Post-Deluge Earth’s Global Re-Population Record Re-Evaluated & Vindicated

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Global Repopulation – by J.Nienhuis

Poseidon_sculpture_Copenhagen_2005Exposition One:  As the ice age snowpacks were building in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood and after the Tower of Babel confusion of the languages (probably from Hebrew), about five hundred miles southeast from the landing place of Noah’s Ark in eastern Turkey, the clans listed in Genesis 10 began to spread out across the globe, many by sea, for instance offspring of Canaan, his son Sidon among them, known to many as the sea god Posidon, who with his son Atlas sailed west to the Sierra Morena mountains of southern Spain, the richest mining district in the ancient world, the lifeblood for the great wealth of the Atlantean empire. 

The remnant of that empire was later known at the time of the book of Judges circa 1300 B.C. as Tarshish, with the legendary “Ships of Tarshish,” he who had been a son of Javan, the Greek Iawan having been name-sake of the Ionians, Javan who was a son of Japheth, the “mythological” god Jupiter. [India: Yapeti!]

And because Atlantis was a coastal maritime empire, the city of Atlantis just one of its port cities, the ruins submerged off Bimini island on the Bahama Banks which have baffled scientists now come into historical focus; Bronze Age ruins consumed by the sea when the ice age ended, along with the rest of the Atlantean empire and the other coastal ice age cities such as off northwest India, Kususthali, also known as Dwarka, the maritime city of Kush, now submerged in the Gulf of Kutch, almost in the shadows of the Hindu Kush mountains.


And submerged in the Persian gulf are reportedly the ruins of the city of Kish, with Kush the nation to the south of ancient Egypt, so that guy [Cush!] really got around, but not as far as his father Ham, whose namesake in eastern Asia is Cham, Chambodia, not to mention the Gulf of Chambay off India where too extensive submerged ruins have  been discovered, yet little discussed in Darwinian circles for obvious reasons.

Maya, namesake of the Mayans, was a daughter of Atlas, and Mexican legend says their ancient homeland was Atlan, across the eastern ocean, so the connection to the story by Plato is complete, with the Andes mountains of South America the namesake of king Antaeus from the days of Atlantis,  and the Caribbean after the eastern Mediterranean Carians, as was Carioca, later known as Rio de Janeiro, proving certainly global navigation in the 2000 B.C. timeframe.  Can it be denied any longer?

We’re told that Brazil was named after a nut tree, but the ancient indigenous name for the “brazil” nut tree is the pernambuco tree, as Brazil was actually named after the Breasil clan of Galway, Ireland, from where hailed St. Brendan the Navigator, who spent twenty years across the Atlantic in the Americas, named after the Americos tribe whose ancestors where the Armoricani of the brittany coast of France, and their neighbors the Veneciuela “named after Venus.”

All this certainly indicates a much smaller world in ancient times than we’ve been led to believe, because the oceans were not barriers but were superhighways for the ancients who knew to measure and map the earth by its wobble rate by the method explained in section Earth Measure Geometry.

Exposition Two:

When you understand that Charles Darwin’s animal classification term species genetically has no meaning, then really meaningful genetic animal classification demonstrates that only about 20,000 syngameons  (biblical kinds) of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark,  not the millions of so-called species which the bibliophobes and other skeptics mockingly insist, feebly  attempting  to de legitimatize  the clear history laid out in the book of Genesis.

But when the breeding pairs of biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals disembarked the Ark, they moved off into new ecological niches through the centuries after Noah’s Flood, during the ice age, when humans too were settling all over the world, genetic drift exhibited thereby within the respective syngameons of animals, and within the human syngameon too, the ”evolution” of the so-called species of animals, and the “evolution” of the so-called races of the humankind.

Bibliophobes say that young earth creationists are crazy because they don’t believe in evolution, clearly semantic rusing however, because Christians do believe in evolution per se, that’s natural selection within the respective syngameons, but not in Darwinian evolution, that mysterious swamp goo supposedly somehow through millions of years amazingly morphed into you.  Now who is to be believed in all this?

