Chinese engineer and administrator addresses Emperor Yao saying:

“When the floods were lifted to the heavens, spreading far and wide, surrounding the hills and submerging the mounds, so that the common people were bewildered and dismayed… I drained off the nine channels, directing them into the four seas; I dug out ditches and canals and brought


them into the rivers.”

Thus far, early Chinese mythology, legends, or history of the ancient Chinese tribes. More on Chinese mythology here. But lets continue on to the amazing discovery that brings sense to the myths!



The ‘Miau Tso’/’Miao Zu’/ ‘Miao people’ of Southern China originally settled in Kiangsi province, from where they were later driven out by the Han Chinese. A certain Miao tribe claims in fact that they are not themselves of Chinese stock, but insist that they are descended from Japheth, one of the three sons of Noah, i.e. of Indo-European descent!

How did the Miao know that?

Like the Chinese, the Miao are yet another ancient nation that remembers some of their earliest patriarchs. Not just that, but they possess surprisingly accurate recollections of the Creation, the Flood, and even of the Tower of Babel and its confusion of languages! Many of the finer details of their accounts coincide almost identically with the Biblical record in Moses’ Book of Genesis.

They were found to already possess this knowledge in the form of ancient couplets, when they for the first time encountered Western missionaries. The oral traditions in which the descent of the Miao was preserved, owe their purity to the fact that they have been recited faithfully and in full at funerals, weddings, and other public occasions for thousands of years, since time immemorial. Thus they are able to reproduce the earliest names of their primogenitors.

Now here’s the corker! They coincide not only accurately with the Hebrew Bible, but also clear up mythical details of the earliest, mystifying Chinese mythology.

According to the Miao, we all descended from the First Man, whose Miao name translated in  English means “Dirt” or “Earth”, which is identical to the meaning of the name “Adam“, the first man in the Bible. One of Adam’s sons is called Seth, while Dirt’s son was called Se-Teh! The grand- and great-grandchildren of Seth are called Methuselah, Lamech and Noah in Genesis. In Miao records they are named Lusu, Gehlo, Lama, and Nu Ah! Virtually identical names to the Biblical record. And Nu-Ah was married to a lady called “Ga Bo Lu En”

But that’s not all. Noah, who survived the Great worldwide Flood, had three sons called Ham, Shem and Japheth. In the Miao record, Nu Ah also had three sons, called Lo Han, Lo Shen, and Ya-Phu. Again virtually identical, with Lo meaning something like “Lao” in Chinese, meaning “old” or “venerable one”, like Lao Zi, for example, the famous father of Taoism.

Even the children and grandchildren of Noah’s three sons are amazingly similar. According to Genesis, Ham had Cush and Mizraim, Shem had Elam and Asshur, while Jafeth had Gomer! According to Miao record, Lo Han had Cusah and Mesay, Lo Shen had Elan and Ngasshur, whereas YaPhu had GoMen, from whom this particular Miao tribe claims to have descended.



The Miao have always had close contact with the Han Chinese, especially before they were driven out, and six of the Miao tribes actually mixed in with the Chinese. Some of these names like Nu-Ah and Lo Shen, are amazingly similar to two of the Three Sovereigns’ names, to wit: Nü-Wa and Shen Nong!

Now when we compare these two Chinese primogenitors’ names in the light of the far more accurate Miao record, plus the even more accurate Biblical record (because of the Hebrews’ rigorous copy rules), we come to amazing conclusions removing much of the fog around these personages Nü-Wa and Shen-Nong. Why?

Because they are obviously the same people!

The Miao Zu, the Sudanese, the original Hawaiians, Hottentots, and Hebrews, all named the survivor of the Great Flood respectively Nu-Ah, Nu-Uh, Noh and Noah! But why then did later Chinese historians change Wa, who with Fu Xi also survived a great flood, after many generations into a woman? How did that happen?

Whenever one does historical comparison, the preponderance of the facts in the records destines what is most historical. Obviously the Chinese Nü-Wa was originally male! So why did they change him into a her? I think the obvious answer to that riddle lies in the Chinese characters for Noah, that were chosen, not to convey meaning, as WP foolishly surmises, but the sound of the man’s name! however is also Chinese for “female” while the character Wa also happens to contain the radical in it! That is the most likely reason why later Chinese historians got confused by two characters and so jumped to conclusions that Wa was a female! “She” even became the sister, mother, girlfriend and wife of Fu Xi! But actually the characters were chosen for the original sound of Noah’s name! Hence the confusion.


fuxiIf we look at the meaning of the characters Fu and Xi, as its sound does not coincide at all with any of the other historical records, unless it is a bastardisation of Vishnu?, we get the following meanings: “Fu” means “lying prostrate” and “Xi” has the meaning of “sacrifice.” The picture arises of a man lying prostrate in front of an animal sacrifice.

According to both the Miao and Hebrew records, after Noah’s Ark had landed, he ordered that his family should present a great thanksgiving sacrifice to God, and so they offered and barbecued some animals. Is it possible that Noah’s original name in Chinese, was the honorable “Fu Xi Nü-Wa“, meaning the “Prostrating Sacrificer Noah”?

Is it perhaps also possible that originally Fu meant Father Noah? Was the character Fu changed perhaps from Fu meaning “father” to Fu meaning “prostrate”, around the same time when Nü-Wa was turned female, and that Fu Xi Nü-Wa was suddenly spliced into two people? Only God knows what really happened. Is that perhaps also the reason why their tails were entwined?

But the most interesting and IMHO most likely explanation for the names Fu Xi Nü-Wa, is when you consider the Chinese accent and its bastardisation of non-Chinese accents. A “bus” in Chinese (& Japanese) becomes “Ba Se” or “Ba Su” for example. Now the Chinese may have been aware of the name NüWa through the Han legends coming overland like Noah, Noe, Nuh, Nu-Uh, Nur, or Noach from the Middle East and Babylon originally. But the Xia (dynasty) who settled closer to the ocean than Huang Di, most likely introduced the concept of fish tailed Vish-NU into China from their contact with the seafaring sons of Ham like Dravidian Cushites from India, where Noah is called Manu under god Vishnu.

