The Ancient Frisian Oera Linda Book that HAD to be suppressed by “Academia!”


Dutch and International academics have had extensive discussions about the Frisian Oera Linda Book that “it is a forgery.” Regular friends and visitors to Ancient Patriarchs aren’t surprised at yet another suppression of ancient historical documentary evidence.

Just remember the suppressions of the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth about his true British history of Brutus from the Trojan War until Caesar, plus the recent UK Govt. suppression of the amazing archaeological finds near the possible burial place of the real British King Arthur, or the suppression of the ancient Irish chronicles of Clonmacnoise, and of the Irish history of the Four Wise Masters, etc.

And why? Because all of them go back to the patriarch of the Caucasians, Yapheth, and to his father Noah, way back before the time of Christ (B.C.) while official British and Irish school history books only begin their documented history with the Roman era. All other sources are systematically ignored and relegated to the domain of “doubtful mythology.”

In this Dutch case, the Frisian Oera Linda Bok is even “discredited” as a “modern forgery!” Without any substantial proof whatsoever, Dutch “historians” concluded that it was ostensibly “secretly written by a Frisian vicar in the 19 hundreds to discredit Christianity“, who himself actually totally denied that he had anything to do with it. Why!

“Grand” Diffusionism

Why? Because this amazing detailed Frisian history chronicle goes way back to its post FLOOD (anathema!) ancient history, talks about Atland or Atlantis (anathema!), and about cross-oceanic travel (anathema!), as well as contact and relations with Greece and INDIA of all places (anathema!), the ‘Oera Linda Bok’ smacks way too much of “Grand Diffusionism”
Hear Hear, What Wicked Pedia proclaims: (Right click & view)



“Grand Diffusionism” is used by mainstream Darwinian historians virtually as a pejorative, because after all South Americans only migrated across Beringia, NEVER across the wide blue Pacific Ocean, and never had any contacts with Sumerian, Indian, let alone European civilisations, even though Easter island DNA is very similar to Basque DNA and have a written script – Rongo Rongo Script – which is very similar to Indus Valley script, even though the Olmecs – who came from Africa! – traded jade with the Shang Chinese, and Ecuadorian Valdivan pottery is identical with Jomon pottery, and even though plenty Sumerian, Roman, Phoenician, Canaanite inscriptions, artifacts, coins, anchors, and what not, have been found in North and South America.

“Grand” Diffusionism can not be allowed one foot in the academic door! Here, see a rejected Diffusionist map of around hundred years ago! Quite accurate, if you ask me. (click for bigger view)


They named it “grand” because that makes it sound more like a joke! Pretty snarky those smarmy Darwinian Marxists propagandists, aren’t they? They treat Diffusionism the same atrocious way as the by them rejected very thorough historical method of Euhemerism!
It’s too bad! Don’t use it!

Oera Linda Bok supports anathema Euhemerism as well!

After all, Euhemerism helped Heinrich Schliemann to take Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey about the Trojan War serious, and consequently discovered the city of Troy and Agamemnon’s Golden mask described in it. Not only that but recently archaeologists claim to have even found the wood from the Trojan horse itself!
Wow! Euhemerism kicks ass, it looks like!

But as many truth aficionados realised long ago, that’s the way the story always goes when the Media, Academia, & Bancia Triumvirate decides that’s the way it supposed to go. And thus they recruit or finance a willing M-A-B stooge (Mr. Jensma in this case) in order to quench yet another genuine source of ancient historical narrative that they so despise and fight for ideological reasons! His Masters degree examiners didn’t even think he made a very strong case that it was a hoax, but they gave him his PhD anyway, probably because it was the politically correct thing to do so. That’s as water proof as modern peer review of Climate Change by CO2! 🙂

Then, one media-academia supported stooge intimidates the other more fair-thinking academics who then wouldn’t dare to disagree anymore and thus support the party line for fear of losing their cushy “academic” jobs. After all, the conniving is always identical and so predictable that it gets boring.

