The Geological Strata Mystery: Where did all that ROCK come from?

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Global 2-8 KM deep rock strata! An unexplained enigma!

When I looked at this picture above, at the multiple rock strata of the 2 km deep gouge into the Colorado plateau of the Grand Canyon, something suddenly struck me. I began to wonder how all these thick layers of rock were ever laid? At first I only wondered, “How did the geological strata come into existence?” But when it suddenly dawned on me that these strata are not just down in the Grand Canyon, but that there are kilometers-deep strata existent below our feet worldwide under every continent, I had an epiphany! Where on earth did all that kilometers deep dirt come from? Where did it originate? Did it fall from space? From other planets? Was it dug from the holes the oceans are in? Or what?! It must have come from somewhere! But from where?”

[Meanwhile this post has now been vindicated by this Geological Research Paper: Most Unknown Revolutionary Geological Research Paper EVER, Ignored by Academe! ] SEE GRAPHIC BELOW (article coming soon)GEOLOGICAL-STRATIFICATION

When ‘Startpage-ing’ this enigma, I found very few scientists posing this question, even creationists strangely enough, but also few evolutionists tried to tackle this intriguing question, and no one provided any real plausible answer to this enormous mystery. Either, geologists hardly ever think much about this “minor” detail, or they studiously try to ignore this enormous ‘elephant in the room‘!

The Postulate Uniformitarianism Set as Playing-Field

I discovered though that the basic postulate [foregone conclusion or basic ground-rule laid down in advance] of evolution, is its concept of ‘uniformitarianism’. This theory states that the way everything is occurring today is the way it has always occurred on our planet. This theory has strong bearing on the rock strata, as one website stated:

Since no more than an inch of sediment is presently being laid down each year in most non-alluvial areas, therefore no more than this amount could have been deposited yearly in those places in the past.”  And… “Since there are thick sections of rock containing fossils, therefore those rocks and their contents must have required millions of years to be laid down.”

That was the uniformitarians’ only ‘Genesis’ I could find.  The opposing–and of course anathema–viewpoint and postulate is labeled “catastrophism!” It teaches that there has been a great catastrophe in the past—a global Flood—which, within one year, laid down all worldwide sedimentary rock strata, while simultaneously entombing flora and fauna contained within them, which under immediate pressure became instant fossils.


Darwinism of course–basically being an anti-religion theory — was bound to reject catastrophism off hand.

Nevertheless, because uniformitarianism by definition could not explain the instant simultaneous death of the dinosaurs, they had to come up with a solution for the massive extinction, without it becoming too catastrophic, as that would open the door for a worldwide Flood as well! And that wouldn’t do, of course.

dinosaurfootprints [photo: Dino footprint tracks fleeing the flood?]


One ‘small’ exception to their own rule

The observed mass extinction of dinosaurs (actually of all animals and humans!) has no explanation through uniformitarianism. (what a word!) And so they had to make a “small” dispensation of grace, just a tiny exception to their postulated theory, that yes, actually, indeed, there was just ONE  small, little catastrophe that selectively wiped out the dinosaurs alone!


Otherwise, the dinosaurs were wiped out by this other catastrophe, the one they don’t like,for some reason, that global Deluge documented in about 500universal Flood, man & family survived on a boat with animals” accounts from almost every nation and ethnic group around the world, plus in the Quran, on four Sumerian & Babylonian tablets, and in the Bible, which they of course reduce to myths!
“Why? Because they are not scientific! Hello-oo?”

AsteroidHitTheirlittle” catastrophe — which has no myths or recorded human records to back it up — doesn’t seem to hurt their postulated uniformitarianism too much! It was “just one little asteroid that hit earth, just big enough to selectively wipe out all dinosaurs worldwide, (before Man had even evoluted!) merely leaving a little record of a ring of iridium around the Caribbean.”


Apart from that “one little asteroid” they proffer no other major catastrophes, like “millions of exploding volcanoes” or something, to account for the depositing of all those kilometers-deep trillions of tons of globally deposited dirt! Un-believeable!

Yes, there were some alluvial river deposits, plus “an inch of non-alluvial deposits each year“, but one yearly inch can get pretty high when you postulate billions of years as well! Voila!


So where DID all these layers come from?

All this still doesn’t explain, and I still like to know, “where did all these kilometers high huge global layers of dirt and rock come from?”  If it came from space, then there must have been at least waves of asteroids, many more than that Caribbean one. But that wouldn’t jive with uniformitarianism, so erase that quickly!