And when those early Chinese tried to pronounce Vish-Nu, it probably came out very similar to Fishi-Nüwa or FuXi-NüWa. And that makes a whole lot of sense in the light of Chinese pronunciation. Perhaps the Dravidian/Indian name VishNu was itself a bastardisation of NuAh or Noah, the common patriarch of us all mixed with some of that fish-man Oannes influence! We’ll find out in the Heavenly Museum of REAL History! Ha!


And why did Fu Xi & Nü-Wa live such long lives, as Shen Nong did too? Because, according to the most detailed and accurate Biblical account in Genesis, Noah, his wife, and three sons, lived to amazing old ages. According to the Greek ‘Sibylline Oracles’, even the wives of Shem, Ham & Japheth also enjoyed fantastically long life-spans, living for centuries! Noah lived almost a thousand years, totally 950 years in fact! 600 years until the Flood began, and 350 after!

Shem (Miao: Lo-Shen, or Shen Nong Shi?) lived a total of 600 years, according to Genesis. If you divide 600 years by a generation of 35-40 years, you easily arrive at a total of 15 or 17 generations. Huang Di was purportedly a distant descendant of Shen Nong, while also his friend and fellow scholar! Well, if he was 7-18 generations removed from Shem or Shen Nong, that would have been very possible being Shem’s great (17 times) -grandchild.

Shem is considered the forefather of most Arabs and of some Asian tribes. The following are the haplo DNA groups found in nations all over the world. You see that the (orange D) South Asians/South Chinese/Tibetans, and (blue O) Han Chinese belong to different groups. (And most originating in the Middle East where Noah landed his ark in Eastern Turkey on the mountains of Ararat!). (NB: The C3 and Q3 “going across the Bering Street” is pure Darwinist propaganda, because the Bering street was frozen until quite recently. It could not have happened!)


There are many legends about Fuxi and Nü-Wa recorded in several ancient Chinese books such as ‘Book of Changes’, ‘Elegies of Chu’, ‘Writings of Prince Huai Nan’ and the ‘Book of Mountains and Seas’. These legends were all passed on orally until written down, but sadly not via rhyming stanzas, yet their impact is very wide and profound. Now the leading aspects and basic facts of these myths become very meaningful in this new Miao and other inter-ethnic context.

BaGua8Story has it, that Fu Xi is not only the clan leader in the East and the chief of the three sage kings and five virtuous emperors of China at the dawn of human civilization, but also an omnipotent wise man capable of various kinds of skills. He is told to have created the Eight Diagrams and simulated the spider to weave fishing net. He was not only able to make musical instruments, but also good at cooking tasty food. Moreover, he contributed a lot to the traditional Chinese medicine and was the forefather of Chinese civilization. He also formulated etiquette’s and regulations for people, reducing the barbaric marriage by plundering. All that could easily be said of the Patriarch Noah as well!

Was Fu Xi Father Sin of the Chinese?

hittiteshoeHITTITE SHOE with upturned toes

OR was Fu Xi the most ancient patriarch of the Chinese “Father Sin” — son of Canaan & grandson of Ham — the patriarch of the Sinites? Sin was the brother of Heth, the patriarch of the Hittites who lived in Anatolia (now Turkey) but after the Bronze Age Collapse they were defeated and dispersed mixing with conquering tribes. Hittites had long pony tails and turned up shoes!

However Sin and his Sinites were totally lost from history. There are no ancient Middle Eastern records or memorials left of them. Many think that they left the Sumerian homeland already very early, traveling across the Silk Route Eastward and fathered the ancient Chinese and other tribes. Study of ancient China and its language is still called ‘Sinology‘ today, while the ancient Arabs called the Chinese the people of “Sin” & the Greeks called them ‘Sinae’.

Nü-Wa Chinese Name for Noah

Nü-Wa, during the remote legendary period of China, had powerful abilities. It is said that when a great flood took place that the heaven collapsed, and the earth sank under water, while wild beasts cruelly killed common people. Then Nü-Wa repaired the heaven/sky (same character Tian!) with five or seven colored rocks and killed the brutal beasts.

All this coincides nicely with the Hebrew scriptures, where the windows of heaven were broken open! After the flood reached its peak they were closed up, and after the water had retreated God showed Noah a beautiful seven-colored rainbow in that broken sky! It seemed to have appeared for the first time in history, the earth being newly covered with clouds!

Most likely some special ante-diluvial condition prevented clouds or water vapour projecting a rainbow, as well as a clear view of the sun which for some odd reason suddenly became much more visible! So much so that Noah’s global descendants, mostly those fathered by the family rebel Ham even began to worship it, and him as “Hamon Ra the Sun God!”

Instead of worshipping the saving God of their Grandfather Noah, they became ardent Sun worshippers! Egyptians, Canaanites, those early megalith builders in Peru, Mexico, Atlantis, Dwarka, China, and in many other places all over the globe, they all began to worship “that magnificent red sun” shining between the horns of their beloved “mother of all life!” The Holy Cow! Now you know where India got that idea via their early Indus Valley civilisation, and Dravidians? From Ham and his Pharaohs!


They even had special sun boxes in many megalithic structures and the solar Temple of Amon-Ra at Karnak (Thebes – at present, Luxor city) in Egypt built some time after 2000 B.C. near the present day Luxor was located in such a way as to align with the summer solstice sunrise and is considered the day of the “manifestation of Ra”.

Yet for all she tried Nü-Wa could not fix the “tilt of the sky” and winter, spring, summer, and fall became permanent! Obviously there was no tilt in the Earth’s axis before the Deluge, as witnessed in the wood-sample found in the mysterious ship-shape in Armenia many believe to be the 5000 year old remains of Noahs’ Ark. That wood has no rings in it!

Nü-Wa and Fu Xi also used clay to create humans and human society by simulating their own appearance. That makes sense when you consider that all of us are the offspring of Noah and his wife, their children created in their likeness!

Nü-Wa also invented a kind of musical instrument called reed pipe wind instrument so that she is esteemed as a musical goddess. Moreover, she created the marriage system to enable humans to multiply offspring, so she is called the marriage goddess, which is very likely, because of her being the mother of all resultant humans. I’m sure they all wanted to be married by Noah and his wife!

And so, all this taken into consideration, everything certainly starts to make a lot more sense than some of the myths and embellishments that sprung up in the minds of the early Chinese storytellers long ago. You can hardly blame them, not having any other comparative historical records to consult with, as we have today.

