Earth’s 2.345 BC Axial Tilt & Other Cover-Ups Never Mentioned & Fully Ignored even by ‘Alternative’ Historians!

By Lu

Conspiracy-theorist-tin-foil-hat-300x225The greatest cover-up would be one nobody would believe nor consider to be a cover-up! It would consist of a fact everybody considers to be true, yet would be the greatest lie ever told, in plain sight. In other words, if you would try to expose it to people, they would snicker and laugh you to scorn, as they are taught to consider the skeptics stupid or uneducated dupes!

Go ahead and snicker, but I’m going to blow the whistle on this thing anyway, even though many may stop reading once they figure out which one it is. But I’ll try to build my case slowly and break it to you with little known scientific facts and proofs before you figure it out and react in programmed disgust.

No, this is not a conspiracy like the sinking of the Maine, or the Lusitania, or of the USS Liberty, or pre-knowledge about Pearl Harbor, CIA plots against J.F. Kennedy, R. Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr., Martin Luther King, John Lennon, or the Gulf of Tonkin, nor the US state terror at Waco Texas, the World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma Bombing, 9-11 controlled demolition, Underwear Bomber, Sandy Hook, or Boston “bombing!” This one is much subtler.

The Totally Ignored Tilt!


Let’s start with the amazing research–you most likely never heard of– by the late official Australian government astronomer George Dodwell, into what is called “the obliquity of the ecliptic”, the angle between the plane of the Earth’s equator and plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which today is approximately 23.5º.


In 1936 Dodwell made an amazing discovery! From measurements taken by ancient scientists and his own meticulous study of ancient megaliths, he found that the axial tilt of the Earth had incrementally changed over thousands of years!

He happened to discover that “sun corridors” inside ancient megaliths all over the world in ancient times used to catch the sunlight at its most Northern position (summer solstice) dead-center on the back walls of these corridors, but not anymore so in modern times, proving that the tilt of the Earth in relation to the Sun had changed!

Here is for example the temple of Amon Ra at Karnak Egypt. He checked all available past measurements and their accuracy, by famous astronomers and mathematicians like Thales, Hipparchus, Eudoxus, Ptolemy and Pythagoras, etc., examining hundreds of data, many of which were very ancient. He found these data correlated, giving a consistent pattern of history quite different from Newcomb’s Formula of a much smaller constant decrease in angle over time.

Rather than random departures from Newcomb, the actual historical data from antiquity show a consistently decreasing angle of tilt. The obliquity appeared to have initially changed dramatically, most likely from a virtual 0º to a new tilt of 26,5º, which then began to gradually narrow down to our present  23.5º tilt. (See next Fig.)


What Does Dodwell’s New Curve Prove?

gyroscope-gif-i0When you catch a gyroscope slowly correcting itself from a sudden initial wider angle to a lesser angle than when you first found it, it proves that it must have been struck by some sort of heavy impact before you found it, whether physical or magnetic! Mind you, this has nothing to do with speed or slowing down. Earth’s gyroscope didn’t slow down anymore since the change from a former 360 days- to our present 365¼ days’ year.

As the line in the graph above is vertical at 2345 B.C., therefore our planet on or just before 2345 BC must have gotten radically tipped over, probably from a small or even 0º tilt to 26,5º. Since then, over a period of 4225 years, Earth’s tilt (obliquity) gradually evened out to a permanent 23,5º ever since 1880 AD. This 4225 years lasting correction ending in 1880 AD, indicates that some kind of sudden radical change in Earth’s condition took place in or around 2345 B.C.

MoveAlongNothingSeeTherefore our planet, having been knocked off balance like a spinning top, must have suffered some sort of great cataclysm then, which is not reported, given credence or even mentioned by today’s orthodox historians, as if nothing ever happened.

Both mainstream academics who are supposed to scour the human record to report on what truly took place in our past, and surprisingly even so-called “alternative” historians like Shoch, Hancock & others, all act as if 2345 B.C went by without a bump. But how could it have?

Dodwell said, “The data from the ancients regarding the tilt of earth’s axis definitely show a recovery from a disturbance. We can speculate about the nature of the disturbance, but the data compel us to accept the fact that whatever its cause the disturbance is an historical fact.”

So what happened around 2345 B.C?! Is there something found in the human record perhaps? In the geological record? Did the ancients ever mention some big change, event, or disaster? Do you know?

Why The Academic Stonewalling?

We’ll go all around Robin Hood’s barn to find answers to this great mystery, but the first glaring question is: Why this weird total lack of interest and silence on the subject? DressedtoSuppress

Strangely enough, not just historians, but even Dodwell’s own astronomer peers fully ignore(d) his meticulous research. They wouldn’t publish his paper in their publications. When he tried to publish it himself, he couldn’t even find one willing publisher! Eventually, long after his death, his family and friends recently published it on the internet. Don’t you find that strange?

