Another Soviet Cover-Up? Did the Russians Find Atlantis?

ANCIENT PATRIARCHS INTRODUCTION: The writer of the article about the Atlantis find below, believes that the cover-up of this sunken island of the Ampere Seamount was due to “Chernobyl and a cover-up of Soviet scientsts’ inaptitude.” But, obviously not only the Soviets covered up the find, but also the American submarine crew who was threatened to never speak a word about the walls and man made artifacts found on Ampere, after they spotted the Soviets and came to investigate what they were doing there.

The REAL reason for the cover-ups and silence of both powers is that Atlantis is not just ‘politically incorrect’, but Atlantis is a banned and anathema subject because it does not jive with the prescribed secular humanist narrative of preferred Darwinism that both super powers ascribe to and support the spreading of it. Why? Because they are both anti spirituality & religion, as that makes people “independent thinkers” from them, who do not subscribe to either party’s One World Government plans. A OWG needs a pacified population that fully supports the new religion of politicised Science instead of a religion of an inconvenient God.  Enjoy the submarine discovery!

It Could Be Time for a Fresh Look at Forgotten Reports – By Martin Ruggles

Thirty-eight years ago, steel leviathans silently, invisibly stalked each other in the dark, light-less depths of the North Atlantic with nuclear-warhead torpedoes. More than once, their near-miss encounters almost made of the Cold War a hot one, and unofficial accusations of submarines on both sides deliberately sunk with all hands, are still around, nearly four decades later. Into this fearsome arena and time, stealthily cruised the Moskovsky Universitet, ostensibly a research ship, as her scholarly name was meant to suggest. Continue reading Another Soviet Cover-Up? Did the Russians Find Atlantis?

Creationist kent Hovind on Crystalline Water Canopy Around the Pre-Flood Earth & Atmosphere

A.P LU’s INTRODUCTION: I am not a Creationist, because to me it means a reaction to the unecessary action of Darwinism. I am not a reactionary. I demolish the first illegal action, but mostly proving the point via true non-Darwinian history! That means History without false concepts like “pre-history, cavemen, paleolithic, neolithic, the geological timescale, the various eras and epochs, etc.” of  Macro Evolution.

I appreciate Kent Hovind’s science model though which corresponds seamlessly with the convictions and opinions of most ancient patriarchs who were all one extended family descending from the 8 very long living Flood survivors, who in turn descended from the 10 pre-Flood kings spoken of by many ethnic groups’ legends, not myths! Kent Hovind agrees with Walt Browns’ hydroplate theory but adds his own theory about the Canopy based on genesis in the King James Bible. (KJB) Enjoy the discussed science models.
Dr. Kent Hovind Proves Canopy Theory Using the KJV Bible


This article is a letter written to a magazine regarding the Creation of Earth. Paul Taylor, author of Creation in 6 days, attempted to defy the idea of the Canopy Theory. The letter below is Kent’s response to and Paul Taylor. Continue reading Creationist kent Hovind on Crystalline Water Canopy Around the Pre-Flood Earth & Atmosphere

The Ancient Frisian Oera Linda Book that HAD to be suppressed by “Academia!”


Dutch and International academics have had extensive discussions about the Frisian Oera Linda Book that “it is a forgery.” Regular friends and visitors to Ancient Patriarchs aren’t surprised at yet another suppression of ancient historical documentary evidence.

Just remember the suppressions of the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth about his true British history of Brutus from the Trojan War until Caesar, plus the recent UK Govt. suppression of the amazing archaeological finds near the possible burial place of the real British King Arthur, or the suppression of the ancient Irish chronicles of Clonmacnoise, and of the Irish history of the Four Wise Masters, etc. Continue reading The Ancient Frisian Oera Linda Book that HAD to be suppressed by “Academia!”

Latest Most Convincing Photo of Nessie the Plesiosaur of Loch Ness



Latest Plesiosaur Dragon Sighting in Loch Ness – Science Needs Overhaul!


THAT IS NESSIE, if I ever saw her! But even if Nessie the Lake dragon stares people in the face, the Mainstream Media will always have to maintain a doubtful tone in their reporting, otherwise their elite propaganda bosses will get upset.  And so they say, “It might be three sea lions swimming in line.” Sure! Three sea lions doing a lake dance sticking out and arching up their backs at the same time in unison. Wow great journalism, Scotsman! Pullitzer Prize material! Continue reading Latest Most Convincing Photo of Nessie the Plesiosaur of Loch Ness

Sons of God, Daughters of Men [Nephilim Giants]

reposted from the musings of brother blue

“The craving of demons for a body, evident in the Gospels, offers at least some parallel to this hunger for sexual experience.” -Derek Kidner


In 1947 an Arab boy tending his sheep accidentally discovered an ancient cave near the Dead Sea. In it were found a priceless collection of ancient scrolls which soon became known as the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Qumran Texts. Among these writings was one known as the Genesis Apocryphon. At first it was thought to be the long lost Book of Lamech. Although the scroll consisted of a speech by Lamech and a story about some of the patriarchs from Enoch to Abraham; it was not that book.According to the Bible, Lamech was the son of Methuselah and the father of Noah. He was the ninth of the ten patriarchs of the antedeluvian world. Continue reading Sons of God, Daughters of Men [Nephilim Giants]

A Phoenician Fortress and Furnace? Now Bulldozed Under by Govt

by David Campbell

phoenicfurnace5The discovery of the hilltop fortress and furnace came about, it seemed, by casual chance. My wife publishes a little community newspaper distributed in the counties bordering the Red River around Lake Texoma, called TGIF The Weekend Bandit. It is a general interest paper focusing mainly on local events and history. I write a weekly column on history and sometimes feature articles. Since I grew up near Rockwall, Texas, it was of great interest to me to discover that in January 2000 excavation of the mysterious buried wall there had finally been undertaken. I had been obsessed by that wall since childhood. Continue reading A Phoenician Fortress and Furnace? Now Bulldozed Under by Govt

“Flat Earth” a psy-op to discredit the Geocentric movie ‘Principle’? Interviews & controversy w. Rick Delano

I knew that “Flat Earth” was a psyop, but didn’t realise it started just around the time of the publication of the Principle! Amazing! They really threw a dungload of money against the Principle by supporting this false Flat Earth nonsense. Must Watch!

In this video, I share a clip from a recent interview with Rick DeLano who wrote and produced THE PRINCIPLE, a film that tries to discredit modern cosmology, specifically the Copernican model, by suggesting a geocentric earth. The data collected by these scientists verify a geocentric earth, which is fascinating to consider. Yet, the world of truthers, especially Christians, has been tainted by the Flat Earth movement in the last 2 years. As Rick DeLano points out, the phrase Flat Earth only became a widely searched term right after THE PRINCIPLE was published. Does it mean it’s a psyop? Rick DeLano thinks it is. Continue reading “Flat Earth” a psy-op to discredit the Geocentric movie ‘Principle’? Interviews & controversy w. Rick Delano