Earth Measure Geometry, the Great Pyramid and the Astronomical Merry-Go-Round

– By J. Nienhuis  • January 13, 2014 — 110 views

Earth Measure Geometry – Exposition One: 

gyroscope-gif-i0(Note the earth is like a gyroscope in space, axis wobbling while it spins, rotating around the sun.)

Geometry means earth measure, the ancient term used centuries before the Greek Eratosthenes “first measured the earth,” who but in reality measured it rather crudely, to only 5% accuracy, having simultaneously (by hour glasses) measured shadows at two locations in Egypt to calculate the distance between them, and so, the earth’s circumference was roughly extrapolated there from, having known the earth is a sphere.

EratosthenesSo WHO must have measured the globe much more accurately long before the time of Eratosthenes, to have equated the angles and forms of triangles relating to spheres to the true size of the earth, necessarily by much more accurate time measurement?

To measure East to West distances precisely, marked now by the North to South arcs of longitude on the globe, requires accurate timekeeping, which Eratosthenes crudely achieved when measuring solar time by shadows.

The ancient navigators of the Ice Age measured East to West distances much more precisely by the Earth’s wobble rate, its rate of precession, 72 years/degree against the backdrop of the stars of the constellations, for instance by having calculated the base perimeter length for the Great Pyramid of Giza precisely half a nautical mile, by simple hexagon geometry within the circle of the Earth.

The slow wobbling Earth’s axis is the time-keeping device which the Ancients utilized to measure the length of one side of that Earth’s hexagon circumscribed by the circle of the Earth, the measured side the same length as the radius length of the earth! That’s why geometry means ‘Earth Measure‘, which Darwinists don’t want to talk about, which shows God’s benevolent design of the Universe.

Ancient Egyptian geometers knew that the value of pi was represented by the fraction 22/7, so 880 royal cubits was the length of two base sides of Great Pyramid, and 280 royal cubits for its height, because 880/280 equals pi, and thereby the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza are actually a reduced embodiment of the dimensions of a hemisphere of Earth by a factor of 43,200.

That is exactly twice the number of nautical miles that composes the circumference of the Earth, because the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid is within 0.5 % of exactly half a nautical mile! This is one of the Darwinists’ worst nightmares, yet really self-evidently valid, that proves how the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (Hapgood) were drawn with amazing precision during the Ice Age, which in fact began and then ended much later than we are being told.


Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532, drawn almost three hundreds years before Antarctica was “discovered by the Russians in 1818!” The source maps drawn by the Ancient Sea Kings reveal their azimuthal equidistant mapping capability of the Earth-wobble-rate cartographic method, even though these source-maps were obviously pieced together badly by Oronteus Finaeus, who didn’t know any better. Note the mountain ranges of Antarctica, charted early on in the Ice Age, before snow would forever (until now at least) entomb those ranges.

WaldseemullerMap1507Waldseemuller Map 1507

img_01LHadji Ahmed World Map 1559
Notice the exaggeration of the extent of Antarctica, because “No one had been there!” :)

Exposition Two:

Islam-72-virginsMainstream science received a hot potato as I have determined the methodology for the math which prescribed the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Please enjoy and note that it relates to the 72 conspirators against Osiris, to the 72 virgins of Islam, to the Hindu Yugas of time that are multiples of 432,000 years, to the 432,000 warriors of Valhalla, to the 432,000 years of pre-Flood Babylonian kings’ reigns, to the 360 year Babylonian period of time called the sari, to the 360 pre-Islamic Arab gods, to our 360 degree mapping system, to our base 60 [minutes] timekeeping system, as well as to Astrology.

I hope that you send this message far and wide, as it reveals the ancient mapping and navigation underpinnings for the numerology of much of the occult world. Thanks, James I. Nienhuis


hexagons5The ancient Sumerians (Babylon) used a Base Six number system because they knew that the length of one side of a six-sided polygon (which makes a hexagon) is the same length as the radius of the circle that circumscribes this hexagon.

They also knew that from a given date of a year to the same date the next, the stars of the constellations of the zodiac seemed to have shifted slightly counterclockwise, like a merry-go-round, at the rate of 72 years per degree of 360 degrees, because of the extremely slow clockwise wobble of the Earth’s axis like a gyropscope, one wobble every 25,920 years.


Whereas, the Earth rotates around the sun counter-clockwise, which causes the constellations to appear to have moved clockwise 360 degrees relative to the horizon, during the course of a year.

259px-Celtic_CrossThe determination that the constellations of the zodiac “move” along the horizon at the rate of 72 years per degree, was achieved through the utilization of the Celtic Cross, which was a 360 degree-scaled circular hub that was affixed to a cross which was orientated by a plumb-bob.

A facsimile of this device was discovered within the Great Pyramid of Giza, and modern versions of it have proven to be superb navigational devices (see

Because the radius-length of a circle is the same length as is the length of one side of the hexagon circumscribed by this circle, the determination of the length of one side of a hexagon that is circumscribed by the circle of the Earth thereby determines the radius-length of the Earth.


As the precession of the Zodiac would complete in 25,920 years, the ancients knew that 1/6th of 25,920 years (that is 4,320 years) would represent the “movement” of the Zodiac along the length of one side of the Earthly hexagon.

The length of one side of the Earth’s hexagon is therefore the distance traveled by the constellations of the Zodiac along the horizon during 4,320 years, and through the use of the Celtic Cross, the ancients determined the locations on the earth’s surface of the beginning and the end of this side of the Earth’s hexagon.

They then subdivided this distance by 7,200 (based upon Base Six and their desire for a practical unit of distance), which produced the “Royal Mile” that is about half the length of our current mile, which was then sub-divided into 1,760 “Royal Cubits” which are 20.63 inches each.

