Earliest Colonisation of Post-Flood Earth before Pangaea’s Division by Continental Drift & Hydro Planing

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Dr. Walt Brown suspects and theorises that the division of the Earth’s continents by hydro-planing of the newly split crustal continents along the fault lines – now mid-oceanic rifts – to their present positions, took place immediately at the end of the Flood year!

If that would be so, then the question arises: How in the world did the megalith builders in Peru have time to build their first harbour and “Sungate temple” complex there in Tiahuanacu, which was originally at sea-level but got lifted several thousand meters up into the air, winding up as a salt water inland sea now called Lake Titicaca?

But IF the continents did not separate immediately after the Flood — as this writer suspects — then the earliest ship-builders (made of Lebanese cedars) and world explorers, sailors, and mappers, like Cham, Canaan, Neptune (Naptuhim), Mizraim (Zeus), Atlas, Poseidon and their sons, sailing from the earliest civilisation centers of the world, Sumer in Mesopotamia and Egypt in North Africa, who were the earliest colonisers, would not have had to cross large oceans to reach these budding civilisation centers, which we now call the Valdivia (Equador), Caral, & Nazca cultures, and the megalithic centers of Sacsayhuman in Peru, Puma Punku and Tiahuanacu near Lake Titicaca on the border with Bolivia. See how Earth would have  looked like just after the Flood’s super-critical water fountains had carved up Pangaea with kilometers wide and deep channels, before continental drift took place.


If you just look at the coloured map above (of the two gray stage pics below) which illustrates the minimal separation between the continents, you see how close Peru might have been to the Eastern Mediterranean! — [Red spots are the earliest centers of civilisation! Sorry, Europe’s lightgreen position got colored in its present position, so would have to be right on top of darkgreen Africa. My bad.]

Look at the sky-blue trajectory from Canaan (Lebanon) to Peru via the narrow strait now called Gibraltar (pillars of Herakles), then along the West coast of Africa, over the top of South America and under the still un-connected Central American tail of North America, which obviously connected afterwards when the continents fully hydro-planed away and came to an abrupt stop causing the upward rippling of the crusts into the Andes and Rocky Mountain chains! That also caused the rise of Central America which then cut off the heretofore unhindered traffic between the newly stretched out Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

My point is that the early “Sea Kings” (Hapgood) or “Formorians” (Ham), “Gigantes” (Malta), “Canaanites” (Canaan), “Pelasgians” (Peleg), “Atlanteoids” (Atlas) “Sidonians” (Posidon) or “Oannes” — or “Sea Peoples” (after Atlantis sank to Egypt) — or whatever you want to call them — those original Earth surveyors & star mappers (astronomers Ham & Atlas), who had the earliest access to goodly cedars to transform smaller sized Arks (á la Noah) into oceanic ships with rudders, masts, and sails, didn’t have to travel that far across wide billowy dangerous oceans, but so could hug the coasts all the way, as Darwinians like to think they did out of fear! Ha!


So my contention, as I brought out before in an earlier post, is that the continents divided much later than Dr. Walt Brown surmises, perhaps even a hundred years later. Besides, the crust with all its new stratified layers of debris, mud, rock-clay sediments, etc, must have had some time to rest and somewhat solidify, or they would not have been able to withstand the rough ride of a fast sudden catastrophic continental drift.

The layers after all would “shake, rattle and roll” and would have collapsed and been messed up into one another, layers all mixed up instead of what they look like today, clearly separated and pretty much in almost perfect order!

They must have gotten some time to somewhat dry and get a ticket to ride without hitches. Yet obviously after one century they would have still been soft enough to buckle without cracking into the observed accordion type mountain formations as you see below, when the crust rode into obstacles and buckled at the impact side.


That could be the best substantiation of the phrase that “the Earth was divided in the days of Peleg” in Genesis. It says the EARTH was divided, so that couldn’t apply to the diaspora of the people! They sure scattered after the Tower of Babel confusion of languages at Babel and the implosion of Nimrod’s first New World Order tyrannical empire. Peleg the grandson of Noah did indeed live about a hundred years after the Flood and happens to be the father of some of the earliest seafaring people, the Pelasgians, the first people who colonised Greece, and other places in the Mediterranean.

If you like to understand more about the rise of Lake Titicaca and Tiahuanacu from sea level, see Jonathan Gray’s early article on that here. [soon to be posted: peruvian-seaport-tiahuanaco-titicaca-lake-raised-12000-feet-andes/]

The 100 year postponement of the Earth’s division would also have given animal species emerging from the Ark in Armenia, a chance to disperse and island hop all across the Earth better, if the continents were in closer proximity to each other for a longer time, even swimming across channels or on board of the early explorers’ ships.

