The Yonaguni City of Giants Legend of Yilan’s Kavalan Aborigines in Taiwan!

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Yonaguni-structureThe Kavalan tribe of aborigines in Taiwan arrived by sea from the east and when they saw the stunning beauty of this island, they decided to settle this bountiful land. The newly arrived Kavalan fought many battles against the local Atayal aborigine tribe, and in the end drove the Atayal into the mountains. True to their name “Kavalan”, which means “flatland people” they live on the Yilan plain. Kavalan subsequently morphed into “Hamalan”, ultimately turning into “Yilan” City.
Famous Japanese Yonaguni expert Dr. Masaaki, formerly from RyuKyu University on Okinawa island found this amazing connection between the original Taiwanese and Yonuguni island, proving that there used to live giants there!

ryukyu-islandsYonaguniYilan’s Kavalan people (Local Pinyin: Ge1 Ma3 Lan1) still recount an interesting legend about giants coming across the ocean from their giant city –where else but Yonaguni of the Ryukyu island chain?– which goes as follows. This is translated from the Chinese text of the Giant Restaurant with the Baby giant statue, in Yilan (see picture below)

The Legend of Ci4 Kuei2 the Giant (LIT: Red mystery animal)

Yilan-Kavalan-mapThe giants from the giant city across the sea often visited the Kavalan people of Yilan, who used the strength of these giants to help them build any kind of construction in exchange for food. However this way of helping each other was totally crushed after an earthquake took place a hundred years later. In one night the giant city sunk below the sea!

The surviving hungry giants escaped to Yilan’s lowlands, and began to hurt and kill the people, snatch their food and steal cattle from those who raised them. Hundreds of people died and many of their villages were destroyed.

The remaining villagers of the Lan2 Yang2 lowlands in Yilan escaped to the foot of the Hu Bei (LIT: Tiger back) mountains, and hid themselves there.

There was one resident named Jie2 Rong2 Xu3 who in order to keep the rest of the people alive assembled the people together and ordered them to keep their food all in one place and to establish a Lan2 Yang2 food distribution centre.

In order to be ready at any time to confront the giants when they came, they established a self defense force to defend the Lan2 Yang2 plain against any invasion of the giants and also to investigate the weakness of the giant leader called Ci4 Kuei2.

According to the investigation by the self defense force, Ci4 Kuei2 always haunted the coastlands only, and his fatal weak points were his chest and throat.

Because Ci4 Kuei2 never showed up at full moon nights, therefore the SDF took a lot of food and headed to the coast to set an ambush at night to assassinate Ci4 Kuei2 the next morning. However they didn’t expect that the son of Ci4 Kuei2 emerged from the ocean, so they seduced him with food to come into the village and then they tied him up.

Then the villagers prepared a bigger attack against Ci4 Kuei2 to fight to the death.

The next morning, as expected C.K. showed up. Ci4 Kuei2 was furious when he saw his son bound by the people. In order to save his son, he destroyed the entire village at the same time when the SDF members started to fight back, following Jie Long Xu’s orders.

The Lan Yang SDF swarmed up to kill Ci4 Kuei2. and because of Ci4 Kuei2’s immense strength the humans could barely be his opponent (match) and in no time all the SDF members were killed. In the meantime Jie Long Xu draped sackcloth over his head and body and snuck/crept up closer to the back of Ci4 Kuei2’s son, waiting for Ci4 Kuei2 to rescue his son. And when Ci4 Kuei2 came close enough to him Jie Long Xu jumped up and shot Ci4 Kuei2 in his “Achilles” throat, thus ending the war.

Because the people could not provide the huge amount of food for the son of C.K. , after the war was over, they had no better option than to take him to the shore and exile him into the sea. After that Shan Cai village became peaceful again as before.


Yonaguni Inscription



Darwinian academics of modern history “science” (and Wicked Pedia) refuse to mention giants whose skeletons were found all over the world, nor give them any credence. They treat the legitimate subject with snubs and wise cracks.

Even worse, according to New York Times’ and other newspaper articles of the 18 hundreds, the Smithsonian institute of America every time a giant skeleton was found confiscated it to take it to Washington for study, but they were never seen nor mentioned again. If anyone asks the Smithsonians what happened to them, they respond that there exists no record of these giant finds and bones. They have been conveniently disappeared and or destroyed. That is the shameful criminal conduct of official American academe. A bunch of Darwinian crooks.

The submarine structure of Yonaguni near Yonaguni island east of Taiwan was discovered in the eighties by scuba divers. It looks like a man-made construction, but some Western so-called archaeologists dispute that (of course) and can only see a natural formation.

The steps, the stairs, the corridors, the cut-out little platforms, the straight sides, the statue, the artwork, and even the human inscriptions are dismissed by historical luminaries as “natural formations!” Su-u-ure!

In short, anyone can clearly see yet another cover-up by Neo- Darwinian Newspeak and criminal behaviour against truth and true science. Will it ever change? I am afraid not! The narcotic narrative of Darwinism has to be upheld by all academics all over the world, or they will simply lose their cushy (qu)academic jobs! And few, if any at all, will risk their bread and butter for politically incorrect opinions. I’m sorry to say that most academics nowadays have thrown their conscience out the window for filthy lucre’s sake!

We need a History Rebellion in academia and a revolution in people’s thinking. So please help the cause and spread the news of this amazing discovery. Simple Aborigine truth sure is stranger than Darwinian fiction! Of course they would use their politically correct weasel word of “heavily euhemerised” to disparage any truth in it.

“Euhemerised” comes from Euhemerus a very intelligent Greek historian who maintained that so-called Greek “mythology” -which we rather call ‘legends’ as mythology has been mythified!– had a core of truth in it that was true history. Euhermerism was successfully used by Heirnich Schliemann who discovered on basis of Greek legends, the “mythical” city of Troy and Agamemnon’s Mask even! Wow! Euhemerism works!

But of course those legends talk of facts which Darwinians have banned from the discussion, like giants, the global Flood, ancient cross continental traffic, and longevity, which all have been proven by documents, ancient historians, and even archaeology. For the Darwinian side though, there are no proofs, documents, ancient historians, or archaeology other than frauds like Piltdown Man & others, to prove their preferred narrative that we came from monkey primates in Africa of all places.

More Legends About Ryukyu & Yonaguni Islands

Yonaguni island still has a legend of the event that sank the island


And a Japanese legend from the  Ryukyu islands, of a Sea Kingdom that was first above the waves before 1500 BC when global coastlines flooded at the end of the REAL Ice Age, and after 1500 BC when many islands were under water due to a 125 M (300 ft) global sea level rise.




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