300-Ml-year-Old High-Tech Pre-Flood Tooth Wheel Found in 4.500 Year Old Russian Coal Blamed on UFO?

January 25, 2013 By Lu Paradise — 158 total views

As recently reported by ‘The Voice of Russia’, a high-tech 98 % aluminum 2 % magnesium tooth wheel was discovered in a “300 million year old” coal layer. Because this is quite impossible in terms of Evolution that forbids coal forming within human history, “scientists” weaseled themselves out of the dilemma by calling it–get ready for this one! — a UFO tooth wheel! Hilarious! They rather turn themselves into prating fools than to suffer shame for disloyalty to the imposed watchword of the pernicious paradigm that has paralysed true science ever-since its sorry conception 150 years ago.
Here’s a screen shot of the recent article:


This is the most comical piece of Neo-Darwinist cover-up I ever saw since Richard Dawkins started to make room for the notion that “Human Evolution” may actually have been started OFF-planet by Aliens, thus conveniently relocating the problem of non-existent beneficial mutations to impossible-to-verify Outer Space! A rather sneaky way of dealing with this untenable theory!

This fancy tooth wheel is yet another ragingly spectacular find in a series of OOPARTS (Out of place artifacts) discovered in the rock- and coal-layers below our feet which, according to the theory of Evolution, are purportedly hundreds of million years old!

Mainstream Media and Academia were not bought to allow departure from the politically correct yet false paradigm, but rather to promote it, and thus have to come up with such a preposterous notion that the tooth-wheel must have belonged to a 300 million year old U-F-O!

Doesn’t that crack you up! Can you believe it? Well, sad to say, billions of bamboozled specimens of our human race actually do believe such junk science, because they are just as hopelessly brainwashed by Neo-Darwinism as these Russian “experts.” Of course…

“Once upon an eon…to be precise 312 million years ago… a UFO from a far away alien star system on a haphazard visit to Earth, crashed and exploded in the hostile atmosphere of Earth scattering a tooth wheel into the wildly vegetated swamps growing along the primordial lake, which then amazingly enough happened to be immediately covered by the ash of a volcanic explosion at that very moment,[otherwise no fossilisation!] which instantly buried and compacted 200 M. plant-matter into 2 M. coal!

Voila! That is what surely happened!

Close-up of the tooth wheel!


Despite more than 500 Deluge traditions of virtually every nation on this planet, and solid evidence of earliest human civilisation and even the remains of a ship in Armenia, most History Channel trained Westerners have no clue that this tooth-wheel is yet another archaeological proof of the pre-Deluge civilisation’s very advanced technology in a long line of many other artifacts, testifying to the fact that the First World was once overflowed with water.

It is a sad record how so many people in this world prefer to be ignorant of the glaring facts. I think it is mainly because people hate to be identified with the perceived “losers” of the battle between consensus “science” and real empirical science, that used to be practiced in pre-Darwinian times.

It is for the same reason that average Italians in the streets of Florence preferred the “science” of the Catholic church over Galileo’s. Peer pressure! And where does our peer pressure stem from? From a successful 150 year Rhodes’ Round Table P.R. campaign (think Edward Bernays’ “Engineering of Consent!”) by a Banking Elite that slowly bought control over the media and education as well. The masses’ present-day lack of knowledge is symptomatic there of, leading them into their very own demise.

Whereas older OOPARTs are not as well-known and thus more easily subject to ridicule, “debunking” and undue skepticism, this one is very recent and pretty high-tech, and so exposed to the public! I bet this one got published in the Russian media probably by mistake, as they normally endeavor to cover up such things!

Yes, dear reader, the Global Deluge did indeed take place as covered in our other Paradise Post articles. (See: related articles below) It did overflow the very high-tech ancient world that once existed on the first mono-continent now named “Pangaea”, where descendants of Adam and Eve turned into very smart, though very violent people, just as so many today, and as a result were wiped out by this global catastrophe!

The eight survivors of this global flood were just as smart as their perished contemporaries, but especially Ham or Cham (one of Noe’s three sons) and his sons, used his very advanced pre-Deluge know-how to create huge megalithic pyramids and stone monuments all over the Earth!


They were not only good at ship-building, which helped them to sail all over the world, and at astronomy which helped them to stay on course and find their way around, but smart in trigonometric mapping as well! They mapped all the places they sailed to in those days 4,500 years ago, so that Egyptian and Phoenician ships, artifacts and inscriptions were even discovered in Australia and in South America!

Of course mainstream historians and Wickedpedia blacklist such “pre-Columbian” naval contacts with these continents as “fringe science and pseudo archaeology!” The following screen-shots are some instances of much evidence of such forbidden archaeology:







As you can see from the very last report, examples of forbidden archaeology are not just heavily censured, “debunked“, discredited, but even removed or destroyed by mainstream historical gatekeepers instructed to keep the dying corps of Neo-Darwinism artificially alive!

What Happened to These Smart Early Civilisations?

Suddenly, after only a few hundred years, all these very smart, post-Deluge, sea-faring, early civilisations disappeared as “mysteriously” as they had arisen “without record and from nowhere“, including most of their high-tech knowledge! Their scattered surviving descendants obviously had never learned or internalised this technology and thus no one was ever able to replicate it until our 21st century. Actually we are still not able to construct pyramids like they produced!

Don’t you realise how these discoveries show that Evolution or Neo-Darwinism is a flawed theory? It is bogus science that is as fake as a three dollar bill! We do not descend from small, knuckle-dragging, ape-like cavemen in African deserts, nor from hunter-gatherers hunting mammoths from ice age caves.

We actually descended from genetically superior, much smarter, ancestors, and devolved in a mere matter of about 4500 years into dumbed-down, enslaved, smaller, and much less healthy specimen of the human race! Look how for example the original Australians devolved into non-tech, superstitious debauchery! And it is happening again! :)


Those coal layers deep beneath our feet, in which this “UFO” tooth-wheel was found, were neither formed “gradually” over 300 million years ago, but were instead formed and fossilised instantly from the debris of the huge vegetation that characterised the Pre-Flood Earth that existed only about five to four-and-a-half thousand years ago, as the astronomical research of Dr. George F. Dodwell indicated the sudden tilting of the Earth’s axis caused by the Deluge!CoalSeamThis 2 M. coal seam needed a (10 x 2 ) 20 M. plant mat!

Those uprooted forests and huge plants were driven together by huge tsunamis into very thick mats which were instantly pressed into 1/10th of its thickness by subsequent heavy eroded rock and mud layers dumped on them by successive tsunamis during the days the fountains of the Earth exploded spouting up subterranean super-critical water that wiped out all humans except the eight survivors on a boat, as recorded in many of the 500 ethnic flood stories from all over the world.

Question: Where would you get a 20 M plant and tree mat nowadays? When Mt. St Helen exploded and uprooted the forests in the mount’s circumference, it did not fill Spirit Lake twenty meters thick! Fact is that Pre Deluge world vegetation was much bigger, longer living, and higher, judging from the giant plant fossils found within the coal seam, and by giant fauna fossils like these giant oysters on top of the Andes Mountains at 6ooo Ft.


Here are some more OOPARTs:


IronPot1 IronPot2



Goldjewelry goldspiral goldchain




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