If you were in charge of historical or astronomical academia and heard about such game-changing & ground-breaking research, especially if corroborated by many contemporary events, wouldn’t you consider it super important to announce it to the world? Of course you would! But no one did.

They didn’t only ignore it, but they didn’t even discredit or disprove it as ‘bogus science’, nor did they try to falsify its result as one is supposed to do in pure empirical scientific tradition. Nothing at all! Nada! Niente! Zilch! As if it never existed! Why?

The only answer must be, that this was indeed solid research pointing to some very “inconvenient” truth! But unlike Al Gore’s inconvenient “truth“, media and academia wanted neither to broadcast nor deny this amazing discovery, I guess for fear it would attract undesired attention to this shocking news. Why? So people like you and me would never find out about it. The nasties covered the whole thing up.

Comrade-217x300And so we can safely conclude that obviously Dodwell’s research proved something which mainstream historians, astronomers, and media consider to be —as we say today— “politically incorrect.”

It clearly flies in the face of some widely promoted and accepted general belief, worldview or paradigm that media and academia cultivate(d) in our minds, which they do not like to see discredited or destroyed. And so “mum is the word.”

Like the hushed-up conspiracy of JFK’s murder, the US elite and complicit media like us to believe that (patsy!) Oswald had done it and no one else, to cover up for the wicked American elite behind that 1963 coup d’état.

Dodwell’s research, indicating a hugely ignored 2345 B.C. catastrophe, seems to be something the ‘Powers-That-Be’ do not want the masses to ever find out about! So what on Earth happened prior to 2345 B.C. that caused Earth to swerve like a spinning top and tilt so bad that it took over 4000 years to balance out? And why is this ‘forbidden’ history?

You figure it out! Otherwise you’d never believe it if someone shoves it down your throat! That is, if you care enough to discover that a very popular “scientific truth” is as fake as a three dollar bill, which, if you’d tell your friends about it, would make you the object of ridicule, for they are just as ‘brainwashed‘ as you were, and don’t know any better either, nor care to know for the very same reasons: Social peer pressure or fear to lose face.

Tree Rings Show 2354-2345 BC Disaster!


Few newspapers reported that Prof. Mike Baillie from Palaeo-ecology, Geo-sciences, Queen’s University, Belfast, also proved some big event around 2345 BC. The first of four extreme tree-ring events took place close to the beginning of the Bronze Age in Ireland. The Hekla 4 volcanic eruption shows up as an extremely narrow band of rings, beginning in 2354 BC and reaching lowest growth – the narrowest rings – at 2345 BC.


Trees in Lancashire also show reduced growth at the same time, making this a widespread event. Apart from ring width patterns, a highly unusual growth defect was discovered in trees which grew in the fenlands just south of Lough Neagh, a change in character of growth, from normal ring porous to diffuse porous – a decade long anomaly consistent with trees being inundated. However, evidence is not limited to the oaks themselves.

Tephrochronology involves identification and dating of microscopic volcanic glass shards and their use as marker horizons in ancient deposits. Work indicates that Hekla 4 tephra, Icelandic volcano on chemical grounds, is found in Irish peat bogs at 2310 +/- 20 BC.

The dating exercise used a series of high-precision radiocarbon measurements on stratified peats across the Hekla 4 layer and it is likely that the date given above is correct in absolute terms to within a half century. So the narrow growth rings and associated tree-ring effects after 2354 BC are due to environmental volcanic effects!

Something interesting took place in the 24th century BC. Indelible evidence of this classic “marker date” (a date that shows up regularly in studies of various kinds) won’t go away.

Warner sees the 2354 BC to 2345 BC event as very close to one of only four major disasters recorded in the Anno Mundi section of the Irish Annals. One bears the date AM 2820 (which Warner interprets as “2380 BC”) and says ‘Nine thousand … died in one week. Ireland was thirty years waste‘ (i.e. to 2350 “BC”). A coincidence perhaps?
The Annals go on to say that in “about AM 2859 and after” (i.e. “2341 BC” and after) “lakes erupted”. Of course we know that these ancient annals have no basis in fact – or do they?

The Emperor’s New Clothes!

It reminds us of that old fairy tale where the Emperor was deceived by his tailors that their fabric was so fine that only smart people could see it. So they fitted him in it, and though the Emperor couldn’t see it, nor anyone else, they didn’t want to confess it because they didn’t want to be considered stupid.


