The Great 19th, 20th & 21st Century Propaganda War for Total Mind Control

by Power Point Paradise • June 8, 2015 • 0 Comments  •  28 views


The greatest front in the universal war for total control over the souls of men, is the information war. It is the most massive bloody war between true and false information. The slogan “Knowledge is Power” takes on a whole new meaning, that he who controls most of the information channels of “knowledge” has got the power!

Now this treatise is not interested in the WHO, but more about the WHY and the HOW!

Of course foundational to the war over Information and its media channels, was the more basic war to get control over gold and finances, because more gold paved the ‘yellow brick road’ to more acquisition of information channels and factories. During the 19th century they bought the newspaper “Press”, while during the 20th century the drive was on for the books (publishers), movies (Hollywood), and TV channels! But since the 90-ies, the last ‘Gigantomachy’ is being fought and finished off in Cyberspace over the Internet, well into the 21st Century via those nifty “hand-held” devices to be ultimately implanted straight into your brains!

The gullible masses are largely unaware how much their loyalties and mindsets are being fought over. Most don’t realise that the war for ultimate control is being fought much more on Informational front than on military fronts. The latter are important too of course, even to gain power over more information channels of countries and entire continents.

I’m sure that since the “Arab Spring” in Libya there are many new newspaper start-ups and magazines now, while the Bible is still forbidden as in Saudi Arabia! Gadaffi’s oil & gold were not the only motivations, and be sure that Al Jazeera was not started by nor its editorial policies controlled by sincere Muslims.

The greatest interest, input and investments of the PTB (Powers That Be) are to wip up and swell the by them controlled propaganda tsunami, disguised as “free” information, just as dictatorships are being widely sold to the public as “democracies!”


Information is not free! First of all, you pay for your own “brainwashing” in BBC licenses and newspaper subscriptions. Nor is it “free” in the sense of being “by choice!” The bitter truth is that the information you are being flooded with every day is anything but “fair and balanced.” The “balance” is heavily tipped on the side of PTB interpretations of “reality”, the narrative they prefer. But most people never even notice. Even many “alternative” media are owned, infiltrated, or even started by the PTB, functioning as ‘controlled opposition’, like Alternet.

HOW the war is waged

The information war is fought with Weapons of Mass Deception. WMD-s! The masses are flooded by information tsunamis driving the minds of the nations into one certain direction, their — “public opinion” — direction, which leads to ultimate global control over all. “One Ring to rule them all!” The One Ring of Mass Opinion of Mordor!


The mainstream media steer the masses away from true philosophy, replacing it, via their innumerable channels of mass-media, with a massive amount or waves of infotainment, articles, pictures, movies, music and songs, documentaries, novels, Youtubes, even selling hats and T-shirts with Politically Correct slogans here in Taipei nightmarkets, to hammer the “new narrative” of their false worldview down our throats.

They long invested trillions of dollars into acquisitions of newspapers, magazines, movies, TV stations, book productions, all international press agencies, satellite channels, publishing houses, and the new Internet mammoths! They don’t leave anything to chance! It is an all out offensive! And they will not let up until they have full control! That’s why the Blogosphere will eventually disappear!

Some of the powerful Internet Mammoths they started or took over to do the job, are..

  1. Google, Youtube, Gmail, G.Earth, G.apps, G.etc.
  2. WikiPedia
  3. Facebook
  4. Yahoo, started by a Taiwanese guy with no agenda, and bought out!
  5. AOL (e.g. Huffington Post)
  6. Apple, I-productions, I pad, I phone
  7. Sony
  8. etc. etc.

These new mass media are now honing in onto the main objective and finish-line of this war; total subjugation of the nations minds. And you cant beat them, unless… read on.

You may not realise the sheer massiveness of their investments in the information world, the vast amount of money and influence they spent to get control over them. Think Mr. Rupert Murdog as just one example. But there are many more equally powerful examples that most aren’t even aware of. You probably didn’t know that most books are produced – even in China! – by a mostly unknown corporation called Bertelsmann? When you go to their front operation “Caves bookstore”, you are mostly served up Bertelsmann books.

But if it isn’t controlled or owned or published or edited or printed or sold by Bertelsmann then it is controlled or owned or published or edited or printed or sold by yet another one of their many corporations, because, as I said, they leave nothing, NOTHING to chance!

They are set up, utterly convinced, totally entrenched in, fully dedicated to winning the Information War! And they are winning, by hook and by crook, gaining the minds of the billions. He who controls the information controls the minds! He who controls the minds controls the hearts, he who controls the hearts controls the world.

And it is not only the massiveness of their production of the sheer amount of info tsunamis they produce to Flood our minds, it is also the amount of small battles they fight to control every stream, direction, channel, spring, and river of information. Click here to see an example!

When they couldn’t control the entire internet’s thoughts on conspiracies yet, they started forums they control, they started or acquired as well, to convince the weak undecided stragglers who won’t do thorough research beyond page one on Google, as most people have no time nor interest in Truth, or are too lazy. Most think the truth is what you hear the most! On TV news! Sad but true!