Again, evidence has come to light that Noah, Shem, Ham & Japheth were real historical people, who built a real historical boat, and survived a real genuine global flood, no matter what skeptic intellectuals are saying against it in the name of “science” falsely so-called. Certainly not my kind of science!

But there is one even more important thing we can conclude from all this, and that is that we need to remember that we are all one family! And that we, as Chinese or Westerners, should all reverence and respect our great great great great great grandfather “Fu Xi Nü Wa” and his Father God! And each and every one of us as well, for we all turn out to be brothers and sisters! True or not?

God bless you brother! God bless you sister!

Love and Peace!   Lu.

PS: Another devastating result of proving the actual historicity of the by more than 500 ethnic legends transmitted Global Flood, would be the following:ape-man-line-up

SOME food for thought!


Miao girls dancing in their characteristic short skirts.


So it poured forty days in sheets and in torrents.
Then fifty-five days of misting and drizzle.
The waters surmounted the mountains and ranges.
The deluge ascending leaped valley and hollow.
An earth with no earth upon which to take refuge!
A world with no foothold where one might subsist!
The people were baffled, impotent and ruined,
Despairing, horror stricken, diminished and finished.
But the Patriarch Nuah was righteous.
The Matriarch Gaw Bo-lu-en upright.
Built a boat very wide.
Made a ship very vast.
Their household entire got aboard and were floated,
The family complete rode the deluge in safety.
The animals with him were female and male.
The birds went along and were mated in pairs.
When the time was fulfilled, God commanded the waters.
The day had arrived, the flood waters receded.
Then Nuah liberated a dove from their refuge,
Sent a bird to go forth and bring again tidings.
The flood had gone down into lake and to ocean;
The mud was confined to the pools and the hollows.
There was land once again where a man might reside;
There was a place in the earth now to rear habitations.
Buffalo then were brought, an oblation to God,
Fatter cattle became sacrifice to the Mighty.
The Divine One then gave them His blessing;
Their God then bestowed His good graces.


Watch the  beauty of the Miao people.


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  3. Richard Schiller
    July 23, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Huang Di and Yao both have 100 years beause they are confused as the same. Huang Di is from Ur (2148-2029bc), and Yao takes people from India into China to found Xia (1437-1337bc). The 60-year calendar (2697-2637bc) is the first 60 years (2207-2148bc) of Reu Aanipada’s 80-year rule (2207-2127bc) which measured 8-year Venus while noting 12-year Jupiter which advances 12 days every year of 360 days, while Venus advances 40 days upon 8 years of 360 days. Thus Venus had no fixed dates until Ur fell in 2030bc because in 360-day calendar it takes 73 years to cycle 584 days. So in 2148bc Terah’s birth, Nahor was comprehending the 60 years of Reu (this 59 Julian is also 2 orbits of Saturn in 60 of 360-day). Thus a span of 100 years exists from the end of Reu’s throne at age 112 in 2127bc until 2029bc (98.5 Julian) when the fall resulted in accepting the one-year old Egyptian calendar in THE MONKEY YEAR. So true start is 2029bc not 2637bc, and then 1437bc is 600 years of MONKEY year in 360-day calendar, but in 592 years of 365-day and Venus it is Kah-Tse the true start of current 60-year at Xia. Then 17 years later Bejing Temple founded the city in 1420bc because they honored the death of Noah (2020bc +600 egyptian years) as Christ instead of the death of Peleg (2030bc +600 of 360 days). Division of doctrines is what has spred cities for 4000 years, not love of proper educational dispersal.

  4. September 18, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Because Nu means rest, it is passive and understandably female gender as a word. The Noe and Noah is also easiily seen as Noah. Further, in Hindu he is Manu or Man-Nu which is disgracefully replaced in some ancient eyes by Mena or Men (Menes) who is Narmer (Nimrod). Interestingly, when the star of Man or Men is transferred to Adam then the Hebrew word ish becomes man and men. But note that Womb Man would then mean Noah with womb or Womb Men as Nimrod with Womb. Thus NuWa the female, not just because of being passive rest.

  5. September 18, 2012 at 11:34 am

    I do not find this far-fetched nor fabricated when we have a sainted bishop in red robes who now has a Mrs.Santa. Could it be that Nimrod never had a wife any more than Santa had a wife? think about next time you read about the planet Venus Semiramis. Further, Ninus and Semiramis are rulers of 1268bc not 2060-2009bc.

  6. Donovan
    February 14, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    [SNIP! against politeness rule] …Orientals are from the lineage of Shem. KJV Bible Genesis 10:25 Heber had two sons Peleg and Joktan. Genesis 10:30 Joktan and family migrated to the Far East and became the various Chinese people. [SNIP! against politeness rule]… Orientals are from their father Shem. Amen

  7. Power Point Paradise
    February 14, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Dear Donovan
    You obviously did not read the entire article, where it talks about THIS tribe of Miao-zu themselves insisting of having descended from Japheth, nor where it brings up the possibility of Shen Nong Shi, son of Noah, forefather of Huang Di, actually BEING SHEM!

    The Joktan theory is also just a theory, as it has not been proven either, but maybe so! Present Day Chinese are a mixture of several ethnic groups and different Haplo groups. Most like the Han Chinese, appear to descend from Shem, but the Xia from Ham, and according to these Miao-Zu from Japheth.

    The Ham connection was in the dark skinned Xia people who seemed to have come from Dravidian India, who in turn came from Cush in Ethiopia. And so ALL of us Orientals do NOT solely come from Shem! Indonesians, Indians, Chambodian Khmers, etc. have Hamitic blood, as Ham and his offspring sailed all over the globe leaving their descendants. Hope that helps!
    Kind greetings

  8. Donovan
    February 15, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Donovan says: You obviously do not read the Holy Scriptures.

    –Dear Donovan Aren’t you jumping to conclusions? How do you know how much I read the HS–

    Donovan says: All these wacked out theories have got to stop.