Perhaps it wasn’t even an inch deposit per year –as some figured– maybe it was only 10 MM per year! But as the Rolling Stones used to sing “Ti-i-i-ime… is on our side! Yes it is!” Because… the Earth is thought by them to have come into existence approximately 4,6 billion or 4,600 million years ago, as those very layers whisper to them, because they have all the evolved fossils in them, without the missing links!

But that just confirms how long it has actually been, because the missing links were all in the earliest strata which don’t exist anymore, just as “we don’t come from monkeys, as both monkeys and we come from primates long ago” which are also missing. I think that’s how the narrative runs. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Like Lucy! Lucy is really an exception, but then they only found some of her bones scattered over a square kilometer or so. An exception because she is kind of close to the primates, which are the missing links! So, we shouldn’t complain that we found only a few bones of Lucy, as she is actually also “missing” and “postulated” as such,

Photo Daniel Meyer

and we should actually be really happy that we at least have something of her at all.

SEDIANIMAnd so it came to pass that I understood that evolutionary geologists believe that the kilometers deep geological strata were gradually deposited over billions of years, at a rate of an inch or some millimeters per year. And time being on their side, uniformitarianists explain:

“Since no more than an inch or so of sediment is presently being laid down each year, in most non-alluvial areas, therefore no more than this amount could have been deposited yearly in those places in the past.”

“No more than an inch per year??”

By the way, from which peer-reviewed research by who, did these geologists derive this “yearly inch” et al?

But lets just assume that that “yearly global inch” is true, the question still remains, “Where did/does that world-wide inch of dirt come from? I wonder, IF that’s really the case, how does that materialise? One inch per year laid down without floods.. globally?

Do you realise how much 1 inch per year amounts to globally? Earth’s 149 million km2 land-surface times one inch makes for 3 784 600 000 000 m3 which equals 3,784,600,000 cubic kilometers! Three trillion, 784 million, 600 hundred thousand cubic kilometers every year! That is a lot of dirt! That sure would make headline news!


digdirtI personally didn’t see our local park develop an inch of dirt elevation last year, let alone all of Taipei, nor one foot in 12 years,  except some parts where workmen deposited some dirt, but it had no fossils in it and they dug that dirt from some other hole.

I mean, we’re talking trillions of tons of dirt here! Even if it did take a looooong time, where did all these pebbles, rocks, boulders, mixed inside those dust and dirt strata originate from, if deposited inch by yearly inch?

Another related question is: If it came from an inch per year, how come the strata consist of all different kinds of rock? Did it rain granite for 120 years, then 95 inches or years of sandstone, and then did it rain 80 inches of vegetation for 80 years to create a coal layer?

CoalSeamBesides, it would have to be 10 x 80=800 inches, or 800 years!, as the original plant matter gets pressed down to a tenth of its original size into coal! So how on earth did that 20 meter vegetation mat get to be fossilised before it decomposed into compost slime, those first 799 years without the needed pressure of the missing rock layer on top? How does that make any sense?


What caused this weird stratification of all these different types of dirt? Climate change? Wow! That would have asked for some radical climate-change indeed! Those coal-seams were definitely carbon-driven, but of course “no footprints!” Not too sure if it was “anthropogenic.” Ha!


Plus–and this is a much tougher question–where did all the fossils inside those yearly inch-by-inch layers come from? How could plants, fish, trilobites, worms and leaves, ever have been preserved under the mere pressure of just one yearly inch of dirt, if it took so long? They would have decayed into slime and dust long before there was enough inches of dirt and pressure to actually fossilise them!


Those are all quite devastating questions, if you ask me! But sad-to-say most people don’t ask questions! They just swallow all the propaganda, hook line and sinker. Even most “intellectuals!”


The Grand Canyon reveals layer upon layer of rock to a depth of 6,000 feet. (2 KM) So that would make 6000 x 12 inches = 72,000 inches divided by 1 or 2, accounts for at least 72.000 to 36.000 years, to form the height of the Grand Canyon.

But the question still remains; Where did that one worldwide inch depositing dirt come from in that relatively short time, plus all the fossils contained inside, especially if this was all considered non-alluvial!?  Those 36-72.000 years must have been quite catastrophic, yet that is not allowed. And what happened during the other millions/billions of years. Did it stop raining dirt?


If the dirt was “deposited“, as they postulate, it must have come from above, from some higher position! So do they figure that it must have rained from erupting volcanoes or space dust or something?

But they also state, that space dust adds very little to the level of the earth’s present layer, so I guess they mainly count on volcanoes spewing dirt and spreading it equally high worldwide! Because when you look at the Grand Canyon layers…or layers anywhere, they all look pretty equal to me, pretty evenly thick. So how did all those billions of tons of dirt get deposited so equally and did it actually come from volcanoes in their minds!?