But one little boy at the parade, when he saw the Emperor strolling around in his new “clothes”, called out, “Oooh! The Emperor is naked!” But of course nobody wanted to be considered “stupid”, so they hustled the little boy away quickly and continued their admiration of “the fine material” of the Emperor’s clothes. What an amazing parallel to today’s masses’ muted reaction to this hushed up academic conspiracy.

But let’s show some more related incontrovertible facts about the Giza Pyramids, ostensibly built around that very same time, also shamelessly ignored.

Solid Research Proves ‘Concrete’ Pyramid!

Another totally ignored smart scientist is French Prof. Joseph Davidovits. By microscopic analysis of thin sections of the pyramid’s limestone blocks, he proved his hypothesis that most of its stones were neither carved nor quarried, but rather poured ‘in situ’ from some ancient limestone polymer concrete, using molds.

Davidovits Davidovits12

Davidovits proved by ‘thin section’ that components inside the original stones were bonded by an artificial glue, very different from quarried limestone! He even reproduced pyramid blocks himself in his geo-polymer company in France, indistinguishable from those in the Great Pyramid! Read the analysis:


cover-pharaohs-pyramidsDid “renowned” Egyptologists Dr. Lehner and Dr. Hawass, rejoice and publish Davidovits’ research? No! Not really! And that wasn’t just about a threat to their book sales either, as also “alternative” Mr. Hancock probably fears for his, if he would write politically in-correct things like we do. See, we don’t care about money or popularity, just about truth! But there sure is an anti-truth plot and great cover-up going on people! Here’s what one honest MIT professor said about the “academic” shunning of Davidovits …


So what’s the point? This limestone polymer technology shows that the early ancient Egyptians were just as smart as us today, if not smarter! For do you realise that if they were indeed smarter than us, that it would not jive with the popular implanted ingrained ruling theory that “Man slowly ascended from dumb cavemen?”

Also another Frenchman, the architect Pierre Houdin, finally discovered that the Great Pyramid was most likely built from-the-inside-out by an interior ramp spiraling up the pyramid placing first the facade’s cover lime-stones. Houdin has long been awaiting Egyptian government permission to do ‘in situ’ archaeological research, which so far has not been forthcoming. Are they stonewalling for some nefarious reason?KufuPyramidMethodConstruction-300x185

So what is the real true history of our planet? Did you figure it out already? Next! More ancient smartness.

Antiquity’s Sudden Super Smart Seafaring Savants!

Did you know that all the early ancient civilizations like Sumeria, Egypt, Indus valley, China, Peru, Atlantis, all sprang up super smart and abruptly at around the same time, in very small numbers, and seemingly “from nowhere” without any obvious historical roots?

Some call it the ‘Cambrian Explosion of History’! Why! Because in the geological strata is found a similar phenomenon, where all species appear suddenly in the Cambrian layer… without ancestors! As Wicked Pedia explains it…



They did not only “suddenly appear from nowhere“, but these earliest ancient civilisations built huge megaliths (big stone constructions) all over the world that we still cannot build nor copy at all, e.g. the Great Giza Pyramid.

One Japanese company Nissan, tried to build a copy of it, just one third the size, but they couldn’t do it. They utterly failed! Even with modern machinery! It was too difficult.



“Where Are The Egyptian Tools?”

Giant building block in the Lebanese Beeka valley not used for a temple nearby. HOW did they move those? These ancient wizards did not only move impossible size blocks of stones, but tooled them with advanced tools we still can’t make! To understand this, check the fine research by Christopher Dunn, a trained mason who asked this pertinent question, “Where are the tools the Egyptians used!?”

Gizapower-Plate12The stones and statues show such sophistication that they definitely had drills which turned faster with more torque under greater pressure than we can make today! Christopher Dunn marveling at the precision and polishing of huge blocks in a granite Giza crypt.

IronDolorite-300x277The high technology these ancient builders must have used is obvious. One theory why no tools were found, is that their iron machines (iron was found inside the Great Pyramid!) after the documented collapse of these high-tech civilisations, were dismantled by their untrained descendants and re-smelted for other uses. Why!?

Their offspring had not mastered their patriarchs’ complicated science enough, just as you and I would not know how to make an I-Pad if some global disaster wiped out all resources, high-tech facilities and laboratories. Except that we might recover it after a while as there are more smart engineers among us today than there were among ancient Egyptians.

And so the next Egyptians couldn’t maintain nor use these fancy tools. Perhaps even because they had no clue as how to generate electricity? Perhaps they also didn’t travel as far so soon to mine iron as their patriarchs did, so it became rare as gold?

Or they smelted their iron machines into weapons which eventually rusted away! Especially during that long, very rainy period which also eroded the Sphinx and its “mortuary”, and produced North Africa’s lush cattle-grazing land.