    –Is it your habit to want to control people or something when they don’t agree with you? That’d make one a bad witness for Christ where we have to try to establish a good relationship with people who may have a contrary opinion to our own. Thus we cannot make ‘ad hominim’ attacks. We have to try to become friends with them first, before they would be willing to hear our side of the story. Are you trying to become my friend to change my mind or present a different opinion? If so, you are going about it the wrong way. —

    Donovan says: Sure the Orientals may have some amalgamation from Japheth and Ham, but their FATHER SHEM is the Oriental PATRIARCH.

    — Your view is not so different from our presentation concerning Chinese, so why the blow-back? “Orientals” means ALL people of the East, and they happen to be from ALL different kinds of Haplo groups! Shem is also forefather of Arabs, Israelites, and many others beside just Orientals. See this graphic:
    descendents of Shem

    Donovan says: Sounds like you want to be something your not.

    — Sure. I’d like to be much more LIKE Jesus, which I am slowly becoming! Are you? —

    Donovan says: Be happy God made you who you are and stop worrying if your Japheth or Ham.

    — I am at peace with what I am, but certainly not satisfied, as I want to be much more like Him! Do you?
    I assure you that I have no worries about my ascendants, either way! We have a wonderful international Family in Christ descended from all three, Ham, Shem & Japheth, and yet we are not defined by them!

    Donovan says: Shem means honor, so honor your forefather SHEM!

    Are you Chinese, Donovan? Because I know that quite a few non-academic Chinese are worried to be even partly descended from Ham, or even Japheth! Because the white mummies found in Western China are not mentioned and swept under the rug, neither are the pyramids in China (which would relate them to Proto-Sumerians or ancient Egyptians), nor the view that the Xia people were dark-skinned! But WE wouldn’t want to be racist like that, now would we? Christians are, and should be, the MOST multi-cultural people in the world! Especially missionaries! “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

    Dear Donovan. I didn’t delete your comment, as I hope to help you see how your presentation as professing Christian could improve. It’s OK if people don’t see eye-to-eye with us on everything, but we still have to stay friendly, kind and respectful to others, as much as lies within us. That is if we want to win them to Christ! That doesn’t mean we can’t denounce those who are destroying humanity, although some we may save as through fire!
    Wishing you loving kindness!

  9. Donovan
    February 15, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Dear Lu, I am a Native American and I have lived with racial discrimination all my life. I prayed and asked God to tell me about our people’s lineage. I have researched the Holy Scriptures and countless hours of historic literature. With prayer, revelation and more than sufficient evidence I have found that Native Americans and Chinese people come from Eber. He is the father of the Hebrew people and the Grandson of Shem.
    Yes we are all Christians from different backgrounds, but God made the three different races to be unique. It is not racist to be thankful we are of Shem, from the lineage of Jesus Christ. In fact we should be sticking to our own Hebrew heritage and stop interbreeding.
    The Shemitic Orientals have been deceived enough. This babylonian society is plundering the Earth and ravishing our People. We don’t need Japheth or Ham mixing and mingling with us. We just need to know we are God’s inheritance and that we have a place with Him in His habitat. Our Brother, Savior and King Jesus Christ will be among us.

  10. Power Point Paradise
    February 15, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    Dear Donovan
    So glad to have a new Native Shemite Navaho FRIEND! :) Welcome to the Paradise Post!
    Sorry to hear about the racial discrimination you have endured. I am sure it has taught you forgiveness & love for enemies.
    In situations like that, these scriptures have given me much strength: (I am sure you know them too)

    32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
    33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? [It is] God that justifieth. 34 Who [is] he that condemneth? [It is] Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? [shall] tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. 37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. 38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. — Romans 8.

    I believe that all races and all men deceive and have been deceived. I also have a deep interest in history and have read the history of the Welsh, the earliest Brits, for example, how they were enslaved and plundered and in turn massacred and plundered the Gauls and others, only to be pushed in a corner by the Anglo Saxons who took over. We all do reap what we sow as individuals and nations. I don’t think anyone was/is above it. As St. Paul said, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Ro 3:23. That is exactly why we ALL need a Saviour from our sins, as we all died in Adam, and in Jesus Christ are made alive. I am sure you have already partaken of Jesus the Living Bread, and have Eternal Life dwelling in you. I am looking forward to meet you in Heaven one of these days. If you ever get to Taiwan, I invite you to a nice cool beer! God bless you!
    I wish you love for all men, no matter what race and success in your part of the Kingdom and your mission! Every Christian, after all, becomes a missionary as soon as he/she received Jesus, the greatest Missionary of all. PTL
    Lots of love! My Brother

    PS: You might like to download this free E-book from Bill Cooper: After the Flood
    And this one about the British or Welsh:

  11. Donovan
    February 16, 2013 at 6:32 am

    Dear Lu, Thank You for making my day! First thought was cool, and then awesome! You are a true Hebrew Shemite and we carry the same lineage a world apart. AMEN. Thailand People are a beautiful People and have a rich cultural heritage.
    I don’t hate the Gentile Nations any longer, yet it still burns in my heart what they are doing to my People. These Nations surrounding the reservations are the ancient Assyrian/Babylonian culture. They are trying to assimilate us by propaganda in this perverse society. These are the Gomerites descendents of ancient Scythian bloodthirsty warriors, also Magog and Gog is among their brood. America is now being led from a descendent of Ham. Their ultimate leader pope Benedict resigned, setting the stage for the last pope Peter the Roman. He is prophesied to bring in the time of Judgement of the Dreadful Judge. Truly the End of the Age has arrived. Even then Jesus Christ saves these Gentiles when they accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. If only they were zealous for Jesus Christ when they first set foot in America.
    I don’t pretend to know everything, yet God has given me a discerning heart, which I am very thankful. You fit the fine qualities of Shem, may Gog Bless You in all that you do. We will meet one day to share a feast and have a cold beverage. Matthew 8:11 And I say unto you that many shall come from the east and the west and shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven. Isaiah 49:12 Behold these shall come from far and lo these from the north and from the west and these from the land of Sinim.
    I am neither Mormon nor do I belong to any Christian denomination. This book, one of many tell the true history of the Americas. This book was written way before Mormonism was ever hatched and I recommend this book. Google: Ethan Smith’s 1825 View of the Hebrews. Another book by the same author tells the movement of Magog and Gog. Google: Ethan Smith’s 1811 “Dissertation on the Prophecies” You can find both books in the website: Olivercowdery.com Thank You Brother for inspiring me. AMEN

  12. Power Point Paradise
    February 17, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Dear Donovan
    Thank you for your kind words. PTL. I checked out Window Rock and understand more about your people. I listened to some Navaho songs, and learned that your word for thanks is close to Chinese Xie Xie! Interesting! I am glad that the love and mercy grows bigger! GBY!
    Love & Peace!

