Ancient Greeks knew ALL about Eden, Fall, Flood before Genesis was known and mentioned them ALL in their mythology!

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I don’t advertise books, but I unashamedly promote the results of the fantastic research and analysis of Mr. Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., because the man single-handedly and successfully cracked the Greek Mythology Code. (I haven’t even read it, only his website!) But other so-called experts of yore on Greek mythology, compared to him, were amateurs describing puzzling phenomena with expensive words because they didn’t understand them.

Their vague allusions that made no sense were elevated to academic fodder for multitudes of young students who graduated from the “higher halls of learning” with confused empty heads. But this man has finally nailed it. How? He looked at the Greek art on temples, statues and pottery and asked the right questions, and so discovered the right answers.

Here is one of his epiphanies. When we look at the following picture whether Westerner, Atheist, African, or Eskimo, most immediately understand what it stands for. Look and read what Johnson says:


Here is the ancient Greek key picture on a vase. Most of us will not understand it but it made as much sense to Ancient Greeks as a nativity scene does to us. By the way I have no affiliation with Johnson, I am just promoting the understanding.



Before we delve into the matter, check out the diagram on the right explaining the coincidence of the Greek mythological figures who are just the same deified ancient characters also recorded in Genesis written by the Hebrew Moses, as mere mortal normal humans.

Ouranos (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth) are a type of Noah and his wife, yet Noah is mostly personified by the Ancient Greeks as Nereus. Titan is Shem, Kronus (Cronus) is Ham (who shamed his father), Iapetus is Japheth, but the victorious Greek god Zeus who rules all the other gods on Mt. Olympus, is Kronus’ (Ham) son Mizraim/Osiris.

OsirisOsiris – Mizraim

Ham’s first son Mizraim, Osiris or Zeus, was the founder of Egypt, from where the pagan Greeks borrowed much of their mythology and religious philosophy.

Noah and his wife are sometimes personified as Deucalion (and wife Pyrrha), though this couple is not as important and persistent as Nereus (and wife Doris), often pictured in Greek art as “the old man of the sea” with white hair, holding a staff and/or dolphins in his hand, often with a fish tail.

HeraklesNoahWhy “bring out those Biblical figures again?” Because, as Johnson so deftly analyses Greek mythology, the ‘table of nations‘ and its founders were not just Biblical “phantoms”, as Wicked Pedia would have us believe, but the very same deified ascendants of the Greeks’ (and others’) ancient history, only with different names. And thus the Greeks also go all the way back to the ‘Garden of Eden’ before the Flood calling it “the Garden of Hesperides”, but instead of glorifying Adam and Seth, they again began to glorify Eve, the Serpent, Kain and his offspring!


Kronos the time keeper: Ham Deified!

You’ve got to understand one thing about the Greeks, they were infected by and followed the aversion that Ham and his sons had for the Flood as God’s judgment, as well as for His obedient servant Noah and his religion. Egyptians were “sons of Ham” who also resented Noah’s judgment of their father Ham/Kronus and his cursing of their uncle Canaan, Ham’s other son, for Ham’s improper behaviour.

That’s why Ham/Kronus (Roman:Saturn!) was getting back at his Father Noah/Ouranus (Uranus) below, portrayed here as castrating him with a scythe! That castration was not mentioned in most accurate Genesis, and was most likely a sign of their resentment resulting in their embellishment of Ham’s scorn and impropriety towards Noah when he saw him naked. Besides Noah is recorded as having born many daughters after-wards. The Greeks say as many as fifty!


As a result the Hamites not only resented Father Noah from the line of righteous Seth, but actually preferred and re-introduced the worship of Eden’s Serpent (Satan) who promised them to become gods through his knowledge, and thus they revived the line of the killer Kain (Cain) through Hera, Zeus’/Mizraim’s wife, who ostensibly was from the line of Kain. Hear Johnson.


So the Greeks took the side of Kaineus and disliked the Kentaurs of Seth.


So here we see the post-Flood re-occurrence of the seed of Satan reborn into Hephaistos via Athena the God Mother of Serpentism, or as we call it today “Secular Humanism”, the worship of Man, Self and Satan through “science” so-called, the enforced political correct version of it via consensus and media propagation, rather than by the old fashioned scientific empirical process and/or falsification. Now you understand how this art motif was as important to the Greeks as the nativity scene is to us!

This is one of he reasons why I disagree with the notion promoted by some, that the Nephilim (giants?) after the Flood were once again a result of some more crossbreeding with sons of God/Angels with the daughters of men, as otherwise Hephaistos would not have been portrayed as coming out of the Earth, but as a result of seed from the heavens!

I believe that the ‘Nephilim’ or giants were already genetically a part of the bloodline of Noah, obviously not overbearingly so, because there were only few giants born after the Flood, like the Anakim, Goliath, and the giants of the Americas, some of which may have survived as Sasquatch and/or Bigfoot, and in Asia as the Yeti!

The Fall of Noah/Nereus & Rise of Nimrod/Herakles


Noah was known and respected, but his godly influence began to wane under the pernicious influence of Ham/Kronus, and his serpent worshipping offspring like Mizraim (Zeus), Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham son of Noah. According to Johnson Nimrod was known as Herakles to the Greeks and we see his pagan influence slowly taking a toll on Noah’s godly influence!


Now the Greek Herakles is often called a Greek “hijack” of the Egyptian Hercules. That is perhaps why Johnson believes that the Greeks saw him as a personification of Nimrod rather, son of Cush, grandson of Ham/Kronos, who became the world’s first tyrant in Shinar/Babylon and was (with his wife Semiramis) most likely the one responsible for the construction of the infamous Tower of Babel!


TableNationsPoseidon or (Po)Sidon is the son of Canaan who lent his name to the Lebanese seaport Sidon from where the Canaanite Phoenicians sailed all over the world, undoubtedly trying to prove that the Noah’s curse on Canaan was ineffective. But we’ll see if that was true, as time definitely told!

Poseidon_sculpture_Copenhagen_2005Nevertheless ancient Greek art told the story of how the influence of Noah/Nereus over the world was transferred through the intervention of wicked Herakles/Nimrod, to his Canaanite cousin Poseidon and all his Titan friends and offspring! Nimrod was the great hunter and tyrant of Sumeria/Babylon deified and glorified in the Epic as Gilgamesh.

In that story Nimrod/Herakles even visited Noah/Nereus (called Utnapisthim) who lived to the ripe age of 950, to find out from him how he could inherit Eternal Life! Nimrod sought physical Eternal Life on this earth, just as the transhumanists of today like Kurzweil and Peter Joseph seek immortality through stemcells and technology to prolong their lives physically, although they are anything but perfect in spirit!


How dumb! I would not like to inherit this Earth in the sweat, blood, shit, pee and tears of our present human bodies. We, the children of God have opted for the imminent Resurrection at the coming of Jesus Christ, much rather than for their so-called Singularity that will come… but in a way they definitely do not expect!


What we almost see here, is the Caananites getting even with Noah the old man of the sea, their curser, by suppressing his godly religion and taking over his power over the sea. Some Canaanites and the many other sons of Ham probably became the power of Atlantis/strong> over the same-named ocean and the American continents. Some of these Canaanites sure became initially richer than the rest of the family. But most of the Canaanite tribes were either totally wiped out, or driven out of Canaan while the residue was reduced to slaves or servants of the Israelites! And so Noah’s curse was fulfilled.








This Book can help you understand why Genesis is the best ancient history book in the world! You can find Johnson’s website by clicking on this last graphic. I recommend it with all my heart!

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