The Archaeological Find of the Millennium: King Arthur! Suppressed by BBC, academia, royals, UK establishment, & Wicked Pedia! Why the Cover-Up!

by Lu Paradise • May 22, 2014 • 2 Comments — 34 views

WalesArthurKing Arthur was a legendary king from Avalon, South Wales, the famed royal Christian leader of the Knights of the Round Table, and by mainstream historians deemed to be a “myth”, as always of course!

Well, Alan Wilson & Barren Blackett and various other experts have discovered documents, artifacts, & archaeological evidence that King Arthur’s grave are still around, in a possible burial mound in East Wales. A notable artifact found in an adjacent memorial chapel ruin is a 79 % silver solid Celtic Cross with Latin inscription, ‘Pro Anima Artvrivs’, For the soul of Arthur!

The BBC looked at the evidence, and pooh-poohed it, Wicked Pedia denies and covers up this dramatic discovery, as well as British Academia & establishment, and Google! All are trying to suppress this remarkable national discovery, of course! The big question of course is “Why!” Must Watch this series of videos!


These brave historians got no backing of historical academia, and this evidence has been suppressed and the archaeological team even had an attempt on their lives!

Why? – We need a historical liberation and revolution!

My take on why this cover-up is, that the globalist (& UK) elite do not like nor want any historical evidence like this, because

  • 1. IF King Arthur is found to be historical, it may stir up British (Welsh) nationalism which they don’t want… plus
  • 2. It could challenge the Hannoverian royal family with a mor ancient and much more British blood line.
  • 3. True archeology would give credence to the real History Chronicle of the British / Welsh themselves which is still put down as “myth” by (Qu)Academia!
  • 4. Because true British history goes back via Brutus, Troy, Dardanus, Yapeth, all the way to NOAH! So…it’s the same old story of mainstream historians covering up True NON-Darwinian History all over the world, which would blow Darwinist false history right out of the water!
  • 5. It would prove Genesis, Creation & the first world in Pangaea which ALL Ancients believed in & wrote about, true Flood geology & the global Flood, the truth of the tables of nations, the Language Confusion many ancients spoke about, plus the true roots of ALL European nations according to their own ignored & forbidden source texts, as well as the truth about intercontinental sea traffic, and many many other things, you can find here on our true history website.

We need a historical liberation and revolution!


On the subject of King Arthur, one of the most compelling pieces of evidence so far discovered is the electrum burial cross found by Richard Melbourne in 1990.

It was widely believed that the discoverer Richard Melbourne had passed away, but it was recently discovered that he was still alive. Richard Hall took this video producer to the exact spot where the King Arthur cross was excavated at St Peters-Super-Montem in Glamorgan. If this discovery had been made anywhere except Wales it would have been trumpeted far and wide and people would come from all over the world to see it.


There are many important archaeological sites in Wales, few of which have been recognised, let alone excavated. In these video shows Richard visits Ynys-y-bwl again, to see if the farmers have come out of their sleep, to allow excavation of the burial mount on their land.


HistoricalCoverUpSad to say they have blocked any & all excavations. Who knows, and it wouldn’t surprise me that maybe they were intimidated by the UK government to say ‘no’ to excavation!

Can you imagine? The find of the Millennium? TWO  millenniums! Has become Forbidden History!!! MUST WATCH!!



Ignore the UFO connection with Moses and the Ark of the Covenant, as that’s found already. The producer Richard Hall is not a Christian yet but a New Ager who believes the fallen angels (demons) are ‘physical aliens’ who arrive in material UFOs. However the UFOs are secret high anti-gravity technology made by the powers that shouldn’t be, manned by hybrids and/or chimeras. All that gets mixed up into off-planet Neo-Darwinism, where our “creators” are aliens from another planet now. Even Richard Dawkins appears to be falling for that narrative now, latest we heard. Sad story.




HAVE THEY TURNED the hill “Ynys-y-bwl”  INTO A MOTOR CROSS CIRCUIT TO MESS UP & PREVENT THE DISCOVERY? Sure looks like it! MOTO Crossing across the bones and grave of their own patriarch Arthur their forefather! Poor present day British Welsh!

3 thoughts on “The Archaeological Find of the Millennium: King Arthur! Suppressed by BBC, academia, royals, UK establishment, & Wicked Pedia! Why the Cover-Up!”

  1. Well this site is at least readable – I was trying to watch/listen to the Russ somebody’s video’s on these subjects, but they all seem to be more about him than the subject he is supposed to be talking about. So – now why pray are you getting into politics with this site – here I was, a slighty left of center human just very interested in all things ancient history, and you have to start in on politics which means I now have to totally ignore you site, or keep filtering out your non-subject matter ! Not the first such place doing this sorry business. Political beliefs have NOTHING to do with ancient history FYI ! Not very smart of you if you want to expand your following ! I will stay & see where this goes after carefully reading what you have to say on ancient history – thank you for those concepts !


    1. Oh you’d be surprised how much Ancient History is tainted by especially Marxist politics, as they promote the false science of Darwinism that distorts the entire ancient history, as they cancel the Great Global Flood, the Pre-Flood civilisation and the Creation of the Earth, plus they deny the tried and proven historical theory of Euhemerism that explains the ancient “gods” as the deified eponymous patriarchs of cities, tribes, nations, after whom rivers and mountains are named. Atlas was no god, but he was the father of Atlantis, the eponymous namesake of the ‘Atlas Mountains’ and ‘Atlantic Ocean’, etc. So POLITCS is the bane of true history, and therefore has to be identified corrected and rebuked! There!


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