How Evolution ALWAYS Hits the Jackpot


jackpottIF a billion people played the lottery and you’d win, that would be a one-in-a-billion chance! But if you would win it every day — which all of us normal common sense people know that that’s impossible of course! such a chance is impossible to mathematically express in a number!

But believe it or not, Evolution hits the jackpot ALL THE TIME!!!
So every time you see this little 
jackpot sign, know that the statistical chance that such an instance would take place, is even many billions time smaller than one-in-a-billion! Unbelievably impossibly infinitesimally SMALL! — The Jurassic Jackpot?


swanThink about all the quatrillions of impossible chance scenarios of nature happening to fall into place & come together!” Like the swan on the left instead of all messy colours just happening to emerge perfectly white from black primordial chaos soup with some red concentrated on its beak with a neat black spot! — That’s not even considering the miniscule chance of wings slowly springing into being by running itself silly into a flying animal! Wow! 6 jackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpot jackpot at least!
[We humans can’t even fly yet! As mesmerised media couchpotatoes too lazy, I guess!]

Evolutionary head Dr. Carl Sagan of Cornell University himself, pretended to estimate that just life “evolving” by itself on a planet like earth, would represent a chance of 1 in 10 followed by 2 billion zeroes! That many zeroes would approximately fill 6000 150 page books or 900.000 webpages! He quickly prevented any skepticism about “spontaneous generation” of life, by right away postulating the most impossible chance of “life creating itself“, which has no chance at all! Spontaneous generation was scientifically dismissed as a myth centuries ago! Now I know you would really love to believe evolution, but can you honestly think you don’t have any doubt whatsoever that life evolved by itself?
2 billion 000000000000000000000000000000000000 … etc.

Please note that the following scenario might not be totally “evolutionistically correct”, according to their “exact” surmisings, but it is close enough to illustrate the point! Besides who says I have to believe their scenario? Were they present at the beginning of time?

nebulaFrom NOTHING & from NOWHERE & in NO-TIME, time and matter happened to ‘evolve!’ NOW STOP right here! And think about that deeply for a minute! How super gigantic that jackpot would have to be!!! Then, ENERGY arose from nowhere,jackpot causing a meltdown in the dense mass, resulting in an… immense vortex spinning from NO SPEED! jackpot Suddenly aBIG BANG!” The hot matter explodes, desintegrates, and the fragments spin away into nothingness! jackpot Then for some in-explicable reason they slow down, [while our space vehicles are supposed to keep traveling forever?] jackpot Finally all the fragments stabilize, many in impossible opposite directions to the direction of the Big Bang spin! jackpot Not only that, but they all freeze into place, so we see the stars every night in the same relative order to each other, so stable that our ship navigators sail by them! And that for thousands of years! Somehow the celestial globs get into spins and orbits around themselves and eachother, resulting in galaxies, nebulae, solar systems, and black holes, etc! jackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpot
Some glowing globs cool down, forming planets, while others do not
jackpot, and stay glowing stars! jackpot Many spheres cool down to virtually perfect balls!jackpot Thus one of them —our Earth—is created!–Uh sorry!–Evolvedjackpot Earth expells a smaller ball jackpot which happens to find the unique perfect orbit, balanced between gravitational & centrifugal forces that keeps it from flying away into space, or crashing back onto Earth,jackpot and our moon stays like that for “billions of years!” jackpot
eclipsmoonThe Moon’s position between Earth and Sun “happens” to cause it to exactly cover the size of the sun in an eclipse! jackpotjackpotjackpot!
It also happens to get in an impossible orbit of always facing the “mother planet!” jackpotjackpot! Its craters & landscaping happen to form the faint outline of a baby face 
that also “happens” to face Earth! jackpot


Likewise, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Crick also arrived at the theory that life could never have evolved by chance on planet Earth. Because he is a co-discoverer of the molecular structure of DNA, an accomplishment which became a cornerstone of genetics and which is widely regarded as one of the most important discoveries of 20th century biology, his conclusion is particularly noteworthy — especially since he is an atheist!

Rocky matter happens to wear through erosion into dust jackpot A lot of that dust somehow reacts chemically & turns into H2O, Ammonia & many other chemicalsjackpot —The socalled “pre-mordial soup” has finally arrived! jackpot
Clouds and lightning appear out of nowhere and lightning begins striking the soup! jackpot After billions of billions of strikes, one amino acid finally hits the REAL
jackpot! Through an unknown process that “even” scientists cannot re-produce, life “evolves” out of nowhere! jackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpotjackpot

One living single cell somehow gets a will! jackpot It wills to turn itself into a complex “simple cell!” jackpot


cellOne complex “simple cell” happens to meet another willful complex “simple cell!” jackpotjackpotjackpot
They even begin to be sexual and half turns into males, and the other half into females! jackpotjackpot Now that is a real amazing feat, that never went away! They begin to have some kind of SEX together that creates other lives!! They learn to procreate! ~Sorry! It is so ingrained!~ Pro-evolve! Make perfect copies of themselves! jackpot Simple cells multiply and stay cohesively together inside one blob! v Cell blobs or “Amoeba” develop organs jackpotand organise themselves into “organisms”! v Amoeba learn how to double their organisms and then to divide themselves!


