Latest Most Convincing Photo of Nessie the Plesiosaur of Loch Ness



Latest Plesiosaur Dragon Sighting in Loch Ness – Science Needs Overhaul!


THAT IS NESSIE, if I ever saw her! But even if Nessie the Lake dragon stares people in the face, the Mainstream Media will always have to maintain a doubtful tone in their reporting, otherwise their elite propaganda bosses will get upset.  And so they say, “It might be three sea lions swimming in line.” Sure! Three sea lions doing a lake dance sticking out and arching up their backs at the same time in unison. Wow great journalism, Scotsman! Pullitzer Prize material!

But is it really the most convincing photo? How about the ones below taken by some average Joe without an agenda when he just happened by the lake a few years ago and this Scottish paper had to publish these super-convincing pictures, otherwise people would wonder why they swept it under the rug.

Have you ever seen a fish or a sea lion with such a long thin neck and a bulb head? Or maybe it is time now to say with surety and conviction that there still ARE plesiosaur swimming in Loch Ness indeed! And therefore the “65 million year old dino age” is proven a total media hoax once again!

Folks why don’t you all just cancel your subscriptions to such lying media, and cut your TV cable while you’re at it? Be a FREE THINKER!

nessie9 ness

Of course the Darwinism promoting Mainstream Media propaganda machine will have to deny that there are still living dinosaurs, or dragons rather,  otherwise their “65 million” year old propped up, fake genesis will fall apart, and the masses might break faith. Oh, that can NOT happen of course!


Just as the “most famous dinosaur anthropologist” Jack Horn had to deny that blood was found in a triceratops’ horn and had to turn down a request for a C14 dating test on the sample by Creationist scientists, even though they promised a substantial donation to the university.


So please, do sing along with us all… Just put in “The Narrative” for ‘circle’, as the hearse carries her away to her religious grave, while them Darwinists are weeping and wailing to try to keep their so-called ‘mother’ alive!

That is why these guys are all smiling and laughing, because they know the Narrative IS DEAD as a DOORNAIL! And no one mourns her passing! But the media keep it artificially alive with their artificial lung machine of propaganda.

“Let the Narrative be unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by,
For it looks dead now as a door nail, but we don’t like nor want to know why! … Let the Narrative be unbroken, etc.”

If you want to see more historical dragon pictures and photos DO go to our Dragons Page!

4 thoughts on “Latest Most Convincing Photo of Nessie the Plesiosaur of Loch Ness”

  1. European eels are found in the loch. “River Monsters with Jeremy Wade” (i don’t remember the specific episode) shows that eels can be known to follow each other closely, as to provide the appearance of a snake or other long, and slender creatures


    1. Hi Caitlyn, I guess ‘Eels swimming in formation’ for the skeptics, and lake ‘monsters’ for the ones who see them for what they are, like this recent sighting of the famous Ogopogo lake creature in Kelowna BC, Okenaga Lake North America.


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