Other Cases in point are

Enter Jan Ott the Dissident

Jan Ott was born and raised in rural West Friesland in North-Holland, and later settled in Germany. In 2009 he began studying the Oera Linda Book (OLB), a controversial Frisian manuscript that became well known in the 1870s and had a revival in the 1930s.

He has been blogging about the OLB since 2011 and made a one-hour video in English, German, Dutch, Norse and Frisian, debunking the main claims of the hoax-theory. Ott is working on a new English translation, which will be published together with a new transliteration and scans of all 190 pages.

In the first video (below) Jan Ott joins Red Ice to discuss extensive research into the fascinating language and content of the Oera Linda Book, a story that begins in the 6th century BC and contains information predating 1500 BC. The manuscript first surfaced in 1867, when third-generation shipbuilder Cornelis Over de Linden enlisted a Frisian history and language research society to assist in deciphering and translating the ancient text.

Jan explains the heated controversy that surrounded the 1872 publication of the translation, which came at an unstable period in European history and greatly upset the centuries-old established belief system. [continued under this new 2019 note below.]

2019 NOTE: I saw how the Marxist establishment – Google – has now deleted all Red Ice videos – see below – so I put in famous film director Paul Verhoeven’s explanation how Europe’s ultra-left Cultural Marxist elite controls the cultural (and academic) narrative so much, that he left Holland in disgust! Actually this infiltration of Academia, Media, & Bankia has taken place all over the world eversince the end of World War II. Now they almost fully control the Establishment and consequently the rule of Law in Society, and the rule of logic and reason in Academia… are almost.. over! A Marxist dictatorship by stealth now rules this world led by a repressive corporate technocracy of the Financial Oligarchy.

yol-yuleWe learn about the structure of the Old Frisian alphabet, said to have been created by the “mythological” folk mother, Frya and based on the six-spoke wheel, the JOL or yule, a sacred symbol representing time, eternity and perfection, as well as the origin of everything.

Jan talks about the main components of the book, including two letters of warning addressed to descendants of the book’s creators, corresponding names from ancient Nordic, Germanic and Greek mythology, mention of a Golden Age devastated by a cataclysmic geological shift and a great flood, and movements of Caucasians throughout the northern hemisphere.

They discuss the time frame during the 1930s political uprising of National Socialism when the OLB resurfaced with renewed interest and more rejection by official scientists. Jan explains SS leader Heinrich Himmler’s interest in the book, its connection to Indo-Aryan/European culture, and the creation “myth” that describes how the three main races (white, yellow and black) would have descended from three primal mothers.

Jan gets into the long history of connections and splits between Germanic and northwest Indian tribes, and looks at the role migration has played in shifting around various cultural and linguistic elements within northern Europe. The video ends by weighing up the current Western political power structure that actively dismisses, demonizes and destroys anything that may strengthen a sense of belonging, identity and veneration for the amazing ancient European world and its ancestors.


JAN OTT’s VIDEO: Saved from the Flood ~ Oera Linda Studies

Jan Ott’s own YouTube channel is still on line, so go to his videos here:

According to Jan Ott and Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice – who sadly appears to hold to conservative white culture, nationalist, pagan, apparently non-Christian views! — it was suppressed by Christians who were afraid that it would cause uprisings against the religious established order! Also because the text is considered “racist” because the book holds to Frisian racial, cultural, & tribal purity,  which was a natural phenomenon for nations and ethnic groups until the present Cultural Marxist glasses were forced upon nations today in view of globalist aspirations.

BUT according to us, the real reason for the discrediting and suppression of the chronicle, is because this Oera Linda Bok speaks about NON Politically Correct subjects, to wit; Atlantis, the Great Flood, the descent of all nations from the Middle East, Sumeria, and specifically Ararat where Noah landed his ARK in the mountains of Armenia.

And so the beef academics have, is based on their Darwinist dogma! By definition Darwinism must deny Atlantis, the Global Flood, the descendancy from the Noah-tic patriarchs, the spread of all peoples from Sumeria according to the Hebrew Table of Nations, as well as all other ancient ethnic chronicles mentioned above.

