15 Sunken Submerged Bronze Age Cities in Pictures – Updated!

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WHY are there sunken Bronze Age megaliths, towns, ruins, roads, pillars, found all over the world under the ocean? Because around 1500-1400 BC the REAL Ice Age ended and there was a 125 meter (300 ft) rise in Ocean level, which once in recorded History submerged many coastlines plus its cities, streets, building, pillars, temples, along with it. Below you find many pictures of fifteen sunken locations. This map below shows the sunken coast lands that were once land, in red.


Anapa, Black Sea, Russia

Down the coast, Sochi has similar megalithic ruins offshore.

Anapa  AnapaNovorossiysk


Pavlopetri, Greece

Some ruins on land, and some down under the sea, put there by the early Pelasgians before the Hellenic Greeks came into possession of Greece.



Pavlopetri Pavlopetri

Was it the Flood of Deucalion? The Black Sea Inundation that flooded its ancient shore line around that same time, or the “Flood of Ogyges” which also sank Atlantis? All around 1500 BC.


ZAKYNTHOS Underwater Ruins

(Now declared “natural?” Su-u-u-ure!)

yb7au-ancient-greek-city-4Underwater wheel-like stone circles with holes in the center, probably to hold either stone or wooden pillars. BUT they are now declared natural! Why? Because such man-made underwater ruins would alert people too much that the Bronze Age was the same time as the Ice Age melting of the ice-caps on land, and that would ruin the Darwinian paradigm that is central to “Consensus Science” practiced these days, which is the politically correct watchword all Academia has to submit to! Or else? No funding, no publishing, no job! And academic wives are not gonna like that, so the “scientists” succumb to the Darwinian peer pressure. And empirical science? Sorry! Out the window! 


A circle stone broken in half and placed at opposite sides. (“Natural” you said?)


How come nature produced so many circle stones with a hole in the middle, and only in Zakynthos, but nowhere else in the Mediterranean? If not in the world!? Millions of years of Evolution was just better at producing circular hole stones in Zakhyntos than anywhere else. (And they call it Science!) :)

Circular hole stones with 3 steps upward as well! Nature is so smart, with time on its side, of course!


Nature can even create stone pavements! Just given enough time.


And also perfect arches of stone! Not just finches’ beaks.



Pylos Greece: Underwater pillars!


Penghu Island, Taiwan (Formerly: Pescadores) Underwater battlement



And this didn’t happen “13.500 years ago”, per Darwinian time-scale as the map below purports, but a mere 3,400 years ago around 1500-1400 B.C. The islands in the right top corner are Yonaguni and Okinawa.


Besides Peng Hu’s sunken ruins and Yonaguni’s gigantic under water ruins, the early original Taiwanese Aborigines of the Kavalan Tribe of Yilan city on the coast of East Taiwan, have an ancient legend of giants coming over from the islands where they had their own city (Yonaguni or Chatan?) in search of work and food.

This realtionship continued until a big earthquake and flood destroyed and sunk the giants’ city which caused them to come over to Yilan to fight for the Kavalan land and food. At first many Kavalan fled into the mountains, but finally one of the braver organised their resistance and were finally able to kill the giants.

Here is the restaurant in Yilan that still honors the ancient legend with a statue of the captured baby giant, which the Kavalan aborigines used to trick the leader of the giants to kill him. It serves giant hamburgers!


Atlit Yam near Haifa, Palestine



Atlit_YamAtlit Yam

Gaza, Palestine


Pharos Alexandria Egypt

Pharos-Alexandria-Egypt(1)Pharos Alexandria Egypt

Herakleion, Menouthis (Canopus?) AbuQirBay Egypt

Timing of Submergence of Cities Heraklion and Menouthis Embarrassing to Uniformitarians

The uniformitarians can’t decide a date that Menouthis and Heraklion were consumed by the sea, cities of megalithic stone buildings and paved avenues.

Impossible for them to admit it was the end of the Ice Age, they are reduced to citing “earthquakes” having caused the cities to ostensibly slide out several miles from shore to submerge, on the now extinct Canopic branch of the Nile which shows no discontinuity by those supposed earthquakes however.

