A Cover-up of Giants & Forbidden Archaeology in Egypt

by Jonathan Gray

Elizabeth Kubicek writes from Australia: “My father built two blocks of apartments, about 8 or 10 stories high, in Alexandria, Egypt., in a suburb called La Petite Cleopatre and La Grand Cleopatre, first one in 1933 and the second one in 1936 or 1937.

“The names of Cleopatre are because it was believed that Cleopatra bathed there.

“As both my parents died many years ago, I cannot verify, but my cousin Jason does recall. So I checked with him this morning.

“I remember mother telling me long ago when we were in conversation about buried treasure and how she knew of a family who had discovered by accident enormous wealth of gold and treasure upon excavating in the garden. All very hush, hush. This was around the late 1920s – ancient Egyptian wealth.

“This is how my mother told me about the giant skeletons (as they thought they found gold, etc.)

“The workers, mostly Egyptians, were digging for the foundations (as you can imagine, very deep, as it was for a block of apartments). Suddenly they hit empty space. They called my father, and there was great excitement, as they all thought they had struck buried treasure including my father.

“They came upon miles of tunnels with huge amphoras made of clay. They had hit a burial chamber.
“To their astonishment, these bones were huge… the arms, I remember mother saying, twice as long as ours. So was the femur.”

“Upon opening several, they were all the same. They re-sealed the amphoras and had to pour concrete to stabilise for the foundations.”



* That an ancient bullet hole has been found in the skull of an Egyptian mummy?

* Did you know that the earliest pyramids were not tombs?

* Are you aware of the surprising secrets down in Egypt’s underground Labyrinth?

* Ever-burning lamps: An Egyptian papyrus describes the experience of ancient explorers who gained entry to underground chambers: “We came to a chamber. When we entered, it became automatically illuminated by light from a tube being the height of one man’s hand. And as we came closer it shone brighter.”


Did you know that…
* A Chinese fleet was incinerated at sea, then washed high up onto cliff tops?

* In China, a royal neck ornament created a force field that no metallic object could penetrate. This force field was about a 12 ft.
circle around the person, protecting him from any metallic weapon aimed at him.

* Have you heard about the dangerous mechanical devices in an ancient Chinese tomb? After discovering a secret palace hidden in China’s first emperor massive burial complex, Chinese technicians are nervous. Not because Qin Shi Huang’s tomb is the most important archaeological discovery since Tutankhamun, but because they believe his burial place is full of deadly traps that will kill anytrespassers. Not to mention deadly quantities of mercury.


* Did you know that North America was surveyed, mapped and carefully described about 2000 BC?

* When an ancient underground complex was unearthed in Southern California, containing artefacts of aluminium and plastic, and pictures of flying craft, advanced surgery, and men walking with dinosaurs… Why did two U.S. Army officers, a major and a captain arrive with 8 army troops and seize the land? Why was the property gutted within days and filled with fresh soil? Why did someone break into the archaeology office overnight and steal all the pictures and artefacts they had collected. And when the property owner challenged the army officers about what they were doing. Why did the major look at him and say, “It would be a shame to have to kill you right here and now”?

* Did you hear about the more recent adventurers who have explored the Grand Canyon caves that conceal ancient Egyptian remains?

* Did you know that ancient tunnel systems are still used today by certain Mayans who can ‘pop up’ many miles from their home locations at a lot of places in Central America, and visit with friends and family members without being detected by Government forces out to kill or capture them?

* What happened to all the Inca gold that the Spanish invaders missed?

* See amazing terraces “impossibly” inlaid into vertical slopes perched 3,000 feet over the canyon – too steep to be accessible, let alone hurl up those monstrous stones, or even for the workmen to hang on while they fitted them up there!


* Or this? Newly found ruins in Russia contain the largest stone building blocks ever discovered?

* Have you heard about the ancient “circuit board” mirror found in a mine thousands of feet deep – which, when you keep touching it, shows page after page of a story (now translated), and shows photo-graphs – 15 pictures of what appears to be the same family?

* Crimea – Mt Ai-Petri: Why is a mooring ring for tying up sea-going vessels fixed into rock near a mountain top?

* Were you aware that a “natural” Bosnian hill may contain a massive pyramid?

* And get this! Roman emperor Nero’s “revolving banquet room” has been found?


* There are deserted cities in Syria – about a hundred of them – and still in a remarkable state of preservation, that no modern tourists have ever seen.


* Did you know that graves have been discovered from the green period, before the Sahara became desert?


* Did a TV crew really film a city under the ice, then go missing?


* Discover the many similarities between ancient medical knowledge and practice to medical knowledge and practice today.

* Were you aware that ancient musical scales were very specific, even to the point of precise mathematical relationships between vibration frequencies of the various notes of a scale? The scales that we use today are the same as those used in China 4,000 years ago.
The same musical scales were used by the Greeks and the Indians of western North America. Even today, among the western Canadian Indians of British Columbia there are songs that use a Greek scale like the one on the piano’s white keys going down from the note E.

* And believe it or not, lathes were used anciently to manufacture domestic utensils. Just see how beautifully perfect they are.

* How did the ancient races know that weightlessness can be produced by sound?

* Genetic engineering? Yes, it was carried on 4,400 years ago.

* And the ancient races also understood and used electronics!

* And they used robots and automatic doors.


* Did you know that ancient men and man-made artefacts have been found buried deep in numerous coal mines?

* And did you know that advanced technology has been discovered deeply buried in coal mines?


* Have you seen some of the eyewitness testimonies from modern excavations that have unearthed physical evidence of ancient man co-existing with dinosaurs?

* Are there still “flying dinosaurs alive today? Yes, there have been repeated sightings of pterodactyls in Mexico. One interesting thing is that they all were daylight sightings. Plans are afoot to capture one, if possible, alive.

* And have you heard of the modern sightings of giant flying creatures over Australia? Read an eyewitness report.

Source: www.beforeus.com

* Are there still “flying dinosaurs alive today? Check out our Ancient Patriarchs article about the Academic obfuscation of an 1864 photo of a 10-12 M. wingspan Pteranodon or Pterosaur, shot down by soldiers during the American civil War, near Vicksburg, America.

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