  13. raspberry
    May 16, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already
    😉 Cheers!

  14. Chin K W
    November 24, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Hi Lu

    Great site!

    But I have question – Where is your source which states that Yao started the Xia dynasty and from non-chinese origin? What I read was Yao handed over the throne to Shun, then Shun to Yu. It was Yu’s descendent that started the Xia dynasty.


  15. Power Point Paradise
    November 25, 2013 at 12:29 am

    Dear Chin,
    Just got home. Yes you are right. Blush! Biologically Yao was not part of Yu’s family or Xia’s dynasty, as far as we can tell, although I am pretty sure they were tribally or racially related! I was using ‘Xia’ merely as a denominator for the actual tribe then. Of course then we can also never speak of either Tang- or Shang- “people” either, because they didn’t all belong to these Emperors’ immediate families of course!

    According to some scholars, like Clyde Winters, they assume that the Xia (and even the Shang) civilisation came from India from Dravidian stock, which are descendants of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah. Of course we’re talking 4,500 years ago, and sources are sparse, so there is much interpretation and guesswork involved, who these darker people, also called if I remember correctly the “black people”, actually were! But it’s true that we cannot confuse a tribe with a dynasty! Thanks for your kind words and the correction. Any good suggestions are always welcome! ANOTHER LINK of DR. CLYDE WINTERS’ “Blacks of Xia”

    Here is a quote from Dr. Clyde Winters:

    In Chinese min=people and li= black (see L. Wieger, Chinese Characters (1915)).The Chinese classics make it clear that the Li Min (黎民) meant “Black people” not young Chinese or peasant Chinese. In the “Shu King”, we read that “In the Canon of Yao, we discover that Yu “…regulated and polished the people of his domain, who all became brightly intelligent. Finally, he united and harmonized the myriad States of the empire; and lo! The black people were transformed”. In this passage “Li Min is used to describe all the people in the Empire, not just the peasants or the young people. In Book II, it was written that Kao yao “…with vigorous activity sowing abroad his virtue, which has decended on the black people, till they cherish him in their hearts”. Again the term li min was applied to the people of the empire and not just a particular group.

    Love & Peace

    PPS: We have to remember that according to our “Catastrophist” view, as opposed to the Uniformitarian/Darwinian view, that 4,500 years ago we are definitely not dealing with huge tribes of millions of people landing on China’s East coast, nor people living and multiplying there already for thousands of years of course, as if the Ice Age indeed would have taken place 10-12,000 BP “as they say”, and that people also lived before that time!

    According to their Uniformitarian view there could and would have been millions already accumulating there from “3 million years of Human Evolution!” But the historical records that we DO have, DO NOT support that view, as there is a TOTAL absence of any such historical narrative of course from before 4,500 years BP, EXCEPT for the over 500 legends about a Global Flood and an Ante-Diluvial mono civilisation of the survivors’ ancestors, told by a majority of Flood narratives about a human proto-people that became VERY wicked and VERY VIOLENT, and were condemned to drown for that! Even Australian Aborigines have such a narrative!

    When, as we and the-over-500 Flood legends contend, the entire World population around 2,500 – 2,000 BC descended from a mere eight individuals of Nuwah/Manu/Nur/Noah/NuAh/Noe and his family, and the tribes were only really scattered after Babel’s Confusion, then these tribes and groups must have been rather small to begin with, and the ancient histories of for example the British (Welsh), the Frisians (Oerlinda Book), and the Vikings, and others, bear that scenario out very clearly!

    And so the Proto-Chinese, whatever they were called then, must have also been a rather small group traveling East, as the Xia people must have been too!
    It of course took quite a while for the several incoming tribes to multiply into the hundreds of thousands or millions of individuals, after any migration into China, being virgin-territory in many ways, as illustrated by the wilderness and flooded lakes Yu described that he was dealing with and trying to painstakingly irrigate!

    I and others also conjecture that the Xia Dynasty’s tribe were not the same as the tribe of Huang Di, Yan Di, & Shen Nong, and their descendants, who seem closer “related” or situated at least to the forefather of the Miao, Chi You, whom even the Koreans claim as THEIR forefather.

    And why not? I know this is a contentious issue with some descendants of Chi You, who like to claim him for themselves and even try to prove that he is definitely NOT the forefather of the Koreans, even using Haplo groups to forbid and deny them the “privilege”. Ha! But it is a little narrowminded to claim a proto-patriarch as your own personal possesion, if you consider that we are all pretty much a mixed breed having all kinds of DNA coursing through our double helix or mitochondria! Ha! Along that same line it might be tough for some Chinese to share NuWa/Noah with the rest of the world! Ha! Probably as tough for Japhetites (Westerners) and Hamites (Cushites/Egyptians/Dravidians) and Shemites (Persians, Elamites, Arabs) to share Him with the others! Ha! It is called by some the “curse of nationalism!”

    Huang Di and Yan Di beat and got rid of Chi You and forced many Miao tribes to flee and migrate South, although 7 tribes submitted to the Han (?) and mixed with them.
    Just because the “Xia” or Yu left a legend does not mean that they were the only ones in China at the time. They, and the Miao, and Huang Di’s tribe were perhaps the only ones whose legends survived! Well, what about the Koreans? And how about the Thais with their legend of “Khun Borom”, their father “of all living!”

