RT Parrots New “Hobbit Species” Unscientific Darwinian Mythology

Russia Today — feigning to “Question More”– fails to question Darwinian American Quackademia, trusting faulty C14 dating and non empirical conclusions that Indonesian dwarfs are a new “Hobbit”species and dating them to 700.000 years old. African Pygmies are not a new species because they are still alive, but the “hobbits”are dead, so they can be? Check here the reliability of Carbon Dating first.



This “research”is NO “BREAKTHROUGH”, just theoretical wishful thinking! This is merely a normal example of natural selection where some small people married and had small children, just like the Chihuahua is not a new species but is still a dog! It just can’t f**k a Great Dane anymore because of its size! DON’T BE BAMBOOZLED! You are being conditioned! See here: Radiometric dating can not even go beyond 250.000 years, because there is no more C14 left after that long.



But you see, it is not science that RT is interested in, because IF they were they would not be repeater parrots of this form of Scientism, but they are just another mainstream propaganda outlet to cement the Darwinian paradigm into your brains, so that you won’t believe the true history of this World and of Man. (The only good thing about RT is that they report on the plight of the Syrian people & help Assad a little.)

Because the millions of years is based on the geological time scale which is based NOT on C14 dating but on the interpretation of fossils found in the strata below our ubiquitous feet, and that is very subjective. Why!

Because the postulated millions of billions of years age of the strata below are based on wrong theories about stratification, as it has already long been proven that the strata formed in less than one percent of the pormoted time scale. How?

Empiral research by Prof Guy Berthault et al, and the Hydraulics Dept of Colorado University discovered that stratification does not work verticallly top down deposition of erosion layers, but several strata or banks sideways in water. And most of the worldwide strata WERE water-laid, as even Darwinian slanted geologists know and declare.


So why does ‘Russia Today’ keep waffling on and on in many different articles that Darwinism is science? when the opposite has long been tried and proven! Because they are still part of the global brainwashing campaign to make us all little unbelievers and God rejecteers like themselves by postulating that non existant beneficial mutatons for Macro Evolution have been proven. But they have NEVER been proven, and thus the show goes on.

They ought to be reporting about the BIGGER skeletons found all over the world, of the dead giants, that were spirited away by the Smithsonians and most other “natural” museums and institutions! Then they would really be radical and revolutionary. Now? no!


And do they have any open comments below this Hobbit nonsense article? Of course not. The paradigm can not be discussed, doubted, or dissed. You HAVE to believe it. It is the unwritten law of Cultural Marxism after all. You see, RT is just as Marxist as the New York Times, after all.



Mr. DAWKINS STUMPED FOR ANSWERS to a simple question!

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