Sunken Civilizations Secrets of Lost Cities Underwater Full Documentary

As Greg in the documentary says, this Bimini Road is the biggest stumbling block for History, and that they don’t want to talk about, that before 3500 BP or 1500 BC, the Bimini Road was above water. It was probably a break water dam, and shows that the ocean level was much lower then. In the days when Atlantis sank under the sea!

Greg says, that if only Mainstream Historians would be a little bit more flexible and receptive they would see that that Bimini breakwater is pretty big and therefore could have handled many big ships, and it did, long before the days of Columbus when cross ocean travel was the order of the day! But that also is suppressed information!

What Greg and these others fail to realise and see, is that Mainstream historians are actually not “skeptics” at all, but really don’t want to discuss the entire issue, but rather bury it! Why!

Because it would prove things that are not conducive for the old paralytic paradigm, Darwinism! According to Darwinism there was no Flood, and no recent Ice Age, nor the 1500 BC catastrophic melting of the global ice caps, which caused not only the sinking of Atlantis, and Yonaguni, but of so many other areas and coast lands around the entire world!


You see, such a strong acknowledgement of these phenomena is politically not convenient, and therefore NOT “politically correct” also, which means in simple words: JUST NOT ALLOWED! OFF LIMITS! WHY!

Because acknowledgement of the historical worldwide Global Flood would not only elevate all the known 700 worldwide legends from around the world from their academic prison of “mere myths” and of their proponents as “Lunatic Fringe” and “Pseudo Archaeology“, but would also be the true acknowledgement that the first most accurate history book ever, called ‘Genesis’, written by Egyptian Hebrew Moses, would indeed all be true!

And THAT… , of course, can not be allowed! Why! FIRST WATCH THIS INTERESTING DOCUMENTARY

Why? Because if the Bible would get such sudden strong historical support, plus ALL the other Biblical legends that have been proven, then it would cause a religious revival or revolution. not unlike the first coming of Jesus Christ! And THAT ladies and gentlemen of the jury, THAT is the real issue! A religious one!

Their favored religion of secular humanism, the belief in Man himself and there being No god, is not up for d3ebate. it is a foregone conclusion! And therefore the entire thing is a religious issue that was fully politicised! Yet, not allowed in the public eye for public discourse! It is a philosophical dictatorship, a religious dictatorship, and therefore an academic dictatorship! And already for a very long time!

JohnLubbockSince the middle of the 18 hundreds it was pushed off limits by the banksters like the Rothschilds, the Lubbocks, the Barings, etc, and by Lyall, Darwin, and by the hijacked paleontology society, the geographic society, the history society!

All these leading academic institutions from the middle of the 19th century, were gradually hijacked, especially by Rothschilds’ protegee Cecil Rhodes whom they gave a fortune to pioneer and take over South Africa’s gold and diamonds. Rhodes became a very rich man, and started his own secret society, the Table Round, which had a humongous influence on secular society and… not to forget EDUCATION!

Via their brainwashed “Rhodes scholars”, these schemers virtually transplanted this false ideology into the “creme de la creme” of academia worldwide, also supported by Marxist academia and their cover-ups from the Communist block during the cold war and of course before.

It was a plot that grew larger and larger, also encompassing of course the very powerful propaganda machine of the mainstream media, the historical faculties all over the entire frigging world, the historical and geographic institutions and museums, as you can see by the treatment and cover-up of historical giant skeletons by the Smithsonian institute here. It was, and is still, a wicked plot of trying to control the academic narrative worldwide, to control the discourse in history and every other related faculty or field (like biology), because of their ultimate motivation that GOD is not allowed!”

The public has not been allowed to develop their own beliefs on basis of real discoveries and real debate and real academic exchange. It has been ridden by prejudice, control freaks, stifling, entitlement, strong guidance from the top, yes dictatorship, or academic tyranny!

and therefore this documentary is pretty good because it bespeaks this in the form of proffering big questions to Academia and pulling on the coattails of the academics, like saying, “HEY! Why don’t you guys discuss these issues? Why do you obfuscate these discoveries? Why do you refuse to tackle these real questions? Why do you declare these sunken remains as ‘natural formations‘ when they are clearly NOT?”

But these guys don’t know and realise the very important issue at stake, and therefore don’t really ask the correct questions, “why do you lie about, and obfuscate, and de-legimitise the historical FLOOD of Noah, and the REAL RECENT Ice age of 2200 BC until 1500 BC, when the ice melted!” And that melt didn’t take thousands of years either, this slow raising of the sea level that know it all lady talks about in her ivory tower! No in about one century the sea levels worldwide rose about 125 Meter or 300 ft. Why?

IcepackmeltBecause the sea temperature that was heated by the global volcanic fountains of the Earth during the Flood had heated the ocean at least 10 degrees, and by 1500 BC it normalised to present day temperatures. So the Ice Age rains stopped and the snow didn’t get replenished, and started melting because the sun was out from the diminishing cloud cover, and the Climate changed, causing untold misery and migrations of ethnic groups from their old dried out places to new ones, and complete civilisations collapsed, around 1200 BC! The Bronze Age Collapse!

That is also why they do not discuss the REAL reason of the Bronze Age collapse! The REAL and ONLY Climate Change in history so far, when the Ice Age rains stayed away and caused all the deserts around the world to spring up!


The Sahara used to be cattle grazing land, Mesopotamia was not a dusty place like it is now! Canaan before the Israelites came was neither, but a well watered fruitful place, a real land of Milk and Honey! So was Egypt, full of water apart from the yearly Nile floods, the watered lands then stretched out way into the present deserts, where the ruins of cities, settlements, and buildings are still to be found, as they are in the Libyan desert. Below Tunisia was a huge Lake! Tritonis Lake where Athena was brought up, and where the Argonauts went but couldn’t get out with their ship, perhaps because the passage was drying up?

Atlantis-Diodorus-Ocean-RefugeesThat is

Strabo-PhiloAlso the real reason for their ignoring Atlantis the sea empire or thallasocracy that stretched out from within the Mediterranean around Tunisia, through the pillars of Herakles (Gibraltar) into the Atlantic ocean to the 7 islands, was all mentioned by Diodorus Siculus, Strabo, and Philo, and Plato, and others.

Plato certainly wasn’t the only one talking about Atlantis! Atlantis, for the very same reason, is not debatable! It is to be ignored, rubbed out of the discourse, forgotten, and anathema! “Not real academic stuff.” so they call it mythology! As they do with every OTHER item that would prove the Darwinian fairy tale is a propaganda hoax way bigger than any other in history! Bigger than 9-11 was an inside job!


So make sure you look up all these items here at Ancient Patriarchs for there is a wealth of information available that will give you a complete rundown on the malaise in Historical academia, and the reasons why in every article posted here. Have a great time and spread the news. Make it viral! We need a historical revolution! And liberation from that blasted Darwinism, that roadblock to real knowledge, that fairy tale, the biggest deception and hoax in history!


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