So from its very publication in the 1860-ies, when Darwinism had its dramatic rise among intellectuals of the Establishment, Oera Linda was already being shoved into the fantastic realm of discredited “mythology.”

Jan Ott – obviously not realising the absolute power and dictatorship of the Darwinian paradigm – believes rather that the discrediting is mainly because it might give rise to Frisian nationalism, which is also counter productive to the globalist establishment. But he does see that the old history is much different to the narrative pushed by the Establishment.

The Book states that around 1300 AD the document was re-copied by hand from the original that had gotten wet and was falling apart, by the Over the Linden Family –possibly named after the book — now called Oera Linda Bok. There may have been corrections and changes over the centuries in the spelling or even choice of words into more current vocabulary, but the original carries the ring of truth in the ears of many people.

It was written in Old Frisian which is not spoken like that anymore but has similarities. Jan Ott has compared the “outdated words with those of other languages and found meanings in Icelandic, German, Dutch and other languages. He says that if this work was forged that the forger must have had a tremendous knowledge of all these old languages.

The original letters and numbers are based on the symbols of the YUL, the most ancient writings dating to the beginning of time, and on the six-spoked wheel of time from India, very beautiful equal sided triangles reminiscent of the flower of life.

The Book starts in 1266 with 2 letters of instructions to the family to make multiple copies of the book so it wouldn’t get lost. It warns for Papists who were on a witch hunt against all pagan influences and histories, and therefore this warning makes much sense!

“Dear inheritors, for the sake of our dear forefathers, and for the sake of our dear freedom, I bid you a thousand times: O dear, never let the eyes of a pope sympathizer wander over these writings. They speak sweet words, but they distort unnoticed all what relates to us Freyjans.”

Interesting parts

After the two letters the book starts in 600 BC with the threats to the texts in the Burghs or strongholds and that they should be copied down in manuscripts to save the old history.

It also talks about the Frisian colonies in Greece and even in India! It mentions other groups that came from Asia and conquered their Northern lands, who correspond to Wodan or Odin coming from Asia deep into the Northern lands, which coincides with Finnish sagas.

The 2nd half of the book is later added on by the descendants of the first owners afterwards.  In the first century BC many of the colonies returned to Frisia due to wars. It ends in the last century around 50 BC.  Some parts are missing, either because the copyist seemed to have missed a page ending in mid sentence, or the pages were ripped out or used to start fires.

Names from Roman and Greek mythology turn up in the Book, of deified leaders like Minerva, Wodin, Cesta, Neptune, and of course Freya – the mythological first Matriarch of the Frisian people! The Frisian people were led by matriarchs that carried the knowledge and wisdom of the nation.

When Did Oera Linda’s Great Flood Happen?

Oera Linda Bok talks about a great flood. The Frisians used to live on an island called Frisland that sank or was submerged by the sea, as also happened to Doggerland under the North Sea now. Not just that but England, Ireland and Europe were connected together, and NOT 7000 years ago as cocksure Darwinians state, but after the end of the far more recent Ice Age and its subsequent melting of the ice caps on land around 1500 BC. which caused a 125 M. (300 ft) global sea level rise and flooding in the first place.

Doggerland! Ignore the wrong dating!

A South African historian proposed the theory that the island Frisland turns up on old maps (Zeno map), was sunk and that only the Faroe islands are what is left of it. He compared images of the sea bottom and found places under water that correspond to the old island. He proposed that it sank perhaps because of the notorious Storegga submarine landslides around 2300 BC. Jan Ott also figures that the great flooding  caused by the Storegga landslide, and may have caused the sinking of Doggerland as well,

We at Ancient patriarchs wouldn’t be surprised that the Oera linda dating may be too ancient, just as Plato’s 9000 years dating for the sinking of Atlantis was off by thousands of years! In many of our articles you can find reasonable proof that most of the subsiding of coast-lands and the sinking of many islands all around the globe, actually took place around 1500 BC, as proven by the dating of the pottery of submerged Dwaraka (India) and the ancient Athenian kings who date from around 1500 – 1100 BC, lived when the Floods of Ogyges and Deucalion & Pyrrah happened before the Trojan War.