The so-called animal hybrids noted in nature or achieved in captivity are really just the result of pairings of members of respective syngameons, merely Mendelian genetics at work, quite simple really, and so, the obviously failed hypothesis called Darwinian evolution is certainly destined for the dustbin of history.

Please challenge your professors with these irrefutable concepts, go there with confidence knowing that the Bible is real history from cover to cover; you can trust it for spiritual profit of course, yet when honestly investigated, the ancient history and science too come out smelling like a bunch of roses.  And lest you think “dinosaurs,” anciently known as dragons, and humans did not live contemporaneously, see

Exposition Three:

The nay-sayers of the book Genesis, including old earth creationists, must eschew the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, because if there was no genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, with only eight humans (and thousands of syngameons of animals) having survived the global flood on the Ark, then the progenies of the eight, the tribes listed which migrated out from Mount Ararat and eventually around the world, would not have been the only lines of ancestries of humanity, so the Table of Nations then only should be one of many tables of nations, if in fact it’s true that there really was no genetic bottleneck because of a global flood.

Yet when you look at the ancient place names and patriarchs of nations, it’s impossible to logically deny the veracity of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10. Noah was Nu to the Egyptians, and Manu to the Hindu Indians, Mannus to the Teutons, and Rapanui to the pacific islanders, so is this just all coincidence?

Ham was Khem, the most ancient name of Egypt, and Cham of Chambodia and the Gulf of Chambay of northwest India, so just coincidence too?

Ham’s son Cush is the namesake of the Hindu Kush mountains and the Gulf of Kutch of northwest India, and the land of Kush in northeastern Africa, and the city of Kish in Mesopotamia, so it’s obviously far beyond the realm of possibility that these names are not linked to the re-population of the earth in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood.

Misraim-Cush-Put-CanaanTwo sons of Ham.. Cush & Put. IF you search for the roots of Ethiopia under Cush in Biblo-phobic WikidPedia, you get NO connection! See the strong BIAS in graphic below!

Javan was Iawan, namesake of the Ionians of Greece, and Elisha was Elis, the Elysians of Greece (incidentally Greece was named by the Latins after the Graeci who had migrated to Italy after the ice age had ended), and the Hittites were named after Heth, a son of Canaan (namesake of the earliest name of the Holy Land), whose other sons such as Sidon (Posidon) certainly made names for themselves, as well as Sidon’s sons Mneseas (king Menes of Egypt and submerged Menouthis) and Atlas of Atlantean fame.

So as you digest all this, who can sanely say the Table of Nations has no historical merit, and since it’s predicated on the genetic bottleneck at Noah’s Flood, who then can deny that all the nations came from eight who survived the global flood which the Word clearly indicates destroyed the old world?


NOTA BENE: When one researches “Kush” or “Cush” in Wikidpedia or even, you will have a hard time finding him mentioned as forefather of the Kingdom of Kush or any relationship with Ethiopia. Whereas the Ethiopians themselves very much see the relationship! There is such a strong politically correct bias and conspiracy against the historical authority of the Bible! SHUN Wikidpedia! Many university professors forbid their students to use it as a reference in their research.Cush Wikipedia


The Black Sea region bears out the Table of Nations as well, Gomer the namesake of the Cimmerians, Tiras of Thrace, Ashkenaz of the Askaniya, and the ice age river which flowed down from the black sea basin to the lower ocean, the River Rhode (named after Rhodan of the Rhodanim), all of the Table of Nations, just coincidence?

And Japheth was Djapatisch, or Tuisch, namesake of Deutsch, the Germans (war men); Japheth the Seskef of the nordics, and Pra-Yapeti to the Hindu Indians, “Indo-Europeans,” the language group of Japheth, so that’s just coincidence the Darwinists and old earth creationists would tell you.

Mount Nimrud of upper Mesopotamia bears the name of Nimrod, yet there was no confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel? So why do many ancient legends from seemingly disparate people groups, such as the ancient Toltecs (probably much of Canaanite descent) of archaic Mexico, speak of the confusion of the languages in old times, just coincidence?

