“Fresh-from-the-Cave” Babylonians Used Calculus to Track Jupiter?

The Independent newspaper (now only online) is one kind of newspaper for “smarter” Brits, to keep them interested inspite of their intelligence and STILL be able to dish up the lies that bind them to the politically correct narratives of the Establishment. You’ve got to see that the deep state or the Establishment controls all sides of the spectrum from the Guardian on the Far Left, to the Right with the Independence.


The control freaks control both sides, on purpose. Yet the so-called Intelligentsia is too dim to realise this, unless they do know, but don’t dare to rock the boat. And they are going to have to live with that cowardice for the rest of their life and — if they ever get there — with the rest of eternity, as the Word say, “World Without END!”
Where will you spend it?

You see this story is so poignant, so shocking, so pertinent, that it ought to wake up the sleepers. HOW COULD the Babylonians ever have had such high intellects to use calculus to OBSERVE JUPITER, of all heavenly bodies (not the closest!), but then merely have been an early edition of some impossible Darwinian mutation “fresh out of the cave?” That does not make sense, at all!

SumerIf you would realise and study that all earliest inventions were made in Sumer, a civilisation that arose from nowhere, then you ought to understand that there is something very wrong with this Neo-Darwinian theory that just doesn’t cut it!

So why are they so tenaciously hanging on to it! Nothing to do even with money or book sales. It was and still is a well- orchestrated propaganda campaign by the deep state of the West to uproot the Old World’s masses from their original religious moorings! Why? Because those moorings stand in the way of One World government under these power hungry control freaks! – And Luciferians, not to forget.

And so they bamboozled the entire world, via the West, with a scientific myth that is no science and makes no sense whatsoever. The best proof we have of that, is the very computer code in our DNA that form the programs and instructions for the millions of proteins inside our cells. A code like that does not arise by chance. Even Bill Gates had to admit…


Unlike horrible spyware Windows 10, it was coded by a Mind, and a super intelligent Mind at that, way smarter than early Sumerians who used an early form of Calculus to track Jupiter! Wow! Microsoft coders are collaborating little shills helping the control-freak Gates, to perfect global surveillance. And believe me, one day we will all be held responsible. Some kind of just Nurnberg trials. Mark the Word!

Read the above amazing article and solid fact of the 350 BC Babylonians who inherited such early smartness from their 2200 BC Sumerian patriarchs who inherited pre-Flood Intelligence with bigger brains than we posses, without any of our end-of-the-gene pool genetic deficiencies that dumbed most of us down. PLUS American television of course!



Americans are a sorry lot. Look who they voted for! A noble prize winner for Peace! What a sorry tragedy of errors!


They could really have been “Lights to the world!”, but they preferred “the Flintstones” and academic “Cavemen”, and culture destroying “Friends”, “Family Guy”, and “Sponge Bob”, and all their other trash, which they even export to our parts of the globe. They can’t even vote for a real president anymore, because the Diebold machines are voting for them.

In the meantime they murdered and massacred millions of men, women and children in actual sovereign countries, where they had no business whatsoever. Did they find remorse for their apathy? Not really! They are complaining that the refugees from their illegal wars are coming home to roost like the chickens and mess up their American Dream. I am so sorry!

Am I bitter? Sure! But not as bitter as all the orphans, and families who lost children and old people, or as their own veterans who fought their wars and were discarded and became homeless, and the list goes on and on. What a sad sad sad sad story.

Oh yeah.. I remember.. this is a history blog. Sorry…

Here download a funny Thanksgiving powerpoint. Maybe it will cheer you up?

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