    According to Chinese mythology & legends (Fuxi) Nuwa originated from the “Kun Lun” Mountains (North of Tibet!) and was the “Mother of the West” or related to her! That sounds much like them coming overland from THE ultimate source of ALL the world’s tribes at that time: Mesopotamia! That’s where the tyrant Nimrod from the “dynasty” of Cush his father, was calling the shots over all tribes and families living at Babel in those days, most likely not only Cushites, but (like Obama today lords it over all races of Americans! 🙂  ), Nimrod and his occult wife Semiramis, lorded it over all the Shinar Valley (Mesopotamia) people, many of whom were Shemites as well, who were actually assigned that territory by Noah, acc. to legend!
    And Nimrod’s rule only continued until all these tribes (Including the “Proto-Chinese” of course!) were ALL scattered by the confusion of languages, as reported by many tribes’ legends! Also by the Miao for example.
    And so was the first real stop of the Proto-Chinese the KunLun Mountains perhaps? We will find out when we get the real history presented in 5D to us in Heaven! Ha!
    Kind regards,

    PPS: I would warn every SCHOLAR from whatever field he may be, to STEER AWAY & be extremely SKEPTICAL if using Wicked-Pedia as a source for study! It is NOT to be trusted because of its political and philosophical affiliations or even origins! It is closer to the NEWTHINK from George Orwell’s novel 1984! It has a Darwinian agenda, ridiculing or obfuscating everything and anything that does not subscribe to this paralytic paradigm of “Evolution”, this gross 150-year-old media & (aca)demia campaign to defeat religions, national sovereignty, families, and any other bulwarks that are independent of global governance. SHUN it!

  16. Chin K W
    November 25, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    Hi Lu

    I found your site when I google for information on Miao creation legend, nothing to do with the Facebook link you are trying to trace.

    It is good to be open minded and inclusive of differing views and ideas but unsubstantiated statement should be annotated as such, otherwise it could undermine the credibility of your site.

  17. Power Point Paradise
    November 26, 2013 at 1:53 am

    True. Thanks Chin! Come back again.
    Trying to piece Ancient History back together after 4,500 years, is like trying to write “Beetles” History after a thousand! Watch and Laugh loudly! Ha!

    We barely know what went on on the other side of town last week, what makes us think that “historical” accounts from 1,000 years ago are accurate enough to take seriously?

    There’s an old saying: “History is written by the winners.”

    It’s also written by people who lived in dry, arid climates and built in stone (like Egypt.) Why? Because their structures are far more likely to survive than people who built in wood and lived in the rain forest.

    Also, have you ever been to an abandoned factory?

    Would there be any way in a million years you could reconstruct was was built there, using what materials and methods and to what specification based on what remains?

    History is an interesting subject, but conclusions merit intense skepticism.

  18. December 6, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    My name is Garnet. I live in Rotterdam, Netherlands.I randomly stumble on powerpointparadise.com.
    I just want to say that I liked your blog post about “Chinese Mythology Clarified by Miao Legend Confirms Noah’s Flood History! – The Paradise Post”.

  19. December 12, 2014 at 6:15 pm


    Just read the entire article and posted it! (the pictures are not organized, hope we can fine tune it how you like it later, sir!)

  20. Power Point Paradise
    December 13, 2014 at 3:30 am

    Great Thanks! I am now working on making the video!

  21. kongmeng N Vang
    April 28, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    I am miao and this site shows flaw evidence of my culture and our myth. The names of those two survior of the flood were called Liam Lwm Twm Mim (their names) or Nkauj Muas Nraug nus (means sister brother).

  22. Power Point Paradise
    April 28, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Dear Kongmeng,

    Thank you for your kind comment. I am sure you are a sincere Miao person and represent one of the many tribes. In ancient times there were 11 main Miao tribes! NINE of them descended from Chi You while TWO descended from Huang Dou! Do you know which you descend from? And which arm of the many tribes do you belong to? Are you from the Chinese Miao tribes, the Indo-Chinese tribes in Thailand (Mew), or the Laotian Hmong, or the Vietnamese Hmong? Or Burmese?

    If you are from the Thai tribes, are you from Hmong Daw or Hmong Nua? If from Hmong Dao, are you Bai Miao, Chuan Miao, Hmong Der, Hmoob Dawb, Meo Kao, Pe Miao, Peh Miao, White Hmong, White Lum, White Meo, or White Miao? And which dialect? Hmong Gu Mba (Hmong Qua Mba, Striped Hmong, Miao Lai), Mong Leng, Petchabun Miao. If from Hmong Njua, are you from Mong Ntsua, Hmong Nzhua, Blue Hmong, Blue Meo, Tak Miao, Green Hmong, Green Meo, Qing Miao, Ching Miao, Lu Miao; Meo Dam, Meo Lai, Hmong Lens, or Hmoob Leeg? Which classification: Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Chuanqiandian?

    If you happen to belong to the Chinese Miao tribes, do you belong to the Long-skirt Miao, Long-horn Miao, or Gaoshan Miao? And which province are you from then? Are you from Guizhou, or Yunnan, or Hunan, or Hubei, or Hainan Province, or from the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture? And from which of the several branches are you? Are you a Black Hmong, White Hmong, Striped Hmong, or are you part of the assimilated Miao that mixed long ago with the Han Chinese?

    Concerning language, which of the three main dialects does your tribe speak: the dialect of western Hunan Province, the one of Eastern Guizhou Province, or the one of ChuanQianDian (Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan), and has your tribe’s dialect stayed pure over the millennia? As due to a long time living with the Han and other people, many can also speak the Chinese, Dong, and Zhuang languages. As a side note, many Miao have been writing their own Miao language based on Latin only since 1956.
    Thus it may very well be that the language, that the person –named Mr. Edgar Truax — who recorded this one tribe’s legends and songs from a tribe in China I believe, may be quite different from the dialect of your tribe, perhaps far removed in space, culture, language, dialect, and customs.

    I am very glad though that your tribe also recorded a Flood Legend like over 600 other nations, and that the names of Noah and his wife and his three sons and three daughters in law were actually recorded in your language as well. That just goes to show that the Global Deluge was a historical fact! If there is a huge or even a small difference in the names, don’t feel bad about it, because even nations and tribes in the West, or major civilisations, many only living a hundred KM from each other, had a total different name for Noah too! For example the Babylonians called him Utnapisthim while other Babylonians called him Zisudra which got mangled by the Greeks into Xisuthros! Isn’t that amazing? It goes to show the great diversity and number of Global Flood narratives… ALL OVER THE WORLD!
    There are however many nations that stayed much closer to the original name like Nur, Nu, Nu-Uh, Noh, Noah, Noahk, Noach, Noe, Nu-u, No, Nuwa, Nu Ah, and the list goes on. Even the Northern Indians called him ma-NU! But then again the Southern Dravidian Indians named him Satyavrata! Interesting diversity, eh?

