WHY do ALL MS Media bombard us with massive Darwinist propaganda!?

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And such silly propaganda! “Homo Evolutus” with a suit on and a rocket on his back? What do they take us for? Toddlers?



Have a look at ‘Discover’ Magazine! Its front page instead of telling us about earth-shaking discoveries like free energy, whose inventors are regularly intimidated and even murdered by MIB-s, they feel they ought to theorise about our next “evolution”: “Homo Evolutus!” And not just on its glossy front page! There are four more full-page articles on Darwinism inside! Why!

Number two:

and number 3:


What the Hell Does Darwin Have to Do with Computer Tech?!

If you’re interested in computers & software, you may want to look into ‘Ars Technica’ for info on computer-related discoveries, but alas, instead — surprise! surprise! — Ars Technica’s computer editors also feel that the first “in depth” article should be on a “bizarre dinosaur” that “evolved 70 million years ago” (see highlighted “scientific method” in article below).


Now you may think that that’s “just coincidence”, but if you looked at October 24th,, 2014 Ars Technica’s front page, you’d find it wasn’t the only article on Darwinism. Oh no! There are three headlines on Darwinist theory, that “65 million years after the dinosaurs died, we evolved into humans 3 million years ago” and that someone stole a 190 million years old footprint. Wow! front News!

Why?! What has a humped dinosaur got to do with computers? Your guess is as good as mine. Or is it? Look for yourself! Three headlines on A.T’s front page, plus their Dino post above!


What’s Really Going On Here?

If you think this only happens in these two magazines you’ve not been paying attention, because Darwinism – like CO2 caused Climate Change — is an extremely regular feature in almost all the glossy magazines you’ll find in the dentist waiting room, and of course also in main-fare newspapers/websites from the Daily Mail, Sun, Daily Express, NYT, Washington Post, German Stern, Paris Match, Huffington Post, and so on and so forth.

Perhaps you never noticed it or fazed you, thinking, “Oh, it’s just some other kind of news.” No, not really. ‘Discovery’ would definitely be “breaking news” if they could report that Science finally observed and proved that one species can actually change into another. Thus far proof of that very foundation stone (theory) of Darwinism has eluded them, as species are not inter-fertile!

But even though the debatable theory has so far never been verified, continual news stories waffle on regardless as if it was observed and proven long ago. Isn’t that propaganda? Why are mainstream media harping on this theory like a broken record, based on much wishful thinking and in every edition? The ubiquitous media all do it, without exception.

But if this theory has no solid foundation yet, then all these “news” items are obviously drafted and designed to coach public acceptance of a theory without full empirical proof as Newton’s law of gravity does have. They are certainly not harping on that theory all the time.

Darwinism also somehow appears to be above criticism, whereas “Black Holes” are not! That theory was severely challenged again recently by a German scientist. Black Holes can be criticised but the leaky theory of Darwinism not! This “scientific consensus” is even more pushed down our collective throats than “CO2-related Climate Change!” MS media sometimes DO feature contrary opinions about “Climate Change”, although quickly balanced by the official narrative as it is the preferred policy to promote. But Darwinism? Never ever!

It seems above the law, beyond question, a veritable holy cow, and so most people don’t even dare to question it! We’re bombarded with it day in day out, and cowed into accepting it by this artificially created peer-pressure. Most people agree with the doubtful theory so as not to look “dumb” as in the story of the naked emperor with the invisible clothes.

As an example, let me ask you, Did you ever wonder at all whether you, or Man in general, really did mutate from some ape or primate species millions of years ago? If so, good on ya mate! If not, aren’t we perhaps a tad gullible or naïve to just swallow it as Gospel?

thanks-corporate-news It’s the same old mass propaganda Hitler used. Nero did it. All tyrants and dictators of history used it, and they still do it today, and much more so, because they have the means!

