Sahara was lush green more recent than Nature Journal’s 7-11 mil. year false dating

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Scientists purposely perpetuate the false back-dating for the 1.500-1.200 B.C aridification (drying up) of the until then lush green Sahara Desert to the regular unproven 10.000 yrs. ago, but “Scientists” from Nature Journal now date it back even to 7 to 11 million years ago! They also move back the empirically proven 2.345 B.C change of the obliquity of the Earth from 26.5 º stabilising to 23.5 º since 1880! They promote their unsubstantiated 24.14 º theory 9.000 years ago, instead! Where do they get it from? I’ll tell you! [See article at end post]


First the facts!


It was already researched by Italian archaeologists of Sapienza University Rome, that the drying up of the Sahara into desert took place from around 5.000 – 3.000 B.P. (before present), so where in the heavens do Zhongshi Zhang, Gilles Ramstein, Mattieu Shuster, Camille Li, Camille Contoux, and Qing Yan, of Nature Journal, get their 7-11 million B.P from?


Until the real 1500-1200 B.C. Climate Change, the Sphinx (and Gizah pyramids obviously too) built around 2.400 B.C, got eroded by lots and lots of rain-fall as West and Robert Shoch proved. The rains ended around 1200 B.C during the time of the Exodus, after which the Sphinx gradually got buried in the new desert’s sands for almost 3.000 years, until fairly recently when Napoleon found it just like that–buried up to its limestone neck in sand!



That real Climate Change also led to a melting of the recent ice caps in N.America, N.Europe and Siberia, which caused a fairly quick 125 Meter (300 ft.) rise in sea levels which sank many Bronze Age coastal cities around the globe under the ocean, from the coasts of Spain, Egypt, Canaan, to Bermuda, Bimini Cuba, tScienceFactso Yonaguni Taiwan and many other places. Neither did these inundated pillars, ruins, lions, megalithic ruins date from 12-10.000 years ago! Why? Because the “Paleolithic cavemen of those days” would have been way too dumb to built Bronze Age ruins and artifacts! So where do these scientists get the facts to fit their theory?


Obliquity of 26.5º or 24.14 º?

Concerning the obliquity of the Earth’s tilt, it had already been empirically proven by ancient measurements from antiquity long ago with supporting facts as well, by Australia’s government astronomer George Dodwell, that the ancients had recorded the obliquity of the Earth at 26.5º, in 2345 B.C. when the sun corridor at Amun Ra’s temple still received its rays onto its back wall, which hasn’t been happening anymore since a long time. See Dodwell’s research in our article here.


So where in the Hades do these “scientists” get their 24.14 º of 12.000 B.P, or for crying out loud 7-11 million yrs. ago, from? I’ll tell you where! They get it –contrary to real empirical research — from the politically correct paralytic paradigm of long disproved Darwinism which falsely dictates that until Sumeria arose around 2.500 B.C., there existed a pre-history going back 12-10.000 years BP or longer, for which there exist NO historical records, documentations, nor even any legends or myths whatsoever, as there actually do exist for a Global Flood!

Still uniformitarian mainstream historical academia dictates that Sumeria and its seminal civilisations (Indus Valley, Peru, Egypt, China, etc.) first emerged fully-formed and very smart, around 2.500 B.C. with high-tech capabilities to construct pyramids and seaworthy sea vessels, that were never repeated until long after our so-called ‘Dark Ages’!

But how can a smart developed civilisation like that just emerge without any archaeological trace and recorded pre-history?

Nature’s theory with all the P.C. Darwinian terms:


Their story quickly gets falsified by the emergence of fully developed cities in the middle of the Sahara Desert that would have never existed 10-8.000 years B.C., for they would have been scraping hunter-gatherer cave idiots who would never have even built a sophisticated city like the ones below, when obviously the Sahara was still green and well-watered with cattle-raising civilisations and cities. And let alone 7-11 million years ago, as “Man hadn’t even started yet!” So whence the abandoned cities and civilisations like Indus Valley and Sahel?

They state that “there is no clear mechanism for this aridification around this time.” And certainly there was no clear mechanism 7-11 million years ago either! But there is an elephant-in-the-livingroom type of Climate Mechanism which is fully ignored by political correct academia, it being in fact the only unique mechanism that could ever have caused any Ice Age whatsoever plus its subsequent melt! And there exists none other!

Around 2.500 B.C. Earth’s super-critical water below the crust above the Moho, suddenly exploded with humongous force in miles-high super fountains of water, cracking the Earth’s crust’s fault-lines. It caused instant global flooding that covered undivided Pangaea, the first pre-flood continent. The volcanic sub-crustal hyper-hot super-critical water caused the oceans to heat up and much vaporised into steam, leading to cloud-cover and strong rains.

