Flood Legends, Maize Cultures, Geometrical Precession, Giza, Atlantis Location, Mystery of Amazon

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Selected Articles From DancingFromGenesis June, 2014

Maize Cultures of Western Hemisphere Depended on Domesticated Strains While Old World on Wild Wheat

The earliest cultures of the Americas such as the Olmec and the Tiawanaku were dependent on domesticated maize as they developed, for wild maize cobs and kernels were undersized, tiny, selective breeding ‘though having rapidly brought about high yield maize crops.

Circa 2000 BC when maize was being domesticated for mass production in the Americas, to support those living in cities, in the Middle East and southern Europe wheat grew wild which could be easily harvested to support even population centers.


It’s interesting that ‘though the ancient Americans had the wheel for toys, they did not use wheels for transport of product, for lack of beasts of burden (except the llama in the Andes) one could suppose, and difficult terrain, craggy mountains and swamps where sleds pulled by humans were apparently more practical.

Reason for Atlantean British Yard Subdivision of Mile is Remnant of Geometry for Great Pyramid of Giza

giza-stellar-thubanThere are 1,760 yards to a british mile, and 1,760 cubits composing the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter length, so which came first?
The 1,760 by the Egyptians was for a geometric purpose, so Pi would be embodied in the Great Pyramid’s dimensions, while the British apparently just took that number by their Atlantean connection to apply it to their foot length of measure for a mile, originally 6,000 Olympic Feet, but rather 3 shorter british feet having been multiplied by the 1,760 number from the Egyptians for 5,280 feet.

Flood Legends and Geometrical Precession Numbers All Over Ancient World Proving Genesis History

Most people think the Hebrews were the only tribe saying a Flood once covered the whole earth, but so too did many of the other ancient civilizations, the Babylonians, Greeks, and Hindus to name a few, and today hundreds of tribes spread around the world are known to have a global Flood legend passed down for millennia from their ancestors.

Those ancestors were the eight on Noah’s Ark, the knowledge of the ancient method of precession rate geometry for the cubit length dispersed too during the repopulation of the world after the Flood, the Norse for instance with the 432,000 warriors of Valhalla, the Hindu Yugas of time in sequences of 864,000 years, and the Greek stadium unit of measure, one tenth of the base-perimeter length of the Great Pyramid of Giza!

Atlantis Location Geography Established by Plato’s Description of Coastline Bronze Age Empire

Plato described global navigation, megalithic building, and metallurgy practiced by those of the Atlantean empire, which Plato said extended inside Gibraltar to the Tyrrhenian Sea and Libya, and outside as well, meaning that it was a coastline empire when the sea level was lower during the Ice Age.


So greater Atlantis could not have been an island, it was a nesos as Plato described it, which can also mean peninsula (as in Peloponnesos), in this case the Iberian peninsula. The city of Atlantis was an “island” too, within concentric shipping canals, the city five miles from the Ice Age shoreline, probably now submerged about 30 miles south of Cadiz, Spain, downstream from the rich mineral deposits of the Sierra Morena mountains, the Atlantean plain south of those mountains as Plato stated.

Mystery of Amazon Traveling Queen Myrina Solved Only by Young Earth Creationism Climate Change


The Amazons (Amazigh) of Lake Tritonis (now the Great Eastern Erg of the Sahara in Tunisia) began looking for new land when the Ice Age was ending circa 1400 BC, Lake Tritonis drying up, so they moved west under Queen Myrina, conquering Atlanteans at Cerne (in Morocco), as reported by Diodorus Sicilus, then were beaten back by the Gorgons.

Next we hear of Myrina in the Aegean sea region, having founded several cities there such as Myrina on the island of Lemnos, the Amazons’ first appearance in the Aegean and Black Sea region where they would become a force controlling various territories (Azov sea named for the Amazons) as reported by various ancient Greek writers.

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