Now some people call it “brainwashing”, implying that people have no choice in the matter. But in fact, the American Psychological Society concluded long ago that there is no proof that someone’s mind can be changed against his or her will!

Case in point were US prisoners of war in Vietnam who were never fully “mind-controlled”, although it certainly seems so in the case of Senator McCain for example. But his former buddies vehemently reject this, calling him rather the important general’s son and a traitor. So much for “brainwashing.”

Poor Information Leads to Poor Choices

It is also true that if you withhold true information from people, that most will be unable to make a fair & balanced choice. It happens all the time in mainstream media who present, not as Fox claims, a fair and balanced plethora of pro and con news about issues, but rather follow their own bosses’ policy and agenda. That’s propaganda, not news, nor science!

In fact, actual empirical scientific research from Dr. Guy Berthault at the hydraulics lab at Colorado State University did falsify Darwinism long ago. The Geological Timescale was proven to be estimated hundreds of millions of years too long! Here’s how:

The hydraulics department did experiments with water displacement showing that stratification of sedimentary rock layers 2-3 KM below our ubiquitous feet, was not laid vertically layer upon layer from top down, eon after eon, but were actually deposited sideways, horizontally, in fast streaming water! And not even one layer at a time, but three or more layers simultaneously, and at a very fast pace!


Darwin-LyellThis research fully falsified the very long geological timescale – cornerstone of Darwinist Theory – ostensibly requiring hundreds of millions of years to lay the strata, upon which Lyell, Hutton, Darwin, Huxley, et al, concluded that the fossils trapped inside the layers were also hundreds of million years old. Not so! According to the experiments they were laid very quick in less than a tenth of one percent of the supposed time, and thus very recently!

Did we ever hear or read about such very pertinent research anywhere in the voluminous stream of glossy magazines and mainstream newspapers? Did we ever see it on Discovery Channel? No. Of course we didn’t! Why not?! Because that conclusion does not support the preferred paradigm and therefore is not part of the agenda. That is not what they like you to believe or know about, that the hundreds of millions of years’ of Darwinist macro-evolution has no leg to stand on anymore.

That doesn’t imply that we were all “brainwashed”, but we were, and still are, severely handicapped and propagandised by the deliberate one-sided information of the political and religious agenda of the ‘One Percent’ who own the Mainstream Media!

Thank God, they don’t own the blogs… yet! We, the bloggers, still own those! That’s why they plan hard to purge the internet from independent thought blogs and cut back press freedom by draconian legislation proposals, to shut us all up!

Most of the masses don’t seem to really mind, one way or the other. They don’t ask questions whether something is really true or not. They swallow almost anything, like 9-11, vaccinations, global warming, etc. They don’t even suspect foul play!

And so, most people – apart from intellectually challenged people — CHOOSE to be dis-informed, because they don’t actually care about truth, prefering to be deceived. Like Pilate, the Roman governor of Palestine, asked Jesus, when he told him that “all who love the truth hear my voice”, he dismissively quipped, “What is truth!” dropping the issue. Neither Pilate was interested in truth. How about you?

How Does Darwinism Further the Elite’s Agenda?

The Elite needs and wants us to be weak push-overs, meek sheep who obediently follow their globalist propaganda to finalise their One World Government under them. They prefer people with a slave mentality. If we, the potential serfs, have a different religion than their promoted Materialism which has no place for “Spiritism”, then they have a problem. And they do, because there are still some powerful religions that do not accept their Materialism and Hedonism. At least some of their followers, as now even the Pope preaches Darwinism! That religious resistance also explains the anti-religion bias of the ms media!

