How Australian Academia, Media and Government Cover-Up True Australian History with a False Paradigm & Propaganda

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What can you do when the media, the politicians and the university conspire to deny, suppress and steal your evidence … then laugh at you as a comedy character? This happened to Val Osborn, a careful researcher for 40 years. The discovery of a 3,000-year-old mine and harbour on the coast of Queensland, Australia, is set to change Australian, if not world history.

PHOENICIAN SHIPLate in 2000, ABC national radio announced that amateur historian/archaeologist Val Osborn had traced evidence of the early mining endeavors of the Phoenicians around 1000 BC.

Ancient_TyreThe discovery at Freshwater Point, near Sarina, included huge sea walls (one of them 800 meters long) of polished granite set in iron slag cement and copper slags.

Osborn said, “I mean it’s a monstrous thing – you could put three, 200 foot ships end to end there. It’s as calm as a millpond and beautifully engineered.”
There was also found a bell temple, Canaanite altar and a cemetery.

Slag heaps are abundant with ancient roads, reservoirs, stone-engineered harbours and the usual petroglyphs and grave sites.


This tends to substantiate the evidence in my two books Dead Men’s Secrets and Ark of the Covenant that Phoenicians and Egyptians visited Australia. Mediterranean expeditions came seeking minerals and exotics such as sandalwood, eucalyptus oil, gems, and so on.


If this find is Phoenician and if it dates to about 1000 BC, then it could be further evidence pointing to voyages by the Red Sea fleet of King Solomon and Hiram of Tyre, mentioned in the Bible.

In an interview with Gilbert Deem, editor of Truth Hunter, Val Osborn exposed the lies, deceit and stealing to which the academic world subjected his findings:

Q. Tell us just what happened to cause this ruckus?

A. Sarina Council requested that I give them a report on the sites. I did this and forwarded a copy to Central Queensland University.

Q. What happened after that?

A. Well the council was happy enough and hoped that the controversy would generate tourism as an addition to their economy. The academics however were not so happy, describing it as a ticking “political time bomb which they did not wish to be holding if it exploded.” However their curiosity brought about an investigation by a young archaeologist over five days with a $10,000 grant. He did not work with me but flatly stated initially that he did not intend to risk his career with anything apart from aboriginal history at the site. A CQU representative offered to create a museum which would house artefacts and findings but warned that they depended upon government grants for their very subsistence.

Q. What did the CQU report reveal?

rudderpintlesA. It was simple enough – confined only to “fish traps and a shell midden.”
No other remarks relative to European colonization can be found in this report. I gave him a rudder pintles from a large ship followed by a second pintles found underwater at the ancient boat ramp site. Both artifacts have now vanished. No display eventuated of course. Today they deny they had been given them.


Q. So the academics backed off?

A. Yes. When the story broke in the media the academics closed ranks to stamp it out and denied association, however this is par for the course in research. Academia depends on government funding and naturally is subject to government censorship. A CQU representative was interviewed on the six o’clock news. He was represented as an archaeology expert when in reality he was an art history teacher.

Q. So no contact with this university since?

A. No. I have been officially discredited.


Q. What about the media – did everything vanish within seven days?

A. Less than that. It was censored within 24 hours. The council broke the story and my phone rang non- stop for 48 hours. We had to take it off the hook. Initially I had calls from around the world and the ABC rang for brief interviews until the discrediting on the six o’clock news and from that point on I was relegated to comedy sessions. This is the usual method to re-establish political correctness.

Q. And the newspapers?

A. A reporter and photographer flew in and did a full coverage of one site which was supposed to run in the Sunday Supplement of a leading Queensland newspaper but I was told later that a politician killed the story.

Q. So what happens now?

A. I guess we wait for some PhD. to break ranks and to do a decent job on these sites. As an amateur I can go to jail for digging or for just retaining an artifact. Officially of course there is no site and there are no artifacts.

Q. Do we have the expertise in Australia with the experience and knowledge to handle the specific areas of research?

A. Firstly there is political censorship. You are asking an academic to put his career on the line. Secondly the history of the ancient seafaring nations is a blank chapter relative to 2000 B.C. to 200 B.C. and only a handful of researchers have the specific knowledge of the ancient Mediterranean sea- trading sagas. In almost every case such research has officially been erased.

