Frantic police chase snarling, rampaging dinosaur

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mokeleDinosaur encountered in Rabaul a village on this island.A truly terrifying dinosaur sighting occurred in the volcanically active region of Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Near the earthquake damaged village of Rabaul, just several miles south of the provincial capital of Kokopo, screaming villagers breathlessly reported an attack by a giant, unknown creature.

Heavily-armed police hunt dinosaur

Authorities, hearing the detailed and vivid descriptions, recognized it immediately as a dinosaur sighting. They rushed to dispatch a heavily-armed police unit to track down the rampaging beast.

According to the account published by the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald (Hunt For A Dinosaur On Mysterious Volcanic Island), villagers from the province of East New Britain fled terror-stricken after encountering a 10-foot tall creature that was gray, had a head shaped like a dog, and a long tail like a crocodile.

The badly shaken natives who encountered the frightening beast told police the creature seemed to be inhabiting a dense marsh near the capital.

An unidentified government official confirmed to the paper that a 6-man police unit armed with shotguns and M-16 automatic rifles responded to the call. After thoroughly searching the area for several hours—with the assistance of some of the braver villagers carrying machetes—they found no trace of the creature.

None of the policemen, however, were willing to search for the monster amongst the thick foliage, twisted vines and mosquito-infested swamp where several of the eyewitnesses insisted the creature fled after the startling encounter.

Kokopo’s Mayor Albert Buanga reportedly stated during the hunt that if the dinosaur existed, it would make a great a tourist attraction.

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Eyewitnesses described it as an Iguanodon.

Eyewitness reports

The Australian newspaper was able to obtain eyewitness testimony of the creature from reporters at a PNG newspaper.

One witness, Christine Samei, told PNG reporters she ran for her life after seeing a 10-foot tall, gray creature with a head like a dog and a tail like a crocodile. She described the animal as being as big as a 278-gallon water tank.

That’s pretty big.

“It’s a very huge and ugly looking animal,” Samei told the local media.

After the incident, other villagers also identified the beast. The said it resembled one of the illustrations in a picture book about dinosaurs. All the eyewitnesses agreed on what they saw.

“They told us it was a dinosaur,” the government official told the press. “It looked like one called the Iguanodon.”

After the police learned the creature was scavenging in the area and had already eaten three large dogs, Senior Sergeant Leuth Nidung cautioned the villagers and urged them to be wary when going about their business. He further instructed them to immediately report any more encounters to the police force.

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Iguanodon’s were from 10 to 14 feet tall.

PNG a Stone Age land

PNG is a savage, almost prehistoric place. The peoples that inhabit the island are steeped in traditions that are warlike and bloodthirsty. Officially, headhunting came to an end sometime during the 1930s.


Cannibalism flourished. Certain tribes seemed caught in a time warped, Stone Age existence.

Species of new life are discovered on PNG regularly. There are many places for animals of any size to hide and a naturalist once remarked that a division of armored tanks could be hidden within parts of the PNG rain forest and a passerby would never spot the—even if only 20 feet away.

In such wild, unknown territory, is it really so impossible that some vestiges of a species thought long dead might actually have survived the travails of time? A species like the dinosaurs, perhaps?

And why not?

Could not some dinosaurs have survived the cataclysms that rocked the misty past. Science has now documented the turmoil, the upheavals, the disasters that plagued this planet over the eons.

Is it really so impossible that some dinosaurs may have weathered the catastrophes that befell the planet?

No, it’s not impossible.

Dinosaurs are still known to exist – it’s a fact

Researchers have some sparse evidence that tiny communities of Woolly Mammoths may have survived as late as the days of the Vikings. Amerindians and the Inuit speak of the giant, hairy beasts that were spotted wandering some of the shores of the icy Aleutian Islands near the Bearing Strait only 800 years ago.

Reports of Pterosaurs have surfaced through the years from PNG and some of its outlying islands. Although dismissed as Frigate birds, the creatures have been video recorded at night and emit a luminescent glow. Frigate birds are not nocturnal and have never been reported to have a bio-luminescent glow.

And it is a documented fact that a species of real, honest-to-goodness dinosaurs are still living in New Zealand today. They’re even a tourist attraction!

Yes, it’s good to be a skeptic, but not to the point where one becomes a knee-jerk debunker.

The dinosaurs live.



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