RT Questions Less & Churns Out Gross Darwinian Propaganda

For all the white-hat talk about Russia today, Putin defending Christianity & Christians, state sovereignty, etc. , the old propaganda of link-less morphology without any empirical evidence by pure science a la Popper, still pops up its ugly head.

The Kremlin’s government flagship ‘Russia Today’ is not loath to repeat that 150 year old elite canard of species evolving into other species, even though there is no evidence of added DNA code information to improve on simpler species! Where do they get it?


Do they really “Question More?” Or do they uncritically, unthinkingly, naively parrot Western Illuminati media outlets and corporations who relentless massively push the Darwinian narrative so as to push out any remaining faith in the good old book that states we were created and suffered a worldwide catastrophic global Flood around 4500 yrs. ago, as corroborated in 700 global ethnic legends testifying to its historicity.

Of course, RT is staffed by similar “liberal” whippersnappers as HuffPo, who unduly had the paralytic paradigm hammered into them in similar state schools, incl. the fallacy that DNA code appearing out of nowhere can be magically injected into protein chains at random and still produce functioning organisms?

That is like taking lines of ‘Firefox’ code & inserting them into ‘Internet Explorer’ expecting to get a better web browser! Slim chance! Where are their brains?

Why didn’t they question more the dating of these ostensibly “99 million” year old amber globs? Isn’t that their motto and maxim? Did they date it by C14 dating, or by, in what layer of stratification it was found?

There are oodles of things found in very deep layers that don’t belong in 99 million year old guesswork, like this presumed “300 million yr old” high tec metalurgic cog wheel (aluminum plus magnesium) found in “cretacious” coal, according to the Voice of Russia. These virulent Darwinists were quick to call it a 300 mil. year old UFO cog wheel! Sure…. what else could it be? Not a dinosaur cog wheel, that’s for sure. Besides they weren’t alive 300 million years ago yet!



And as for dating methods, didn’t the RT crew have time to do their homework and check this Reuters “news”, to even get from the internet the fact that any carbon dating beyond 250.000 years ago doesn’t yield any half life anymore? So how could they ever date this amber lizard to 99 million years?


How do they ever accept this “science news; that they may have found a missing link”, when each and every missing link has still been missing eversince Darwin thought it all up? It’d be headline news for weeks, if they ever found one!

And why don’t they “question more” that the lizard in all those 99 million years does not appear less evolved & developed, but features the same high-tec sticky-finger pads that corporations have thoroughly studied these last 10 years in order to “imitate mother nature” and make more money on it.
It is like that “Wollemi pine tree” — the dinosaur among trees — that they found growing in the Australian outback…. unchanged over millions of years. Macro-evolution doesn’t seem to work that well after all.


“Imitating Mother Nature” — ‘Gaia’, I presume? — actually means as much as stealing the Father’s Royal Design, Who alone is able to create such nifty hardware and original designs. But of course that is not politically correct. But I thought that didn’t matter to RT anymore, that they had risen above the cultural marxist agenda and wisely discarded the Frankfurter Schule. Or is that all mere postering? Are they just as much working on a global pagan disorder then? Judging by their unquestioning parroting they very well might be!

Whatever the case may be, the Darwinist religion is a tenacious virus implanted in the minds of Man by the British Round Table media organs to rigorously uproot the Christian faith of millions worldwide and misplace it in the transhumanist deception that with the help of Google and Kurzweil they’ll be able to secure eternal life in their original bodies here on crummy earth. They even hope to reverse ageing, I heard.


Well, if you look at David Rockefeller who had over ten heart transplants from young people I assume, he still looks like a sour rinkled old orange at 102. Well maybe he is banking on a skin transplant in the future after his 40th heart transplant and a titanium skeleton. But I do seriously doubt whether after his likely penis transplant he will be able to get it up at all? After all, life without sex is a dull place, especially if you have to live forever with it. But I guess he hopes for better Viagra?

Personally I look forward not to an improved earrthly model, but a transcedental heavenly model with no physical ailments, no ageing problems whatsoever, a body as good as jesus had after His resurrection for Eternal Life in a World without End!

But I guess the whippersnappers at RT still prefer a Marxist model and this nasty world, as they have little clue how to clean their naughty hearts or to perpetually upgrade their failing bodies. Death is still a nemesis.

I’d say, “RT! Question More! Take Jesus today and you will graduate from this propagandised planet into a totally new 5th dimension of truth and eternal justice, with perks like the following:

He said that no one will marry there, yet there will be girls and boys. Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it. You might like it.

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