Then around 1200 BC serious climate change set in with the aridification of North Africa, Middle East, Indus Valley, etc, causing many migrations, wars, and even the Bronze Age Collapse!


The Oera Linda Bok also describes darkness over the land with lots of ashes in the air due to either a comet or volcanic eruptions, which is of course in conflict with the Uniformitarian dogma that “things happen today as they always did and there were no greater catastrophies!”

Some parts are fragmentary and jump back and forth in time. Jan Ott has organised a different order for reading acc. to a more chronological order.

The official academic response

Shortly after its publication it was ridiculed as a hoax, a forgery, a ridiculous story, etc. Pro arguments were ignored. Therefore the origins are not discussed by academics, and later blamed to be a forgery by a Dutch academic and/or a liberal priest Francois Haverschmidt who is suspected to have inspired a loss of faith in the Bible and Christianity by creating a false History Book, in cooperation with some old Dutch linguist. A more spurious conspiracy theory is hardly more imaginable and far sought than that. What propaganda depths Darwinians slidder down to, to keep their dead paradigm alive in the minds of the bamboozled masses, is just astonishing.

They start with the uncalled for and unproven premise that it is a false forgery and then they try to figure out WHO forged it, as if it is a foregone conclusion. Pure propaganda! For this theory to work the premise would be that all these people lied and conspired together in a Christian era when people stood much more on Christian protocol and values of truth than today. (What is Jensma’s solid proof?? There is none! They made even a video for school television without showing any proof)

They examined the paper on which it was written, with a very vague contradictory outcome, that the paper of that time was much thicker, and therefore it was not that old! Nothing came from that line of thought anymore. Especially when its paper was compared to ARABIC paper of the time, it is not different at all. They now just prefer not to talk about it anymore.

The Oera Linda Book

is one of the strangest manuscripts in existence. It came to light in The Netherlands in 1867, when shipwright Cornelis Over de Linden in Enkhuizen presented it to the public for the first time – in Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland.

The manuscript was written down in a time when in Northern Europe there shouldn’t even have existed any written language, and the alphabet in which it is written had never been seen before by anyone in modern times – although it bears some resemblance to the alphabet we use today.

The 186 page-long manuscript present to us outlines of European history from a time so remote that we know almost nothing about it, other than through archaeological finds, DNA, and a few references by Greek writers of antiquity.

Today one regards North Europe as having been a quite unimportant outpost in the Bronze and Iron Ages. Here, however, we are getting to know that today’s Netherlands was the administrative, cultural, and religious center of Europe ever since before 2193 BC, when a vast global nature catastrophe ravaged the planet.

The reason why they started to write down their history around 560 BC, was that the culture at that time was under heavy pressure due to conquests and infiltration from the Middle East. Learned of the time faced that their culture and faith was about to be wiped out completely, therefore they wrote down all historical material and their doctrines so that it shouldn’t become lost for the future. The material was collected from the burgh-walls – where it had been the tradition to inscribe all what was important, as well as from other sources.

It was all collected in a scripture or book named The Book of Adela’s Followers. Adela was the unofficial folk-mother of the nation at that time, and she was also the initiator of collecting the material. The book was taken care of by her family, which was granted the name Overa Linda – an older version of Over de Linden – after she was killed. Later members of the family have provided more material, and two of them have enclosed cover letters with strict messages to the inheritors:

Dear inheritors, for the sake of our dear forefathers, and for the sake of our dear freedom, I bid you a thousand times: O dear, never let the eyes of a pope sympathizer wander over these writings. They speek sweet words, but they distort unnoticed all what relates to us Freyjans.

The writing of the history ended in the first half of the first century AD, and in our time the complete material was given the title The Oera Linda Book.


The scientific establishment has never made any real effort to study either the content of the book or the paper on which it is written. One has just supposed it to be humbug, and the sparse examinations which have been undertaken have been made with that as the base.