Snopes is just a small example, for there are thousands of similar sites like Snopes, financed, set up, and maintained by them. Controlled propaganda like Skeptics Intl. is another one, from Randi and his friend Michael Shermer to steer the narrative away from the undesirable SuperNatural, or “Cryptozoology” sites like Loren Coleman to keep people corralled in Neo-Darwinism. I repeat, they leave nothing to chance!


No, don’t give me that, it is not a “conspiracy”, because it is not done in secret, it is not hidden (occult)! Their war is as out in the open as the first and Second World Wars were. Rupert Murdoch is not hiding the fact that he is buying up more and more information channels. The mainstream media even say so and joke about it. But the reason they supply is not the main one.

They say he is doing it for money! But that is not why he is doing it. Because he already has all the money he can lay his grubby hands on. He is after control over your minds. And even that part of the “conspiracy” is not occult either, because they boast about it. But as I said before most people are too lazy and totally not aware of the battle over their minds and their sentiments, intentions, and affectations.

newmediaSo you think you are not brainwashed. Don’t you “believe” in “democracy?” Ha! Most mainstream adepts will not even get the joke. Only the alternative media followers will, but that doesn’t mean that they are not mind controlled as well, because they are!

OK perhaps we have by now lost most of our mainstream public, and we have only the alternatives still listening as they do NOT believe in “democracy’ anymore, nor in fair and balanced, nor in governments – or rather bought and paid for regimes– , nor in globalists, nor in the new world order, nor in secular humanism, nor in cultural Marxism perhaps. Now we lost most of our Indy segment as well, nor in Nietzsche, Freud, Sartre, and their ilk. Now we lost most of the intellectuals still reading.

You can just see how peoples affinities are shaped and formed by the PTB that people would lose interest because “you don’t believe in democracy.” As if that would make me a “fascist!” It is these very terms “democrat” and “fascist” that are a major part of the programming, the so-called ‘Left and Right’ paradigm! Most people already don’t even understand that they are victims of a carefully contrived Hegelian dialectic mechanism to compartmentalize them and divide them, so much so that they get us fighting amongst ourselves, so we don’t notice they stole all our riches and are laughing all the way to their banks!

But the last frontier, and in no way the least frontier, dare I say the most important front in their mental war on us, is to propagandise the masses against their very salvation, potentially the greatest, most liberating, enriching, and invigorating power of all. It is their very successful info tsunamis against religion. And now we are losing most of the propagandized “atheist, agnostic, reductionist, anarchists, nihilists, socialists, Marxists, Maoists, liberating theologists, Masons, Gnostics, New Agers, Pagans,” and what not, from our audience.

The war on “traditional religions” is their most important battle front. Why! Because true religion is the only information source that potentially could make people aware of the falsity of their mass information! Plus expose the info giants and info warriors! And I’m not talking about Alex Jones, who for the most part is either controlled opposition or just acting plain stupid, whom they partly ‘allow’ to discredit the real alternative media.

At the least Jones is a “right-wing reactionary” [their term!] fighting for their apple pie American Dream-become-nightmare, and at the most controlled opposition. Yet he still puts out more truth than the BBC, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, CIA, FOX, ABC, RT, and all other alphabet agencies in most Western controlled countries like Europe, NZ and Australia, SE Asia, and more, together. That’s why I still go there sometimes. But if the river is polluted it will still kill your perception! That is IF you are interested in pure water!

And this last is only for those who are interested in purity and absolute truth. The information war is most funded, most motivated, and most infiltrationist, most persistent, longest battling, strongest, most bitter and deadly, in fighting Christ, Christendom, and Christianity!

Christian-PersecutionWhy? Because of all religions, real Christianity is the most revealing, most elucidating, creates the most independent thinkers, although that fact is MOST obfuscated and ridiculed by MS Media of course! Yet it is true about and concerning REAL genuine Christians! Because the very information war is revealed and was personally fought by Christ, and defined by Him in the New Testament. And that is the very reason that the Antichrist front in the Info war is the biggest and bloodiest battle, where –like Verdun or Stalingrad– most personnel, weapons, finances, articles, movies, docus, and what not, is poured in, implemented and put forward.

mediaAnd their greatest most successful, bloody super weapon, on this very most bloody front, is, guess what? That “nuclear atom-splitting explosive” they use on the hearts and minds of the unaware gullible people, paid for by the Rhodes scholars complex, Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table and financed by the Rothschilds’ Banking monopoly with its infinite funding and a war that has bought and muzzled academia of virtually all educational institutions globally, as the Rockefeller Foundation usurped the Medical World…. That electro magnetic weapon of mass destruction they continually apply and implement in every glossy magazine, internet outlet, History, Science, Nature, Technology, Fashion, Computer, etc. documentary and Fortune 500 glossy magazine at your local dentist, is you guessed it … the weapon of false scientific Neo-Darwinism and Macro Evolution.

