Blind orthodox historians & “alternative” gatekeepers refuse to see the huge mammoth in the historical livingroom!

by Lu Paradise • May 28, 2013 — 192 views

Mainstream history academia has been hijacked and handicapped by false paradigms which morphed it into an unscientific mess of confusion on key issues like chronology, ancient history, megaliths, ice ages, dating, origins of civilizations, intercontinental traffic and contacts, origin of man, and more.

In the past things had been more or less under control in historical science. It had pretty much all been settled, for example that, “there had been “no pre- Columbian contacts between the Old World and the New World until the Indians had crossed via the Behring Street” or “the Vikings came via Iceland“, which fits the Darwinian paradigm much better than ancient sea-faring savants in ships crossing all the oceans long before Columbus!

brainwash-massesDarwinist-style history used to be long established, poured, and cemented into most minds of the world’s masses, hammered in via its key-concepts like “Cambrian, Holocene, Pleistocene, Pre-history, Paleolithic, Neolithic, cavemen, Neanderthalers, Hunter-Gatherers”, etc., via the glossy pages of the complicit mainstream media!

They were well underway to establish even that “Homo Sapiens” had “in fact not originated in the traditional Middle East, but in Africa” via “Lucy” from some “African Genetic Eve!” (The Chinese, and lately the Georgians, due to new skull finds, now contest that idea.)

But then, “horror of horrors”, — thanks to the internet!– due to new and old covered-up discoveries, formerly ignored or suppressed finds began to throw a monkey-wrench into their long-established paradigm, intricate mindsets, machinations, and faux theoretical body of orthodox Historical Science.

Cases in point are the controversies over

  • Shoch’s ‘Sphinx Erosion’,
  • David Rohl’s ‘New Egyptian Chronology’,
  • Dunn’s ‘Ancient Tooling’ theories,
  • Hapgoods’ ‘Sea Kings’ theory,
  • Davidovits’ alternative ‘concrete stone’ pyramid theory,
  • Astronomer G. Dodwell proving the very date of an impact that caused the Earth to tilt just before 2345 B.C.,
  • Accumulating archaeological finds of Middle Eastern artifacts in South America and Australia and
  • Serious questions about the reliability of C14-dating.
  • The recent discovery of blood cells in dinosaur bones,
  • etc., for there is more than we can cover here.

All this soon came to be known under a moniker of “Forbidden Archaeology!” Why? Because Academia refuses to seriously take them into account!


Blind Gatekeepers Lead the Blind “Megalithomaniacs”

megalithosAs these pesky, controversial little understood megaliths became increasingly popular among ‘amateur’ historians (now calling themselves “megalithomaniacs“), they began to pose serious questions about traditional postulates like for example, our presumed genetic superiority over the ancient patriarchs as improvements on the evolutionary stock. Yet increasing smart / high tech archaeological and documentary finds from all over the world are screwing up orthodox views big time! Like a recent article showed “fresh out of the cave hunter gatherer” Sumerians used Calculus to calculate the distance of Jupiter 4.300 years ago, that we only discovered recently!

Next, underwater archaeology also began to take off, nagging orthodox historical dating, because new discoveries of ancient underwater structures, pyramids, urban remains, indicate the demise of advanced, smart, bronze civilizations, and a much more recent melt-down of the Ice Age land glaciers that raised ocean levels by 125 meter (300 ft) around 1500 BC!


All that began to seriously tear the preferred Neo-Darwinian fabric(ation), because it suddenly began to look much more like we did actually DE-scend from smarter humans rather! DEvolution instead of Evolution!

At first things got out over the internet among amateurs. But then trained professionals curiosity was piqued as well, and began to get involved doing their own research. And “horror of horrors” the mainstream media began to see ‘$$$’ to invest in lengthy pop- documentaries for filthy lucre sake, but eventually also for gate-keeping purposes like blaming the megaliths on “Aliens & UFOs” even, and of course on the ubiquitous, although non-existent culprits: The “Annunaki from Nibiru!