For natural reasons historians and other researchers are shunning everything which is controversial. But it isn’t possible to detect any grounds why the book should be a forgery other than fictitious reasons, and its content presents so many problems for discussion that if it should be a falsification it would have been far more unbelievable than if it should have been preserved over 2500 years.

Even the great Dutch literary light Multatuli spoke far more cautiously about its authenticity than modern detractors, he said…


On February 16th, 2016, ‘Othar’ (Jan Ott) wrote on the blog Oera Linda and the Great Flood, Part 3, on the website Unexplained Mysteries:

When information is hidden to the common public, it is called “occult”. When an occult source suddenly shows up in the public domain, it will be a threat to the cultural elite, so they will try to hide it again.
In the case of the Oera Linda Book, they were too late, since it was translated, published and widely discussed before they knew it. So what else could be done than have it ridiculed and intimidate scholars who dared to be interested in it?


9 thoughts on “The Ancient Frisian Oera Linda Book that HAD to be suppressed by “Academia!””

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  2. The Oera Linda book read and studied, makes an impression on me to be authentic, as Dr. Ottema in 1870 concluded. I am a chemist ,who did several years also comparative linguistics at RUL Leiden. ‘t manuscript mentioned foundation of Tyre in Fenicia (latin-Phoenicia or Punic-. Now it happens, me living in Tonga, that Tongans will pronounce Frisia as Felisia or Fenisia. It looks like the Frisian first were Tyrans, who married local women, and were excellent navigators and traders, were the Teachers of these skills via their halfcast sons to desert goatherders. That explains how these semitic people got seagoing skills. Thus Phoenicians are the same as Frisians. A surprise isn’t it. I can tell more, another time. Ofa atu =love to you. Peter


    1. MAYBE MAYBE, especially since we also know that around 2000 years ago as related by a Roman historian I believe there was an ethnic group in Northern Holland named the “Kaninefaten” (pl.) or “Kaninefaat” (s.) which may very well be related to “Kanaan” or Canaan the son of (c)Ham the son of Noah. Canaanites left offspring all along their shipping lanes on the Northern coasts of Africa especially in Tunisia, former Carthage a Phoenician town, in Southern Spain’s Sidonia region (from Sidon), in Portugal, and all the way to their mines in Southern Britain and some say even Ireland, and of course in Sicily, Venice Italy, & in Marseille Southern France.
      HOWEVER, the Oera Linda Bok itself traces its descent to their obvious eponymous patriarch “Frya” who is obviously the same as the Germanic goddess “Freya” daughter of father “Wr-alda” and mother “Irtha”, who with her two by ‘Frya’ despised sisters named “Lyda” and “Finda” were described as the ancestresses of the entire human race! This could be an embellishment of the three main progenitors of the Human Race, in matriarchal form, of “Yapeth, Shem, and Cham,” where Freya obviously is the Yapeth-an side of the human family.
      Moreover the ‘Phoenicians’ are mentioned separately by ‘Oera Linda’ itself in this quote, where the Frisians pirated the Phoenicians.

      Once, they conquered a whole fleet from the Middle Sea together. It was loaded with purple cloth and other valuables that were all coming from Phoenicia. The weak members of its crew were put ashore south of the Seine, but the strong were kept to serve as slaves. The best looking were kept to serve ashore, while the ugliest and swarthiest were kept on board to row on the benches.

      But who knows the exact history and who descended from whom when we are talking about 3-4-5.000 years ago. There was a lot of mixing going on eversince, and there are few 100 % pure descendants of the original nations, although the Lebanese are proven to be some 90 % pure Canaanites according to genetic research done in Lebanon where modern day Lebanese were traced to the Canaanite skeletons found there. SEE:
      And we – Good Euhemerists, though Wicked Pedia denounces us! Ha – all know that inspite of the true core of legends there was a lot of embellishing going on by later generations, elevating men and women alike into gods and goddesses while also exaggerating their acts, like Zeus and Thor (Thursday) throwing his hammer & both thunder and lighting around through the atmosphere. Su-u-ure!
      Thanks for your comment. I love theorising and speculating as much as you do, and time will tell.


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