Then all of a sudden, this huge REAL climate change occurred, that stopped the abundant rains and turned lush North Africa, Indus valley and Middle East into dry deserts, which Italian research (below) proved took place after 1500 B.C – 1200 BC, the time of the Exodus and the Bronze Age Collapse causing great migrations, malaise, and wars.


That coincides nicely with the sinking of many coastal land areas around the world due to a 130 M or 300 ft. ocean level rise, indicating the ca. 1500 B.C. melting of the ice caps and end of the Ice Age, plus the resulting great migrations of people out of the desert into Europe, and North African Olmecs by ship into Mexico, denied by the 2345 B.C. catastrophe denying mainstream “historians”, forced by hook, by crook & by $$, to promote their politically correct paralytic paradigm.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH BY SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY ROME proves a cattle grazing, green Sahel.SaharaRock

But these ostensibly “root-less” ancient patriarchs weren’t just smart builders, but also great astronomers on a par with us today, and global cartographers as well. They somehow managed to map the entire Earth with trigonometric maps that pictured the rounding of the globe mathematically correct, as 15th century AD copies show! They had instruments on a par with ours and measured the Earth’s circumference, which together with other fundamental earth- and astronomical measurements, were encoded into the Great Pyramid.

This Piri Reis map, and others obviously based on the ancient source maps, shows Antarctica without ice! That does not mean that the ancient wizards mapped the world 12.000 years ago, as compromising Graham Hancock would have us to believe, but some 4300 years ago (BP: Before Present) before the recent and only Ice Age began around the same time when the rains irrigated the green lush cattle grazing land and filled Lake Triton in North Africa and began to erode the Sphinx & pyramids! And this all took place just after this totally ignored 2345 B.C. catastrophe! We’ll talk more about that and dating below.


Where Did the Rootless Ancient Wizards Originate? Space?


Another very crucial question, with a very clear answer! Unlike the geological strata, where no more information or fossils were found below the Cambrian, we actually do have LOTS of information about their very own direct origins, from these very smart ancient patriarchs

But.. guess what.. somehow, just as these mainstream academics ignore(d) Dodwell, Davidovits, and many others, these P.C. gatekeepers fully ignore all that direct information as well! How can they act so un-scientific! And in such a subtle sneaky fashion.

The abundant, direct, self-proclaimed origins of these super-smart Ancients get put down by these arrogant ‘hystorians’ as… sh*… myths! Same way as when Oswald said he was “just a patsy!” They said, “Myth! Oswald is a liar. He did it! Media and Warren Commission say so.”

Mainstream historians promote the following Science Fiction:

“These ancients didn’t know their own origins. They didn’t know where they came from nor what they were talking about. They made it all up. These fresh-out-of-the-cave Hunter-Gatherers couldn’t possibly remember their forefathers’ names nor origins, so they fabricated myths about them! That’s what surely happened!“

What a crock of DUNG!!! What travesty of truth. What falsification of history. What suppression of reality! It’s like a psychiatrist comes and tells you that your parents are just… a myth! How arrogant!
So these smarter-than-us ancient wizards couldn’t remember their own parents? Not even their names? Nor what happened to them? I tell you, if I make up a story about my parents, my siblings will surely correct me.

Do you think for a moment that the first Sumerians, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Titans, Dwarkans, Sacsayhuamans, early Meso-Americans, and first Chinese, would not correct their own peers if they’d make up some myths about their own patriarchs? Of course they would!

Now that doesn’t mean that they always liked all of their patriarchs and didn’t bias their stories about them, because… in fact… they did! But they sure didn’t make it all up out of thin air. There surely was much more truth than bias.

obamagodobamapharaoAnd it doesn’t mean that they didn’t glorify and deify their human family heroes, because they sure as hell did! Just like some dumb Americans do: “Ooh! We love Barry Soetoro, he is is a Peacemaker and such a great Democrat! He is a GOD!”

True Beginning Dates of Ancients’ Civilisations

When you listen to the waffle of these confused mainstream historians, they’ll give you these long-ago beginning dates for the ancient “proto”-civilisations (their favorite word: “PROTO-Indo-European!”), and for their Ice Age(s) as well! Some, like Hancock, even believe that these ancient builders built their megaliths BEFORE their spurious long-ago Ice Age, stating cock-sure that, “The Sphinx was built 10-12.000 years ago!”
Science?! NO!! Fiction!!  J. Nienhuis said this about that:

Hancock and SHoch propose that .. the megalithic building in ancient Egypt actually dates back to perhaps around 10.000 B.C,, so the ivory tower types are all up-in-arms, because the plain evidence of heavy water erosion, due to heavy rainfall in the limestone quarry, is an enigma which they cannot explain away. How can they explain heavy rain erosion from around 2000 B.C. with their climate chronology??