In the meantime Orthodox Historia et al. chose to demonise the “quacks” as “fringe science and pseudo-archaeology by kooks“, which had become much easier, since their establishment’s  money-hungry media colleagues, were creating grand confusion sowing disinformation all around!

Nevertheless the advent of new research kept coming in! Thus, in order to stem that threatening tide, Orthodox Academia resorted to similar tactics as “CO2 Warmists”, by acting as if “the debate is over!”, that “a consensus has been reached” and that “there is no need to debate the lunatic fringe!

Comrade-217x300That‘s how orthodoxy survived thus far, just as in any other bastion of political correctness in Media and academia on the Climate, Biology and Geology fronts. As far as they are concerned, “nothing has changed”, academia “has no problem“, their publishing has consolidated their trend in education, and as far as pop-history publishing is concerned, publishing houses and book-chains ‘gate-keep’ very well by pre-selection of what they choose to present to a trusting and ignorant public! You!

But still the numbers of alternative historians and revisionists kept growing, inquisitors desiring to understand why these megaliths were so smartly and accurately built based on advanced astronomy and geometry like the Great Pyramid, and how those first Egyptians were ever able to handle, drill, and move those humongous and very hard stones? The trickle of new discoveries became a stream, then an avalanche, and is now like a swelling tsunami!

So what did they do next?! Whereas the blind MS historians first tried to ignore the megaliths’ malicious implications for their pernicious paradigm, then the ‘powers-that-be’ switched tactics by throwing them off-kilter drowning the truth-seekers in a flood of theories, 12000 year BP dating, confusing chronologies, obviously armed with the motto: “If you can’t convert them, just confuse them!


And so, led by “alternative” media like UFO-TV,, Coast-to-Coast, and other opportunist gatekeepers seeing big bucks in this new megalithic wave, the so-called new history soon took on a deceptive New Age spin in order to defuse its potentially dangerous influence, using “Stargates, Aliens, Crop circles, Serpent Energies, Marbles of the gods, Annunakis, Mind over matter”, etc! [See the poster below]

Now it has become, “Take your archaeological pick and pick your poison!“, because “anything goes!” New-Age “historians” and formerly serious PhD scholars, now work side-by-side all trying to get a share of the publishing-pie and fame-and-glory cake, and of course to land juicy, lucrative parts in the myriad confusing documentaries the ms-media spews out on the ignorant masses.

The “alternative” historian amateurs soon learned what it means to stay “politically correct“, and what to say, and especially what NOT to say!


Just look at the themes and subjects in this “Megalithomaniac” flier. Sad to say a very well chosen term! It has become like a three-ring circus, a virtual free-for-all, like some occult New Age or UFO gathering, where formerly serious researchers plainly publicly prostitute themselves! It is shameful! Pathetic! Have they no honour?

And thus new “historians” and new websites soon emerged to control and ‘gatekeep’ the swelling tide of “alternative” aficionados by allowing only that certain spin, in order to protect the still dominating narrative and underlying foundational paradigm in its themes, to wit, Darwinism.

No doubt the behind-the-scenes controlling fulcrums infiltrated the movement, took leading positions in the “opposition”, thus changing it into controlled opposition! The devastating result is… all kinds of different spurious dating & chronologies, myriads of theories, faulty periodisations, and contradicting opinions. In short: One great big confusing yet still Darwinian mess!

So when you watch their TV- or You-tube documentaries, or read their new “alternative” history books, like Graham Hancock, Robert Shoch, Robert Bauval, Childress, and many others, you will get tens of thousand, yea even hundred thousand year old history narratives stuffed down your throat, plus very long and multiple ice ages, while each and every one of them deftly skates around the one missing major piece of the puzzle which would correctly nail down what really happened, and not that long ago at all!

The Mammoth in the Historical Livingroom

The huge “mammoth in the historical living room” totally absent from the confusing –controlled– new “alternative” narrative, while dominating the view, is of course nothing else but the scientifically proven catastrophic Global Deluge which obliterated our REAL ancient human origins on that unique pristine mono-continent now named ‘Pangaea’, as documented in every ancient civilisation and over 700 ethnic legends and mythologised histories!


