“Space Aliens” Obsessed Megalithomaniacs Used by P.C. Historical “Science” to Confuse Masses & Inculcate Extra 10.000 years of non existent History

By Lu Paradise • October 26, 2013 • 0 Comments — 27 views


This video sums up the “New Agey alien Space Idiocy” by Childress, Von Danicken, Foerster, and others, supported by “science” fiction disinfo spreading mainstream media outlet “History.com”, to support the paralysing paradigm of “tens of thousands of years of pre-history.” (yawn!)

This fresh wind video sums up TRUE ancient history & archaeology and DEBUNKS the gate-keeping MEGALITHOMANIACS’ contrived desperate theories, perfectly, as… total bunk!

For TRUE historians this is a MUST WATCH, also to understand what kind of info war is being fought over Ancient History to prop up an entrenched yet false paradigm! This page will shortly be updated, because I do not agree with it all, especially the way that the tight fitting megaliths were created, so come back soon. But definitely not aliens! MUST WATCH!

They summon aliens, because they don’t want you to believe that the ancient civilisations were capable of such technology. Why? Because “they recently came out of the Stone Age!” And so they prefer ALIENS to come to the rescue as high-tech precious metal and electronic masters that build here on earth crude stone blocks when they stepped out of their space ships???
Ah, the humanity!

But these people like Childress and Hancock are not dumb people. How can they believe such things? I think there is more to it than meets the eye. They are either greedy for book sales and don’t mind what disinfo they are spreading, or they are useful idiots of the elite who use and perhaps even pay them to confuse the masses about TRUE history and archaeology that squarely contradicts “cavemen, paleo, Stone Age, hunter gatherers, neanderthalers, lucy” and all the other falsitites upholding Neo Darwinism that is favoured by the Powers that be and heavily promoted in every official politically correct history or nature program.

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