Organisms develop mouths and/or digestive systems jackpotjackpot Some organism will to settle down as plants. Others stay unrooted & mobile! jackpotjackpot Some turn vicious and will to upgrade themselves to eating other fellow organisms! jackpot The Pre-mordial Soup, in a mean time of a few billions years, turns into clearer and clearer blue water! jackpot

angler2One complex of cells develops a motoric function! jackpotAll its babies have that motoric function!jackpot Cell organisms will to have members: fins, jackpotpaddles, jackpottails, jackpotstickles,jackpot horns,jackpot feelers,jackpot , mirrors, lenses and some, like the angler fish here, even lanterns on rods with electric light bulbs to attract prey! jackpot Thus organisms turn into fish! Female fish begin to produce eggs out of nowherejackpot, and the males seed in fertilizer fluids! jackpot


New poll of public school students: 1/15/2002  “Teach us creation!” Yet another poll indicates that Americans believe creation should be included in US public school classrooms. Channel One, a secular broadcast company that airs a daily program for public schools, asked students, ‘Which theory should be taught in your classroom?’ The choices were creation, evolution, or both. A majority of students (52 percent) said ‘both.’ Another 31 percent said ‘creation,’ and only 17 percent said ‘evolution’.
Sad to say, there is no hope for democracy in the public school system. But it just goes to show!

Let me first of all stress, from the onset, that no matter how many scientific, logical, rational and well founded arguments you bring, you will not be able to “prove your faith” to a strict Evolutionist. I have read so many of their long “legal”, “scientific” defenses, often in the form of scathing attacks against Creationists, but mosty in the form of creating ever more theories and assumptions to “prove” their faith.
These theories and assumptions lead a complete life of their own. They consist of multiples of little bits of research, “proofs” and “evidences”, but mostly projections that should prove the entire web of projections, but doesn’t. At least not to those of us who believe in an intelligent designer.
The following quotes of an evolutionist website are such a spinning of ideas, semantics and confusion theory, written by a “Christian” evolutionist trying to disprove intelligent design. He states:

“In order to tell whether something looks designed, you must first be able to distinguish designed from undesigned. This immediately begs the question of what is undesigned. If you believe God created everything, then nothing is undesigned, and the claims of appearance of design fail for lack of comparison. Alternately, you can claim that only certain selected parts of the universe were designed by God. Do bombardier beetles look designed? Yes; they look like they were designed by evolution. Their features, behaviors, and distribution nicely fit the kinds of patterns that evolution creates. Nobody has yet found anything about any bombardier beetle which is incompatible with evolution.”

This is the kind of weaving of ill logic as a result of trying to disprove the others point of view, first disproving the claim of design by God, and then claiming that bombardier beetles were designed by Evolution, giving Evilution god-like properties. Either it was and still is all by chance, or it was and is and will be all by design. And there is overwhelming evidence all around us for intelligent meaningful design. Even we, “the created” ourselves, are creators and intelligent and designing. How in the universe could we ever be the random result of a non-intelligent non designing god of evilution? Can one bring a clean thing out of an unclean one? Did Evilution create order out of chaos, ex nihilo? No it didn’t! Even crystals, clouds, snowflakes, and other spontaneous structuring in nature, which Evilution claims as proof of evilution, are creative processes that prove a creator and designer, as much as a foetus appearing from the sperm and ovum’s chromosomes, only even more complex of course.

keizer2This site, although there are some scientific arguments provided for the wavering that there IS scientific proof of intelligent design of our created universe, is not trying to prove that the Emperor’s clothes are invisible or unscientific, but starts from the primary premise that they are NON-EXISTANT, no matter whether the masses believed in them, or the nobles believed in them, or even the King himself believed in them. And whether or not it happened to be politically correct to believe in the existence of his non-existent garments, out of fear to appear stupid, we totally agree with the little boy who was honest and cried out: “The emperor is naked!”
But we are mostly very upset with the lying deceiving rich taylors who “wove” and are still weaving their damnable big lie in the first place, those wicked forces behind the scenes of society that wage war against the God of our fathers and His Son He sent to earth, out of spite, rebellion and jealousy, as they want to own the world!
But we pity those poor “scientists”, who have to go along with this travesty of truth, to keep their jobs, their sanity, and “self respect“, for, can you imagine, what the alternative would be?