They say Herodotus referred to those cities in his day, but he was talking about Canopus, built circa 1100 B.C., not about the submerged cities of which he was unaware, for they had been submerged for a thousand years by his day.

Some uniformitarians say Menouthis and Heraklion were submerged as late as 800 A.D. IF so, why did no one record the event, wouldn’t that have been worthy of note? Where is the record of those cities from the centuries preceding 800 A.D.?    – James Nienhuis


Herakleion Abu Qir Bay Egypt




Yonaguni Taiwan-Japan







Caribbean Bimini Road

bimini5 bimini4 bimini3
bimini2_2   bimini_mapBimini map
Bimini_road1Megalithic Bimini Road Cuba
bimini2Bimini_road visible from above the water

Yucatan-Channel-CubaYucatan Channel Cuba

Part of Atlantis: Underwater Road & Pillars, Miami Lion, America.

And what technology could build a long blacktop paved road for hundreds of miles that was still in good condition many thousands of years later?




Actually Ham (guttural “Cham”) and sons were the first sea travelers who went all over the place, “and were a nuisance to the whole world because of their pyracy” as recorded in the ‘Annals of Clonmacnoise’ of Irish history.



OF COURSE, the historians are “not certain what these discoveries mean.” Why? Because it clashes with their postulated paradigm of Darwinist History — if there is such a thing — which murdered and maimed historical science big-time these last 150 years, since the Cecil Rhodes Round Table órganised their Rhodes scholars to take over public education, infusing it with pseudo-science! And this historian is confused, because he wants to keep his job! If they diverge from the paradigm, they will not! Just like recently a guy at the University of California was fired because he published the fact that there was blood in the horn bone of a newly discovered “65 million” yr. old  Tyrannosaurus Rex, that was actually not older than 4000 years!

BELOW: Did you ever see such fancy Bronze Age Walls plus metal ornaments from a “10-12.000 years ago” Ice Age? Wow! Those “10-12.000 years BP” cavemen who built them, must have been pretty smart!


Wow those 12.000 BP Cavemen could cast bronze bulls as well!



And make some pretty impressive pillared archways and columns there 10.000 years before Columbus?
They must have been neo-Darwinian academic cavemen! Those were very very smart! Like those today! They are not following the herd of filthy lucre lovers, but are real independent thinkers and… politically correct! :)


“Yeah, but, lets just not do any more underwater archaeology in the Bahamas, nor publish anything about it. Perhaps neither at other places under the oceans. We don’t want to lose our clout over the masses, now, do we?!”

Bahama0 Bahamas


Terceira, St. Miguel, Azores

TerceiraPyramid Terceira-SaoMiguel


Of course, Google said that this underwater map around the Azores is not underwater streets of a sunken city, because Google, of course, follows the Darwinian & Uniformitarian watchword issued by the Darwinian thought-police in Academia. huhAnd so they ultimately said that they were the “scrape-marks of the underwater mapping module.”

Question to Google. WHY then is not the entire ocean-map full of scrape marks? And why did you delete this map from Google Earth?


Baiae Naples, Italy

Baiae-Naples2Baiae Naples

Baiae-Naples BaiaeBaiae Naples

Lampedusa Island Near Malta, Italy

Nic Fleming cited many submerged ruins on the Tunisian Shelf toward Lampedusa Pelagie Islands. Many locations near submerged sites on the Tunisian shelf which was exposed land during the Ice Age. It is a huge swath of land there which was exposed during the Ice Age, where the Atlantean West met the Pelasgians and Egyptians to the East.

Atlantide planimetria2Lampadusa




Kundam, Mahabalipuram, India



Dwarka, Kususthali, Gulf of Khambat, India



Dwaraka-8 RuinsDwarka

Montenegro! Former Yugoslavia!


Sweden, Baltic Sea, not Stone Age! Bronze Age Megalith!



Sunken Baltic Sea Sweden

Chatan Island, Okinawa, Japan

KeramaOkinawaSunken Kerama

Chatan Islands

Chatan-1 chatan Chatan-3-kadena chatanOkinawa

Chatan, Near Okinawa, like Yonaguni

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