The Vendidad Spoke About A Recent Ice Age Which Made the Aryans Migrate South!

“O splendid Yima, towards the sacred Aryan land will rush evil as a severe fatal winter; evil will rush as thick snow flakes falling in increased depth. From the three directions will wild and ferocious animals attack, arriving from the most dreadful sites.”

“Before this winter, any snow that fell would melt and convey the water away. Now the snow will not melt (but will form the Polar ice cap). In this place, O Yima the corporeal world will be DAMAGED. Before in this seedland the grass was so soft the footprint of even a small animal could be observed. Now, there will be no footprints discernible at all on the packed sheets of hard ice that will form.”

Modern academia, whether it be geology or history puts the Ice Age way back to 12-, 20-, 50- or even 80.000 years BP! (Before Present) They first of all support their long ago narratives by wrongly interpreting the ice cores’ dark and light sequences’ record as índications for “years”, whereas in fact they are merely evidence of warm melting – and cold freezing periods. But you can’t fight city hall expecting them to change policy.

They also postulated that there is no evidence of a recent Ice Age in documented history, but perhaps they never read the “Vendidad”. The “Vendidad”, the ancient scriptures of the Zoroastrians, mentions that their ancient Aryan homeland used to be way up North in what we’d now call Siberia’s Arctic, but that they were forced to migrate southward, because of an ice age that overtook them!


A quote from who have no dog in the fight over Ice Age narratives, merely recounts their history as follows:

“The “Vendidad” is one of the ancient scriptures of the Zoroastrians, actually called the “Vi-daevo-dat” or the law to fight against evil. In the first “Fargad” or chapter, the Golden Age of the ancient Aryans is outlined with their greatest king, “Yima Kshaeta” (Yam Raj in the Indian Vedas) who banished old age and death. [A reference to the common longevity of the ancient patriarchs which caused them to be deified?]
Then, the ice age broke on the ancient home and the Aryans were forced to migrate southwards, to the southeast and the southwest.

“Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a great Brahmin (Indian Aryan) scholar of India in the last century studied the Vedas and the Vendidad to find an ancient homeland of the Aryans. The Vedas are scriptures written by the Indo-Europeans or Aryans after they migrated to India. From the descriptions of the weather patterns mentioned in the Vedas, Tilak concluded that the ancient home must be in the Artic regions ie. above present Russia.

“The Aryans migrated from the ancient home to Iran and from there to India and Greece and Europe. Tilak also said that the most ancient historical scripture was the Iranian Vendidad, which actually describes the ancient homeland of the Aryans, the Aryan King Yima Kshaeta who ruled over it (Yama Raja, lord of the underworld in latter day Indian Hinduism) and the onrush of winter, sent by Ahriman (the devil) which caused the great migration. This is the famous first “Fargad” of the Vendidad which fascinated a lot of European scholars in the last century.

It didn’t fascinate these European scholars enough obviously, as we never heard any academic support for their fascination.
That is so interesting. Not only that the Vedas and the Vendidad are related but that the Aryans were first living near the Arctic Circle. If so, then they must have moved there around 2500 BC or so after the 3000 BC Flood when the ice caps were still small under formation in those post-Flood days when the world’s oceans were at least 10 degrees Celsius hotter than now due to the tectonic activity that caused the Flood when the sub-crustal Super-Critical Water burst out creating the cracks in the until then pristine unbroken crust of what is now called Pangaea. Since then the Earth’s crust has cracks or fault lines!



A hotter ocean is the only logical mechanism for an Ice Age or the formation of ice caps on land, because of stronger evaporation of the ocean water causing abundant rains in the subtropical regions but snow in the Northern hemisphere. That snow falling on land didn’t melt but grew into kilometers thick ice caps stretching from Britain, via Holland, Scandinavia, Northern Germany, Poland, Russia, Siberia, Beringia, Alaska, and most of North America as well as the North Pole of course.

But not only ice caps resulted. You can see the glacial extent in the graphic below, but also how much bigger the land area grew from 3000 BC to around 2500 BC, due to the depletion of ocean water that fell on land as snow and stayed and accumulated there. As a result the Earth’s ocean level went down everywhere about 125 M. (300 ft), until around 1500 BC the oceans temperature cooled down to present day levels. Then gradually the heavy rains stopped and stayed away causing mayhem!