The historicity, mechanics, and results of that Global Flood have loads of evidence and are based on far better science which really explains all historical and geological anomalies and mysteries, to a T! Everything!

Why there are strata at all, why there are fossils found at all, and what really happened to the dinosaurs and all other species, and why and when there was an Ice Age at all. Why the Ancients were so smart and advanced, why they suddenly scattered, sailing & measuring the entire globe, how they could map the world before Antarctica got frozen over, how some established a worldwide oceanic empire that eventually got swallowed by the waves! Why the early civilisations were well-watered and green, and what caused the sudden climate change that drowned, dried out, and destroyed them.

The Global Deluge mammoth is being obfuscated and ignored in all their conferences, documentaries, publications, books, speeches, presentations, you-tube videos, DVD-s and websites. They all talk about the failure of MS Historia, but don’t mind using their very same failing key-concepts like, “pre-history, 10-12.000 B.C., African origins of Man, cavemen, Neanderthals, Hunter-Gatherers, very ancient and long Ice Ages instead of only one, and thus they continue the very cause and core of their faulty Neo-Darwinist narrative unabated, all severely suffering from ‘Flood Phobia’ and ‘Alluvial Amnesia’!

There are at least two reasons for that phobia. The lesser one is, that they are afraid not to be taken serious by “academic” authorities and thus be unable to sell their books and website products or market their media speeches, IF they were to dabble in forbidden “Flood-ism.” That ‘Filthy Lucre’ angle is a very distinct motivation, but not the only one.

But the main reason for all this confusing chatter of Neo-Darwinist terminology, long periods, multiple ice ages, and using outdated terms of Paleo- and Neo-lithism, cavemen & “hunter gatherers” etc., is the successful and deliberate gate-keeping campaign by talking heads, no doubt assigned to hijack leadership in this faux alternative megalithic movement, in order to squelch and stop the much stronger evidenced and real scientific Flood narrative, because they so fear what would happen if it would be taken serious! Which by the way, is also the motivation behind the ridiculous false flag “Noah” movie with Russel Crow, preaching Climate change and over-population!

That Crate of an Ark is not Sea Worthy

Here is an example of guidance and control by authoritarian praise:

“Schoch is a true scientist, following the data wherever it [sic] leads, heedless of political pressures or worn-out paradigms. Twenty-two years ago, his re-dating of the Sphinx launched the New Archaeology. Forgotten Civilization distills all that has happened since into a simple conclusion: that solar activity ended the last cycle of high culture and may destroy ours in turn. Schoch is no scaremonger, no hawker of a pet theory. What we do with this knowledge is up to us, but once digested, it changes everything.”
(Joscelyn Godwin, Ph.D., senior faculty member at Colgate University)

What falsification of history by poor Joscelyn! Not true at all! Shoch does NOTfollow the data wherever it leads“, and he very obviously DOESheed political [-ly correct] pressures!” He also fully ignores and deftly skates around the huge Deluge Mammoth in the Historical Livingroom, heeding also the very worn-out paradigm of Neo-Darwinism.

Besides, it wasn’t just “Solar Activity” behind the destruction of the “high cultures”, but because of REAL Climate Change caused by the cooling down of the post-Deluge initially WARM ocean that diminished severe cloud cover and rain, allowed the melting of the ice caps, ending the unique recent ice age, raising ocean levels, and yes, drying up the Sahara, Middle East, Indus valley, etc., around 1500 B.C.

Here is the banner of poor Robert Shoch’s own website. Do you see ‘Global Deluge’ anywhere? Neither do I! The silence of the absence of the centerpiece of real Ancient History is deafening!


Same thing happened (and still happens) in crypto-zoology. Here features the “renowned crypto-zoologist” Coleman, who as foremost Darwinian gatekeeper successfully reduced discovery upon discovery via pejoratives like “photo-shopping” and “hoaxes“, purposely “disarming and discrediting” (obfuscating!) very potential arguments for living dinosaurs, one after another.