Just in these last 2000 years Naples’ volcano Vesuvius produced perhaps only 10-20 meters dirt directly around Vesuvius, like Pompeii. But the rest of the Napoli area hardly rose any at all. Same story in 1890 when Krakatoa island blew sky high in Indonesia!

Only places like Hawaii, Iceland and other highly active volcanic areas, do provide enough dirt for surrounding areas to rise substantially, but also not wider than the volcanic islands themselves. And these deposits are always mostly ash & pumice from lava streams, and these lava flows are burning hot, so of course they were without any animals or fossils!

And so that still leaves that nagging yet very important question: “Where did the worldwide giga tons of fossil-containing dirt come from, if not from volcanic eruptions?” And in all such different constitutions as well: limestone, sandstone, granite, etc. How did it ever rain granite?

As fossils are found in almost all strata, obviously these must have been deposited by some other kind of depositing medium than volcanic eruptions, because the kind of volcanic eruptions that could perhaps produce equal level global deposits of dirt, must have been super-catastrophic global events, the kind that would have blocked out the sun and prevented life from continuing on Earth, much more devastating than their postulated comet-strike that “wiped out most of the dinosaurs”, which deposited “only a thin layer of iridium” and some other stuff in the Caribbean.
So back to square one! Where DID the fossil-laden dirt come from?!

grandcanyon2The fossil record purportedly contains a record of all the billions of years of life on earth. If it takes “100 million years” for an invertebrate to evolve through transitional forms into a fish, the fossil strata should show vast numbers of the in-between forms. But they never do! Scientists discuss these facts among themselves; they have a responsibility to tell them to the public, and where the dirt came from.

I’ll put it to you. IF… there had been no Bible and no resulting religion of Love cramping humanity’s selfish style, scientists would have had no problem whatsoever with a universal catastrophic flood theory! I’ll tell you, they would have come up with it themselves, because the facts on the ground fit that scenario as-a-glove, far better than the “inch-of-space-dust over millions of years” fallacy!

The ‘Embarrassing’ Founder of Geology

Nicholas-StenoThe father of geology was in fact a Bible- and Flood-believing Christian; Nicolaus Steno (1631–1686). Evolutionist geologists only care to mention that he is the Father of Geology, but don’t harp on what he believed of course! Steno’s geologic history of Tuscany—considered the first geologic history ever developed, described the process of strata forming in Tuscany Italy as follows:

“And the form of these strata bears witness to the presence of a fluid, while the substance bears witness to the absence of heterogeneous bodies. But the similarity of matter and form in the strata of mountains which are different and distant from each other, proves that the fluid was universal.

“During Creation Week the strata were deposited horizontally. Huge cavities were eaten out as the water receded, which collapsed the strata and formed valleys and mountains. Noah’s Flood deposited new strata which were also undermined as the water receded, to collapse and form the present landscape.”

assuageI think the Father of (true) Geology had the right idea where the giga-tons of dirt came from, and where the huge holes and disruptions in these same geological strata, like the 2 KM deep gouge of the Grand Canyon HOLE in the flat earth of Nevada and Colorado, and like all the break-offs in all the worldwide plateaus that suddenly stop high in mid air, originated.


I postulate, based on the evidence, that there was a catastrophic global flood once upon a recent time and that that’s where all the giga-tons of dirt deposits worldwide came from. From a devastating global deluge! If you dare to think for yourself, what do you think?


“Leftovers from a crash with the moon that gouged out the Pacific ocean!” Oh really? Wow! (Nobel prize material like Obama!)

Do you now begin to understand why mainstream geologists evade this subject, this nagging question? Because answering it would lead to such a massive construct, fabrication, or fake theory, that the make-believe of it would stick out as a sore stinking thumb! It would cause many people to lose even more faith in the long crumbling Darwinian paradigm.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the powers-that-be will not stand for! They will not allow their prized historical mass-media victory over, and proud conquest of billions of human minds to fail! That’s why they keep on drilling this meme hammering it in with every damn “nature & science” documentary, and why they stuff it down our throats on the front pages of their hundreds of thousands of global glossy multi-lingual magazines!

A Strange Anomaly

This here artifact in East Turkey happens to be the exact same length as Noah’s ark description in the Book of Genesis, and it is situated in the mountains of Ararat, the exact same place where it landed according to Moses, the Quran, Josephus, and other Middle Eastern historians like Berosus.


If these are not the remains of Noah’s boat, there must have been some other guy who built another same-size old boat that got petrified in the mountains of Ararat! We wish you great success in doing your own research in your life-quest for truth, while the internet is still free and fair. But don’t hold your breath too long. They are working on stifling all dissent, and seeing most people are born media-slaves, it won’t be long! Farewell! — Lu.



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