    Anyhow, I guess you do believe in the Flood as a historical fact, because I imagine you believe the tradition and culture of your tribe more than the surrounding culture of the United States that your people perhaps fled to. The reason is that many Americans have left the culture traditions of their elders for the errant religion of Darwinism and Humanism instead of faith in the Creator that used to make their country great! So be careful not to pick up on the critical, skeptic, unbelieving, God-denying spirit of the people around you, because it is quite devastating to faith and simple trust in Jesus. Besides Amerika is now reaping the judgments of God for their very unbelief and rebellion against Jesus. If you DO live in the DSA (Divided States of Amerikah) I would try my best to get out as soon as possible, because nothing bur confusion, race riots, economic collapse, war, civil war, rounding up of Christians, and other “undesirables” is about to begin, where they will put them in concentration camps and even extermination camps, euphemistically called FEMA camps, and liquidate many of them.

    If you DO live in Vietnam or Laos, you may be a little bit better off, although your people have been also terribly persecuted by some of those very countries, or kicked out from Thailand! I know! I did humanitarian aid for your people’s refugees in the Hmong Camps of Sakorn Nakon and Nong Kai in the NorthEast Isarn of Thailand, many years ago, and know your lovely people well.

    Kongmeng, I pray for you and wish you all the best. And remember: As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the son of Man. One shall be taken and the other left. I pray that you have received Jesus and have become a Child of God rather than one of the tribes of Man, and have begun to identify with the Kingdom of God rather than nationalism of one nation only, and this way you have begun to join the true brotherhood of God! He is coming soon, Kongmeng, don’t let anyone steal your crown.
    Much Love & Peace in Jesus
    (someone who also gave up the narrow nationalistic confines of his former tribe!)Miaotsu Desend from Noah
    Chinese ancients descendants

  23. Kongmeng Vang
    August 24, 2015 at 7:47 am

    I do not believe nkauj muam nraug nus refers to noah, nu, or so on. It only refers to brother and sister. According to the original story, nkauj muam nraug nus was not the given name. The original name is Liam Lwm Rhw Mim. Hence, most of stories of the western miao can be traced by the Western Miao or Hmong Wedding teachers. In addition, Hmong in Sichuan has a better record of the story about Liam Lwm Rhw Mim because their rituals were not lost and influrence by missosionary and chinese. I have taken the time to record these rituals and stories. As for the other miao in other provinces, most have been influerenced by other tribes, Han chinese, and missionaries. Please, evaluate your hypothesis.

  24. Power Point Paradise
    August 24, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    We never stated that ‘nkauj muam nraug nus’ refers to Noah. You mentioned that name.
    There are multiple names for Noah in each tribe and nation of the 600 legends, and even many within the tribes! Like the Greeks had three names for Noah: They called Noah “Ouranoh, Nereus, and Deucalion!” Maybe your tribe, or the tribes you refer to, have a different name? But how could you presume to speak for all the multiple Miao tribes? You have seen from our last comment HOW MANY Miao tribes and dialects there are, all scatterred and subdivided from the original eleven tribes from the early Miao offspring of Yan Di and Chi You. I hope you are not implying that dedicated Christians influenced Miao legends and falsified history? Revelation says that “All liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire!” If so, you do not seem to realise how much missionary Christians who gave their lives to Christ and the Truth, are averse of lying and deception. Mr. Truax who discovered this legend and these song above was a dedicated missionary to China and had no reason to falsify legends. I hope you are not insinuating. He merely discovered and recorded them and had them translated. Wishing you Love & Peace
    PS: If your tribe has a different Flood legend and a different name, why don’t you share THAT story with us all? It’d be so interesting.

26 thoughts on “Fuxi Nüwa & Chinese Mythology Clarified by Miao Legend Confirms Noah’s Flood History!”

  1. Over the last couple of months my desire to find my true roots have grown intensely. After reading your article, the entire Bible and many other articles ( as well as watching hundreds of videos) I feel like my research is getting somewhere. I’ve prayed for God to reveal these truths to me – the dreams that I have, I believe are to be true, that the Hmongs are one of the lost tribes of Israel. But I have so many questions. Here it says that the Hmongs (Miao) are descendants of Yefet (Japheth), other sites claim that Ch’na (China) is the Greek word for Canaan; therefore we are not descendants of Japheth but of Canaan who is the son of Ham. On other sites, it is claimed that we are descendants of Shem who is known as Shennong in China. Hmongs are descendants of Chiyou and Chiyou is a descendant of Shennong (Shem). So I’m quite lost in my research as to which of these 3 brothers did the Hmongs come from.

    My biggest question/concern is….most of these articles speak of how the Hmongs (Miao) arrived in China after the flood. But I find it very hard to believe only because of the fact that, if they migrated east to China after the flood, then they weren’t apart of the Israel slaves in Egypt during the time of Moshe. But how can that be when most of our culture and traditional practices are found in the laws and commandments that YHVH gave Moshe after they crossed the Sea? After reading the entire Bible, I have over 140 pages of notes from the Bible in regards to cultural similarities. From name changes, marriage, agriculture to ritual beliefs there are so many identical factors. One of my theories is that the Hmongs didn’t migrate east until after the Babylonian exile.

    Can I speak with you in person? I feel like there’s more out there that can provide me with some answers. Maybe you can point me in that direction?


    1. My initial reply to your comment, would be that

        1. This was merely one tribe of the Miao among many of the 12 original tribes of Chi You.
        2. Ch’Na is not China but Canaan as mentioned such by the Egyptians.
        3. The Lost tribes of Israel are just that: LOST! And “lost” most likely in the sense that no one really knows what happened to them and that they mixed with the Gentiles, as the Samaritans were already and mixed up religiously even by the time of Jesus. I also don’t understand the desire of some to wanna BE one of the last tribes of Israel, other than that they think that raises their self esteem. But how can that be, when WE – those among us who have received and believed Jesus – ARE the Children of GOD! Much more glorious than any old Israelite would ever be. The Tauatha de Danan are purported to be descending from the tribe of Dan. The Japanese claim Hebrew origins because their Ark carrying and other traditions smell of Old Testament Hebrew customs, and the list goes on.
        4. As far as we understand and believe, the Miao people are indeed descendants of Chi You, a half brother of Yan Di, and they may have descended from Sin the grandson of Canaan, as I wrote in our article about Huang Di, which may have been Shen Nong Shi, a forefather of Huang Di by 14-17 generations, as he obviously lived a long time.