Graham Hancock’s “alternative” headlines are not very alternative at all. Besides being a Guardian Cult follower, he preaches unscientific “Climate Change” promoting “CO2 sequestration” and “catastrophic sea level rise!” He posts that Atlantis is a myth, and judging by the headlines I harvested from his own website, he is a full-blown Evolutionist who promotes that our human ancestors were cavemen/Hunter-Gatherers instead of smarter patriarchs! Nothing alternative at all! Here’s one Darwinian gatekeeper for you!


Yes, dear ladies and gentlemen, something in ‘Historical Denmark’ stinks to high heaven! Actually so many rotten things have turned Historical science into an inaccessible dung-heap which only perverted liars and corrupt crooks dare to enter, whose noses have grown accustomed to its putrid smells.

All real scientific discoveries in ‘Historia Veritas’, lead to only ONE decisive key conclusion: Around 4.500 years ago a huge global catastrophe took place, a worldwide flood which left behind nothing but a very wet and muddy earth, denying any legitimacy whatsoever to any older narratives or “African” or any other local origins other than from one unique family of Flood survivors in Eastern Turkey!

Also doomed and obsolete are all following “standard historical terms” which we all have been bombarded with since we entered elementary public school all the way up to the highest levels in post-graduate academia, yet they can’t even agree among themselves on what “ancient cavemen” really looked like. A tragedy of errors.


There just “ain’t no such thing” as “Pre-history, Lucy, African origins, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Cavemen, Neanderthalers, Hunter-Gatherers, Bell Beakers,” etc., and all other deviant names given to the very well-documented, clearly delineated, long ago defined, anciently named, original clans of all humanity of the entire world, according to the historically super-solid, yet virulently persecuted, Table of Nations, as laid out in all ancient Middle Eastern Historical records, except perhaps the Egyptians, who were almost the first to be “In the Nile!” (in denial!) Even the by them infected Greeks believed in the patriarchs, although also deified and under different names!


Yet this true record of nations and patriarchs is denounced as “myth and legends” by the willingly ignorant, or rather denialist mainstream academia, even though long documented in one of the greatest accurate Ancient History Books in the world called “Genesis”, written by the Egyptian-born, super-educated, Hebrew prince, Moses of Goshen!

Historians can talk all about Plato, Berossus, Herodotus, Josephus, Manetho, and any other ancient historians, yet Moses’ writings are either totally ignored or denounced as “myth and forbidden history.” What blind prejudice! Horrible!

We have been lied to, manipulated, brainwashed, and deceived by the rich powerful Banking Elite’s Rhodes’ Scholar global educational think-tank and activist movement that “un-spired” and took control over historical, geological and biological academia into believing the deceptions of Lyell, Darwin, Hutton, Huxley, Lubbock, and many others, that we should be descended from dumb “primates” instead of from a wickedly smart Pre-Flood race, Human beings who achieved a level of technology which we ourselves have not even reached yet, in some aspects, as illustrated in the simple fact that we are yet unable to move their building blocks or imitate–let alone top their construction of–the Great Pyramid at Giza!


Will the gatekeepers confess and say “sorry, I was wrong?” Not a snowball’s chance in Hell! They will keep on gatekeeping and continue waffling on about tens of thousands of years ago ice-ages and promoting false dates from outdated dating mechanisms ambiguously coming up with all kinds of different results, to confuse us all and take way confidence in the so-called new alternative “historical science”, yet still handicapped by this maledicted Neo-Darwinian pernicious paradigm.

And so the long needed overhaul in “New History” has been disarmed and robbed of its potential to really re-write history as it really was, and get down to the nitty-gritty of a real true ancient narrative that is un-ambiguous and unified in its description, as made possible by all these different archaeological and geological discoveries of recent times which turn their old narrative into a sick joke, a travesty of truth, and yes, a comedy of errors. That is if you have a sense of humor enough to see through the lies, and find the humility to be able to laugh at yourselves having been so grossly propagandised and taken for a ride!

