Why Study Ancient History? A False Theory Hijacked Academia

By Lu  • February 15, 2015 •  131 views


empiricalscienceYou wish to be a student of history? Why would you.. when the entire worldwide academia has been hijacked by a false paradigm, and you will not graduate unless you conform and submit to the lies and never dare to bring up the contrary facts of an inconvenient truth? Consider the following real scientific facts!

  • The “geological time-scale” has experimentally been disproved, falsified, de-fanged as non-science. A HYDROLIC EXPERIMENT at Columbia State University proved stratification of multiple layers happened fast and simultaneously sideways, instead of very slowly top-down! The experiment also showed that deeper fossils were younger. Thus the so-called geological column and periods’ ages are dated way too long and too old!
  • C-14 Radio Carbon dating has proven that all organisms older than 250.000 years have no C14 anymore. But all organisms in all levels of the “geological timescale” have C-14 in it. So what do they say? That the fossils are “contaminated” by external C-14. Nonsense! The geological timescale is 2-3 billion years too old, and all strata and fossils they contain are also less than 250,000 years old!
  • From where do they get this so-called PRE-history that long era before documented history began, while the ancients themselves all testified – in over 700 legends – that their common patriarchs and matriarchs survived a Flood who had lived rather than in PRE history during a Pre-Flood history!? Because they were actually  cavemen who couldn’t write and thought up their Flood heritage out of thin air? Well, even if they couldn’t write about their “stupid cave dwelling ancestors”, they could have at least reported their history by word of mouth or sing about it, as a tribe of Chinese Miao people did, who never had a written but yet a very accurate 3-4 thousand yr. history, which happens to be eerily similar to Moses’ Genesis. So why was this “pre-historic” paleo- and neolithic fiction, that Man ostensibly existed 20-30.000 up to 2-3 million years before recorded history, inserted into the true historical documented record?
  • And while cooking up this not-accounted-for, never extant, “Pre-History“, they dare to deny the factual oceanic thallasocracy (sea empire) & Atlantic civilisation of Atlantis as “myth”, whereas it DOES have documented written proof based on former oral accounts, by one of the World’s most revered philosophers; Plato!
  • And not just Plato! Other well-known ancient historians wrote and testified about Atlantis, like Diodorus Siculus, and Proclus (quoting Marcellus) who described Atlantis as seven islands. Posidonius, Strabo, and Philo, all mentioned Atlantis in their writings as a historical fact! But Darwinian historians dare to sweep all those under their convenient rug of “myth”. Why? Because Atlantis proves inconvenient cross-continental sailing & shipping, which does not fit their “stupid ancient caveman” narrative. That‘s why! (They’re crouching, because they’re related to  monkeys, stupid! Don’t you get the hint?)
  • The (qu)academics also suddenly lost their initial hunger for the discovery of submerged structures, pillars, ruins, and towns under the seas all over the world. At first they were very enthused about these sunken megaliths, until they got the memo on their desk to ‘cool it’. Why? Because submerged Bronze Age ruins – as that’s what they are! – under water, prove inevitably a far more recent Ice Age than their Darwinist motivated, postulated long-ago, grossly over-dated, multiple “glacial maximums” – as they prefer to call them!