Confessing that you don’t believe in it anymore and become an “evolutionary backslider?” ARE YOU CRAZY? That would mean total disgrace, financial ruin, and personal ignominious social defeat! You wouldn’t have an academic job anymore! No more funding of your research, no more publishing for your books, and then the ridicule you’d have to face of all your patronising former cronies, who can “prove” all their falsities and smug little far-fetched accepted theories so well, to rub in “how wrong, blind, dogmatic, fundamentalist, bigoted, pious, deceived, and plain STUPID you are, to jeopardise your job, reputation, your wife and children’s future chances like that, and your entire academic career! IDIOT!”
Nah! That would cost too much! But that is what it will cost! And therefore there are so very few, or almost none who would wanna wake up! And so out of plain peer pressure and the simple pocketbook bottom line, they perpetuate the lie and go along with it, and fight their doubts by staunch stubborness and dogmatism. Some feel so threatened, that they have to get into the fray, to prove the other side wrong! Because, as an adult you don’t have to prove yourself to children, when they challenge your authority! You just humor them! But these guys get so worked up when you challenge their beliefs. Like a letter we recently received of a strict evolutionist, who was so pissed at this site, as it so shook his foundations, he just had to react! One of the objectives of our “Evolution Irritation” site, partly reached! Who knows maybe there is hope for him! There was for me! I was raised as an unbelieving socialist in public school, with pictures of fossils, and Triassic, Cretaceous and Pleistocenic timeline posters screaming from the classroom walls. When confronted with the notion of Creation, I blocked, I was totally brought up with Evilution! Poured into me by the Public School system! Molded for life! Shows you, what a perfect brainwashing job has been accomplished by the enemies of love, not just on the Western world, but almost everywhere in this respect!

Which is less likely: Life after death or life after the Big Bang?
By Marvin Olasky, Courtesy Creators Syndicate, Inc.

This is the pre-Easter week in which normally Christophobic national news magazines make their annual bow to the improbable event believed in by many of their readers-the resurrection.

If I wanted to rank occurrences by improbability, though, I’d place a lot of them well ahead of Christ rising from the dead. To name a few: that an orderly universe exists at all, that earth is a place where life can exist, and that complex organs such as eyes would emerge.

Do the odds against Christ’s resurrection seem high? Roger Penrose, who helped to develop black-hole theories, estimated as one in one hundred billion to the 123rd power the odds of a Big Bang producing by accident an orderly universe as opposed to chaos.

Big Bang theorists argue that the universe, one second after its purported start, had to expand at a rate rapid enough to keep in check the gravitational attraction of galaxies. Stephen Hawking has noted that if the rate of expansion had been smaller by an infinitesimal amount, the universe would have collapsed.

Of course, even if the universe, by chance, came out right for human purposes, we would need a livable home in space. Earth’s size, distance from the sun and rotational speed had to be just right. We need the air above not only for breathing, but to protect us from cosmic rays and meteorites. We need light (not much ultraviolet), heat (not too much), and so on.

Does Christ’s resurrection seem incredible? What about the origin of life? A chance of one out of 1,000,000,000,000,000 is considered a virtual impossibility, but when DNA co-discoverer Francis Crick calculated the possibility of a simple protein sequence of 200 amino acids (much simpler than a DNA molecule) originating spontaneously, his figure was 10 with 260 zeroes after it. John Blanchard, in “Does God Believe in Atheists?” quotes analogies about the likelihood of the universe allowing for the existence of life: “Hitting a target an inch wide on the other side of the observable universe, or expecting a pole-vaulter’s pole to remain standing, poised on its tip, for centuries following his vault.”

Those who remember one past fad will appreciate British scientist Fred Hoyle’s view of the odds against evolved life. “Anyone with even a nodding acquaintance with the Rubik cube,” he wrote, “will concede the near impossibility of a solution being obtained by a blind person moving the cube faces at random. Now imagine 10 to the fiftieth blind persons (standing shoulder to shoulder, these would more than fill our entire planetary system) each with a scrambled Rubik cube simultaneously arriving at the solution.”

Hoyle’s best-known analogy has a tornado in a junkyard taking all the pieces of metal lying there and turning them into a Boeing 747. It would be amazing, but possible, for two pieces to be naturally welded together, and then two pieces more in a later whirlwind, but production of even a simple organic molecule would require all of the pieces to come together at one time.

Three decades ago, Frank Salisbury of Utah State University described the odds this way: “Imagine one hundred million trillion planets, each with an ocean with lots of DNA fragments that reproduce one million times per second, with a mutation occurring each time. In four billion years, it would still take trillions of universes to produce a single gene-if they got lucky.”

During recent decades, however, the odds have not inhibited the true believers in evolution. Or are they true believers in avoiding at all costs the alternative? Brave New World author Aldous Huxley wrote of the philosopher trying “to prove that there is no valid reason why he personally should not do as he wants to do. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.”

Do we want to know whether Christ was resurrected on Easter? Such belief requires less faith in things unseen than believing that the world as we know it evolved out of nothing.

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