Soviet Cover-Up of Sarcophage With Body Found In Preserving Liquid

Here follows an old Soviet cover-up this time, of a perfect marble coffin filled with fluid, preserving a princess, found in a 70 M. deep coal seam in 1969, which like many other OOPARTS again refutes Darwinism. Just as in most other cases the government sent “men in black” to confiscate the evidence while many direct village witnesses were killed off as they wouldn’t be silent about it.

Darwinism & its propaganda — the greatest mass deception humanity has  successfully been deceived by– MUST –just as also free energy and water engines! — at all costs be maintained. Whereas real history of the global Flood and the pre-Flood civilisation 700 nations spoke about, must be banned from the minds of all men, in order to maintain the joke that you descended from monkeys or primates.


Of course you can easily dismiss this report as a Soviet ‘urban myth‘ and continue believing the Darwinian fairy tale, but many Russians beg to differ!

TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN:  In the year 1969, not far from the village of Rzhavchik of the Tisulskogo region of Kemerovskaya province, with the exploitation of a coal bed which lay on a depth of 70 m, was discovered a very strange burial. In a two-meter marble sarcophagus of surprising precision work, was a excellent stale young woman in a transparent dress from unknown material. On basis of the age of the coal bed in which was found the sarcophagus, the woman must have been buried several hundred millions years ago.

In spite of her “age”, the woman was wonderfully preserved, and looked like she was alive, like a sleeping princess. Because of the bluish- pink liquid, in which it was immersed for “millions of years” proved to be they were not imperious above its beauty.

The history of finding is wrapped by secrets and much in it is unclear to the these rapids. The sarcophagus with the body of woman the miners, who subsequently everyone perished with different circumstances, revealed. They immediately classified the case, and they drove away body in the unknown direction.

Entire history is based on the evidence of eyewitnesses, several notes in the newspaper, and on the certain secret studies, which showed the identity DNA of princess, to contemporary DNA of Russian person.

But the most detailed description of this case, is the retelling by Oleg Kulishkin, who heard the history from a random fellow-traveller – the former Colonel of the KGB who participated in this matter. And a very recently television channel “THE RUN OF TV” removed the subject on this theme.

This place proved to also be interesting from the point of view of historical geodesy. It was explained that the village of Rzhavchik lies accurately on the perpendicular to the meridian of Stonehenge, and through it passes one of the lines of system VP – tangent to the 60th latitude.




It happened at the beginning of September 1969 in the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago region of Kemerovo region. During the stripping work at coal mine in the core dvadtsatimetrovogo coal seam lies at a depth of over 70 meters, two meters miner Karnaukhov a discovered marble casket of amazingly accurate mechanical manufacture.

At the command area commander Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygina all work was stopped immediately. When the casket was brought to the surface it began to open, peck on the edges of fossilized time putty. Not so much from the blows, but from the effects of the heat of the sun, the putty tunred into a clear liquid and flowed. One looking for experiences even tried it on the language (in a week was crazy, and in February froze at the door of his house.) ??

The Casket’s lid was adjusted perfectly accurate. For a more permanent connection inside edge fringed double face pyatnadtsati centimetres vuyu plugged into the wall thickness.

The discovery was a shock to the audience. The casket coffin was filled to the brim with pink — blue crystal clear liquid. By spring stitch, which rests high (about 180 C), a slim, unusual beauty woman — who looked about thirty, with fine European features and large wide-open blue eyes. Thick, dark brown with a reddish tint to the waist slightly curls covered resting at your sides soft white hands with short, neatly cropped nails.


By Jonathan Gray

It happened at the beginning of September 1969 at the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region.

During the stripping work at a coal mine in the core coal seam which lies at a depth of over 70 metres, miner Karnaukhov discovered a marble casket of amazingly accurate mechanical manufacture.

At the command area Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygina ordered all work to be stopped immediately.


The casket was brought to the surface and workers began to open it by pecking on the edges of the fossilized putty. Not so much from the blows, but from the effects of solar heat, the putty melted into a clear liquid and flowed.

This was a shock to all who saw it. the coffin was filled to the brim with pink-blue crystal clear liquid.

In it lay a slim, unusually beautiful woman — who looked about thirty, with a fine European features and large, wide-open blue eyes. Her covering was dark brown with a reddish tint to the waist. She had curls, and, resting at her sides, soft white hands with short, neatly cropped nails.