Pyramids in Xian China There are 125 of them 5 of which are 3 times higher than the highest in Giza Egypt!Pyramids-are-in-Xian-China-There-are-125-of-them-5-of-which-are-3-times-higher-than-the-highest-in-Giza-Egyp

SO when did these civilisations really begin?

China: It purportedly started around 3000 B.C. This date is arrived upon by flawed radio-carbon dating of ancient settlements and the allegedly long “legendary period” of China. The first solar eclipse ever recorded, took place in 2134 B.C. in China, so it appears the “legendary period” in China is not as long as popularly imagined.

DaYuFloodOne of the legendary Xia Dynasty heroes named Yu the Great (Da Yu); lived around 2200 – 2100 BC, and engineered a massive land reclamation project, that sounds very much like residues from some big deluge that left great pools of water trapped higher-up which needed to be drained. So 2400 B.C. for the Flood and 2200 BC for China is not a bad estimate at all.

Greece: According to the fourth century historian Eusebius of Caesarea, Egialeus, the first king in Greece, began his reign in 2089 B.C., 1313 years before the first Olympiad in 776 B.C.

Egypt: The Byzantine chronicler, Constantinius Manasses, wrote that the Egyptian state lasted 1663 years. If correct, then counting backward from the time that Cambyses, King of Persia, conquered Egypt in 526 B.C., gives us the year 2188 B.C. for the founding of Egypt.

Babylon: The Babylonians told Alexander the Great that Babylon began when the astronomical records began, in 2234 B.C. The ancient Babylonians are said to have begun building their impressive structures about 3000 B.C.  However, a king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, (who ruled about 500 B.C.) wrote on a plaque that was discovered at the ruins of an ancient tower, that he (Nebuchadnezzar) “had refurbished this tower which originally was nearly completed by the first king of Babylon, but could not be completed because the builders could no longer understand one another’s spoken words.”DatingBabylon

Why did Nebuchadnezzar write all that! Did he know what he was talking about? Was that history or was he writing a myth? Nebuchadnezzar further in-scripted on the plaque that this first king ruled 42 generations before about 500 B.C. Here an ancient king of Babylon stated that Babylon began about 2200 B.C.

This time frame fits what the Hebrews wrote in Genesis: Nimrod, an occultist, was the first king of Babylon. At the Tower of Babel, God confused the languages, so the clans then could not understand each other, and hence, moved away from Mesopotamia as previously commanded.

Mayan calendar system gives us a start date of 3114 B.C., not 12000 years ago.

Mayancalendar MAYA FLOOD

India: The Kali Yuga began at 3102 B.C., neither 12000 years ago!
So all these dates pretty much coincide to about 2200 B.C. at the least, and to 3000 B.C at the most, but we certainly haven’t read or heard anything from any earlier civilisation of 12000 years ago! And if 10000 BC would really be the case, then those super-smart ancients, who themselves reported to have started 2200 – 3000 B.C, somehow falsified history by refusing to mention the missing 5000 year history prior to 2200 B.C.

Whereas dim MS historians maintain they mythified their real origins, in fact…they didn’t! They were actually very clear and straightforward about them. Have you ever heard of the Sumerian Kings list? Well, listen to it.

sumerian-kings-list-cuneiformSumeria:  This is what part of it says, after it mentions all the “pre-flood” kings, and then the “post-flood” kings! (Flood? What’s that? Was there a flood before the beginning of Sumeria? Is this real history or did they write a myth?)

Like the Sumerian kings-list, some 700 other ethnic groups categorically state that their primo-patriarchs were sole survivors of a world destroying deluge!
Should we doubt them, because mainstream historians don’t like the idea, because it is not politically correct? That would be the death-knell of empirical SCIENCE and our descend into political science-fiction, to our ultimate doom.

Ancients Knew Perfectly Well Who Their Patriarchs Were!

nimrodSumerians & Babylonians knew very well that their great hunter patriarch who tried to build the Tower of Babel, Nimrod, was the son of Cush, who was the son of Ham, who was the son of Noah, whom they called ‘Utnapisthim’ And they knew very well that Utnapisthim wasn’t a myth, even though they didn’t like him very much. Why? Because he had cursed Canaan, another uncle of their family and son of the deified grandfather Ham, who was actually the Family rebel.

ZeusAnd the ancient Egyptians also, knew very well that they were the sons of Ham whom they worshiped as HAM-on Ra the sun god, who was the father of Mizraim their patriarch after whom Egypt was named ‘Misr’. This was the same guy whom the by-him-infatuated Greeks called Zeus, and made him their top-god, because just like the Sumerians and the Egyptians, the Greeks were also patent Noah-deniers!

