Ancient Chinese Dragons Rehabilitated from Myth to Historic Reality

A Chinese adage says, “One picture worth a thousand words!” Just look at this amazing painting, the description of which is: “Arhats (holy men) Ding Yun Peng. Ming dynasty, 1368 – 1644 BC, red and color on paper.” Here you see perhaps the earliest version of the traditional Chinese Dragon that adorns the roof of almost every temple in China. Will you just look at this 3.500 year old painting, please? And marvel? [this article is based on the fantastic picture research of Chris Parker from DO visit his amazing site.]


Now what is so amazing about this picture? Several things. It is probably the oldest version of the oft enhanced temple dragons, yet after 3500 years modern temple dragons still feature the same standard characteristics. To wit:

  • The square-looking, bearded mouth
  • The two thin antenna style feelers
  • The deer antler type horns at the back of the head
  • The scaled skin
  • The fierce round bulging eyes
  • The legs sticking out as if to catch the snake-like body in any contortion. (though its hind-legs are longer than Chinese dragons today!)
  • The crest on the head
  • The serrated back
  • The row of dorsal spines
  • The unscaled ribbed belly
  • The three forward clawed feet

ChineseTelephone-300x202Are you saying that from around 1650 BC (just before Moses!) until 2000 AD, the basic characteristics of Chinese Dragons have scarcely changed? Yup! that is what the evidence says, contrary to modern day historical academia which insists that these are mere “mythical creatures” that perhaps had some basis in reality, but was changed over thousands of years, because of what westerners call the “Chinese telephone” principle!

You know.. you whisper a story in the ear of your neighbour who tells the next one and after 10 people the story is totally changed!
Well such prejudice about Chinese people is quickly debunked here, by the way they faithfully transmitted the basic dragon characteristics over almost 4000 years hardly departing from the original!

Beowulf2We should perhaps call it “European Telephone” rather, considering the way they let the historicity of their own former dragons morph into “fables” in less than 150 years, because of this confused Charlie Darwin who didn’t grasp whispered truth at all!

Quackademia will of course relegate the Beowulf account to “myth”, along with gatekeeper Wicked Pedia! Yet Beowulf was true Danish history (that the poor Danish probably have been taught to reject) but I bet you that was less embellished than official English WW2 history that made that Churchill villain into a hero! What travesty of truth.

This is a testimony to the thorough faithfulness of the Chinese who stuck to their ancient traditions like glue, as if that wasn’t already obvious to most of the world. My goodness! And now modern mainstream politically correct historians want to blame us for not having observed the original animal as carefully as our honourable ancestors surely did? Hello? What are you smoking!


Chinese people lived with dragons, wrote about dragons, and pictured them just as carefully as the holy Arhats in the Ming picture above of 1650 BC. See below for its full size, and more very shocking ancient paintings of our ancestors using dragons to pull carts, as your Marco Polo testified to have seen in his famous travelogue! Sad-to-say most Western minds are now so fully impermeable to truth by the media and academia’s constant crass Darwinian propaganda that they can’t even conceive of live dragons in recent history!

Here follows more solid documentary proof as witnessed in their art, and it is not just the typical temple dragon either. China had lots of different types of dragons, as the art photos and paintings below will reveal to you.

First check out the obviously “dinosaur”-like looking 2000 yr. old Han dynasty dragon statue that is what they now call a Theropod from 65 million years ago! S-u-u-u-u-re. If you believe that, I have a golden bridge for sale for you too, in San Francisco. Very cheap!


How about this Tang dynasty Dragon? The Tang Dynasty was around 750 AD, when the Anglo Saxons invaded Britain of the “Welsh!” Not that long ago! Well the British have lots of eye witness accounts of dragons fighting together, or devouring a shepherd and or his sheep. See Geoffrey of Monmouth’s chronicles for that info.bronze-dragon_Tang

And what about this Song Dynasty dragon? The Song (Sung) dynasty (960 – 1279 AD) followed the Tang, and was around the time of the Crusades! Not that long ago! Obviously the Chinese still had and saw dragons! It is a big country after all with lots of room to procreate. Also the silver one below was more anatomically correct than the modern Darwinian conception made from mere bones! They saw this “prosauropod” ‘Long‘ (Chinese for Dragon!) walk, with its knees bending backwards!


Obviously Chinese dragons were not only traditional serpent-like temple roof dragons, but featured many different kinds. They are actually pictured in greater and more accurate detail than the fanciful dinosaur graphic designers of the yellow ‘National Porneographic’ and ‘Science So-called’ magazines, could ever come up with!

Lets go back in time now! Have you ever seen a 1700 BC Shang dynasty dragon à la “Tyrannosaurus Rex?” Sure, because of stylising it misses the little front arms, but it is mighty close! Much better skin detail than anything we’ve ever seen on Tyrannos of ancient European art or even in today‘s mainstream media “dino” art! That is one mean dragon!


Why so much finer detail? Well, today’s evolutionary artists have nothing else than skeletons and bones to go by, apart from their wild imagination judging by the overly colourful exaggerated models we are forced to see in every “scientific” Darwinian publication and TV program. Here, take a look at these amazing paintings from Wu Bing during the Ming Dynasty, only some 500 years ago. This ought to wake some people up out of their media induced sleep.