  • Because a catastrophic 125 M. (300 ft) ocean level rise, that took place around 1500 BC, that sank not only Atlantis but also Sunda Land, Land of Mu (Yonaguni, Penghu Island, here in Taiwan), Doggerland, and many global coastline settlements and ports like Dwaraka and Kumari Kandam, just before the subsequent 1300-1200 BC Bronze Age Collapse, can only be explained by a far more recent melting of land-glaciers just before and during that time, which would mean that the REAL Ice Age ended around 1500 BC which is not convenient to their long ago 20-30-50-80.000 year BP ice ages’ fallacious dating. This much more recent ice age was caused by a 10° C. cooling of the post-Flood ocean which dramatically lessened strong evaporation and its copious Ice Age rains that eroded the pyramids and Sphinx in Giza but also watered the green cattle-grazing Sahara until 1500 BC! Ay! That.. really hurts neo Darwinism. So therefore no more enthusiasm for submarine Bronze Age archaeology!
  • They cooked up way too ancient Ice Ages whereas the only one unique Ice Age lasted from around 2200 BC until 1500 BC, because academics never discovered, and thus couldn’t base their dating on it, the. .… unique Ice Age Mechanism, which was a sole and direct consequence from the cracking of the Earth’s once pristine crust & its resulting global deluge! Violent volcanic heat of super-hot, super-critical water exploded creating the fault lines and heated up the oceans! A hotter ocean is the only way we could have had any Ice Age at all, because just a colder Earth would have prevented cloud cover, rain, and snow necessary for creating ice caps on land! More evaporation led to more cloud cover and thus more rain, and of course transforming lots of ocean water into more snow in the Northern hemisphere creating the accumulating Ice caps which lowered the oceans by 125 M. or 300 Ft. Climatologists can’t figure that out? Or are not allowed to, so they don’t want to! Because there just isn’t any other possible mechanism that leads to icecaps on land, except in polar regions.
  • But when the oceans cooled down to present temperatures and the ice caps melted, water poured back into the oceans, and raised sea levels up to present day level around 1500 BC, submerging BRONZE AGE coastal lands, towns, and temples, etc.
  • Where did all the “dirt” and rock layers in the ubiquitous strata below our feet originate? Those 2 KM deep layers of different rocks worldwide amount to trillions of cubic miles of rock and sediments, which they have to admit were water-laid. That massive volume of rock below our feet didn’t fall from space, or the moon, nor from the Pacific Ocean, but originated from below the crust and its deep cracks during the global Deluge!
    [Ignore the Darwinian “15-20 million year gap” propaganda! DO notice the layer flatness! Ha! Water laid, as they have to confess!]
  • How did the Earth get cracks in its crust? The trillions of cubic miles of massive rock layers under our feet came from below the Earth’s crust, when it got cracked by the super-hot super-critical compressed water reservoirs, still extant below the crust today, that found a hair-line of weakness in it and exploded through the until then un-cracked virgin crust of Pangaea, splitting it along its fault-lines! Big chunks of rock were forcefully expelled, and fountains of very hot Super Critical Water shot out,causing flooding of all lands. This massive Deluge’s repeated tsunamis ground these rocks to pieces into dust, sediments, & chunks, which were finally deposited in 1-2 miles deep layers studded with instantly buried and pressed into animal and human fossils.floodmechanics
  • Why are all sunken ruins ‘Bronze Age’?
    Why did Krishna not live 20.000 years ago, as Darwinian Graham Hancock fantasizes? For book sales? Hinduism is as recent as 2200 BC! And around 1500 BC, as dated by Dwaraka pottery found under water similar to on land pottery [Dr. S.Rao],
    DwarakaDating1500BCArjuna, Krishna’s friend, witnessed the old city of Dwaraka being swallowed up by the waves in a few days, as it disappeared below the encroaching ocean!
  • The Indus valley Harrapan people were not knuckle-dragging stone-age cavemen. They were very smart & advanced. So are all the ruins found under water, all over the globe that stem from the same period, around 1500 BC, the time of the Exodus and the Bronze Age Collapse. Why? Because of real Climate change, nations had to leave everything behind to fight others to find new watered lands! The ones that stayed behind were reduced to the (never extant) “Flintstones’ Age!”