In this discovery we are talking about 4,000 years of history prior to the British navigator Captain Cook, with Australia well known to ancient sea traders and with the visitors coming and departing on the monsoon trade-winds and the establishment of ancient colonies.

This is in direct contrast to the fictions perpetrated by British historians that “Australia was discovered and settled as a convict colony in 1788.”

A private researcher goes to the media with historical artifacts, the story is smothered, and then academia comes in and cleans out or buries the evidence. The media press releases then become propaganda that deliberately erases any prior to British colonial history.


Even so, the proliferation of discoveries by individual researchers outside the system attracts worldwide attention and the establishment will be forced, in time, to reveal the facts.

But here is something that numbers of sane people evidently are experiencing… If you are a lover of the TRUTH, then you will be excited that the  truth is now ready to come out.

This whole package is all about so called “experts” being caught red-handed. You will be astonished at the deliberate mis-information being fed to us. It is now time to face the truth.

Jonathan Gray



  • The Phoenicians
  • Phoenicians in Australia
  • Egypto-Phoenician contacts with Australia
  • Uru – The Lost Civiisation of Australia
  • Australian petroglyphs and artifacts
  • Unexplained Archaeology in Australia
  • How The Phoenicians Won The Race By Centuries, By Tab Benedict


WHY do governments and academia and the media conspire to suppress true archaeology like this, and what has it to do with political correctness. Are they not interested in true archaeology? And if so, for what reason!


First of all, this suppression is not only taking place in Australia, but in New Zealand, South America, and North America, and many other places as well. And if you want to know truth in this day and age, first steps is to UN-subscribe from your mainstream newspapers and cut your cable TV programs!

There are many Phoenician and Egyptian and Sumerian and other Middle Eastern artifacts found in those places. ALL of them are suppressed by the same triumvirate Media, Academia, Government complex.

For example: the obviously African looking Olmec heads in Mexico are denied being African, and the Chinese looking jade figurines found there are also denied being Chinese, but labeled “Olmec!”








Why the Censorship & Witchhunt?

Why is this triumvirate media-bankia-academia tyranny so dead-set against pre-Columbian contacts from the Middle East with the New World, that they systematically bury research and even steal & destroy evidence!?

Caveman-100x100There is really only one obvious reason for all this “political correctness”: It proves that ancient man was much smarter than we are taught in public schools & universities, and that they traveled across the entire world, and that such a narrative is totally contrary to the bogus narrative of Man descending from Paleolithic “morons fresh from the cave”, called Darwinism!

But, THAT paradigm of Darwinism MUST BE MAINTAINED at ALL COST everywhere, in all educational institutions worldwide, because it is the UNIQUE alternative to REAL ANCIENT HISTORY which documents and proves a totally different story!

THAT evidence tells us that Man actually originated around 2.400 B.C. from a small group of survivors in the heart of Sumeria, down from the mountains of Ararat, from where they colonised the entire world in just a few centuries.

That evidence proves that these small early civilisations like Sumeria, Egypt, Harrapan Indus Valley, China’s Xia Dynasty, early South American cultures around Peru/Bolivia/Mexico, were all blood-related to one single proto-family that scattered in all directions after they exponentially grew  large enough.

It shows that all resulting civilisations and nations had one similar Genesis based around one similar global disaster, a catastrophic global deluge, as recorded in over 700 legends, myths and historical chronicles from ALL over the world, even from Australian aborigines!!!

It indicates that all these groups had a unique shared history and ascendance, shared patriarchs (although named differently), but also divided into two original religions, one, the worship of the serpent, sun, and their own deified ancestors, and the other of one shared Creator God of the universe, whom most of them acknowledged yet despised, as most still do today!

It all basically comes down to a religious conflict, a war of paradigms, a conflict of interests, where ONE larger group, pagan and serpentine in origin, succeeded in conquering the world, finance, media, and academia, and state, thus enabled to dictate their “party-line” to the masses in all nations now and all its people.