Also the Ancient Greeks knew precisely who their patriarchs were, but spitefully mentioned Noah (Ouranus) as being “castrated” by Chronus’ (Ham) scythe! All of them kept up the vile Hamite family tradition, acting as if Ham’s brothers Shem and Yapheth and their father Noah didn’t really matter much! So Ham or Kronus was their god and “beginning of history.”


Ityopp'isAnd the Cushites knew exactly that their patriarch uncle Cush was yet another son of Ham, son of Noah! But also most Cushites didn’t really like the rest of Noah’s family very much, and tried to get away from them as far as they could! How? By first going South to Shinar (Kish in Sumer) and via Egypt to the land of Cush, Nubia, now Ethiopia.


fuxi-nuwaFu Xi and Nü Wa pictured with dragon tails intertwined. And the Chinese knew exactly that they descended from Huang Di and Yan Di who were descendents of Shen Nong Shi or Shem, who was the son of Noah, whom the Chinese call Nü-Wa. Dragon-tailed Fushi & Nü-Wa is most likely a bastardisation of Vishi-Nuah, or Vish-Nu, the fish-tailed Indus civilisation god! The earliest Xia dynasty tribe most likely also partly descended from darker-skinned Dravidians who worshipped Vishnu, the avatar of Manu or Satyaphrata.

Matsya_Raja_Ravi_Varma_PressAnd the ancient Indians from the Indus valley knew precisely that their great-grandfather called Satyavratha or Manu, (Indian name of Noah) and his seven sages had survived the Global Flood on a boat, and that his three sons were called Sharma, Charma, and Yapeti, and also that they were descended from Cush or Kish.


And Ham’s prejudice against the other Flood Survivors is almost precisely for the same reason why today‘s prejudiced, biased, conspiratorial, mainstream historians and “academics” don’t like to talk about Dodwell’s theory proving the exact timing of this great 2345 B.C. disaster that hit and tilted our planet! They both hate(d) the
Flood and especially the One who sent it.

That 26,5º tilt, by the way, sounds very much like our Chinese Flood expression: “Nü-Wa Bu Tian“, which means “Nü-Wa fixed the sky” with “7 coloured stones” because the sky had TILTED causing the rivers to flow Eastward. That sounds like Noah seeing a 7-coloured rainbow for the first time after the Flood rains from the “Windows of Heaven” stopped! But then some ancient Chinese story-teller felt he needed to embellish the narrative with, “Nü-Wa cut some turtle legs to support the failing pillars of heaven.”

Shenong-Nuwa(‘Shem Farmer’ or ‘Shen Nong’ and a female Nü-Wa or Noah!)

That Global Deluge totally wiped out all former family ancestors and antagonistic contemporaries of Noah and Emzara his wife, sons Ham, Shem, & Japheth and their wives! Some of Noah’s own children resented the FLOOD because they resented the judgments of the One they disliked most; GOD Himself.

Especially Ham and his descendants. Because they despised God, he and his sons went ahead and made gods out of themselves and their own patriarchs, which was the beginning of Ham’s worldwide ancestor worship which not only infected almost the entire Southern Hemisphere, but also other nations, like the Greeks.whitecow

Of course by equating themselves to the Sun and Life, also sun- and cow-worship going together as in Hathor! Worshipping themselves AND the Creation! Like New Agers they worshipped ANY-thing: cows, skulls, crystals, vegetables, yoghurt, rocks, tarot cards, ANY thing BUT their own Creator! “Plus ça change!” They think they are so novel and trendy, and “plus c’est la même chose!” The same old thing.

ColumbusNOTfirstThe sons of Ham eventually build ships in Canaan’s land (from Lebanese cedars!) in order to finally go sailing all over the globe, geo-measuring it and colonising the rest of the world allotted to them. Finally Atlas, son of Yapeti, mapped the entire world and started Atlantis.

The Greeks Scorned Nereus & Loved Eve’s Serpent

HeraklesNoahHerakles (Nimrod) with bow & arrows on his back, challenges & pushes down Nereus (Noah) the Fishman with his club!

Some other very amazing research by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., by analysing the most ancient Greek artwork, proves that the Greeks in their “mythology” never denied but rather scorned ‘Nereus’, which is another Greek personification of Noah, and venerated Herakles, Greek name of the “great” hunter Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah.

This great research shows that the Greeks knew the exact same ancient history just as well as the Sumerians, Babylonians, Dravidians, and Hebrews, only with different preferences, to wit, that the Greeks disliked Noah for his worship of God.