  • Fossils can never form under 1 inch of dirt or less.
    When a fish or dinosaur dies and doesn’t get covered instantly under several meters of sediments they will rot, perish, and never fossilize! Thus it took a huge movement of water, a gigantic hydrological mechanism to cover so many animals worldwide! This is not a result from millions of small inundations. They would rot and disintegrate before they ever became fossils under thin sedimentary rock this inane Darwinian gif-file pretends to illustrate formed the huge layers below.
  • Why do they obfuscate, ban & hide Giants? All over the world, giant skeletons have been discovered in shallow graves, especially in the United States! The Smithsonian Institute was always on the spot to confiscate the remaining skull and bones and “disappeared” them never to be talked about again, let alone exhibited, nor written about, as they were hundreds of times in the 19th century American newspapers! Even the New York Times! Why! And not only US Darwinists muzzled history and academe, New Zealand, Australian, and other nations’ authorities disappeared the evidence, and intimidated archaeological discoverers often, just as the Oil Barons intimidate free energy & water engine inventors all over the world.BiggestHeadVeryINtelligent
  • Why do they cover up the global ‘Sea Kings’ & sailors from before the 2200 BC Ice Age? Poseidon_sculpture_Copenhagen_2005Why do they ignore the smart Sea Kings like Cham, Atlas, Naptuhim (Neptune), Posidon, & others, those savvy sailors who flawlessly mapped the stars, measured the Earth, and then recorded their found measurements permanently into the Great 2300 BC Giza Pyramid? (PIC: Poseidon, son of Canaan) And why do they ignore the obvious source maps that were foundational to the strange maps showing more islands now submerged (Below: The Ibn Ben Zara Map), and Antarctica’s and Greenland mountains and rivers, without ice!?
  • Why do they ignore the 2345 BC tilt & former obliquity of the ecliptic of 26.5 º discovered by Australia’s former government astronomer George Dodwell FRAS, who proved that around 2345 BC a great cataclysmic event took place tilting the Earth 26.5º, as recorded in all solar temples’ sun corridors from Amon Ra’s Karnak temple to British Stone Henge, probably built by the same giant Fomorian descendants of Cham, son of Noah, who sailed all over the globe and left his mark as a nuisance everywhere, as the ‘annals of Clonmacnoise’ tell us? The tilt slowly decreased and stabilised to 23.5 º by 1880 AD!
  • Why do they push our spurious so-called descend from dumb small simians whereas we actually descended from smarter, taller, & bigger longer-skulled, longer-living savants? Why do they fabricate & promote false monkey-descent propaganda from Lucy & African Eve, in every glossy magazine in dentist’s waiting-rooms, and on every “Discovery” channel, History.com, and UFO TV emissions?
  • Why do they confuse smart Megaliths builders with dumb “Flintstone” type cavemen? Or figure instead that aliens with high tech UFOs and Laser weapons came to build rough hewn stone megaliths? As academics concluded that the Bronze Age megalith found meters below the Baltic Sea is a stone UFO?
    Oh the humanity!
  • Why do they ignore Pre-Columbian travel and censor proofs via gatekeeper Wicked Pedia, and every “history” program, even via so-called “alternative” historians Hancock, Shoch, Childress, etc., who religiously push the Darwinian agenda of 20-30- to 80.000 years BP, when it just ain’t so?
  • The historical (qu)academics deny that the Olmecs came from Africa during the Bronze Age Collapse though they had the same script as the Malinke bambara language in North Africa!
  • And the Chinese looking jade is denied being Chinese, because “of course the Chinese or Yomon could never have sailed from China to Mexico to trade their jade? Or could they have?
    Nor could the Yomon from Japan have sailed to Equador to seminate their identical pottery! Or leave their chinese stone anchors under the ocean off of San Diego seen below! And the list goes on and on!

