Veracruz Ballplayer, Venta Stele, Megaliths, & More Solid Proofs of Early Cross-Atlantic Ocean Travel

Valdivian & Jomon (China Japan) pottery virtually identical

The orthodox, stultified, mainstream historians – those that do it for money!- will never allow Cross Atlantic Sea and Ocean travel! Why? Because it doesn’t jive with the paraplegic paradigm of Darwinism. If they’d ever look further than their noses, they could easily tell that South & North America were discovered long ago before 1492 when Mr. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. No big deal, because long before the “proto” Indians allegedly crossed the Bering Strait, others had long ago crossed by ship to the “Americas.”

3000 Yrs Old Chinese Anchors California

The Chinese had already done it a thousand or more years before Christ, as witnessed by the Chinese stone anchors found under the Pacific off of San Diego California, and so did the Jomon people from Japan and East China, as proven by Betty meggers of the Smithsonian that Equador’s Valdiva pottery was identical to Jomon pottery.

And the Taiwanese – forefathers of most Oceanic peoples & related to the Hawaiians – obviously crossed long before that, and the Easter Islanders are related to the Basques in North Spain, while their Rongo Rongo script (right) shows remarkable similarity with the Harrapan Indus Valley script in India. (left)


But even earlier, Ham and his children, Yapheth and son Atlas, Misraim and son Naptuhim (Neptune) the Atlanteans, Shem and grandson Peleg of the Pelasgians & Mycaenians, and even the African Olmec later around 1500 BC at the end of the REAL Ice Age, all had long crossed over into South America.
How do we know that? By their chronicles and visibly by the art they left behind.

The Oannes Baskets

Look at the composite picture above. You see Sumerian so-called “Oannes” portraits. Oannes was a legendary sea traveler who according to Berossus was dressed in a fish skin, using the fish head as a mitre, long before the Dagon worshippers began using fish-head mitres in their worship sessions, forerunners of Roman Catholic clergy head gear! One possible explanation of that could be that they tried to protect themselves from sunlight not wanting to get sunburned on their open ships or turn black, like the African offspring of Cush did! They were considered to be superior beings or gods, seeing that they came up out of the seas and taught them how to run their societies, do agriculture, and sciences. These direct descendants of Noah were highly respected.

One can clearly see above that all of these Oannes figures had some sort of basket in their hands, even Indian Vishnu and Chinese Fuxi and Nuwa did! Those Oannes figures originated from Sumeria in the Middle East. But the one in the lower right corner of the composite picture is on the famous Venta Stele in MEXICO! The god has a sailor on the bottom in a boat ALSO holding an Oannes type basket!

And if that is not enough proof that the “Mexican” Mayans — children of ‘Maia’ daughter of Atlas & Pleione — also came across King Atlas’ Atlantic Ocean, then just have a look at the Veracruz ballplayer on the right here, and see what he is holding in his hands. Right! Another Oannes basket!

Any Other Art Proofs?

But that was only the Oannes basket relationship. There are many other artifacts from ancient South American art. Look at the Aztec calendar below, somehow it sports the Zoaroaster winged sun god! And what do Mainstream Darwinians say? Oh the usual smarmy snubs, slurs, pejoratives and jibes, like “pseudo archaeology”, “fringe science”, and other ad hominims. Just like their Marxist Climate Change Warmista comrads do; “The debate is over. These is a consensus. We know better.”

Then there are the identical sculptures from Assyria and found also in S. America of the late Father Crespi’s collection in Ecuador!

And how about the Fuente Magna bowl found in Tiahuanaco! On the outside there are Andean figures, but on the inside is Sumerian writing! What? There were Sumerians in Tiahuanaco? Well, how would you explain it?

Actually the Sumerians were one of the few earliest people around there in those early ancient days when Sumeria was still one of the few first civilisations in the world, right after the Flood! Like Egypt and Atlantis.

It was the ancient patriarchs from Sumeria and Egypt and their offspring -many of whom were giants! – who spread themselves into many corners all over the world via their ships, and had already arrived in Peru before was finished being built and were suddenly destroyed when this harbour was raised some 3000 M up into the air and the “sun temple” partly destroyed!


Lake Titicaca and the Andes mountain ranges were only formed shortly after the Flood, when the continents began traveling away from each other and were separated. Not by Darwinian “tectonic subduction”, mind you, but by hydro-planing. But contrary to popular opinion that division did not take place immediately at the end of the Flood! We willl look into WHEN the Earth was really divided!

The Day Earth Was Really Divided!

earth_rupture_global_viewThe crusts were cracked along the rips caused by the super-critical water-fountains of the deep! They had cut the Pangaea mono continent into pieces, when the mantle at the bottom of the cracks rose up by pressure from below. They soon became so high that they suddenly caused the oceanic crusts to slip and slide away from each other in opposite directions.
Did you realise, that as far as we can tell, our earth is the only planet in our solar system that has a cracked crust and fault lines? And rock strata of flood layers?

