Submerged Baltic Rock a Bronze Age Megalith? Or Materialistic Darwinian ‘Ancient UFO’?

BalticUFO-OverdatedMegalithPop Historians Reduce Submerged Baltic Megalith to A Materialistic Ancient UFO!

Not just that, but per Darwinian paradigm they date a pre-1500 BC ordinary megalith to 140.000 BP! And therefore it has to be an Unidentified Flying Object, UFO, because by their own wrong dating, the cavemen couldn’t make any Bronze Age megaliths. And thus this is the first UFO ever made of rock, even if metallic contents were found inside! Intergalactic Flintstones?BalticMegalithBronzeAge2

Again and again, we are being bamboozled by Darwinian propaganda from people who call themselves academics but are actually engaged in pure scientism, the religion of Quackademia of today! Enjoy the glaring irony! MUST watch! Be amused.

BalticMegalithBronzeAgeObviously this rock formation was also built on land just as Yonaguni was, here in our Taiwan backyard near the Ryukyu islands, before the common global 1500 BC ocean level rise after the unique Ice Age came to an end due to the cooling of the sea temperature to present day levels.

Around 1500 BC the ice caps on land had melted down causing sea levels to rise 125 M (300 ft) worldwide. Consequently this “UFO” is just another Bronze Age formation that resembles not only Yonaguni but other under water formations and Peruvian structures on land. This shows that they were built around the same time as all the other megaliths all around the world, except at lower locations that were flooded.

See the similarity between the first two examples below of the black concrete-like Peruvian platform and the one at Yonaguni.

PeruJapanPlatform softrocks


The Baltic formation is huge like Yonaguniand is not much different, except that it may have a higher metal content perhaps. Well perhaps it was built on top of a mine, as the ancients often tried to find and exploit. Nothing mysterious or Sci-Fi really, other than the glaring fictitious conclusions these mainstream Science Fiction spinners prefer to propagandise us with. Why?


Because they are locked into their materialistic Darwinian paralytic paradigm forcing them into erroneous very long periodisation like “pre history”, and long overdated multiple ice ages that never were.

As wickedpedia says…

“The last glacial period, popularly known as the Ice Age, was the most recent glacial period within the Quaternary glaciation occurring during the last 100,000 years of the Pleistocene, from approximately 110,000 to 120,000 years ago.”

Not the first time UFOs are recruited by Darwinian Media

Look at this cogged metal rail designed to be moved back and forth by a cogwheel. This OOPART (out of place artifact) was found in Vladivostok by a man who broke some coal to stick into his heater when he found this sticking out of it. It was dated 300 million years old. Why? Because it was found in “Cambrian” coal which by their  faulty geological timescale is dated 300 million years old, as the fossils inside seem to whisper to them.

This toothwheel rail was pre-Flood technology as the people before the Deluge were able mettallurgists like Tubal Cain, as mentioned in Genesis. This piece was iron mixed with magnesium! High tech!






Of course Man was not around 300 million years ago, and so the Voice of Russia News outlet decided as good Darwinians that this tooth wheel rail must have come from an “Alien UFO” that crashed 300 million years ago in the gigantic Pre Flood plant matter!

Bronze Age Megaliths Prove Recent Ice Age

The megaliths were all built between 2300 BC and until 1500 BC at the latest when the sea level rose. They were built by the early ancient patriarchs like the offspring of Misraim Zeus, Naptuhim- Neptune, Sidon- Poseidon, Atlas, the Pelasgian offspring of Peleg, in whose days the Earth was divided into continents. Here are three sketches of what they may have looked like judging by their huge skulls as found in Peru.


BashanGiantsMany of these early seafaring sea kings were giants, and thus it is no wonder that there formations have gigantic proportions, as the gigantij megaliths in Malta, the houses and roads in Bashan Syria that still exist, and the huge mounts in Southern United States where many giant skeletons were dug up only to be spirited away by the Smithsonians Darwinists, as it refutes their preferred Darwinian timescale and theory that we descended from small monkey primates.


Did you know there is 2-3 times more water under the crust than above the crust? And did you know that Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that has fault-lines or cracks in its crust?, and that those cracks were made pretty recent, around 2400 BC, when that water which was then still “super critical water” of over 374 ° C. and under 62.000 psi or 4270 bars of pressure, suddenly found a hairline of weakness and blasted through cracks in the crust in one day and exploded in terrifying high and hot water jets or fountains?

SuperCriticalWater FountainsExploding

As this Baltic megalith’s discovery so poignantly proves again, the real Ice Age lasted from around 2300 BC until 1500 BC, due to the Flood’s supercritical water-fountains and its violent tectonics which raised ocean temperatures resulting in more evaporation and clouds, which caused more rain in the Sahara than today, and more snow and ice caps on Northern continents.


steampanIt is really as simple as that. Even a child could understand Flood Climatology 101, illustrating it by boiling water on your stove. But no, Darwinians say that the many ice ages were caused by lower temperatures.

Wrong! Cold temperatures prevent water evaporation and so no rain and snow. Therefore ice caps on land would not have formed!


We are being propagandised on a terrific scale. And it is time to smell the coffee and wake up out of our slumber. Real history has only one Ice Age and it was a direct result of the unique global Flood that heated up the oceans and laid down kilometers deep rock strata everywhere below our feet, full of the huge plants (see fossils below), animals and humans that perished in it.








Blind as a bat, they don’t want to see the mammoth in the history livingroom. Do you?


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