    3000 Yrs Old Chinese Anchors California
  • atlasWhy do they ignore the accurate source maps like the Piri Reis map and others, and the geometric measurements of the precession of the Earth measured not by dumb “paleolithic” stone age cavemen, but by very smart astronomers and geographers who sailed the seas in a bit smaller ships than their nuclear family arrived on during the Global Flood?
    For example Noah’s banned son Ham (or Cham) and his sons Canaan, Misraim, and Kush and their immediate offspring like Hercules, Nimrod, Canaan and his sons Sidon, and Atlantian kings Naptuhim (Neptune) and Atlas the smart star-mapping astronomer, and their offspring the Oceanids, Pleiadens, the Olympians and the Titans (descendants of Shem).
  • Why do over 700 nations have Flood tales?
    Is the Flood rather some “subconscious meme” inspired by “African Eve”, as some Harvard professor’s gobbledygook surmises? All civilisations and every ethne similarly speak about a global Deluge that wiped out all men except a small crew of people on a ship named “the eight”, in similar legends from many cultures, by Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Hebrews, Chinese, Miau zu, Indians, etc.8-Hue-EightImmortalsTHE EIGHT IMMORTALS

  • Egyptian-Eight-OgdoadWhy do they ignore our ancient patriarchs when they are found all over recorded history from the Chinese history by Sima Qian, to the Irish Annals of the Wise Men, the ‘Annals of Clonmacnoise’, and Welsh British History translated by Geoffrey Monmouth, and the Sumerian belief in Creation, and the Greek accounts of a Flood, and Egyptian writings about Nun (Noah) and his 7 companions (8)  that survived a Flood, as well as in the Popol Vuh, etc.
  • Here we are merely scratching the surface, not mentioning the earliest Indian writings that speak about Manu and his seven Rishis, (which alos make eight!) or the same person with another name in Dravidian writings called Styavratha with his three sons, Sharma, Charma, and Yapethi, and the Miao zu Nu-Ah and his three sons, Lo Han, Lo Shen, and Yaphu, and the writings of Moses in Genesis calls them Noach, Shem, Ham and Yapheth.

  • Why do they hammer Darwinism so much down our collective throats in every glossy magazine and News website of the  Mainstream Media [incl. Russia Today], as well as by every Academic institution with gross State support!? Is there indeed a 150 years old Cecil Rhodes financed  Round Table agenda financed by bankers and British elite scions? to dumb down humanity to a materialistic hedonistic monkey level, so they wouldn’t aspire anymore to higher things and independent thinking philosophies and religious consciousness to resist these elitairian control freaks?
  • Why do they ignore & hijack dragons as “dinosaurs”? while at the same time totally ignoring multiple testimonies of many sightings of contemporary living dragons in lakes and oceans, and even on land, and even in the air?!
  • Why do they willfully and rebelliously ignore the proven recent existence of dinos, like the 4000 yr. old blood found in their bones and pictures & photos in the record, as proven by infamous dino expert Mr. Horn’s own partner, Mary Schweitzer?
  • What is their pushy agenda for?
  • Why do they falsify true history? By replacing it with fake history!
  • Why do they falsify biology? Denying the elaborate complicated information code in the Earth’s animal and human and plant DNA??
  • Why do they falsify geology?
  • MaskAgamemnonThey obfuscate legends as myth, but archaeologists like Heinrich Schliemann discovered Troy, plus “mythical Agamemnon’s golden mask, and recently “modern archaeologitsts even wood from the Trojan Horse at the same location! But still Darwinian historians will cry that “euhemerising” is not a kosher historical practice! Like skeptics in the 19 hundreds swore up and down that “this King Sargon mentioned in the Bible” was “mythical” and non existant, until they diiscovered his palace!
  • And why are SumerianOannes’ and his handbasket seen all over the globe across oceans in different nations’ statues and steles? (see graphic below) while they still insist on denying cross oceanic travel of the ancients? If so how come pyramids and megaliths with metal clamps and T-s are ubiquitously found all over the frigging globe, if there was no such global culture of building megaliths that way to protect their structures from the then even more frequent earthquakes, in those violent post-Flood days? Do you see the Venta stele with Oannes handbasker in Mexico?!! Hello-o-o-o-!!!fishtailgods“OANNES’ BASKETS” CARRIED ALL OVER THE GLOBE!
  • Why do they deny high-tech artifacts and ooparts to push & prove “dumb cavemen?” Or why to they falsely identify them as “300 million year old UFO technology!” You can leave Fake History obviously to the Fake News Media, as they increasingly censor the true internet alternative news, checking it with Snopes.com? You must be frigging kidding me! it’s like checking JFK’s murder plot with the Warren commission, or 9-11 with Bush & Kissinger! Ha! But that is what Fakebook does these days!
  • But the real question is: When will you finally get intellectually offended enough by their patronising, minimising, superior complex attitudes that have gone on now for centuries?? When will you wake the flock up? What’s the matter for you?
  • And Why can’t we move & build big stones anymore as they did? The Japanese tried to built only a 1/3 size pyramid, even with the help of modern technology, but failed! Why!
  • Why do they deny a proven ±1500 BC ocean rise and stretch it out over millions of years instead?
  • Why do they consistently deny, deride, obfuscate, warp, ignore, the ancient record of the Greeks, Sumerians, Harrapans, and all other Western genealogies of Irish, Brits (welsh), Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Frisians, etc. to get their un-scientific way!?
    Pics: Oera Linda Book persecuted by Dutch (qu)academia!

