Forbidden Welsh Archaeology: Underground 7 M. lead plate atop pyramid

GarndiffaithPyramidAnthony Williams has been researching the archaeology of Garndiffaith and surrounding areas since the 1980’s. His friend Dennis Nash was working on a building site as a labourer in Garndiffaith in 1968. Whilst digging the foundations for new council housing, Denis and his workmates uncovered a huge lead slab buried several feet under the ground. The slab was positioned over the apex of a uniform stone structure which resembled an ancient pyramid. Until now this incredible story has been kept from public view. In this programme Dennis and Anthony examine maps of the local area looking for clues to the ancient archaeology of this mysterious site. Anthony is seeking permission to have the area excavated in an attempt to discover what could be records of some of the oldest known civilisations in Britain.

Alan Wilson commenting on this video, said that in 1714 all the old British history was thrown overboard and deliberate replaced by so-called “Celt” history instead of British history, now called Welsh. Welsh are not Celts but descendants of Albine and of Brutus who was from Troy in 504 BC, and the original people from Surrey came from Syria.

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