Chinese riding bulls or oxen and on dragons!


Erhats riding on dragons and on cattle.


Horses and Dragons pictured together pulling chariots! Wu_Bin_Ming_Dynasty-560x313

Whereas ancient Chinese artists and sculptors however, had no dogmatic bone in today’s bloody religious fight between opposing paradigms and worldviews. They merely saw the animals walking around in living color and live nature! Perhaps not only from a distance, but sometimes in horrifying close ups, as Welsh (British) King Morvidus did, when he was “gulped down like a fish” by a huge dragon that threatened his town, as reported in British history, relegated by Darwinian religionists to “mythology“, their “hyst(e)orical experts” pseudo-scientific dissing term for true historical accounts!

But who cares! I and thousands of other alternative historians don’t give a hoot anymore what Wicked Pedia or the Historical Academic elite prescribe as true historicity. Why? Because they are pathetic end-products of today’s elite – hijacked false academia which dares to dictate and define which historical accounts are real and kosher! And they’re not!

Because their Darwinist religion dictates that veritable historicity revolves around a presumed patriarchy of stone-age, cave-dwelling, knuckle-dragging morons with an IQ of 27. Mainstream historian “luminaries” reduced themselves to blind guides of the blind falling into their own narrow-minded, make-believe little hysterical ditch.

They are so blind that they dismiss all pre-Columbian global ocean-travel as “non science!” Can you believe it! Whereas Egyptian hieroglyphs are found in Australian caves, Phoenician inscriptions on Argentinian rock faces and many other instances, and while pottery from Tiahuanaco features proto-Sumerian writings, the Chinese left jade in Mexico, and Jomon pottery in Equador, and Zheng He –before Columbus!- sailed to E-Africa, Australia, and to ‘Fu-Sang’, now wrongly called “America” because of this Johnny-come-lately explorer Amerigo Vespucci.



Equador Valdivian pottery Left – Jomon pottery right!

Comrade-217x300Let’s face it, not only the mainstream media and even government institutes like NIST (in the case of 9-11!) are hijacked by elitairian globalists, but academia as well! Not just in CO2 phobia, but in other sciences as well!

Whatever is not politically correct is quickly denounced as “pseudo-science!” They are more brazenly dictatorial and intolerant than Roman Catholic Church academia ever was in the Galileo affair! They never called Galileo’s discoveries “pseudo-science” as far as I remember. They merely tried to minimise its influence on their theology! Later they even renounced their resistance to Galileo’s science.

But now? The masses are brain-polluted by false historical paradigms hobbled by the paralytic interpretation of history that we are the smartest evolutionary genetic culmination of a long line of ape-like ascendants. What travesty of a naked emperor! It is precisely the opposite.


Largest-Dog-by-Height-Gibson-1-260x260Before and after the devastating Global Deluge Disaster recorded in over 400 legends and histories, man was much smarter than the pathetic left-over of our genetic pool today. We compared to original man are like the Chihuahua to a Wolf!

You can almost tell by how modern man has become so gullible and naive that they have hardly any discernment left to see how they are being taken for a religious ride! They don’t even realise how much the media are hijacked and that they’re being lied to! They just hunker down in front of their televisions and swallow all the nonsense Upcovery Channel and Hysteria Channel are dishing up to them as Gospel truth!

Believe me and thousands of alternative scientists and historians, Noah, Shem, Ham (Amun-Ra!), Japheth, Canaan, and their descending early (proto-) Sumerians, Egyptians (khemites or Hamites), Dravidians of Dwarka, early Chinese, and other early civilisations, sailed the early oceans with astronomical knowledge that modern Europeans only attained to recently!

These post-diluvian survivors of the very smart first Pangea civilisation were far smarter than dumbed-down modern man, but he’s too proud to admit it. They don’t want to own up to the fact that they’ve been ordinarily brainwashed by the Elitairian mass re-programming campaign of Darwinist “New Speak!” They actually “believe” they descended from another species, and swallowed all that real pseudo-science that they are the result from billions of beneficial genetic mutations instead of deleterious ones. When Dawkins was asked to name just one known beneficial gene mutation he couldn’t come up with even one!

So what are you gonna stick with? With this fully fabricated fantasy paradigm designed to dismiss the Creator of our Universe in order to enslave humanity? Or can you still get your brain genes together enough to realise that we’ve been had on a frigging grand and gross scale! If you do not, you’ve already been neutered and enslaved, and you might as well get a chip and go down the drain. I’m sorry for you.

But if you can shake the fake programming, then there is hope for you. You may recognise our true history and your true patriarchs and their bloodlines, who fought and struggled and defeated “dinosaurs” or as they were/are rightfully called… Dragons!

Chinese are not stupid and even honour dragons as mighty creatures of God, even though some of our Academia here have also been hijacked by dim Darwinism. But not all yet, thank God, and many are waking up out of their enforced state  of educational slumber.

Are you? We hope so.


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