ANY evidence that proves that we do not descend from “African Lucy” millions of years ago, but from smart megalith-, pyramid- and ship-builders who knew astronomy and trigonometrically mapped the entire world as proven by ancient source maps that show Antarctica before it was frozen over by the then ensuing RECENT Ice Age, is  ignored, blacklisted, officially banned, even with FBI enforcement! (see report below)

Instead of us descending from fictional patriarchs named Nerd the Neanderthaler, Conan the Caveman, Paul Paleolith, Nanny Neolith, and Harry Hunter-Gatherer, we, quite to the contrary, actually descend from (Noe, Noach, Ourano, Manu, Nu-Ah, Nüwa, Nu, Nur) Noah’s three sons Shem (Titan, Shen, Sharma), Ham (Cronus, Han, Cham, Charma), Yapheth (Yaphu, Yapeti, Jupiter), and their multiple offspring, named Mizraim (Misr, Zeus), Chna or Canaan, Kush/Cush of the Cushites and Kish, Nimrod (Nimrud mountain) son of Cush, husband of Semiramis (Isthar) first dictator and ruler of Mesopotamia, Phut of Libya his wife, daughter of Canaan, Lud of the Lydians, Gomer of the Cummerians or Celts/Gauls/, Brutus father of the British (“Welsh” Cumraeg!), Deutsch or Tuisch father of the Germanic Teutons, Dardanus father of Erictoneus founder of Troy, and namesake of the Dardanelles formed in his days when the real Ice Age ended and overflowed the Euxine Lake now called Black Sea, around 1500 BC!TableNations

Comrade-217x300Not to mention Asshur father of the Assyrians, Javan & Helen father of the Hellenites or Greeks, Meshech of Moscow, Tiras of the Thracians! Atlas of Atlantis or Italus of Italy, etc.

Of course academia and the complicit media will quickly tell you that that is all myth, and not politically correct to even talk about it!

Neither let us forget Cham or Ham or (Greek) Cronus, who spitefully “castrated” his own father (Greek) Ouranos or Noah, acc. to Ham’s own embellished report of his shameful expulsion from his own nuclear family, and Noah’s servitudal curse on his first son Canaan, whose offspring was decimated by the early Israelites under Moses, and the rest brought into slavery.

Ham, or Cham rather, traveled all over the place, from the “Land of Cham” (ancient name of Syria) to the “Land of Cham” (now Vietnam) near Cham-bodia, and many other places that bear his name!


And lets not forget Poseidon Canaan’s sons Sidon of namesake city Sidon in Lebanon, nor Atlas of the Atlas mountains, founder of Atlantis, Atlan, Antilles, in the Atlantic ocean, who mapped the heavens by high-tech astronomy, so he could geo-measure the entire globe, so that map-books are still called atlas-es today!

atlasAnd not to mention Elam of the Elamites, Asshur of the ancient Assyrians, Heth of the Hittites (Gobekli Tepe!), Peleg of the Pelasgians, Aram of the Aramites (Aramaic?) who got absorbed into other nations eventually, (H)Eber of the Hebrews, who eventually sired Abraham, Isaac and Yacob, who managed to re-introduce the Creator of the Universe into a serpent- & ancestor-worshipping, backslidden, pagan world, which until today persecutes and suppresses true history, its true primo-patriarchs, & its true origins, surreptitiously replacing them with a well orchestrated pack of lies, of small Darwinian simians from Cushite Africa instead, as false pretenders to the ancient patriarchs’ thrones!

Sad to say, the vast majority of intellectually challenged mass-media enslaved earthlings, believes, drinks in, absorbs, and is deluded by this fantastic fairytale that has no evidence whatsoever, and which no one has ever observed, and thus is nothing more than a empirically proven pretentious proto-lie, impossible to replicate! Yet bamboozled Man believes this Science Fiction! Or rather fiction falsely called SCIENCE!


Do you now understand why the Authoritarian-Academic-Media Complex suppresses Phoenician ships and harbours in Queensland Australia? If so, you are far more intelligent than most of the buffaloed world population who doesn’t think farther than the tip of their own Darwinian nose, or than what Hysteria Channel and National PornoGraphic dish up for them!
Wake up Worldlings! Smell the coffee!