She was dressed in a white lace transparent dress length just below the knee. The short sleeves were embroidered with colourful flowers. Underwear was absent. It seemed that she was not dead, but sleeping. At her head was a black, rectangular metal box, rounded at one end (something like a cell phone), of approximately 25 to 10 cm in size.

After about ten to fifteen hours, the coffin was open for all to see. The whole village came to see this wonder.


Almost immediately, the finding was reported in the district centre. The fire brigade, the military, and militia all confirmed the discovery. By 2 pm that day, a  brick-red helicopter landed and the place was declared contagious and onlookers pushed away from the sepulchre.

Then the authorities sealed off the place of discovery and quarantined all who touched the coffin, and even those who had been standing near, ostensibly for a medical emergency.

The coffin was transferred into the helicopter, but the burden was too heavy, and they decided to make it easier by removing the liquid. After they pumping fluid out of the coffin, the corpse right in front of their eyes began to blacken.

So then the liquid was again poured in, and the blackness rapidly disappeared. Then, after a minute, the cheeks blushed again, and the mortal remains of the corpse acquired lifelike appearance. The coffin was closed and another helicopter was brought in to transport the remnants of the land putty in cellophane bags. Then the witnesses
were ordered to disperse. After that, the helicopter soared skyward and headed for Novosibirsk.


Five days later, from Novosibirsk came an elderly professor to the village and reported on the preliminary results of laboratory findings. The professor said that this discovery would turn upside down their very understanding of history. When Soviet scientists published their findings, the scientific world would be plunged into shock.

The age of the burial, according to the professor, was at least 800 million years old! The woman was older than the coal, having been buried as the coal formed around her coffin. Even by the evolutionary dating criteria, this refuted the Darwinian theory of evolution.

To save the evolution theory, some suggested that she must be an alien, but genetic analysis of the woman’s body showed a 100 — percent uniformity of the modern Russian man. Today, we are one to one are the same as were our ancestors 800 million years ago! No evolution!


The level of civilization in the time of this woman was far more advanced than ours today, because the nature of the fabric from which her dress is made is not amenable to scientific analysis. Also, equipment by which to produce such material does not exist today.

It has not been possible to identify the composition and pink-blue liquid, but only some of its components, which include varieties of onions and garlic.

On the metal box, the professor said nothing, except that it was being studied.

A couple of days after the professor left, the local newspaper published only a tiny note that was found near the village of Rzhavchik had been found an archaeological relic. The whole region was alive with the sensation, yet in the newspaper three lines!

Indignation subsided when the Tisulsky area was suddenly surrounded by the military, and the police went from house to house, removing “seditious” members of the population, and the place where they found the tomb was carefully dug and filled up with earth.


Yet, despite the efforts of the authorities, among the people in the village were found fighters for truth. One of the characters kept running around, trying to stir up interest. He even wrote a letter to the government Central Committee, but died within a year (according to the official version, from heart failure).

When, during  the same year one after another was killed in car crashes, all six of the original  coffin witnesses were silenced forever.

In 1973, when, according to the authorities, “all was quiet” on the shores and islands of Lake Berchikul six kilometers from the discovery site, all summer to late autumn large-scale excavations were conducted in secrecy.

The site was surrounded by soldiers and police. But one guest worker who participated in the excavation and kept quiet for a long time, went to the shopping area, slightly drunk, and said that on the islands was discovered an ancient cemetery.

Since then, village people have been to the dig site and reported that the brick-red helicopter was taking something, and on the islands and shores of Berchikulya are hundreds of carefully dug up and buried underground tombs.


Okay, we have evidence of mankind having been around when coal was formed.

So it boils down to these two alternatives:

  1. Either man, the final art-piece of evolution, was on earth earlier than the “coal age” (claimed variously to be 65 to 800 million years ago),
  2. Or coal was not formed as early as 65 to 800 million years ago, but much more recently, during the “recent” age of man.

Either way, the evolution theory is in trouble.

Now, while many good folk are now coming to question the evolution fairytale, they still go for the first option – believing that man-made tools and remains found in coal are, say, 120 million years old. They assume that human remains found in coal prove that man is older than the evolution theory says.

Now this may come as a shock to you, but the methods used for dating coal are just as flawed as the evolution fantasy itself!


You see, these dating methods are based on evolutionary assumptions. The truth is, both coal and coffin are only thousands of
years old.


15 thoughts on “Soviet Cover-Up of Sarcophage With Body Found In Preserving Liquid”

  1. That is a picture from a scene from Once Upon a Time. The actress that plays Snow white in her casket…Thats not even real!!!!!