So what did they do? They designed a philosophical mechanism that denies “Spirit”, stating and reinforcing that there is no such thing as Spirit! As Sir Julian Huxley explicitly stated, “Evolution has no place for the Supernatural” He said…

  • “The supernatural is being swept out of the universe in the Flood of new knowledge of what is natural. It will soon be as impossible for an intelligent, educated man or woman to believe in a god as it is now to believe the earth is flat, that flies can be spontaneously generated… or that death is always due to witchcraft… The god hypothesis is no longer of any pragmatic value for the interpretation or comprehension of nature, and indeed often stands in the way of better and truer interpretation. Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.

o        Religion without Revelation (1957) p. 58

  • “In the evolutionary pattern of thought, there is neither need nor room for the supernatural. The earth was not created; it evolved. So did all the animals and plants that inhabit it, including our human selves, mind and soul as well as brain and body. So did religion.

o        The Humanist Frame (1961) p. 18

And of course this agenda has been carried further by many fellow travelers, e.g. people like Richard Dawkins, whose name is as close to Darwin’s as his mindset. Amazing.

Ample Proof of 150 Years Massive Propaganda

We don’t have to look very far to discover how rigorous, massive, and total the One Percent’s Information War was, and still is, as I proved to you with the examples of news not relating to the specific media! “Ars Technica” might as well continually post news articles about “How to groom poodles!” which relates as little to Computers & Software as Darwin’s 65 million years old dinosaurs!

So if you are “into truth”, you might wanna become a little bit more skeptical about…

  • what they feed you
  • what media you are listening to
  • what their agenda really is
  • who their owners are
  • what they are trying to stuff down your throat might be an indication
  • what their recurring philosophical theme is that they spice their news with?

Aldous-Huxley-230x300If you ask yourselves such questions, you’ll be less gullible, naïve, and less an extension of these people. Believe me, it is not a conspiracy to say that EVERYONE has an agenda! –Including you and me! And it is not just about making money selling news. The people who own AOL and bought the formerly still-critical ‘Huffington Post’, already have more money than we can ever shake a stick at.

These tycoons aren’t into money anymore! They’ve got enough! These control freaks are interested in power over the masses, mental control over people’s thinking, making them “Republicrats and Democans.

It is no conspiracy. It’s as human as your mom trying to change your dad’s mind for her agenda, or vice versa! (Lest I be perceived as sexist!) Now if you and your mom are in it together, you’ve got a real “conspiracy.” Not just a theory! If you do wonder about their Darwinian agenda which has paralysed the perception of biology, geology, and especially Ancient History, you will find ample articles on the latter subject here in the Paradise Post.
Please do your own research!

Love & peace


Why Study Ancient History? A False Theory Hijacked Academia

  • The geological time-scale has experimentally been disproved, falsified, defanged as non-science. A HYDRAULIC EXPERIMENT IN Columbia State University proved stratification happened simultaneously sideways instead of top-down The ages are way-ay-ay too old and long!
  • From where do they get non-existent PRE-History without documentation. Why was this fiction that Man existed 20-30.000 to 2-3 million years before recorded history  inserted into the true historical record?
  • They cooked up the far too ancient Ice Ages, whereas the unique and only Ice Age lasted from around 2200 BC until 1500 BC, because they cannot even find the …
  • Unique Ice Age Mechanism, which was a direct result from the cracking of the Earth’s crust violent volcanic heat and super critical water heated up the oceans, and that is the only way we could have had an ice age at all! More condensation and rain and snow in Northern hemisphere that created the Ice cap that emptied the oceans 125 M. or 300 Ft. down and poured it back in after the Ice Cap melted and the ocean level went back up to present day level around 150O BC and submerged Bronze Age coastlands and towns and temples and whatnot around 1500 BC.
  • Where did all the dirt in the strata come from? Those 2-3-4 KM deep layers of different rocks and dirt worldwide amounting to trillions of cubic miles of rock and sediments, because they have to admit they were water laid? So the massive volume of rock below our feet didn’t come from space, the moon, or from the Pacific Ocean!
  • How did the cracks in crust come about? The massive dirt under our feet came from the Earth’s crust which was cracked and big parts of it ground to pieces into dust sediments & grains, when the proven super-hot super-critical super compressed water reservoirs still existent below the crust today, exploded through the once un-cracked virgin crust of yore, and split in faultlines and pieces!
  • Anapa8

