“Ancient Origins” is anything BUT & so the funded info war goes on!

by Lu Paradise • 2014-07-15 • 194 views

AncientOrigins“Ancient Origins” is a fully-formed, fully-funded new kid on the ‘Origins of Mankind’ block, pretending it is doing “honest research yada yada to discover our origins“, yet chose from the get-go that the debate is really over and there is after all a “Darwinian Consensus” of course, and they really wish to stuff that down YOUR amateur historian throat! Where does A.O. so suddenly come from?

When it first started it worked from a collective mail address in London, but now from Australia, and the only human that can be extracted is April Holloway, and no other names are given. Yet the website is professional and lavish with nice artwork, definitely not cheap with some free WordPress theme as most real alternative media do.

It shows this site is a professional opinion-maker and opinion-former mainstream media effort financed by the Powers-That-Be, obviously intended to stem the tide of real research exploding from many fronts (like ours) that expose Darwinism for the fantastic fraud it is, and that in fact there was no evolution of hominids into cavemen, three ice ages 12-20.000 years ago, then hunter gatherers, suddenly emerging out of the mythical darkness of a “pre-history” in the form of the sudden first 6 fully-formed smart civilisations without any history? Kind of like “Ancient Origins” itself! Ha!

Comrade-217x300Do we believe that? Hell no! We believe and are convinced that “Ancient Origins” has its Genesis but that they’re keeping it from us for obvious reasons, and we don’t need any scientific research to prove that point.
A.O is started as a mass-mind-seminator (polite for mindf*cker) to keep us all, by hook and by crook, on the prescribed Darwinian track, whether we like it or not!

“Comes the Marxist revolution, you will live in a one-cell home cube and love it!”
“Comes the Marxist revolution, you will commute by bicycle.. and love it!”
“Comes the Marxist revolution, you will have sex but no kids.. and love it!”
“Comes the Marxist revolution, you will read & believe Darwinism and love it!”
“If not? You will be eliminated by the proletarian counsel and love it!”
“Result? Everybody eats junk food and is “loving it!”– Their servitude! (You?!)

A.O is as “alternative” as another fully formed expensive “alternative media” called “Alternet“, that as soon as it emerged in the open on the net for similar reasons, I was still able to capture its early “ABOUT” credits, openly proclaiming it was financed and supported by Rothschild’s “Open Society”, several Soros outfits, and some other Foundations with German names! Ha! Can’t fool me! But it looks like the World IS very easily! Fooled! Are you?

But the encouraging thing about this new A.O bird (or archeopteryx?) on the media sky, is the fact that they felt it necessary to put out yet another alternative historian site, in spite of the big busy websites and opinion-forming forums of Darwinian Graham Hancock and Darwinian Robert Shoch who support the Darwinian “ancient origins” party-line very well!

I guess sites like ours, like s8int.com, (the web’s biggest OOParts site), and Darwin-bashing DancingFromGenesis as well as the many Creationist sites, are having far too much impact!
Yours truly’s Paradise Post’s impact is best illustrated by its most popular articles!


  •  PP shot down the false 65 million yr. old Darwinian myth behind still living Pteranodons, proving the genuineness of the 1864 Civil war Pteranodon photo in this article.
  • PP hooked Chinese mythology via oral Miao Zu history records back up with Ur-old Babylonian/Sumerian/Indus valley origins, proving Nüwa was Noah and that Manu as the Indians call him, and his three sons Sharma, Charma, Yapheti are identical with Noah, Shem, Cham, & Japheth!
  • PP then defanged the erroneous strata and geological timescale theory via a simple question, where did all the trillions of cubic miles of dirt forming these strata below come from!?
  • That geological timescale theory was shot even more to pieces by bringing attention to the neglected hydrological experiments of Colorado State University, proving that multiple strata were laid at one and the same time side-ways instead of top down in less than 1 % of the Darwinian proposed time!GEOLOGICAL-STRATIFICATION
  • PP of course also promoted the archaeological research by God’s Archeologist Ron Wyatt discovering that every item in Genesis–the world’s most accurate and detailed (not the only one!) ANCIENT history book, because of tight priestly copy laws, — really happened! Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai, Ark of Noah, etc.
  • PP also promoted the very enlightening articles by eminent researcher James Nienhuis who stays on course as the proverbial ‘heavenly hound’ tenaciously hunting down every submerged ruin under the oceans, proving that virtually all of them are Bronze Age, thus proving the Ice Age did not happen 12.000 – 20.000 years ago, but more recently between 2.200 BC & 1.500 BC and that the rise of the ocean levels by 130 M or 300 Ft. was as recent as the around 1500 BC Exodus, the sinking of Atlantis, inundation of the Doggerbank, Yona Guni, Peng Hu castle, Aegian islands, Bimini rd. and many other localities on all global coastlines.
  • PP makes a case for the real science behind the devastating explosion of the water ‘Fountains of the Earth’, resulting in the permanent cracks or fault lines in the Earth’s crust and the defacing of the Moon’s nearer side, as well as the flooding of the entire planet and laying of the ubiquitous strata filled with fossils below our feet!
  • PP’s article on the 2345 BC cover up of the change in the obliquity of the Earth by Australia’s former govt. astronomer George Dodwell, for Darwinian reasons is another not to be missed!
    The Earth got tilted to first 26.5 degrees reudced to present 23.5 degrees since 1880
  • America’s astonishing war against the cannibal giants (2077 visits) reveals alternative history about human contacts with giants in America.
  • The discovery of an amazing ship-shape anomaly & its cover-up! Is it Noah’s Ark?
  • The Stone-Age “Hunter-Gatherer” Mental Syndrome of our Neo-Paleo Cavemen! VDO UPDATED!
  • Caveman-100x100Nienhuis, Bill Cooper and many others also proved that most names of ancient tribes, cities, rivers, areas, and personalities can be traced back directly to the much persecuted Table of Nations, as well as the by Mainstream Academia heavily obfuscated original historical documents of the mainly Western tribes like the British Welsh, the Irish, the Anglo Saxons, Scandinavians, etc., again totally falsifying the Darwinian linear narrative of dumber-dumb-Homo Sapiens, and proving we descended from smart savvy seafaring astronomical wizards instead and Mankind is now at the end of the gene pool, so “from smart to dumb & dumber!”
  • There are myriad other articles and writings on PP that will drive the point home more than just this article, that we are all suffering from a fantastic 150 year old PR campaign from the Bankers and their English ‘Round Table’ secret society and ‘Rhodes scholars’ coup d’etat in public education to stuff all that Darwinian nonsense eloquently down our collectivist throats. And if you still believe it, we really feel for you!