There are tons of true historians and millions of very intelligent people, Nobel scientists, and wise intellectuals who fully refute and ridicule these Darwinian fabrications and fairy tales, served up to the dumbed-down serfs. And like Dr. David Berlinsky they are not even necessarily creationist fundamentalists who vainly try to convince them to believe in real history by quoting Scriptures they don’t even believe in. Legalistic vain fishers of minds and men? But the record of true history is written all over in virtually every historical record from all over the globe! Not just a Hebrew Bible.

Lets open our eyes a little, get a bit wiser and smarter, get a lot less gullible and smell the brainwashing coffee they have served us up with lo these 150 years since Cecil Rhodes organized the Round Table and his Rhodes Scholars (Think Clinton!) with which they impressed, railroaded, brainwashed, propagandized, and hijacked all educational heads and academic wannabes of every institution all over the frigging world, even intimidating our nations’ governments to willfully suppress true history!

Not only that, but they also try to make us agree to obliterate the Syrian people who have freely elected to follow and fight with Assad against US_Israel’s Takfiri terror creations! If the Syrian army didn’t want Assad, they would and could have killed him a long time ago! But the Syrian people want to be free from Takfiris and from Israel who stole their land of the Golan Heights!

It is the very same problem in education! We have been railroaded into believing something that isn’t true! Darwinism just ain’t so! There is no species that ever descended from another species. We did not descend from small simian monkey primates in Africa. We cheapen ourselves if we believe that. We are not an accident. You  are not a coincidence. You have meaning, and destiny, and reason, and rhyme, and you were not put here for 75 years to live like the offspring of a Darwinian monkey-man!


We descend from people just like us, but their brain sizes were actually larger and thus were smarter! We are the ‘dummies’ of history! Just look at what they watch on TV and Youtube! Kate Perry twerking with her tongue out for kicks? We were designed for far greater purposes than that. But if we don’t get the point we are not going to get there very soon! We will miss our destiny.

Life is not an accident! We were put here, as every Near Death Experiencer will tell you! There is another much more perfect and more loving existence waiting for you, where there are your loved ones and concerned human spirits that are rooting for your spiritual survival! But the World’s elite does not want you to see that! Because it would liberate you from their globalist collectivist influence they have brought billions under already, hopelessly brainwashed individuals, who believe that they are here to tyrannise others to create a perfect technological trans humanist dystopia enforcing everyone to run along the same rules and regulations, and if not… they’ll liquidate us… because we are not putting the collective above the needs of our spirit and soul! Which is actually more social and loving than the artificial maze of the rat race and Facebook will ever accomplish.

Do YOU have the guts to stand up to the Darwinist propaganda influences?– Even if they do occupy the higher ground of finance, power, educational fortifications, secret societies, TV and Hollywood? You can and would perhaps, IF you only had the ammunition! Well….HERE IS SOME AMMUNITION


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