    Bronze Age wall under Black Sea near Napa City

    Why are sunken ruins BRONZE AGE? Why did Krishna not die 20.000 years ago. Hinduism is recent! ± 1500 B.C! Arjuna, Krishna’s follower, saw the town being swallowed up by the waves in a few days or weeks at the most,as the Manabhrata testifies! Swallowed up by the ocean! The Indus valley people were no cave-dwelling stone-age morons. They were very advanced! And so are all Bronze Age ruins under water, and all over the globe they stem from the same period! Around 1500 BC! During the Time of the Exodus!

  • Why do all nations — over 600– have Flood legends? Is it some subconsious meme planted by “African Eve”, as some Harvard dunce surmises? All legens similarly talk about a Global Deluge that wiped out all men, except a small crew of people.
  • For Heavens sake, they even have very similar names before it was recorded in Genesis even, the Sumerians, Greeks, and Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, all talked about this horrendous deluge and the 8 people that survived!
  • Fossils cannot form under 1 inch dirt or less! When a fish or dino dies and doesn’t get covered instantly over, under several meters of sediments, they will rot and perish and never fossilize! So it took a huge movement of water, a gigantic hydraulogical mechanism to cover so many animals worldwide! That is not the result from millions of small inundations. They would rot and disintegrate before they ever became rock!
  • FormorianGiantWhy do they ban & hide giants? All over the world, giant skeletons have been discovered in shallow graves, especially in the United States! The Smithsonian Institute was always on the spot to confiscate the remaining skull and bones and never talked about them anymore, nor exhibited them, nor wrote or spoke about them, as they were in the 19th century American newspapers! Why! And not only the American Darwinists, the New Zealand, Australian, and other nations’ authorities, disappeared the evidence and intimidated the discoverers often, as the Oil Barons intimidate the water engine inventors all ov erhte world.


  • Why do they cover up the global sailors from before the 2200 BC Ice Age? Why do they ignore the sea kings and savvy sailors that measured the Earth and recorded the measurements they found in permanent form into the Great Pyramid?
  • Why do they ignore the 2345 BC tilt of 26.5 degrees discovered by Australia’s government astronomer George Dodwell, who proved that around 2345 BC a super cataclysmic event took place that titled the Earth 26.5 degrees, as recorded in all solar temples sun corridors from the Amon Ra Karnak temple, to the British Stone Henge, probably built by the same giant descendants of Cham the son of Noah, who sailed all over the globe and left his mark everywhere!
  • Why do they push descend from dumb small simians (apes) while we actually descend from smart very tall bigger skulled savants? Why do they fabricate false monkey descend from Lucy & African Eve?
  • Why do they confuse smart Megalith builders with dumb flintstone cavemen?
  • Why they ignore Pre-Columbian travel proofs with Wicked Pedia, and every “history” program, and even the alternative historians like Hancock and Shoch and Childress, and what-not, push the Darwinian agenda of 20-30.000 years BP, when it just ain’t so!
  • Why they ignore the accurate source maps and the geometric measurements of the precession of the Earth that was measured not by dumb paleo Stone Age cavemen, but by very smart astronomers and geographers that sailed the sea in smaller ships than their nuclear family arrived in during the Global Flood? I am talking especially about Noah’s banned son Ham or Cham and his sons Chanaan and Misraim and Kush and their immediate offspring like Hercules and Nimrod, and Canaan and his sons Sidon, and Atlas, and the Oceanids, and the Olympians, and the Titans (descendants of Shem)
  • Why do they ignore our ancient patriarchs when they’re found all over recorded history from the Chinese history by Sima Qian, to the Irish Annals of the Wise Men And MacClonoise, and British (Welsh) history by Geoffrey Monmouth, and the Sumerian, and Greek, and Egyptian writings, and here we are just scratching the surface, and not mentioning the earliest Indian writings that speak about Manu and his three sons, Sharma, Charma, and Yapethi, and the Miao zu Nu-Ah and his three sons, Lo Han, Lo Shen, and Yaphu, and the writings of Moses in Genesis calls them Noach, Shem, Ham and Yapheth.
  • Why do they hammer Darwinism down our throat in media and academia with state support!
  • Why do they ignore & hijack dragons as “dinosaurs”?
  • Why do they ignore recent existence of dino/dragons, like the blood found in their bones and pictures & photos in the record!?
  • What is their pushy agenda for?
  • Why do they falsify history?
  • Why do they falsify biology?
  • Why do they falsify geology?
  • They obfuscate legends as myth, but found Troy & King Sargon etc. by them?
  • Why are Oannes items all over the globe in statues and stele? (see graphic below)
  • Why do they deny high-tech artifacts to prove dumb cavemen?
  • Why can’t we move & build stones as they did?
  • Why do they deny a proven ±1500 BC ocean rise and stretch it out over thousands of years instead?
  • Why do they consistently deny, deride, obfuscate, warp, ignore, the ancient record of the Greeks, Sumerians, Harrapans, and all other Western genealogies of Irish, Brits (welsh), Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Frisians, etc. to get their un-scientific way!?