Otherwise the only way they would have gotten across later, would have been during the REAL Ice Age after 2200 BC when the ocean levels sank 125 meters below the present level. That would have given many species a way to have gotten across to Australia and the islands etc. Of course they also spread across to the Americas via Beringia which was much wider during the Ice Age and which was crossable without ice obstacles near the coast close to the warmer-than-today’s ocean.

It would also explain the finds of all the super-sized skulls with red hair often with skeletons of giants 2-3-4-5 M. tall or more! These red-haired giants with their pronounced eye ridges, huge eyes, and wide cheek bones were not the “Neandertal” subspecies of Darwinian propaganda, but real remains of the longevity-suffering giant offspring of the early deified Flood survivors, and definitely not Graham Hancocks’ spurious and mysterious 10-20.000 BP “gods” which make for good book sales perhaps, but for poor truthiness! Pray for poor Hancock et al, they are so confused and filthy lucre- minded! Whereas, we tell you the truth.. for FREE!

GiantCitiesBashanThese are some of the “aberrant” Peruvian and North American skulls found. See the one compared to our present size and formed skull. That is a mean looking giant with huge cheek bones, eyes, and jaws. Jaws grow bigger when its muscles are used more for chewing tough stuff like tough wild animal flesh and gnawing bones. Compare that to the soft chicken and rice-soup eating South East Asians!


The pointy head guys below are most likely what is now often called a “Nephilim”, a direct descendant of giant- and angelic DNA- carrying Flood survivors, like Ham’s (Kronus) wife Rhea perhaps? Was it she who carried the giant DNA from before the Flood that gave rise to the giant “Anakims”, and giants of Bashan, etc. living in and around Canaan?

Whoever they were, they looked ferociously and awe inspiring. Not someone you would like to meet alone on a desolate country road. Were they a wicked bunch? Whatever they were, they were smart as Hell, because their brain content was much larger than ours. Not your regular Neandertal bonehead!

redhairgiantskull lovelock-skull-300x300 lovelock_skull




Love & Peace



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4 thoughts on “Earliest Colonisation of Post-Flood Earth before Pangaea’s Division by Continental Drift & Hydro Planing”

  1. How could be a colonisation before pangea’s division when the Bible says all people was only on the Tower of Babel after Peleg’s division? I mean, Babel’s confussion and the beginning of migrations are supposed to be events after continental drift (Pelegs’ day), am I wrong? Or was Peleg born after the tower?


    1. I don’t know if you can call it colonisation! But it may be plausible that the giant? Megalith builders began building their megaliths all over the world before the division of the Earth, e.g. continental drift, as then PERU was not yet too far away and easily gotten to by their early ships. My (unproven) theory was that this harbour was at sea level as Lake Titicaca was part of the ocean, before these coastal parts were elevated many thousands of meters up to where they are now! This may have more likely been the result of that Continental Drift where the South American Continent after drifting away ran into obstacles and the Andes Mountains were formed when that, by-now-dry-enough, continental slab rippled up so high! I don’t know if that upheaval could be explained as a mere result of some very powerful earthquake. That seems to me to be too cataclysmic. But then again I might be wrong. Nevertheless i do not agree with Brown’s continental hydro-planing taking place almost immediately after the Flood, because the sedimentary continent strata would have been too soft & brittle to stick together & to move as one unit, and would have probably fallen apart. It must have taken some time for those strata to harden enough to stick & travel together as one unit, and yet be able to fold without cracks, as they obviously did.
      So then, these giant pioneers must have separated themselves from that first World Empire of Nimrud or Nimrod in Sumeria who lorded it over all the normal people of those days and controlled them. But perhaps some of these giants were already “persona non grata” in Mesopotamia, and had sailed or walked away from the then center of “civilisation.” Probably sailed, because it looks very much like a harbour or docks. So yes, they must have broken away before Peleg, in whose days the Earth was divided! Anyway, your guess might be as good as mine. What was it again? ha! Also the fact that some animal groups like the Marsupials were still too few to have multiplied enough to spread all over the world like deer for example, shows that this early group of marsupials must have traveled as one all the way to what is now Australia, BEFORE the access was broken by this division of the Earth. By the way, that is also a very strong argument against the Darwinian kind of Continental Drifting of millions of years, because then the Marsupials would have hopped & spread all over the globe BEFORE the continents separated. Another strong argument against Darwinian “hysteria” I mean history. It is untenable, IF you really think about it all. These Darwinian historians & biologists make NO sense whatsoever.
      Cheers. Hope that answers some of your questions.


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