World’s oldest winery discovered in Armenian cave

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This is some more amazing 5 days old news, corroborating the discovery of Noah’s Ark in former Armenian Uruartu or Ararat mountains, where Noah’s Ark landed. According to wine experts and wine scientists, the wine cultivation has always been known as having originated in Armenia, where the Bible book Genesis reports Noah as having planted a vineyard after he landed there with his ark. He produced his first wine harvest and promptly got drunk, and was treated disrespectfully by his son Ham, who looked on his father’s nakedness in the privacy of his tent.

It is fantastic how real history brings out and confirms the details of Biblical history. Enjoy! Only their dating methods may be a little bit off, as according to the consensus of most scholars, the Ark landed approximately 4,500 years ago. They date it 1,500 years older. Well, it’s pretty darn close! I’d say.

World’s oldest winery discovered in Armenian cave

winepot January 11, 2011 | 12:38

The world’s oldest winery was discovered in one of the caves in Armenia. A wine press, fermentation jar and a bowl dating to approximately 6000 years ago were found by international group of archeologists in the Armenian cave, Associated Press reported.

The discover is the earliest example of wine making production, said Gregory Areshianan, University of California, Los Angeles, co-director of the excavation.

Information about findings was published in the online edition of Journal of Archaeological Science.

According to archeologists, there was a basin in the cave which could be used as a wine press where people stomped grapes with feet. The experts also found grape seeds, remains of pressed grapes and dried vines.

In 2008 the 5,500-year-old shoe was found in the Areni cave (the same area), Vayots Dzor region of Armenia.

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