And we’ll expose here and now the real nature behind this confusing conspiracy. The real reason for all the obfuscation is nothing else but the religion of the writer of this greatest ancient history book ever, named Genesis, to wit Moses of Goshen. For he believed contrary to most ancient civilizations, nations and ethnic groups of his time, as well as of our time, in our unique Creator that Abraham of Ur believed in as well and was persecuted for, by all the tribes deceived by Ham and sons, the first deniers of our collective famous patriarch Noah.

For, regardless, whether they like it or not, we all happen to descend from that very man who was found worthy by that same Creative Power, to be warned of this very catastrophe and was given a plan to construct a floating Zoo to save most animal species (syngameons) and humanity, no matter what these so-called Darwinists may have against it. Besides, we‘ve got the remains of the ship! All they have is a collection of bones scattered over a square mile, labeled “Lucy!”


It is still there, where it always was, at the same location the Ancients said it was, like Berossus and Josephus, the only real point of origin of all our nations, civilizations, languages, agriculture, wine-culture! Including all earliest settlements like “the oldest” among the many ancient Turkish settlements found, like near “Gobekli Tepe”, so close to the very area of “Uruartu” or Ararat in Eastern Turkey, where Moses said the ship landed, that the Tepe-ans could have heard a loud explosion if one had gone off in Ararat. But on the “historical” map below, that original source where Noah’s Ark landed, was not even marked! I had to put it in myself: that ignored Mammoth in the historical livingroom!


Will this post change dis-informants?

Of course not! Most uninformed people do not read blogs like this, as they are so thoroughly impregnated with contrary ms-media beliefs and opinions, that when they only see terms like Genesis, Flood, or Noah, they immediately go in denial, close the webpage, shut the book, turn off the speaker, switch the channel, by default drenched in Darwinism.

Our opinions are always ruled by our religions, whether true or false, whether you believe in your Creator or like Ham and the Ancient Greeks in your selfish little self! The false Historians have made up their minds, are lost in their dream world, and will never know the truth about their origins, until they will say the equivalent of “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.”

Sad to say, that will take a millennium or so, for as they preferred to believe in loooooong periods they condemn themselves to spend a long period in limbo, until they can even find the humility to face the light they were so afraid to face. And all the while they were so totally convinced of the truthiness of their beliefs, and the correctness of their dogmas, the rightness of their historical interpretations, the factual-ness of their presumed origins from fabulous primates through non-existent genetic mutations, and a faulty genesis in a never-existent primordial pool with spurious missing life-forms that never were! Still they are utterly convinced in their own minds of missing intermediary links between species that Darwin already complained about, and Evolutionists among themselves have long argued about, as they.. are not!

At the same time most of these duped people have been persecuting the very best and full factual historical record from the Hebrew nation that came out of Egypt around 1500 BC., written down in the first Torah book of the Pentateuch, the five books of Moses, and all the other not-so-correct histories because of the mythologies surrounding their self-deified ancestors, like Ham-Cronus, Mizraim-Osiris-Zeus, Yapheth-Jupiter, Sidon-Poseidon, and they turned Noah into Ouranos.

Because that was by no means the only historical record of the Global Deluge, as the Babylonian, Sumerian, Greek, Peruvian, Mayan, Chinese, and many other nations’ clay tablets, papyrus rolls, legends, yea even historical songs remaining up until today—the Miao Zu in Southern China!—all give ringing witness of a historically well-sourced, geologically proven, worldwide inundation that covered the then much lower mountains, and caused the cracks in the globe’s crust, witnessed also in the very strata that lie kilometers deep beneath our feet, still filled with unknown quantities of fossils and human OOParts of that First World, so stubbornly denied by most “intelligent” people in the world. Which makes one wonder: How “intelligent?”

Real intelligence follows where the evidence leads. As infamous former atheist evolutionist professor Anthony Flew used to say, “I go where the evidence goes!”, and because of that very evidence the poor man had to denounce all his life’s wrong conclusions when he finally arrived at the unpopular contrary conclusion that all things were after all created by an Intelligent Designer!

How about you! Are you gonna stick to the deception, or will you, like Flew, also be brave to follow the evidence! After all the choice is up to us. That is to say if you are not overly influenced by the mainstream media! :)


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