Exposition Four:

After Noah’s Flood, with the onset of the ice age (caused by the warmer post-flood world ocean) at that time, the named individuals in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) made their marks on the geography of our post-flood world. In the case of Eber (of the lineage of Shem), besides having been the namesake of the Hebrews, after the Tower of Babel confusion of what had been one language, he sailed across the Mediterranean and through the Pillars of Hercules (Atlas) to settle what is still known today as the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), the Ebro river of northern Spain also the namesake of Eber.


Atlas carries the world on his shoulders!

And the ancient name of the Guadalquiver River which flows south from the Sierra Morena mountains of south-central Spain (the greatest mineral source for Atlantis), down through modern day Seville (anciently known as Tarshish then Tartessos), was the Tarsisi River, named after Tarshish, a son of Javan or Yawan (namesake of the Greek Ionians), that river of Iberia flowing down to the the gulf of Cadiz (named after Sidon’s son Gades), a gulf of the Atlantic ocean, named after Canaan’s grandson Atlas.

Now you can surely see that the Table of Nations in the Bible is written all over that region of the world, yet the skeptics of the Bible say that Genesis 10 (the clear listing of the progenies of Noah’s family from the genetic bottleneck of Noah’s Flood) is nonsense, so how can they say that with a straight face?

Plato wrote that the geography of Atlantis was a “nesos,”, that word in the Greek language which can mean island or peninsula, and because he described the nesos of Atlantis with an expansive fruitful plain three thousand stadia (three hundred miles) by two thousand stadia (two hundred miles), with the mineral rich mountain range (the Sierra Morena and Nevada) to the north, that clearly was not the ringed canal city of Atlantis (now submerged about thirty miles south of Cadiz), a man made island and center of Atlantean government which Plato indicates had a diameter of five stadia (which not coincidentally is the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza).Chronos

Chronos the time keeper: Ham Deified!

That the Iberian Peninsula was meant by Plato in his Atlantis story is certainly born out further by the fact that the peninsula of Greece is called the Peloponnesos, the peninsula (jutting down from Europe) of king Pelops, who was reputed in Greek lore to have been a son of Atlas and great grandson of Chronos (who was Ham the precession time man), all circling back to the biblical Table of Nations in Genesis 10. Can it be denied any longer?

The Darwinists would have us believe that this all is just coincidence, yet as you ruminate on this material, reading further under the various sections, you can see that it all makes far too much sense to be ignored, that the Bible, all of it, is authentic history, just as Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Word, certainly indicates in the Word, the book of Genesis the foundation.

Exposition Five:

Many skeptics question that the world could have been repopulated within centuries after Noah’s Flood, that the eight on the Ark could have procreated the millions of people for the civilizations all around the world in the 2000 B.C. time-frame, questioning too how people groups from the Middle East could have set-up civilizations halfway around the world within only a few centuries, yet when you look at the logistics of the population increase at that time, with the global navigation method explained under section Earth Measure Geometry, then you’ll see that the biblical model outlined in the Table of Nations of Genesis 10 makes sense.

Noah and his immediate family lived to be hundreds of years of age, the longevity of humans having decreased through ten generations down to Abraham’s age at death of 175 years, so with Shem, Japheth, and Ham having lived 600 years, and their children having lived over 400 years, imagine the number of children their wives could have born, each literally hundreds.

Being very conservative, let’s say they all had just twenty children, ten potential couples (incest was not taboo until the time of Moses), so by the time of the Tower of Babel, about 150 years after the Flood and therefore at least five generations having been born, there were at least 10,000 people, and 200,000 by the next generation, and 4,000,000 by the next.

When you realize that sophisticated megalithic constructions sprang up all around the world circa 2000 B.C., some of them such as off Yonaguni, Japan, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, it’s clear that the ancient mapping and surveying method explains how they navigated and aligned their monuments in such precise fashion, during the Ice Age, which was at its peak during Abraham’s time, then having ended at the time of Moses, when what had been green regions during the Ice Age began to turn to desert, when the sea level rose to consume all the coastline port cities.


Doesn’t the Bible explain all this very nicely?  And how do the  Darwinists refute all this?  It’s a tall order for them indeed, so present this material to them please.


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