      But we can’t prove any of these mere theories. To be contnued at a later date


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  3. Wow! I was impressed by your findings up until your comment to Kongmeng Vang and your questions you were directing towards him. As much as you claim about knowing about the Miao (Hmong) and their cultures/traditions and their origin then you would know the answers to the questions you directed at him.

    The Hmong in the United States are from Laos. The ones who came from the jungles of Laos are illiterate peasants so majority wouldn’t know how to respond to your question. What they know are what was taught to them through oral literature (folklores), you should know that. So your questions were plain ignorant and VERY repetitive. Let me explain it to you.

    In the 2nd paragraph in your response to Kongmeng Vang and I quote
    “If you are from the Thai tribes, are you from Hmong Daw or Hmong Nua? If from Hmong Dao, are you Bai Miao, Chuan Miao, Hmong Der, Hmoob Dawb, Meo Kao, Pe Miao, Peh Miao, White Hmong, White Lum, White Meo, or White Miao? And which dialect? Hmong Gu Mba (Hmong Qua Mba, Striped Hmong, Miao Lai), Mong Leng, Petchabun Miao. If from Hmong Njua, are you from Mong Ntsua, Hmong Nzhua, Blue Hmong, Blue Meo, Tak Miao, Green Hmong, Green Meo, Qing Miao, Ching Miao, Lu Miao; Meo Dam, Meo Lai, Hmong Lens, or Hmoob Leeg? Which classification: Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Chuanqiandian?”

    Hmong Daw, Hmong Dao, Hmong Der, Hmoob Dawb, White Hmong, White Lum, White Meo and White Miao, Hmong Gu Mba are ALL JUST ONE and are not those of Thai tribes but a spoken dialect

    Mong Leng, Hmong Njua, Mong Ntsua, Hmong Nzhua, Blue Hmong, Blue Meo, Tak Miao, Green Hmong, Green Meo, Qing Miao, Ching Miao, Lu MIao, Meo Dam, Meo Lai, Hmong Lens, Hmong Leeg is ALL JUST ONE ALSO and it is not of a tribe but a spoken dialect also.

    Hmong Dawb translates to White Hmong. Hmong Leng and Hmong Green translates to Hmong Green. White and Green Hmong are not of tribes but spoken dialects which are the same dialect which is spoken in the Yunnan province in China.

    I suggest before you educate a native about their own culture, know what you are talking about first. You caught my attention with EVERYTHING about their origins and all but when I saw this response to Kongmeng Vang, I have to disregard ALL your claims because this small portion of “facts of yours” are not facts but it shows you don’t know what you’re talking about. Go educate yourself a bit more before you try to speak on it. Thank you for trying though. Kudos to you


    1. Dear Jenny,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I got other comments from overseas Hmong that “their tribe doesn’t have the same name or bloodline”, and as you correctly stated, they are mostly from Laos (and Vietnam) and have now become overseas AMERICAN Hmong!
      I admit I had grown a little weary at comments like that, more virulent than Vang’s, that didn’t pass under the limbo stick. But by the time Kongmeng Vang upteenth’s try to dismiss our thesis – because “his tribe’s bloodline does not mention Nu Ah” – a thesis which has little or nothing to do with overseas Laotian Hmong, as the tribe visited by Mr. Truax was a Mainland Chinese ‘Miao Zu’ tribe, far removed from Laotian Hmong – I purposely tried to discourage such despairing comments by my spicy reply to him. And lo and behold.. IT WORKED! But I guess it was just too spicy for you though. Sorry about that. You must have skipped over my many VERY patient replies to feisty Donovan the Shemite Indian below. But, regardless, the key question here, is: Should a scientific decision, whether our research & thesis makes academic sense or not, fully depend on one spicy reply to a sad-to-say Americanised now-feisty Hmong (Originally known for their kind Asian meekness and humility), rather than on solid logic and reasoning?
      I don’t claim to be educated in multiple Hmong tribes, I was merely making a point to Vang that not all overseas S.E. Asian Hmong are of the same tribe and/or dialect, not necessarily related to the indigenous Chinese Miao tribe in question, that never even left China!
      Jenny, it’s tough to negotiate comments, as you get a lot of detraction, spam, hate, or worse yet, having to deal with by-Californian-Marxist-‘educators’ brain-polluted “politically correct” snowflakes who base “science” on their feewings, sensitivity training, & Marxist weasel-words like micro-aggressions phobia, properly translated as super-sensitivity, lack of thick skin & good old debating resilience.
      Do you have a blog? Jenny? If so, you’ll know what I mean! But blogging is especially tough in our super-sensitive case of trying to restore TRUE history from the ashes of the Darwinian disinformation and faux pas that has fully bamboozled Western “intelligentsia”. To shake their programming, un-questioningly forced down their throats from kindergarten on up, is very very hard. Believe me. It is like combating Stockholm Syndrome. Smarmy atheist wannabe intellectuals who fully swallowed the elite propaganda line that “they are descended from African Lucy”, are almost as politically motivated as Communist Chinese that maintain that they are ostensibly a separate branch on the Hominid tree from “The Peking Man!” They are just as ‘li hai’ and almost as much opinionated on the subject… as I! 😉 although worse even than “Consensus Scientists” who believe that CO2 is a pollutant, mainly based on perceived “religious” implications that would cramp their Hedonist selfie style.
      Nevertheless, it is worth blogging on the subject and fighting the good old information war against the paralytic paradigm of the most deceived majority in history! So we just treat it ‘par for the course’. Anyhow, history proves that the majority was always wrong!
      Thanks for your comment, Jenny. 🙂
      Love and Peace!


  4. LU! You rule! Appreciate all your work and YES we are all descended from the 3 sons of Noah…from Noah…from 1st man Adam “DIRT” – very funny!


  5. Miaotzu is the origins of people 1) rising from the Earth, 2) the people whom Freezxib sent to the Earth, Miaotzu decent form Dhmeondrion, and Dnyheovlank


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