Each side of the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza was designated 440 units of length (times 4 equals 1,760 units) because the whole number fraction of Pi (22/7) when multiplied by 40/40 gives unit lengths for 2 sides and for the height of the Pyramid (880 royal cubits and 280 royal cubits), and thereby, convenient whole numbers were established with which to efficiently construct the Pyramid.


Since the 7,200 units of distance (which are Royal Miles) of one side of the Earth’s hexagon, after being multiplied by six (as there are six sides in a hexagon) results in the figure 43,200, which just happens to be the factor that the Earth’s circumference is to the one royal mile perimeter-length (1,760 cubits) of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and that the earth’s radius-length is to the height (280 royal cubits) of the Great Pyramid, it is obvious that the Ancients could “measure the arch of the sky and the round face of the Earth.”


In fact, the Ancients accurately mapped most of the world around 2000 B.C., and the evidences of their astro-navigational capabilities are found within the stone-circles and astronomically-aligned pyramids (both on land and sea-floor) that are located at strategic Base-Six-denominated longitudinal locations around the world, which established these megalithic sites as geographical reference points for the astronomical measurements and resultant mapping by the ancient seafarers.


Note: If the ancient Egyptians had subdivided the radius of the Earth (and also therefore, one side of the Earthly hexagon) by 3,600 rather than 7,200, the Royal Mile would have been identical to the Nautical Mile! So it is obvious that our mapping and timekeeping systems are based upon the Ancients’ measurements of the Earth’s precession.

TreeShrewExposition Three:

If the human ‘kind‘ (really the human ‘syngameon‘ not ‘species‘) actually evolved from Monkeys or Treeshrews, or whatever else Darwinists consider the ”Evolutionary Ancestor du Jour“, wouldn’t you expect the most ancient arithmetic counting systems to be based on the number of fingers and toes on the hands and feet of the earliest humans?

SumeriansYet the most ancient number systems, such as the Sumerian Sexagisimal System, the metric for the Indus Vedic Yugas of time, and the Egyptian Deccan Zodiac Counting System, are Base Six! So why were these Base Six systems the earliest counting schemes rather than Base Five or Ten as Darwinists would have us believe?

When you realize that the precise dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza represent a reduced embodiment of the size of the Earth by a factor of 43,200 (a base six number), the Earth’s wobble rate of 72 years/degree (its rate of precession) really ties it all together for us.

The base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid is exactly half a modern nautical mile, that’s 1/7,200th of the radius length of the Earth! It becomes obvious therefore that it’s not a system based on fives and tens as Darwinists would have us believe, but one based on sixes, predicated on the Ancients’ knowledge of the wobble-rate of the Earth’s axis and on the fact that the length of one side of a six-sided polygon (a hexagon) is equal to the radius length of a circle circumscribing the hexagon, all part of the benevolent intelligent design by the Creator God Elohim (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

So now we can understand why 3,000 ancient Greek Olympic feet (of 12.16 modern inches each) certainly compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, and why the original Foot length was Earth-commensurate too, as was the original Egyptian (and Hebrew) Royal Cubit length of 20.632 modern inches. Now the reason for all those original lengths is known to all who will read and understand.

Sevilla-TartessosThe fact that the ancient fortress at Seville, Spain, which was ancient Tarshish, part of the Atlantean Empire during the Ice Age, had 176 towers brings into focus the reason there are 1,760 yards per modern English Mile, an interesting combination of the foot and cubit systems, as 1,760 cubits compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  It was a much smaller world than we’ve been led to believe, accurately measured too.

Exposition Four:

The ancient base six precession mapping method was obviously utilized extensively during the Ice Age, and Timosthenes circa 600 B.C. reportedly used the precession rate timekeeping-based “Twelve Winds Maps.” His method was eschewed because it was “too complicated,” and replaced by the “Eight Winds” system which was not predicated on time measurement. Yet when reading the excerpt from Plato’s ‘Dialogue with Timaeus’ below, about the Atlantean Empire, can there be any doubt that many were aware of the Americas in Classical Greek times?


“From those islands (Canaries and Tenerife) one could travel to the entire continent on the other side, which surrounds that real sea beyond. Everything here inside the strait (Gibraltar/Pillars of Hercules) we’re talking about (Mediterranean) seems nothing but a harbor with a narrow entrance, whereas that really is an ocean (Atlantic) out there and the land that embraces it all the way around truly deserves to be called a continent.”


When you look at the Atlantic Ocean on a world map, with the landmass of the Western hemisphere (the Americas) extending from Labrador and Nova Scotia (near northern Europe) all the way down to the tip of South America (relatively not far from Southern Africa), you can see that it would be described as surrounding the Atlantic Ocean, of course with Plato’s knowledge of Western Europe and Africa on the East side of the Atlantic tempering that hyperbole certainly in his own mind.


The Phoenicians and those who hired them were definitely sailing to the Americas in the time-frame of Plato. (search engine: “Phoenicians, Israelites, Americas”) The legend of the blockage of the Strait of Gibraltar because of the submergence of Atlantis was clearly just a ruse to protect the Atlantic shipping and trading enterprises of the global navigators led by the Phoenicians at the time of classical Greece!


So who can with legitimacy really argue “that Christopher Columbus was the first to have navigated to the Americas?

And why is this deception that he was the first, still propagated in our halls of higher learning?

The reason is that ancient global navigation even during the Ice Age confounds the Darwinian paradigm, and ‘Young Earth’ creationism is the clear and logical replacement.

James I. Nienhuis —

I hope that you contact me for an interview, and I encourage you to read Article #1 at the website as it puts this finding into historical context. Mainstream scientists are treating this finding as if it’s kryptonite, what do you and your associates think about it? Do you see any flaws in the analysis? – J.N.



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