These new continents riding on the water below or “hydro-planing”, began to travel at speeds of 40-50 Kph. They only came to a standstill when they ran into obstacles thousands of kilometers later! Then the still rather soft crustal layers rippled and buckled into pacific mountain ranges found next to the oceans, like the Andes and Rocky Mountains, as well as deep oceanic trenches underwater.

The Tiahuanaco constructions, by these (so-called “proto”) Sumerians, probably giants, were toppled and destroyed, and the land on which they stood plus a considerable body of sea water was instantly raised thousands of meters into the air, that became Lake Titicaca, the highest salt water lake in the world! lostSeaoftheAndes

That also explains the giant sea-clams and sea-fossils on top of the Andes. (as well as on the Himalayas!)
History is much easier if not controlled by some ‘scientific’ paradigm!

OystersAndesMollusks AmazonianMummyPeruAndes-June2014045

You must understand, Peru, Bolivia, Nazca, and Mexico were initially not that far from Africa and Europe at all, in the days before Peleg, patriarch of the Pelasgians. It says in Genesis 10, that Peleg means division”, “for in his days the EARTH was divided!” EarlyCrackedEarth

If you reckon that the straits caused by the cracks of the crusts and fountains of the Earth were initially not that wide, perhaps tens of kilometers of missing ejected eroded rock, you realise that they were still close together… until they started moseying away from each other, when the oceanic mid-rifts lifted themselves up, and set the crustal plates into motion!


Here are the huge grooves and hieroglyphs found in the Earth near Titicaca.

Quote from

This satellite image (above) is a portion of the Andean foothills surrounding Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, South America. It is a small sample of a vast network of patterns that surround the lake and extend for more than one hundred miles south into the Bolivian desert.

The patterns display geometric repetition and intelligent design. There are interlocking rectangular cells and mounds, perfectly straight lines and tree like arrays that are uncharacteristic with natural erosion. These cover every topographical feature of the high plateau surrounding the lake, over flood plains, hills, cliffs and mountains.

Although these geoglyphs are remarkable in their obvious strangeness, what is more astounding is that they have remained in obscurity until now. In the same way modern archeologists recently found the ruins of hidden Mayan temples in the Guatemalan jungle by using earth orbiting satellites, we have discovered what could be one of the greatest finds of our time.

Directly South of Lake Titicaca the foothills are embossed with mound and rope arrangements of earth and rock. These form a contiguous ‘geomantic’ and ‘circuit like’ network visible only from the air.

The combined mass of the walls on these mountains below easily rivals Hadrian’s 73 mile long wall in England.

The Greatest Proof of All of Intercontinental Sea Travel

The greatest proof never brought up, perhaps because it is the largest proof as well, are the megaliths themselves. They are identical polygonic constructions that are literally found in almost every part of the World!

They are so similar, that with anyone of them it is impossible to insert a razor-blade or sheet of paper between their gigantic stones. The are found in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, in south America of course. But they are in no wise the only ones, although these are mostly harped on. But they are also found in the Old World, and especially in Egypt of course, and Greece and Italy. Greece and Italy which are the spots where the Pelasgians lived and based from, are full of megaliths, just as intricate as those of Peru.

The most recent interesting discovery is the gigantic monoliths and megaliths in Siberia Russia, which are huge, of the caliber of the Baalbek stones. And to prove that the Ice Age happened recently, a couple of centuries after the 2400 BC Flood, it shows Bronze Age megaliths submerged below the oceans and seas, in many places, even here in Taiwan near Penghu island and Yonaguni island which is very similar to the Peruvian one above water. It is the sudden 125 M. (300 ft) sea level rise of around 1500 BC. mainstream historians never talk about anymore, since they got the note on their desk that it proves an undesired recent ice age! But that won’t do, of course.


Anapa8Above: Russia’s Megaliths Below the Black Sea Near Anapa City

Now have a look at the Greek megalith you probably never heard about.

More Proofs of Similar Cross Oceanic Architecture!

The exact same measurements found in two pyramids, the one in Giza Egypt, the other in Teotihuacan Mexico. And then all the virtual identical megalithic architecture in Asia and South America.

But of course, academia being what it is, a tyranny and squelch on real science and real history, according to Darwinian directives, is not free to do real science anymore, the good old empirical kind a la Karl Popper. But the (qu)academics want to keep their jobs, so they keep their mouths shut, in order to to keep their pay checks coming in. And that is the sorry state of Historical departments of this rigged world. May you all speak up and destroy the peer pressure they promote.

God bless you with a healthy paradigm shift. Love & Peace,


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