Awareness Quest’s Dedication to Other Researchers

Val Osborn: Discoverer of a 3,000-year-old mine and harbour at Sarina on the coast of central Queensland is set to change Australian, if not world history. here

Rex Gilroy: No one could publish anything on Australian Mysteries without mentioning Rex Gilroy. He is known for his lifelong fascination and research into all aspects of Australian unexplained mysteries and enigmas of our prehistory. Rex Gilroy dares to question the blind dogma of scientific conformity with evidence for which university text books have no answers. Rex has two books available and a new website:

Brett Green: Check out his web page here

Graham Walsh: Check out Graham’s web page (sorry broken link)

Paul White: Of “Maggies Farm” magazine fame will soon have his long awaited book available. Paul has also produced and directed a four part video series called “Ancient Secrets” as well as writing many facinating articles about his research which can be viewed by clicking here

Dr Anthony G. Wheeler: Author of a report called “Australian Pyramids”. More…

Ogham Historical Society, Brisbane Queensland: A volunteer non-profit association of friendly people of good character who have an interest in ancient Irish history and the associated historical streams related to the cultures and the movement of peoples in ancient times. More…

Greg Jeffery: Authored a report on the ‘Gympie Pyramid’ theories. Greg has a website about the shipwrecks on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia.

Gilbert Deam: Has compiled newspaper clippings and articles into a photocopied book called “In search of Australia’s Lost Pyramids”. Now he has his second compilation out called “Ancient and Mysterious Discoveries in Australia”. Available from Gil at P.O.Box 167, Gympie Queensland 4570, Australia.

Martin Doutre: Ancient Celtic New Zealand Ancient header How Australian Academia, Media and Government Cover Up True Australian History with a False Paradigm & Propaganda

New Zealand: Integrity Research Foundation. Contact: Dr Gary Cook. Gary Cook and Thomas Brown have authored a book called “The Secret Land 1, People Before”

New Zealand: Ross Wiseman: Author of four books which his latest presents evidence that the first settlers of New Zealand were Phoenician navigators who arrived 2000 years ago… he can be contacted via snail mail at Discovery Press, 22 Mountain Road, Henderson Valley, Auckland 8, NZ.

Here is another report

Concerning resistance to publicising discoveries which happen to be at variance with accepted scientific dogma, the truth WILL eventually radiate around the world, as it deserves.

A friend of mine had a long talk with a New Zealand girl called Lisa Kerr. She’d done extensive traveling, like many young New Zealanders, who head out on their traditional OE (overseas excursion).

Lisa, amongst several jobs she got around the world, worked for a while with the New Mexico Park’s Department. During her term of employment there was a big “washout” in one of the Park regions and I’m assuming it was up in Pueblo country around Taos.

The flash flood scoured out embankments and in doing so a large number of anomalous skeletons were exposed. Lisa and her colleagues were assigned the task of gathering up the remains and placing them into crates.
Also in attendance at the site were Smithsonian Institute officials and FBI agents.

Each day as Lisa and the other Park’s Department employees went onto the site, they were searched for cameras. Similarly they were searched as they left the site each day to make sure they weren’t removing artefacts. They were also obliged to sign “secrecy documents” ensuring that they would never divulge details of their participation in this undertaking.

The reason for this degree of secrecy stems from the fact that the skeletons were of people, giants who were about 8 feet tall. They had six fingers on each hand and six toes per foot. They also had a strange, double row arrangement of teeth.

The crates containing the recovered remains, at the termination of work, were taken away by the Smithsonian officials and, undoubtedly, will never be seen again.

Strangely enough, there is a report of two similar skulls having been found in New Zealand’s far north around the beginning of the 20th century.

Lisa later had official “hassles” when trying to come home to New Zealand and was severely grilled by US government functionaries as she attempted to depart from the U.S. If you are a lover of the TRUTH, then you will be excited that the truth is now ready to come out.

2 thoughts on “How Australian Academia, Media and Government Cover-Up True Australian History with a False Paradigm & Propaganda”

  1. You can see a keyway in the first photo of the chariot axle. Something it would not need. More likely 19th or early 20th century.


    1. Hi Steve. In the first photo on the left I don’t see an axle, you could see the left over of a metal wheel hub of former spokes perhaps? Plus in its hole you could imagine that on the right inside one might make out a vague outline of a keyway, but it would be a long shot. The picture is very vague. On the axle next to it I don’t see a keyway but it looks a little flat, yet that could be the a straight light reflection. So who knows what we see or don’t see there. But it is not just a wheel-hub and axles but the entire set of archaeological finds there that indicate proof of Canaanite mining, and an unfair mainstream media coverage cancelling the finder to uphold the official Darwinian agenda that Canaanites did not cross oceans to neither America nor Australia, as they also cancelled out the 125 M. lower sea level around 1500 BC because of the ice melt of the Post Flood ice caps on land.
      I guess much depends on what we want to see.


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