The precipitation in the North came down as snow building the ice caps, depleting the oceans of much water lowering sea levels. As the oceans slowly cooled down over several centuries the rains in the fore-mentioned areas gradually stopped around 1500 B.C and the Northern ice caps melted away around 1200 B.C. causing 130 M. sea level rise and inundations of global coastlines. If one ignores the mammoth in the historical livingroom, there indeed exists NO OTHER known mechanism other than a Deluge,


Consequently around 1.500-1.200 B.C the climate changed, resulting in an unprecedented  loss of rain and snow fall that led to aridification (drying up) of North African Sahara, the Middle East, Indus Valley, Mexico, and also Uzbekistan. The following is from a Jordanian government publication:




The above dating is from 300 BC-700 AD but these hundred ancient fortified cities probably dated from before the 1200 B.C Climate Change, when it still rained a lot, but they obviously remained standing a little longer in the Libyan Desert until they crumbled into what they look like today.

Here the Indians date the submersion of Krishna’s city Dwarka to around 3.000 B.C. instead of the proven 1500-1200 B.C global inundations, but that is an awful lot closer than the Darwinian Nature Journal would have us believe happened “1210.000 years B.P.” Are we supposed to believe that Krishna lived 7-11 million years ago?


Other Dried Up Civilisations

Here is another example of dire aridification of Margush the “oldest city” in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan. It dates from around 2.300 B.C. The Margushis were neither recently evolved “hunter gathering cavemen”, as they used ceramic pipes for their very advanced and hygienic draining- and water-supply system for the city, similar to the dried-up Indus Valley cities.


Also here the rains stopped, the Margub river dried up, and eventually the city was abandoned! Margush neither dates from 12-10.000 years ago, when “Paleolithic Cavemen” wouldn’t be able to make any ceramics at all, if they ever had existed.

The Darwinians don’t like a fairly recent Atlantis either, and therefore date the drowning of Bronze Age ‘Doggerland’ by the encroaching North Sea at around 8.000 years ago or around 6.000 B.C. They are also duly obliged to keep the Darwinian timescale alive, in order to keep their cushy academic jobs, their research grants and their book-publishing!

It is after all a rigged world, and contrary opinions, let alone ample evidence, are not allowed, lest the masses would find out that they’ve been had and the emperor is in fact naked (as they could see but didn’t want to confess in order not to appear stupid) and indeed wore no clothes at all!


DardanusCoinDardanus Coin

So what caused this recent 1200 B.C. Climate Change? The oceans cooled to today’s temperature, the rains diminished, while in the Northern hemisphere the snows stopped building the land ice caps. These gradually started to melt under the newly exposed sunshine, not anymore obstructed by raincloud cover. The Ice caps melted into huge rivers feeding the flood in the Black Sea which had the Thracians and Celts scramble for higher ground, until the higher water level broke through the Rhode river during the reign of King Dardanus of pre-Troy around 1200 B.C. and they named the new channel the “Dardanelles!”

IcepackmeltAll over the world the coastlines began to be inundated, causing many tribes having to abandon their houses, cities, and temples, which are now still standing on the bottom of the seas, as sunken witnesses to this terrible 1200 B.C global disaster. Many nations had to move causing this time of Exodus and the invasion of the Sea-peoples into Egypt, and most likely the migration of the Olmec from Africa to Mexico.

No matter how popular these glossy magazines and fancy “scientific” internet journals may be with the masses, all are unable to escape the prescribed Darwinian Paradigm they are handicapped with because of academic control and financial peer-pressure. They rather keep their cushy jobs and incomes, thus fulfilling the desires of a NWO elite who likes to keep the masses believing they descended from ape-like primates!

And of course, a global Flood never existed or happened, inspite of more than 500 narratives, chronicles, tribal traditions, civilised cuneiform tablets, and other ancient parchments testifying to and mentioning a global flood where only a few people survived the Deluge on a ship with animals to repopulate the new Earth. Hence the lack of historical records of the beginnings or evolving of the first civilisations! Get it?

But all those naratives of yore we are not supposed to believe, according to the academic gatekeepers of the world’s elite, because it might also lead you to believe the best and most detailed chronicle of this Flood, to wit in Moses’ book of Genesis in the Bible, because that may cause you to become a real independent thinker and believer in the opposing God, instead of their preferred chipped economic slave of their Matrix. Which do you prefer?



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