The Black Sea Mystery Proves a Recent Ice Age Ending 1500 BC

March 23, 2013 — By Lu Paradise — 14 total views

Most guests on this program see a recent ice age by the fact that the Black Sea overflowed at the end of the Bronze Age. The Cymmerians (Celts) or Gomerites left behind, under water, Bronze Age artifacts, ships, and piled harbours. Also Dardanus, who live around 1500 BC, fled the rise of sea water an then founded Troy! Enjoy this fresh air of real science.


My only critique would be that because of the Samo-Thracian report/legend of a Tsunami hitting their island coming FROM a break through of the Black Sea, I personally believe that the water rose higher in the Black Sea from the Ice Cap melting run off through the Dnjepr river (that is why that river is so wide!) and then broke through to form the Bosporus. After equalising sea levels, the Mediterranean flowed in and out of the Black Sea with its salt water. Comments welcome. MUST WATCH:

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