Giant Megaliths in Russia Built by Giants? And more cool videos!

Lu Paradise • March 1, 2015 • 642 views

More Giantism, probably POST Flood! Giant Megaliths in Russia that could not have been made by any modern human, no matter what the numbers, prove that very large giants roamed the world, not only for about 1665 years before the biblical flood, but also after. These are the Giants spoke of in legends, and in the Book of Enoch.






Jonathan Gray- The Killing of Paradise Planet VDO

  • Lost History from the pre-flood world Was Antarctica once a tropical paradise?
  • Did man really know the secret of eternal youth?
  • Did giant humans really stalk the planet?
  • Where did all the different races come from?
  • Is there really a carbon dating cover-up?
  • The astonishing truth about the ages of stalactites, sandy beaches and canyons

Buried alive! From Australia to Alaska: billions of corpses of animals and people. Violently mixed: large animals of
DEEP sea and land, TOGETHER! Elephants and tropical palm trees: SUDDENLY entombed in ice.

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2 thoughts on “Giant Megaliths in Russia Built by Giants? And more cool videos!”

  1. Megalith explanation is possible if we show a bit open mindedness to include an option that the early people developed some way of mixing ingredients which get bound like concrete and with aging get like monoliths. Early people were not stupid, and if their was possibility of that there would not have missed it. The homogeneity of the megaliths seems to support this.


    1. Hi Ehsan,
      There so far is no evidence of this mixing agent, although the early pyrmaid builders had the secret of alcemy and produced artificial limestone for the pyramids according to Prof. Dr. Davidovits. But my argument and theory about the secret of the megaliths is found in this post:
      Is that openminded enough? 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

      PS See our latest article about Professor Joseph Davidovits, “They built the pyramids!”


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