Why! Because that one separates the men from the boys, and the sheep from the goats, and the lefties from the righties, the liberals from the fundamentals, the technofiles and super- ultra-humanists (think Kurzweil and TED, Gates and Google) from the Blessed categories like the Meek, the merciful, the poor in spirit, the peacemakers, the mourning, the pure in heart, they that hunger and thirst for righteousness, the sheep of His pasture! The children of God!

Neo-Darwinism (poor old Darwin was not aware how they abused his idea and is probably still weeping in his grave, wherever it led to!) was the greatest spiritual weapon in their wicked war over our minds, because it ostensibly debunks the Bible’s basic history book of Moses from Egypt, the Book of Genesis! And because Jesus believed Genesis, not out of ignorance as the modernists will say, but because it is a true record of ancient history corroborated by every so-called “myth and mythology” from Sumer, Babylon, Acadia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, and the legends and histories of the rest of the World!

Neo-Darwinism is so enthroned, so entrenched in the masses minds, so early attended to, even in kindergarten already, so widely spread, so hammered upon in every damn documentary on the telly or the tube! Referred to in every so-called scientific publication, so incorporated in most people’s thinking, so widely used in Biology, or Scientific magazines that at least 75 % of news articles are –you guessed it—about dinosaurs, fossils, evolutionary discoveries, Neanderthalers, Hunter Gatherers, Neo- & Paleolithic, Pleistocene, Holocene, and Cambrian. Well, not that much about the “Cambrian”. because that actually gives rise to doubts about Neo-Darwinism,

But they are widely attacking Christ and mocking Christianity with for example pictures of Jesus holding a baby dragon in his arms! It is the most bloody battle front that’s never letting up nor relaxing its grip on human mental territory, never lets go of its prey, the collective human minds.

It continually reinforces the aforementioned principles, terms, and concepts of the most despicable unscientific paradigm and –pardon my French— “mindf*cker” ever in history to hit mankind. This below is the sheer mass of Jesus-Dino pictures in a search engine’s page 1. They went and still go…. ALL OUT, mocking as the good ole’ Cultural Marxists do. “Don’t debate them — or we’ll lose or give them a platform! — JUST MOCK ‘EM!”


Ironically, it is also the most discredited and most despised, and most unscientific, most illogical, most stupid theory to ever hit mankind, and most attacked by many famous professors, astute PhDs-s, enlightened scientists, who many of them are not even Christians, yet they are the most banned, exiled, debarred, fired, maligned individuals by Darwinian controlled media and leaders, ever!

I am thinking of Berlinsky, Meyer, Anthony Flew, Demski, Behe, Stein, McDonald, and many many others, too many to name here. Yet the war is decided by the sheer numbers of publications, articles, docus, TV programs, scientific funding, academic appointments and Darwinian dictatorship.

The war is comparable to their other “consensus science” war on “Global Warming”. It doesn’t really matter anymore who or what is scientifically right and correct, as long as you control the channels and the funding. The Skeptics are fighting like the dickens and winning the scientific war but losing the overall war, because parliaments, mass media, the United Nations, Western governments, paid scientists, academic institutions, scientific journals and magazines are corrupted by funding and bribes to reinforce the paradigm, which is Global Government through Carbon Taxation and control through carbon credits which cut across all national, sovereign, cultural, religious, scientific lines of separation, and therefore is the ideal weapon of mass destruction against sovereignty of the “member states” and for INTERNATIONALIST NEO MARXISM AND GLOBAL SOCIALISM of the Wall Street bankers!

And thus ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you ought to realise how deeply we have been propagandized and brainwashed by the Powers That Be and ARE! They have reached into your brains with their so-called “DEBUNKING” of true history, true biology, true geology and many other Darwin tainted fields of thought. Even Plato knew better that this world is not the result of happenstance and Lady Luck, but was created by a Creator, WHO ever he may be! But of course yours truly “happens” to believe it was Jesus Christ!

Actually yours truly chose to believe! And he did partially so because he still had access to true information and a hunger for the same, in spite of the fact that he was already brainwashed with monkey-ism and Dino-ism since he was a tiny tod in kindergarten!

But to make the sordid picture clearer. God has power to allow anything in this HIS Creation our planet so much so that he could have hindered and stopped it, but I actually believe that he has not only allowed Neo Darwinism and its financial globalist Wall Street perpetrators, but that He has actually SEND the lie! “Why? Why would God do that?”

God is interested in choices of the heart! He doesn’t like enforced faith, or imposed beliefs “just because Daddy says so!” Therefore St Paul was inspired to tell it like it is,

“and for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they all might believe a lie and be damned (judged), because they didn’t have love for the truth!”

So what do you prefer to believe? A lie because you don’t love the truth or don’t like to “kowtow” to our Creator, because He “cramps you style” “having to love your neighbour?” Or will you believe in spite of your sins, in that loving Creator God of the Universe Who didn’t need 4 ½ billion years to perfect through 99 % deleterious mutations the perfect DNA code instructions to make nano-technology inside our miniscule body building blocks, the cells and proteins we are constructed from and with?

The Choice is still up to you!




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