Political Correctness Reigns! Even in Archaeology (particularly) Chinese Visited America 2000 BC?

by Al Benson Jr • May 30, 2014 • 2 Comments — 22 views
[PICS ABOVE: Kensington Runestone discovered by Olof Ohman in the late 1890’s near Kensington, Minnesota in Douglas County, on display at the museum in Alexandria, Minnesota.]


Several years ago when my wife and I were traveling in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas,  we stopped over for part of a day in Heavener, Oklahoma. There is a state park there that contains a very large rock with runic writing on it, carved there by Vikings or Norsemen, probably sometime in the 9th century. It is down in a canyon and is quite a sight.

I had been interested in this particular place because I felt, and still feel, that what passes for “prehistory” in America is yet one more subject we have been lied to about. If we understand that God created the world then there is no such thing as “prehistory.” The closest we might come to that is “recorded history” or “unrecorded history” but there is no time before history.

ColumbusNOTfirstHowever, in regard to what is considered “prehistory”, most professional archaeologists, and even many of the amateur archaeologists, which once I was one of, will admit to “no white man being in America before Columbus.” This was the tune I heard played often back during the 1950s as a young amateur archaeologist. However, shortly after that, a small Viking settlement was unearthed in Newfoundland and the archaeological world had to admit, reluctantly, that in this one instance they had been wrong. However, even today, they will admit to nothing else.

In my earlier years, I belonged to two amateur archaeological societies on the East Coast and I took part in “digs” with one of those groups for several seasons.  Although I have not done any of that for decades now, I never lost interest in it and we have visited several Indian ruins around the country over the years. Even today, I find myself looking at rocks and stones any place I happen to be where there are rocks and stones.

However, I guess I strayed from the paths of the archaeologically politically correct rather early. I started reading politically incorrect literature on this subject in the early 1960s, which enabled me to believe that there were all sorts of people here, contemporary to our American Indians at various times–Vikings, Celts, Egyptians, Phoenicians, even Chinese.

These different groups, probably in relatively small numbers, co-existed or fought with our Indians at one point or another for thousands of years, and yet the professional “scientists” virtually ignore their presence and are unwilling to check out any evidence of their presence that goes against their politically correct preconceived biases.

3000 Yrs Old Chinese Anchors California
3000 Yrs Old Chinese Anchors Off Coast California


[WE in China greet with “Ni Hao!” The Indians greet with a simple “HAO!” I wonder why! (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink. 😉  ]


Why is this seemingly remote subject even of interest, you might ask? Because it is yet one more glaring example of the suppressed history we are never told about, are never even supposed to hear about or be aware of–like the real truth about World War 2 or the War of Northern Aggression, or the Federal Reserve System, or any number of other things you could name. Our anti-Christian government (public) schools, at any level, will never touch any history that contains real truth.  So we were, and are, all fed “cunningly devised fables” which are supposed to pass for history (Honest Abe the rail splitter and all that drivel).


When evidence of pre-Columbian European, or even Asian, occupation of America by anyone except American Indians is approached, it is most studiously ignored (the same treatment given Lincoln and his Marxist friends) or it is quickly labeled as a fake, or a forgery by our professional “historians” and others of their ilk. Unfortunately, there are some fakes and forgeries out there and they contribute to the problem and muddy the waters.

Chinese Decorative Sword Found in America






“Of Course” Olmecs Are Not African?



Yet there is evidence of other people besides Indians being here, scattered all across the country, and a fair bit of it found in North Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, much of it in those areas discovered by a lady named Gloria Farley, who spent over fifty years tramping all over the Southwest digging up and discovering such evidence.

She amassed an amazing body of evidence of all manner of people being here from across the Atlantic before Columbus made the trip. Yet her work is ignored by the “professionals”–all in the interest of “science” of course. [LED by the false prophets at WICKEDPEDIA!] Or could it possibly have had to do with protecting reputations? Wouldn’t be the first time such was done and I doubt it will be the last.

[ANCIENT PATRIARCHS: No, not just reputations, it is all to protect the paralytic paradigm of Neo Darwinism that rules their roost. Darwinitis, the one ring to rule them ALL in Quakademia! Ha!]


The year we stopped to view the Heavener Runestone, I was privileged to get to spend part of the afternoon with Mrs. Farley, who, at the time, was 84 years old. Like me, her time of climbing in and out of canyons had passed, but the interest and concern for the truth were still there. She has since passed away, but her work remains, much to the chagrin of professional archaeologists and their friends who work mightily to see it ignored.  Mrs. Farley told me when we talked, that professional archaeologists had really been nasty toward her. I can believe it. Anyone who dares to deviate from the politically correct “norm” will be in for rough sledding.

Before she passed away, Mrs. Farley had written a good-sized book called ‘In Plain Sight’ dealing with much of what she found over the years, and much of it was in plain sight if people knew what to look for and were willing to look. Mrs. Farley’s book is still available from Amazon.com, although they are asking $80 for it. For anyone really interested, you might check out the Heavener Runestone State Park in Heavener, Oklahoma which is where I got my copy and when I bought it they were asking $37 for it. I don’t know what it would cost now, but it wouldn’t hurt to check with the state park in Heavener.



There have been several books published about this subject. For those interested, you might check out two by Barry Fell, Saga America and America B.C. I’ve read both and there is definitely food for thought there for those who have never thought in this area. As I am going to do at least one more article on this subject, I will list a few more books in the next installment. The two books by Barry Fell mentioned here are both available on Amazon.com


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  1. The 2 pictures at the top of this page are of the Kensington Runestone discovered by Olof Ohman in the late 1890’s near Kensington, Minnesota in Douglas County. It is on display at the museum in Alexandria, Minnesota.


    1. Thanks for the specific details of the script! I just used them as a general “rune” picture to set the tone of what runes look like. The picture of the mentioned rune stone is not that clear. It is an interesting thing that rune script was found though in North America. Thanks for the comment.

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