What Explains Giant Dragon Flies & Vegetation While Giant Humans Are Denied?

This giant dragon-fly fossil compared to a human hand is collosal. You would quickly seek shelter if one came flying at you. Wouldn’t you? So when did they live? Well, obviously not in what we call ‘written history’. But they must have lived sometime, because we have their fossils! And why are they so much bigger than today?

Normally in Darwinism things grow from small to bigger, but according to this fossil, dragon flies once upon a time were huge while they are now a mere 2-3 inches long. Like this giant leaf fossil below. So what happened?



There is no explanation for that in Darwinism. Just like there is no explanation for giant humans! And that is why the many giant skeletons found in North America, Turkey, Europe, south America, and many other places, and much reported about in the independent media of the 18- hundreds (Yes! Even the New York times once upon a time!), are not talked about much if at all, in academia or on the media, anymore.



But the giant skeletons were collected by natural museums like the Smithsonians, and conveniently swept under the rug, or chucked into their bone grinding machines, either that, or shipped in closed crates only to be dumped overboard in the middle of the ocean, as accounts of witnesses told us.


Well the dragonfly did get fossilised. So what does that mean in their terms.

“In a time when Dragonsflies were huge one was buried under a flow of sediments and cut off from oxygen and under huge pressure, it got fossilised.”

That never happens in the present for some reason. CaolSwampSAND

But it sure happened once in the past when many species’ bones were somehow thrown together in the same massive bone-yards and turned into huge fossils! So what changed?



I’ll tell you what happened to this dragon fly and the bones of all these animals, many of whom are extinct now.

The Earth in the days before that Flood was different. There were no seasons, there was more oxygen which made God’s creatures, trees, and plants grow bigger and taller! And, like still today, there was 2-3 more water under the crust than above it. But then, once upon a time, 4.400 years ago, the fountains of the Earth broke open the pristine perfect Earth’s crust and released enough water to flood the entire Earth.



Like these giant clams found on top of the Andes Mountains, after the sea bottom was lifted up 3 kilometers high when the South American continental crust came sliding to a sudden halt and the Andes was formed by it crumpling together in an instant. Thus the clams were raised kilometers high on top.


Even people were bigger!


When the Flood was over, they were all buried under 1-2 kilometers of sedimentary rock debris which fossilised them in no time. That is what really happened, and it was documented in over 700 legends adn accounts from ethnic groups all over the world, because it was a commonly shared experience of their shared forefathers which generated all these 700 ethnic groups.

History is really not so difficult, unless you want to propose a narrative that actually never took place, just because that is what you want to believe and propagate for religious reasons, like Darwinism. Then it is called propaganda! Like these fossilised lizards that didn’t evolve at all over “99 million years!” Why not?



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