The Greeks (like the Sumerians and Egyptians, etc.,) preferred to worship the Serpent from the garden of Eden, and Zeus (Adam) and Hera (Eve) as well as their murderous son Cain who killed Abel. The Greeks actually despised God and Noah for destroying the serpentine line of Cain with the Flood.

Nevertheless Ham’s wife, Naama, a descendant of Cain, whom the Greeks deified and re-christened Athena, revived the “serpent worship” right after the Flood. Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. proves with many examples how the Ancient Greeks in their art portrayed time and again how their hero Nimrod or Herakles pushed away Nereus (Noah), thus illustrating how Nimrod’s Man-worship pushed out the worship of God from the Earth! The very same thing is happening today via perverse historians and uniformitarians.

Greek Genesis
Greek Genesis

This proves that the Greeks held to the same pre-flood history, even though in a very different religious context, where Man was exalted above God, through worshiping the Serpent who gave “light” to Eve and humanity. It proves once again that the history of the Flood and of the pre-Flood civilization was normal fare and true historicity, not just known to Hebrews, but to Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, Dravidians and Greeks just as well, who took well to Nimrod’s humanistic religion of Man’s self-worship.

It also proves that the by mainstream historians “debunked” table of nations was known just as well by the Greeks and the Sumerians, and that there was no question whatsoever among the ancients about its historicity and all patriarchs’ names that are so deftly put down by Wicked Pedia as mere “myths”! A Travesty of the Truth.

The True Yet Despised & Wicked-Pedia Shunned Table of Nations

This again proves the only sound explanation for the sudden rise from “nowhere” of the great ancient civilizations and their genetic DNA bottleneck. But of course that explanation would totally falsify their favourite faith-breaking fantasy called Darwinian Evolution.


DontKnowAliensSleazy Darwinian New Age Con-Artists? Or true Empirical Historians? YOU decide!

And that explains precisely why there is a historical conspiracy at all with a very lo-o-o-ong ago Ice Age, to justify their cavemen and Evolution fabrication, and why some (von Danicken, Childress & others) even go to the extent of saying that “the megaliths were built by our alien ancestors!” (Even Dawkins!) ANYthing… but the true historical global FLOOD!

Like Ham, the Greeks, infected by Egyptian religion, acknowledged Nereus/Ouranos or Noah and his three sons Ham (Kronus), Shem(Titan) and Japheth (Yapheti or Roman Jupiter!), but they also disliked Noah, Shem & Japheth’s religion of their Creator God who had wiped out the Cain-ite bloodline. That is to say, almost, as presumably Ham’s wife Naama was the one who reintroduced it via her husband, the family rebel, and Canaan whom Noah had cursed with servitude to his brethren for his father Ham’s sins.

The family-line of Ham & Sons were the main ones who sailed all around the globe, before, but especially during, the Ice Age when the oceans (its water turned to ice-packs!) were smaller because of a 130 M. lower sea-level which may have been less turbulent as a result.


They sailed to all continents, mapping the world, planting colonies in Peru, Mexico, China, Dwaraka India, even visiting Australia, as documented in forbidden Australian history and archaeology which discovered and covered-up ancient Egyptian ships, people, inscriptions, customs among the aborigines, and more.


Did the 3000 BC Flood Caused Land Icepack Weight Tilt the Earth in 2345 AD?

Dodwell scientifically proved that our planet experienced a catastrophic disaster that tilted the Earth 26 degrees around 2345 B.C. What caused it? The globe got such a blow that it wobbled on for over 2000 years until 1880 AD, from some effect of the Global Deluge that all our smart ancient patriarchs and their over 700 ethnic descendant tribes talked about for millennia. What was the cause of the 3000 BC Flood? Watch the Hydroplate Theory below:


For the Flood date see the last video at the end! The 3000 BC Great Flood was caused by sub-crustal super-critical water that had built up so much pressure that it finally exploded from a hairline in the crust and split the crust along its weakest points causing the fault-lines!


These water fountains were so powerful and jetting up so high that some water-propelled rock-debris even escaped Earth’s gravity causing mares lava-seas) and craters on the Moon! Actually scientists just recently discovered that the water on the Moon is the same kind of water as on Earth!


Those cracks in the crust of the fault lines caused very hot pressurized super-critical water fountains of volcanic nature. Those hot water fountains heated up the ocean so much, that it resulted in a much hotter ocean temperature. The warm ocean vaporised into thick covers of rain-clouds that came down as lots of snow in the Northern hemisphere, and as rain in the South. During the following 500 years the accumulated snow packed together forming the miles thick icecaps on land weighing trillions of tons of kilograms.