There are tons of historians and millions of very intelligent people and scientists and wise intellectuals who fully refute these Darwinian fabrications and fairytales. And they are not even necessarily Creationist fundamentalists who hopelessly speak from Scripture alone to try to convince you to believe in real history from Scriptures you don’t even believe in yet! Law-worshipping and -abiding lousy fishers of minds and men!

But the record of true history is written all over in virtually every historical record from all over the frigging globe! Not just a Hebrew Bible?!

Open your eyes and get wise, get smart, and smell the brainwashing coffee that they served up for us lo these 150 years since Cecil Rhodes organized the Round Table and the Rhodes scholars (Think Clinton!) with which they impressed railroaded and brainwashed, propagandized all educational heads and wannabes of very institution all over the friggin world, as they intimidate our countries’ governments too, to willfully want to obliterate the Syrian people who have chosen to follow and fight with Assad agianst US_Israel’s Takfiri terror creations! If the Syrian army didn’t want him, they would and could have killed him a long time ago! But the Syrian people want to be free from Takfiris and from Israel who stole their lands!

It is the very same problem in education! We have been railroaded into believing something that isn’t real! Darwinism just ain’t so! We are not descending from small stupid Simian apelike monkey primates. You cheapen yourself if you believe that. You are not an accident. You  are not a coincidence. You have meaning, and destiny, and reason, and rhyme, and you were not put here for 75 years to live like the offspring of a Darwinian monkey-man! That is so gay!
We descend from people just like us, but their brain sizes were larger and thus they were smarter! We are the dummies of history! Just look at what we watch on TV and Youtube! Stupidity! A girl with her tongue sticking out for kicks! We were designed for far greater purposes than that. But if we don’t get the point we are not going to get there! We will miss our destiny. Life is not an accident! We were put here, as every Near Death Experiencer will tell you! There is another much more perfect and more loving existence waiting for you, where there are your loved ones and concerned human spirits that are rooting for your spiritual survival! But the World’s elite does not want you to see that! Because it would liberate you form their gloablist collectivist influence that they have brought billions under already, hopelessly brainwashed individuals, who believe that they are here to tyrannise others to create a perfect technological dystopia enforcing everyone to run along the same rules and regulations, and if not… they will liquidate you… because you are not putting the collective above the needs of your spirit and soul! Which is actually more social and loving than the artificial maze of the rat race and Face book will ever accomplish.

Do YOU have the guts to stand up to the Darwinists?– Even if they do occupy the higher ground of finance, power, educational fortifications, secret societies, TV and Hollywood? You can and would perhaps, IF you only had the ammunition! Well….


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