    1. Good girl Dodie! You memorised your Disney movies very well. We thought snow white would make an excellent illustration of this article that did not have any photos of course, seeing it was a state cover-up. Lots of love,


  2. Great article! The fact that it was written in several different ways, and you can see the similarities in each account, as well as other bits of extra info, (nothing deviates, there are no inconsistencies from report to report) I found this to be quite compelling. Obviously, the photo is from the Disney movie, and I think it just proves how asleep and clueless people are that they can’t realize if this REALLY happened, and they’re REALLY trying to cover up, they’re going to do things to discredit the truth, that’s how the game works. It’s up to you to see through the veil of illusion that’s been cast around you. The description of the liquid, being consistent from so many different sources, is also very compelling! And as this article mentions, the “dating methods” science uses are in fact flawed. Thank for this! Really makes you wonder.


    1. Thanks Fae,
      Yes the picture I took from the internet, just for illustration that comes a little close. And yes there is more corroborating evidence in Chinese archaeology. An ancient Chinese noble lady – forgot her name – buried deep underground in a tomb box with preserving liquid, making her still look as fresh as ever. This one was NOT suppressed, by the way. The ancients had more knowledge than us on certain high tech stuff, and that is the entire quintessence of our blog. We devolved,instead of Evolved! Devolution to the lower end of a corrupt gene pool, instead of from animals via cavemen & hunter gatherers’ nonsense.
      Cheers Fae. Truth will out.


  3. They found a pick ax in a piece of coal when mining in Pennsylvania, u.s.a couple years ago the tool was Inside the coal. Nobody knows what happened on earth. The various religious organizations long time ago started destroying books , carvings and hiding evidence. They found a giant stone Buddha in a cave in the Grand Canyon. The cave was mikes long with some Egyptian writing and body’s wrapped like ancient Egyptians. Smithsonian has artifacts and the site is fenced off turned into federal land and heavily guarded 24 hrs a day So let’s not pretend we were not lied to everything in the world we were thought is a big lie


    1. And ALL that… to keep the DARWINIAN HOAX afloat, to DEMORALISE and DUMB DOWN the nations, so they would be easier to take over with their globalist pipe dreams. Thanks for your comment.


  4. This story is about as believable as the one about Snow White …

    A better one would be the one about the Guadeloupe woman. A fossilized human skeleton embedded inside rocks dated to least 5 to 28 million years old.

    This skeleton was one of the arguments against Darwin’s theory of evolution in the late 19th century. But once the debate quieted, the skeleton (which had been on display), was first removed from the exhibit, and in 2006 it even disappeared from the official catalogue of artifacts in the British Museum archive.
    This is a well documented find, and there are photos on the internet of it.

    To feed the conspiracies … the woman of Guadeloupe had a wiki page – which as disappeared sometime in the last few years. Google won’t find anything on it anymore. But using smaller, independent search engines, like duckduckgo, it can be found. Strange.

    ps: I am that foreigner in a rush that ran into you outside MRT on Xmas eve. Thanks for the flyer, and happy new year! 😉


    1. Welcome & Happy New Year to you too! Concerning “Snow White” not so incredible, when you consider the famous find of the Chinese noble woman, whose body was found in a preserving liquid deep under ground in remarkable good condition as well. (Forgot her name, but will post it later) But I never DID hear about the skeleton of Guadeloupe. Thanks for that info, I will look into it.
      God bless you. Hope to meet again. I might not remember, so refresh my memory when you run into me again. Looking forward to it.


  5. Well, despite the negative nellies who obviously do not take the time to do their own research, I have seen similar reports from other places. Unfortunately, many of them are in another language and Google translate is not always your friend if you’re looking for accuracy. So many groups scream and yell, “wheres the evidence?” but when it is produced they all yell fake. So after a while, a person gets tired of babysitting and changing the diapers of these people who have been asleep all their lives. The fact is, the archeological world is now shaking. Too many people are running around with high-definition cameras and spending their own money to travel to places and document that there seeing. Yeh, some are selling snake oil, but some have integrity. Some of the best stuff I’ve seen is from groups of people, going out with equipment to do laser scanning and deep soil imaging of sites, totally calling into question the finding of all the top experts.
    The long-held narrative that academia has been holding up is finally being challenged by very dedicated people. And I think when the dust settles in another decade we are going to discover just how amazing our past really was.


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