Did the Weight of the Northern Snow cap tilt the Earth & Trigger the Continental Drift

The snow soon turned into huge kilometers thick ice packs lowering ocean levels by 125 Meters (300 ft.) There was land in the Northern hemisphere to catch the snow, but down South Antarctica had not yet descended into polar position by continental drift, as the Piri Reis Map above shows, obviously drawn before the Flood ensuing Ice Age.

A copy of an ancient source map, and the Oronteus Finnaeus map inserted below, shows Antarctica without ice, in a more Northern position just below the Indian Ocean at the end of the upturned tail of South America, before the continental drift really got going, during the days of Peleg, “when the Earth was divided” in 2345 BC perhaps? Was the 24 hour continental drift a result of the tilt caused by the amassing weight of the Northern ice cap?


That means that then the snow in the South mostly fell into the ocean and melted, whereas in the North it could continually build up in Alaska, North America, Europe, and Siberia, causing a great weight shift to the North. Did that accumulating weight precipitate that 26.5 degree tilt around 2345 B.C?

Whatever mechanism precipitated the tilt, the direct unique cause was the Global Flooding of the Earth, documented around that same time in the Book of Genesis. There is no record of any other great disaster around 2345 B.C. than only the 3000 BC Global Deluge, as proven by Dodwell, which is not an elephant but a massive MAMMOTH in the Historical Livingroom.


What All This Means For Us?

It means that a Total Global Destruction of everything in the entire antediluvian civilisation that existed before, did really happen! But what that also means, is that the following terms, names, concepts, labels and paradigms that we have been bombarded with since we were old enough to “watch TV”, are bogus, false, non-existent, total fiction, and globalist weirdness, myths and fabrications.

“Pre-History, Stone Age, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Cavemen, Hunter Gatherers, Neanderthals, Lucy, Peking Man, Macro Evolution, etc! And Darwin, Lyell, Hutton, Huxley, Dawkins, Gould, and many others, are all liars, crooks, deceivers, and supplanters, chosen, selected and promoted to confuse and alienate us all from the Life that is within our spirits, our conscience from our loving Creator.

It was all designed to make you believe that you are nothing else but a happenstance of chance and a spermatozoan coincidence without any greater destiny, rhyme or reason, so that you might as well commit suicide because there is no Father Creator who loves and cares for you, and you are just a meaningless blip on the temporary evolutionary screen of Time.

Rhodes-RothschildIt proves again how we have been severely brainwashed by the Bankers’ Rhodes scholars into believing the fairy-tale that we descended from “primate-monkeys” and “Lucy” in Africa, and that we are “getting smarter” via Paleolithic cavemen and “Neanderthals” into hunter-gatherers, who finally learned agriculture and how to built huts and domesticate cows, etc. Whereas we are actually getting dumbed down into deceived media dupes at the bottom of the gene-pool.


It is a very astute 150 years old conspiracy by International Globalists who control the media and education, to use the dislike of God of some among us who were cramped in their style having to “love their neighbour”, and could use a good cop-out.


The Globalists were more than willing to oblige with a false narrative based on the “terrible lizard” (dinosaur) theory, as “early T-Fords of Evolution”, that started “65 million years ago”, whereas we “Homo Sapiens” (meaning “wise man” as  compared to “cavemen!”) only started “3-4 million years ago.”

It is a lie, friends. The Emperor has no clothes on whatsoever, and you have been taken for such a grandiose ride, that they are continually laughing all the way to their banks about our stupidity, with your money.

I know, it is hard to change your world-view plus to suddenly get the wise cracks from the uninformed who still believe the tailors of the Emperor, although they see nothing. It’s just that they don’t want people to think they are stupid. Poor guys!


That is how the tailors work, see. They manufactured global peer pressure through the damned mainstream media to make everyone dumb although they tell them that they are very smart to believe that they originated from an explosion in space, and rain on the rocks for millions of years, and through non-existent positive mutations that even Dawkins can’t remember or quote.

So now it is up to you. You continue on being dumb in their eyes and “smart” in your own, or you take the unpopular red pill and we will show you how deep the rabbit hole really goes.


I said from the beginning that most of the masses wouldn’t believe this conspiracy “theory” and ridicule it. It’s OK. They will find out one day it was true anyway, but sadly, then it will be too late for quite a long time….  But don’t say we didn’t tell or warn them…

11 thoughts on “Earth’s 2.345 BC Axial Tilt & Other Cover-Ups Never Mentioned & Fully Ignored even by ‘Alternative’ Historians!”

    1. “Believe NONE of what you hear and only HALF of what you see”, is a good motto to put into practice. Stay skeptic of the PTSB – The Powers That Shouldn’t Be.


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