We could go on and on, but please use our and the other mentioned websites archives to really educate yourself in REAL ANCIENT ORIGINS, and we dont’ mean that expensive Mind seminator one, subject of our article, but the true ones. And what are those?

So What Are the TRUE Ancient Origins Then?


As ALL original civilisations of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Canaanite Phoenicians, Dwarka Indus Valley, Mayans, Peruvians and Mexicans, yea and even the later Greeks all knew, as well as over FIVE HUNDRED other tribes around this globe, around 2.500 BC there indeed took place a horrendous Global Inundation or ‘The Flood’, only survived by a family of eight plus land animals on some kind of ship or ark, who then again re-populated the Earth! Hence the reason why these 6 civilisations appeared as if from nowhere without history!

sumerian-king-list-2The Ancients’ own writings, stories, cuneiform tablets, papyrus rolls until as late as Josephus, all agree though that Creation really happened, that there were ten generations and Kings for about 1665 years until Man’s history was rudely interrupted by the massive drowning of all first people of that First World Pangaea, as the Sumerians clearly recorded in the Sumerian King List, for example!

But “modern” Mainstream Historians and other Academia all accuse the Ancients of falsifying, inventing, or imagining their own true history writing up fantastical records that they all conjured up or imagined! Such condescending nonsense!!

Now I do believe there was falsification in history, especially by the present Powers-That-Be of today who gave us this fantastic fable how 12 Afghani cave-dwellers routed the entire American Army, Navy, & Airforce, plus all combined intelligence agencies with mere box cutters! THAT’s the kind of bull-dung they dish up to us normal people to make us all toe the line, but the truth has gotten out anyhow. And whether you believe it or not, the official 9-11 lies are as big a joke as the official Darwinian lies they pumped you full off since you were three years old in Kindergarten!


But that our planet was hit by a Global Flood is proven by so many facts and evidence that it was a major ‘Tour de Force’ by the Bankers to turn that story out of the history books of almost all educational institutions!

The Bankers first promoted the atheists and agnostics and unbelievers during the 19th century in England and gave them power in academic institutions. People like Lyall, Hutton, Charles Darwin and his father Erasmus, and banker boy John Lubbock the father of modern history and its paleo and neolithic periodisation, were all promoted and put forward to get rid of the power of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, to “discredit” it, because only Faith in God set its people free from the influence of the financiers!

And then they promoted it via “the Sun never sets on the British empire” al over the world, including their Marxist collectivist plans and revolutions to gather the power worldwide to institute their New World Order, the One World Government that they are almost presenting to the world in the next few years. Because Man is now enslaved enough in their minds and dumbed down to a false culture and false ethics and a false system that was designed from the onset to enslave them completely.

Anyhow, what I wanted to say was stay away from “Ancient Origins” as far as the plague, for its Darwinian paradigm will take you away from the true origins as fast as the Sun and Daily Mirror! Consider yourself warned!

5 thoughts on ““Ancient Origins” is anything BUT & so the funded info war goes on!”

  1. And climate change, the moon walk, the Kennedy assassination and all other known facts are also wrong. Just because you want something to be true does not make it so. A pteranodon shot during the civil war? Come on. There may be some facts that could exist in your theory but the preponderance of the evidence is otherwise. God creates the world and this beautiful amazing universe. He just did not do it the way you think. Try as hard to prove the opposite of what you think and then compare the two sides. If one is greater it’s more likely. Watch out though, a pteranodon may grab your child! If they existed at the Civil War, then why no others just before or after. You think the one picture happened to capture the only survivor over millions of years or the picture is fake? Applying your same rationale to this says the pic is fake.


    1. Ah Brian Conboy. I know it was a very long read about the Pterosaur photo and I don’t blame you if you conked out half way. To stay on the cutting edge of analysis of all knowledge and media takes a heaven of a lot of sacrifice, work, discernment, wisdom, and faith, and if any of those are missing it is hard to get the full picture about “climate change”, the “moon landing”, JFK’s murder and CIA coup d’etat, 9-11 so-called “by the muslims”, etc. etc. I guess it is not for everybody. But if reading our articles woke you up even a little bit to the global deception and mind control of the world population, it is worth it. Cheers, and keep reading!


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