The Bronze Age Collapse

The lowering of ocean temperature to the present day level by 1400-1500 BC, caused not only the rains to lessen and the ice caps to melt, but by 1200 BC had caused extensive climate change which was the main reason for what is called now “the Bronze Age Collapse“, a time of wars, migrations, malaise, and cultural destruction of former civilisations.


As you can see in the graphic above formerly fertile areas irrigated by copious rains like the North African Sahel, the Middle East, and Indus Valley, etc., gradually turned into deserts and were deserted by massive population migrations as many began looking for new lands!

The Olmecs were not just African-looking, but inspite of the denial by mainstream Darwinian historians, they were Africans indeed who sailed from desiccated West Africa south of the Atlas Mountains, to Mexico!



We have all heard about how Plato wrote that Atlantis sunk below the waves, even though modern “Academia” & Wicked Pedia don’t give Atlantis any credence nor reason for existence whatsoever, ignoring its existence and calling it a “myth”!

Why! Because their favorite Darwinist religion prescribes that ancient humans were too dumb, — fresh from their “neolithic caves!”– to be able to navigate the oceans by the stars and in well-built, ocean-worthy ships! And that is the only reason they refuse to acknowledge African Olmec and Atlantis and cross- continental sea traffic! It’s called obfuscation and falsification of true history! It is a crime!

But thank God, Atlas, Neptune, Poseidon, etc, and their offspring did not have to consult Wicked Pedia’s disinformation, and so they mapped and they mapped the starry skies, and with help of those very stars they measured the dimensions of our planet, and they sailed and they sailed, and mined copper and tin in North America, Ireland, and Britain, and got rich as Hell. That is… until the rains stopped, and the ocean level began to rise, and eventually swallowed their islands and coastal cities… everywhere! And so, they had to move!

The Atlanteans, formerly settled on these sunken Atlantic Ocean islands and Atlantic coastlines, either went more West, as the Mayan children of Maia did first to “Mayami” Florida and Mexico, or they tried to return “home” East where their forefathers like Atlas and Poseidon (Canaan or Sidon) had originally come from. As a result they became a threat to the Egyptians, as the so-called “Sea Peoples” and to Mycenians, Pelasgians, who all began scattering and bullying many other ethnic groups, sacking city after city.


Thus war, cultural destruction, big migrations, loss of civilisation were the order of the Bronze Collapse day! And we are in no way the only ones who are saying TRUE Climate Change caused this. Many true historians, like Finkelstein with his pollen research, also proved that drought from 1200 BC climate change caused the collapse of Bronze Age civilisations.


Also Viktor Sarianidi dug out Bronze Age civilisation centers in Turkmenistan, Northern Afghanistan, that dried up with the Margush river for example, causing its population to move south as a result from their very advanced cities like Gonur! Sarianidi maintained that it was all because of real Climate Change around 1200 BC.


Andronovo ARYANiran

The desiccation of a wide swash of land from the Sahara to the Indus Valley to the Silk Road and other places also caused the evacuation from the Sahara which used to be a very civilised developed area where cattle was raised and ladies were elegantly dressed and coiffed, in times when the Sahara was not called a desert but probably the “verdant Sahara Cattle Meadows!”

Saharans4 AtlantideanLadies

When we are taught in public schools and universities about Egypt, the Middle East, we always get the idea that these lands before the Bronze Age Collapse were as dry as they are today! Not so!

There were no deserts to speak off hardly anywhere, except the Northern snow deserts of the Ice Age. North Africa, the Middle East, the Silk Road, Saudi Arabia, and Africa were littered with cities and towns and villages endowed with lots of rivers (now wadis) and lakes like Triton Lake, Lake Chad, and others, now dried up.


Mesopotamia was a pleasurable place everywhere and not just around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. But we don’t get that taught in schools, because the know-it-all historians either are not taught it themselves, or their academic elite obfuscates it, because it would underscore the non-Darwinian truth of a very recent Ice Age, and as a result the historicity of the ignored “Mammoth in the Historical Livingroom: The ± 3000 BC Global Great Flood!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a ‘no no’ of course.


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Love & Peace


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